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Melissa Thompson

2 years ago

They have always been there for me and my dogs. Good times and bad for 20 years.

Julie Sunderland

2 years ago

We brought our 14 year old very sick yorkshire terrier to them. He had pretty bad pneumonia. They supported us in the decisions we made for our dog and his condition. Happy to say after a month our dog is on the mend and we wouldn't be here without their help and support. They were always so patient with all our questions.

Jennifer Petrarca

2 years ago

This place has always given great care to my pets until recently I brought my 16 year old pug in that we have done everything for, it took us so much to get to the point to finally bring her in to be out to sleep, also had her say goodbye to our kids and her husband pug she’s been with for 15 years for the Dr to tell us she needed to be treated for a UTI, mind you nothing was tested to see if she even had a UTI, here we are a couple weeks later and she is no better. Finding another vet to give my girl some peace.

Rick M

2 years ago

First time here and the staff is absolutely amazing. Compassionate, caring, loving, concerned. I had to put down my cat of 20 years, I woke up on New Year’s Day and she couldn’t walk anymore so I knew it was time. They were able to take me in a few hours after I called. Everyone there had made me feel as if they were part of my family and they were all heartbroken for my loss. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this place and I will definitely be bringing the rest of my pets here in the future.

Shirley Kelley

2 years ago

I had been taking my senior dog here fir a few yrs, as it is very close to my house and it was easier on him. He was only for the most part able to be seen on an emergency basis. Which was fine I don't have a lot of money but would and did spend my last dime on him. The problem I'm having is, last Thursday morning he suffered a severe seizure. He has never had one before. I immediately called them in a panic And was told to take him to Ocean Statw. I again pleaded with her to let me bring him there. As they're arw literally a 1 minute ride away. And again was told to bring him to Ocean State which is a 21 minute ride.So I BEGGED for them to see him. And again was told no.. he suffered screaming all the way there and suffered more seizures all the way there. By the time we got him there he basically had lost all brain functions. I lost my boy last Thursday I'm lost without him. Could the outcome had been different? I guess I will never know. But you were right around the corner. Hw could've gotten treated 21 minutes sooner. And to add insult to my already broken heart. I received a sympathy card today.

Nicole Waybright

2 years ago

We began going to Warwick Animal Hospital when Dr. Clark amputated our rescue dog's leg due to osteosarcoma. They realized how urgently he needed the operation and were able to schedule him in quickly. Even though they are a large practice, they provide personalized and individualized care. They provided outstanding support throughout our dog's chemotherapy (at Angell in Boston). Dr. Karcher, Dr. Castro and the vet nurses were always empathetic to our dog's anxiety in a clinical environment. They took extra steps to make him comfortable. Thank you and highly recommended.

Matthew West

2 years ago

The staff here really care about your furry four-legged family members. Great service and excellent medical care.

Jarisse Perdomo

2 years ago

Very professional, helpful & caring.

Colleen Casperson

2 years ago

Such a great Animal Hospital. They truly care about your animals and are so good with them. Very informative and they tell you want you need to know without making you feel bad. I don't want to go to another Vet office.

Clifford Collins

2 years ago

worst experience i ever had..all about the money and rude staff..went to hoffman in prov and they took care of my dog right away and he is doing good ..also the place across from shaws in warwick was bad..they would have let my dog die..very bad place do not go..

Caroline Buser

2 years ago

This place only cares about money - not about animals. I have worked in 3 BUSY veterinary clinics in NY so I have extremely realistic expectations of what goes on at a veterinary clinic and what to expect. And yes, I understand we are at the tail end of a pandemic, and my expectations reflect that. Warwick Animal Hospital neutered my boyfriend's dog and gave him an influenza vaccine. We booked a 2 week booster for the influenza vaccine with a technician. They told us there was no recheck required for the neuter - this was a red flag for me, because veterinary clinics usually offer a recheck 7-14 days after any surgery, and it's usually free. Whatever, I figured they would be able to recheck his incisions two weeks after his neuter when we get his influenza vaccine boostered. WELL! I was WRONG! His incisions started to look red/inflamed/angry so I called today (his booster appt is tomorrow) and they told me that they would not recheck his incisions tomorrow because it is only a technician appointment and I would have to call tomorrow at 8am to schedule an emergency appointment with a vet. WHAT? I reminded them that they performed the neuter - I have never heard of a vet refusing to recheck their own surgery. That's cruel for the animal to potentially be in pain or have an infection. We already had an appointment and this dog would be in their building, I know how easy it is to look at incisions really quickly and determine if antibiotics are needed, but this place only wants money. They REFUSED to do it without us paying for an emergency visit. That's... CRAZY. Listen, as someone who has worked for 10+ years extensively in BUSY veterinary clinics in NY, this place is horrible. They really only want money and don't care about the animals in their care. Stay away!!! There are tons and tons and tons of vets around - don't give this place your business.

Ann Marie

2 years ago

Helped us with our elderly girl. Very compassionate.

Ian Brack

2 years ago

Have been a client since 2004 they have always taken great care of our cats and dogs and excellent follow up

Lorena Henderson

2 years ago

My dog was badly injured. Another big dog almost kill him. I called them to bring my dog I and I explain the situation. They told me they could not help because they were “ booked “ I explain it was an emergency and they say no, just call Ocean state 24 hrs care. I did and they told me they can not see my dog without a referral. I went back to them asking for a referral and they say we can’t give you a referral we are book. I explain my dog was badly wounded and they was no compassion they say no. I had to wait to have an opening in MA. ER. My dog almost die. I could not believe that in a extreme emergency they could not do anything for my dog when I been a loyal client for 4 years. Their staff was never sorry, not compassionate or understanding on time of need. However they were all very friendly when they took my payment for all the years. I am very disappointed.

Ryan Meegan

2 years ago

I recently brought my elderly dog there to be examined and ultimately had to be put to sleep. They're not his regular vet but they still got him in and looked at right away, which was huge! They were very efficient and very caring! Exceptional!


2 years ago

We went to the animal hospital on a Sunday and the office kept regular hours even on weekends. Called them on Sunday morning and were seen mid afternoon. The staff is extremely friendly and caring of our dog. Our dog felt totally relaxed and allowed the Veterinarian to effortless treat her. Even when they took her into another room without me, our dog was totally relaxed with the staff. I'm thinking about switching clinics as a result of the way we were treated on our visit.

Dr Paul Robert Appleby

2 years ago

Excellent veterinary care. They also have wonderful grooming services. I also board our dog with them when away and they provide such wonderful care. I am able to call as much as I want to see how our best friend is doing. They have a nice grassy outdoor fenced area where they individually walk your dog several times a day. They even washed the blankets I checked him in with before pickup. You can arrange to have your pet washed and groomed the day before pickup as well. Top notch five star service all around ..would not trust anyone else with our little guy.

Mary Johnson

2 years ago

Brought my grand dog “Max” there, this morning for an acute urgent visit. The veterinarian and staff went above and beyond to care for him and helped ease our worries. Very professional! Thank you so much!

Rhonda Leander

2 years ago

Wonderful experience. My little man was sick. Called prior, set up an appointment, brought him there, wonderful female vet. She explained so much, she was very educating and thorough. 2 weeks later.... my little man is all better!!????????????❤

steven silveira

2 years ago

They are wonderful with my dogs great staff

Colleen Maynard

2 years ago

I've been taking my pets here for 20 years but I’m done. During Covid they began charging up front for appointments. I had to pay for the visit before I even showed up. They kept Covid restrictions in place, I had to wait in parking lot, masks or vaccinations not withstanding even after many veterinarians we’re allowing owners to accompany their pets. I’m very disappointed, this place has really changed

Theresa M

2 years ago

Brought a elderly hospitalized neighbor's pet to be cremated, insisted the frozen chiuaua was 5.3 pounds which adds $30 to the price over 5lbs, had to shame them into giving the poor woman the lower price. They contacted animal control said we killed the dog, turns out one of the other dogs attacked it and killed it, but had police & ASPCA come do home interviews for an hour. After we found out we weren't guilty, shocker!, had to contact them almost 3 weeks later re: ashes. Were told ASPCA would have them, found out ASPCA was handling the cremation. Had to contact WAH as to a refund since they were not handling the cremation and we weren't getting the paw print we paid for, acted like no idea about the refund which ASPCA said they should have actively contacted us about. Also ASPCA told us dog weighed 3.2 lbs, when mentioned they should be aware they are overcharging people was told we were charged the unded 5 lbs price and didn't seem to care that was only because I fought for it and even called the crematorium to get ok with them, so buyer beware, you may be overcharged in your grief. All and all awful experience and embarrassing since I was the one insisting we should use them since I have used that vet for 15 years at least. So disappointed and dissatisfied with everything, not even mad they were concerned with how the animal died, due diligence, I get that, I love animals and want them safe, but can't tell another animal hurt it? Tried to rip off elderly woman and then were going to keep payment for services they didn't provide. Almost feel like animal control was contacted in retaliation for argument over price of cremation. Embarrassing service for WAH and pretty sure I need to find a new vet. Update: Been over a year and not even a peep from the vet. If I had a business and saw a review like this, I'd reach out.

Rob Sanch

2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience we took our cat Mr.Foo there. They were very nice and took the time to explain everything as well as many follow up calls. I recommend them highly

Cassandra D'Amico

2 years ago

Staff are great and always care for my animals very well!

Danielle Ancillo

2 years ago

Great with my daisy and wasn't booked a year out

Jillian Flaherty

2 years ago

Warwick Animal Hospital has been so great to my dog! We got her in October and have been 3-4 times now for various needs and each time they have been extremely helpful and caring towards her. You can tell they truly care about the animals and want what is best for them. All of the vets and technicians I have spoke with have been nothing but polite, professional, and informative. I would recommend them to anyone in the area. I also feel they are reasonably priced (compared to what I have heard about other veterinary offices in the area).

Donald Sparks

2 years ago

They had me spend $327.00 be4 telling me there was nothing they could do unless I was willing to spend a$1000.00 or more to be able to save her.told them I can't pay that kind of money.so then they say I should put her down.n of course more money.

Vinessa Myers

2 years ago

Waited 8 weeks for a Spay appointment, poor kitty went in heat waiting for appointment, was told $90-100 because of age and weight. Never received a call the night before to go over instructions like they said. When I mentioned it they said, “yea, the call wouldn’t go through”...ummm, ok. Get there and they ask for 80% down...ok. Then they say 80% is over $400!! When I tell them I was quoted 100 dollars I get, “sorry, that’s not the fee” DO NOT GO TO THESE LIARS!!!

Steven Girard

2 years ago

Great staff. Very helpful when you call and ask questions.

Kaile Chea

2 years ago

This hospital is amazing! Dr. Echt was very professional, responsive, and explained everything so well! Every visit the staff was so caring and great to my dog. Even when my dog's care got more complicated, the staff got me answers by talking to other professionals to make sure that they got the best educated answers for me!

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