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Nick Simon Jr.

2 years ago

The best in ri ownership great very nice person my ???? dogs love it there jed the best with dogs and staff thank you.

Emily Perez

2 years ago

A friend of mine takes her dog to the Dog House to play with other dogs. I Love all animals even spiders.???? LOL. So sorry. I don't have a picture of the dog.

Shelby S

3 years ago

My dog Rooney loves the dog house! She practically drags me inside every time she’s so eager to see her friends. Jed has been very kind - being able to drop Rooney off quickly in the morning on the way to work is convenient. He takes time to answer any questions and gives a quick update of her day when I pick her up. Happy she is a member of the pack!

Orbelina Erazo

3 years ago

The owner was incredibly kind and welcoming, made me feel safe to leave my fur-baby with them. Facilities were clean and they dogs have plenty of space for supervised play! Will be returning

Kyla Dewar

3 years ago

This place is great. I was nervous leaving my dog overnight in a new place but as soon as I saw the pictures of how happy he was and him playing I knew I had nothing to worry about. The next time we came my dog couldn’t wait to get in the door.

Eric JT

3 years ago

Jed is great with all the dogs and provides more of an "at home" feel for the dogs, rather than a fenced in warehouse. My dog loves going there for daycare...even on the days he gets a bath. I highly recommend The Dog House!

Danny Allen

3 years ago

Jed is an awesome guy always sends me pictures of my pup well he's watching him. He has very responsible and kind staff. He's always keeping you updated on what's going on with your dog, if you live on the east side he will even come and pick your dog up from your house if you need. He has come through so many times for me when I was being sent away on a work trip.

Sexie Lady

4 years ago

Bad do not do business with Jed not a good place he sells you falls hopes in the winter he does not shovel the yard !! So they stepping on ice he live pop to freeze so the workers pick it up or the dogs eats it ... he makes up the rules as he goes I recommend now chicky wow in Warwick at least you can see live video of your dog

Emanuel Maminakis

6 years ago

They leave the dogs unattended over the weekend and you can't pick them up during the day... Bad customer service


7 years ago

My dog absolutely loves this place. I don't see how anyone could give this place negative reviews. The staff is friendly. They always evaluate the dogs first to make sure the dog is able to play nice with other dogs. When the dogs get …

Sarah Smith

7 years ago

The Dog House is our #1 go-to for dog-sitting in Providence when we need to be out-of-town. Jed and the staff are excellent; they are always accommodating and friendly, and we trust that our dog is well cared for and loved when he's with them. The photo & video sharing on facebook is a huge plus! Always a smooth transition with drop-off and pick-up. We have a relativey submissive dog, so the fact that they screen for aggressive dogs is a plus. Further, we observed when picking up our dog on one occasion, the staff had to "expell" a dog for showing aggression. It's comforting to know that, even if a dog passes the initial screening but later shows signs of aggression, they'll be removed. We feel safer leaving our pet there knowing this. The facility is customized and made safe for dogs, which is fantastic. Overall: excellent staff, great facility, and consistenty positive experiences.

Rocco C

7 years ago

Jed and his staff are wonderful. Our dog goes to day care at the Dog House, and we have also boarded her there. Our dog was a little nervous when we first adopted her, and Jed and his staff have helped to make her a more social and trusting dog. We love how they post Facebook pics and videos, so we can see her when we are away. Five stars!

Nicole Grandinetti

7 years ago

Jed has been a lifesaver for my dog Lola and me. When I first adopted Lola last September, Jed was patient and loving to her as she adjusted to daycare. Now, he walks her every day and I feel so comforted knowing she is safe and cared for with him. Thank you to Jed and The Dog House for all that you do!

Mini Doxie

9 years ago

I brought my 6-mo old dachshund puppy here a few weeks ago for an evaluation. He's the sweetest, most playful little guy. Jed put him in with the other small dogs while I filled out paper work, and the pup was doing well. When Jed asked me to come through the office and around to where the dogs were, I did so. As I came in, a hound that was purposefully separated from the other dogs followed behind me. Jed allowed him to come in. My dog, wanting to engage every dog in play, immediately went over to sniff and start playing with the hound. The next thing I knew, the hound growled and snapped at my pup's face. Jed pulled the dog away as I grabbed my squealing pup. He was shaking with fear. Jed apologized and said that dog was "grumpy" and that's why he was over there away from the other dogs. He said he knew the dog didn't like puppies, but "wanted to see how he would do" with mine. I started to notice that my pup's mouth was swelling up. When I lifted his lip, he had blood running down his teeth. I had to rush him to the 24/7 animal hospital because it was after hours. Jed tried calling and texting and was concerned about the dog. He apologized and offered to (and did) pay for the hospital bill. While this was the right thing to do following the incident, the incident is one that should have never happened in the first place. Any dog day care that chooses to board aggressive dogs (I have no doubt the hound had a history of biting other dogs) and let them interact with new puppies coming into the space for the first time, is clearly one that is not following best practices for ensuring the safety of the animals. This was a traumatic experience for me, especially given my dog's sweet nature and my fear that he would develop a fear of playing with other dogs. Again, I think it is one that could have been avoided. I am sure there are better, more professional places to leave one's beloved pet than the Dog House.

Laurel Casey

9 years ago

The Dog House is like a home not a kennel! The minute I walked in, I loved it, and the owner, Jed, is so friendly and knowledgeable. Most places I visited, barking barking barking, loud!! - like a cattle barn- my little Shih tzu didn't like it, period. He loves The Dog House... because it feels like a house, a home- it's quiet, laid-back, with lots of personal care- lots of space for different activities, great outdoor space-!!! Thank you DOG HOUSE!!

Carrie Sawyer

10 years ago

Update based on Jed's reply below: Jed clearly has happy customers. I was one of them, which he has evidently forgotten. Jed can not accept criticism. Jed has either a. a truth-telling deficiency b.a memory issue c. an accounting problem or some combination thereof. I'm unclear as to why he is so defensive about this. Despite the fact that the sole reason I kept both dogs out of daycare for two months RIGHT after purchasing a new $200 package was out of concern for the reputation of his small business, god forbid one of my dogs passed on a communicable disease (namely worms), he still sticks to "your 90 days was up". That is my issue with the cash. He did tell me not to bring my dog back and he did not offer me a refund. Whether it was $5 or $125, if you are a good business person, you offer a refund when you ask your customer not to come back. Period. Especially as a small business person. As mentioned, I did try to handle this matter privately but was blocked from communication. There is nothing in my original review I wrote that is not true. If your dog has any behavioral issue (i.e. squirt pees when he's excited, is too mouthy when he plays, barks too much), this will not be evident in a 15 minute behavioral screening. He or she will not "fit in with the pack". Don't waste your time or money. Just find a new pack.

Elisabeth Frazier

10 years ago

Our min pin Roxy loves The Dog House. She has stayed there many times for boarding. Roxy is pretty anxious, so she doesn't do well in typical kennel boarding. She just worries to the point where she makes herself sick. That's why we're so happy with The Dog House. Here she gets to stay out all day and play with other dogs and people, and she gets the individual love and attention she needs. Looking for places in the area that provide all day doggie day care in addition to boarding get really expensive, but Jed's prices are probably the best deal you'll find around here. We're so happy with the fit we found here for our dog, that even when we moved down to Edgewood, we continue to bring Roxy up to Providence to stay at The Dog House.

Lance the puppy

10 years ago

My owners drop me off here a couple of times a week and I love it! There are comfy chairs to snooze on, and friends to play with. Because it is familiar, I am also happy to board here even though I would rather go on road trips with my owners. I struggled at other day cares that were too loud and crowded and ended up hiding under furniture or cowering in the corner. Not here - because it is small and I get lots of personal attention I am happy to play or snooze while my owners go to work. Jed is very easy to deal with and you can tell that the place is a labor of love and not some corporate chain. Highly highly recommended.

Rita Williams

10 years ago

I've known Jed from his dogwalking days on the eastside some 7 or 8 years ago. After we lost our dalmatian in December 2011, we waited before we adopted another dog. We decided to rescue a mixed breed dog and we brought "Charlie" a lab mix back from Florida. We are older now so we needed a smaller dog and the animal shelter guessed that "Charlie" was between 8 months and 1 year old and he weighed 25 lbs. He was a puppy and he needed exercise and play time with other dogs. We took him to The Dog House and he had a great time playing. Our daily walks were a struggle (he wanted to pull ahead of me and since he was a stray he had an adventurous spirit). I needed help with walking him and after one session and the use of a training collar my walk with "Charlie" has already improved. I love Jed's flexibility and willingness to help train my dog and the fact that I can take him to The Dog House for a half day when he needs to play with other dogs.

Amy Bowen

11 years ago

We moved to Providence recently from Salt Lake City, so we did a lot of looking around. We wanted dog daycare to get our buddy all tired when we can't get him out, and we wanted a place that would also do boarding. Some of the daycare/boarding places we found charged separately for the overnight stay AND PLUS daycare on top of that. To me, that seems like a rip off. If you're already paying for boarding, I've never heard of paying for the daycare separately. At the Dog House it's one rate when you board, and of course your dog gets to play all day and have fun, which makes me feel a lot better about leaving him. The owner and the people who work there are really nice with the dogs--you can tell they really love them. It's very clean and comfortable for the dogs, and there are separate areas for the big and little dogs. They all seem like they're having a real good time when we go to pick up. And our dog gets super excited to go there--he totally loves it. I would definitely recommend the Dog House after having done a LOT of looking around.

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