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Sherry Lyn Franklin Flaherty Mcadams

2 years ago

My dog got injured and at first they weren't going to help because I had no money,but they eventually did help her.

Julia Rae

2 years ago

Amazing service always takes us in during emergencies highly recommended

Tony Branch

2 years ago

Called/confirmed prior to driving. 1 hour and 30 minutes later. They tell me they can not help my dying dog in need emergency blood transfusion. New England veterinarians are a JOKE. Very sad excuse of human beings.

Mandy Fuller

2 years ago

Terrible place! I have had my dog for over 16 years, he recently has stopped walking and can not control his bathroom habits. It was a very emotional decision to make with my family and kids to have him put to rest. We brought him there and they told us he was fine it was just arthritis. My poor dog suffered for a week before we brought him to someone who actually has the animals interest and pain in was devastating to have to do the whole process all over again

Kristen Carrie

2 years ago

Key points. - I was provided a pain med for my sick dog and was not counseled on the opiate. I thought he was dying as he slept for hours almost unresponsive, poor appetite, and had a visible unsteady gait. That is an important patient teaching component since it puts the patient at risk for injury (falling down stairs, etc). SB 1480 Mandates that veterinarians provide counseling to pet owners on every drug prescribed. - I was not provided any information in regards to treatment, diet, exercise, or supportive groups. I was only informed of the diagnosis. When I came in to speak with the vet I was handed off to a tech who did not know my dog’s chart. - I was not provided any imaging (x-rays, ultrasounds), medical records, or documentation. I did not receive any follow up paper work either. - I had an ultrasound scheduled that was cancelled right before I left to leave my pet. I was informed that they would call me as soon as the tech would return from his vacation. I never received that call and reached out on my own almost 10 days later. - The front desk could learn bedside manner. They were not compassionate or showed any concern. I found them quite rude in their demeanor. One employee said out loud “The tech said he’s a chill dog but he isn’t pretty to look at” and laughed. - Imagine spending a couple thousand just to hear the diagnosis and nothing else? Again, I could only speak to the front desk who told me “you will know” when I asked what signs/symptoms I should be alert of. They could be more elaborate. I would not recommend this establishment to any pet owner. Good luck trying to speak with the vet for answers.

Christina Turner

2 years ago

Friendly staff , but for my dog only being there only a hour the price was over 750$ And still not 100% sure what was wrong with him for that price it was outrageous, had to call after for a follow up papers ,

Erin Yarbough

2 years ago

Our dog Christmas got very sick on December 23rd. While signing him in, my son accidentally stepped on him in our vehicle, and sadly our dog bit our son. It was a pretty bad injury and the staff were amazing dealing with this horrible accident and helping get my son taken care of. They also treated Christmas with such loving care, releasing him late on Christmas Eve so he could be home with us and having us bring him back Christmas Day. Everyone is on the mend, and we are so grateful for the team that helped us through the last few days.

Fabiola Mendes

2 years ago

I called around a few vets for emergency care for my cat. I was referred here and once i called my cat was seen right away. The staff was friendly and very efficient and even though they were very busy they gave the attention my cat needed. This is a great place for emergency care. They are a hidden gem off the main. For me they are a bot far but so worth the trip. They saved my baby's life and that is what truly matters.

J. Moniz

2 years ago

DO NOT VISIT ..... not compassionate at all when you have a sick pet and a vet tech is only concerned with being rude and insulting. I will be calling Jennifer Cabral to discuss. If you don't like your job don't take it out on pet owners that are truly only trying to do their very best with their baby. Nicole I left there without my pet being seen in tears.

Jessica D

2 years ago

I wanted to give this place a better rating, but after a long almost 4 days of my precious kitty being there I had to make the decision to have him put down. Most of the staff was kind, friendly, and compassionate. As I was sobbing and leaving after just being with my kitty to say goodbye the woman at the desk didn’t even say “sorry for your loss”. Instead all I got as I was leaving was “hey you need to pay”. Mind you I had already covered my $1320 payment and had arrangements with them to do pay by phone with my mother in law. Absolutely devastating that that was all that woman cared about. She should not be there! Based on that alone I will never bring another one of my pets there.

Richard DaRosa

2 years ago

Wonderful place, great employees with excellent knowledge especially in emergency times with your family pets!

Megan Crispino

2 years ago

Horrible experience. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE. not compassionate at all. We ran in with our dying dog in an emergency and we were sobbing and she died and they RUSHED US to fill out our cremation paperwork because there were "other people waiting" as I was feeling my WHOLE SOUL shatter into pieces. Worst day of my life and I hope this business closes one day. No compassion from anyone. PLEASE GO TO THE OTHER ER VET NEARBY. It's way better.

Mary Rose Rudolph

2 years ago

So kind,and caring at our time of need

Karen Novacek

2 years ago

Thankful for the staff that worked on Thanksgiving Day. My 12yo shitzu was diagnosed with having reverse sneezes and a heart murmur. Following up with her regular vet today...

Joshua Tiberio

2 years ago

Very nice staff. Felt safe with my Maple ( cats name ) in there hands.

Gg Man

2 years ago

I’ve been here twice now, and they were always very professional! My dog Max was hit by a car and passed away immediately so we took our baby here to be cremated. They brought her in to say our last goodbyes and had a paw print made for us to remember her. They were very compassionate. Cost around 75$. Recently our dog Lucy sounded very congested so I called and they saw her immediately. They took all the vitals and X-ray which all together around 330. They kept me informed every step of the way. I wasn’t able to afford blood work that day so I took her home hoping the antibiotics she was giving would do the trick. I called couple of times and they never rushed me off the phone. Lucy is doing great and I’m just so happy we got through this. They were also the only place I could find that would see her. Thank you for being so compassionate and helpful!

Jen L

2 years ago

I brought my cat there for the first time last week. He had an abscess on his ear and they were able to get us in very quickly. They kept me updated on every step of care and had him back to me in under two hours all fixed up. The price was much lower than I expected having been to different emergency vets before and I felt that the care and communication was better. Can't recommend enough!

John Smith

2 years ago

Best thing about this clinic is that they never say no! My current vet can never see us day of as of lately unless the issues with my pups are immediate emergencies that need to be handled right away. This makes it tough for me with my work schedule so this clinic has been my go to! And my pups love coming here lol! Thanks a bunch!

Kimberly Rose

2 years ago

Over the years I have had to bring three of my cats in for treatment. Each time the staff has been kind and helpful to me as the pet owner and compassionate and experienced in tending to my pets needs.

Melissa Trunzo

2 years ago

Mass-Ri Veterinary ER saved our dog Gracie's life when we could find no one who was willing to do an emergency splenectomy. We had never heard of this practice before, but now are so grateful we have. Not only did they save our Gracie's life, but they kept in touch with us the entire time. They were caring and supportive and professional. Words simply cannot express how grateful and thankful we are to them. We woukd never hesitate for a moment to bring one of our pups here again should the need arise. So thankful we are now aware of this excellent practice. Thank you to everyone at Mass-RI Veterinary ER for saving our Gracie's life.

Nancy Pereira

2 years ago

They are super nice here. Love the staff and how they handle pets. They are our go to fir animal ER. As of 2021 their exam fee is $120 if that's helpful information.

Nick Flanders

2 years ago

We have had to take our dogs here in separate occasions, and both times dealt with friendly professional people. Both of our situations were pretty basic (tickborne illnesses) but they were able to take us in same day, and were not too bad on their pricing. With most vets backed up 4-8 weeks, it is nice to have an option to be seen the same day!

Pete “Miami aka TripleP” Philla

2 years ago

Good place for an emergency. Only problem, you could be there a while as an emergency, depending on your pets injury

Rhonda Demars

2 years ago

They saved my dogs life and I am truly grateful. The Dr and staff are professional, knowledgable and easy to reach. The only issue I have is I paid cash and I have to wait two weeks for a refund check because someone is having surgery? I also used a credit card, why not refund my card? That part is not good. They also charged me more for taking the dog home before admitting him. So it was $500 cr card + $891 cr card + $1180 cash... No refund in sight.

Richard Maigret

2 years ago

My dog Cooper was hit by a car and they were the only ones in the area that I could find it had X-rays his leg is broken in five places and they did a very good job giving me information for surgeons

Steven Harris

2 years ago

Excellent place to go to they took care of ghost for us and they're very compassionate to our family dog very thorough and first-rate I would tell anybody to go there and right off the main Highway and if we ever have another problem will definitely use them

karen rose

2 years ago

In an emergency they were able to take my dog and took excellent care of her!!!

Tony Franco

2 years ago

Very caring they we great thank you.


2 years ago

Made an appointment for my dog. We waited 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. When they we ready to see her they had her in the office for 15 minutes. When i spoke with the office beforehand i told them she had been extremely itchy and i let them know within the past couple of weeks she had been in contact with fox, they told me there was no way that relevant and said she was having an allergic reaction even though nothing in her diet or environment had change. They gave her a prescription to take that did nothing to help. After about a month (the allergy prescription was for a bout 3 weeks) we now learned she has MANGE...she got it when she came in contact with the fox... Thank for charging me almost $300 for absolutely nothing..

Gretchen Renaud

2 years ago

Wonderful place great staff .very knowledgeable.

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