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Kara H

2 years ago

A perfect experience from beginning to end. We came home with two beautiful kittens. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to rescue and animal.

Nicole Polion

2 years ago

This place introduced me to my best friend. The moment I met him I just knew that I needed to take him home with me. Hemmy is such a good boy, so well behaved and loves me already. Everyone at this rescue has been nothing short of amazing. Answered any and all questions I had. Please ADOPT dont shop. Thank you again so much for my best friend????

Mike Lefebvre

2 years ago

I appreciate the thorough application process heart of RI has in place to ensure their dogs go to responsible owners. We adopted from them in July and we are obsessed with our puppy Daisy. Thank you!

Molly Bivins

2 years ago

We came to this rescue looking for a puppy to add to our family. The folks here are INCREDIBLE! They asked a few questions about our household and which pups we were there to see. They were thoughtful and kind. Giving honest answers about the different dogs and what may/may not be a good fit. It's super clear they have their animals and their clients best interest as the highest priority. The application process was wicked easy and we turned it in during our initial visit-instructions were thorough and simple. They clearly take great care in determining who is able to take there animals home. Our family felt lucky to get approved for our puppy Ginny. We heard back within a few days and were scheduled for adoption day 1 week from our initial visit. Adoption day was great! We took a mandatory puppy orientation-which was full of excellent information. And again the fact they hold these classes for all new puppy families just shows how much they care. I would HIGHLY suggest if you're looking for a pet#1recue #2 visit EGAPL!

Moises Perez

2 years ago

So as soon I walked in I was told to wear a mask which isn’t a problem but then the lady at the desk wasn’t wearing one nor the lady that told us. She instantly had an attitude with me and I found that very rude but I continued to fill out the application. There was two dogs I wanted to see but then another lady came and asked me if I own or rent. I told her my answer but then how many animals I had which I said two cats and I was instantly denied to see the dogs. She said we don’t know how they’ll be with them, but did not give me the chance to explain that the cats are friendly and did not offer the option to look at any other animals in the shelter. Also, if you want people to wear a mask, please put a sign on the door and wear one yourselves as employees and practice what you preach. I’ve never had trouble with other animal shelters. I have adopted elsewhere before and this is the only shelter I have had difficulty with. If you want animals to have a chance, then at least allow them to be seen by people who really want to take them in and give them a home.

Jocelyn Cruz

2 years ago

This rescue is great at what they do! We had a great experience adopting our puppy from them 3 years ago and more recently bringing home our new addition! It was very straight forward on their website what they needed from us and the process went smoothly. We recently fostered puppies for them and they were so helpful in making sure that the pups had everything they needed while looking for forever homes! We would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to adopt/rescue!

Anita Kroian

2 years ago

I highly recommend adopting from this organization! We couldn’t be happier with our little puppy. He’s so smart and just a little love bug.

Koren Fratus

2 years ago

Excellent experience ! I would recommend adopting from EGAPL. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Amanda Dahlin

2 years ago

Heart of RI made all of our adoption dreams come true! The staff are very knowledgeable & kind, offering plenty of advice & practical strategies to help ease the transition for us and our pup. I highly recommend you swing by & fill out an application - see for yourself the love & attention they pour into each animal they care for!

Amanda McCarthy

2 years ago

While I am still hoping to adopt from here, I thought it was important to share my experience so far in my search for a kitten. I was really impressed by the staffs genuine and careful approach with the animals. I won’t lie… The application process is rigorous and takes a long time. The communication isn’t exactly quick. Driving in was a pain but proved to be worth it! It is so clear how much these guys love animals. The application process is really made for the animals and that what’s really matters. They are thoughtful and thorough in the placement. If the little guy I am interested in gets adopted to a different home, this shelter is top of list for my search!


2 years ago

Heart of RI is a great place to find your fur-ever baby. I was struggling to adopt especially during COVID times and was losing hope until I happened to find this wonderful place online. Heart of RI has meet-and-greet hours, unlike many other places I had applied to, set so that you can get to know the doggo you are interested in adopting and vice versa. Tammy, Donna, and everyone there were very knowledgeable and you could clearly tell that they really care for the animals. The process of the adoption was straight forward in which they state the adoption process step by step on their website. It took around a week to get our notification that we could welcome Indigo, the cutest Chiweenie ever, into our family. Since Indigo was 6 months old then, they even set an hour training session for the puppy parents which was really helpful. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We are so happy! We love Indigo❤️ I highly recommend adopting from Heart of RI.

Ellen Roe

2 years ago

I inquired about a dog I was interested and asked Tammy, my contact, the night before if they were still taking applications for the dog because I said I was driving from MA and didn't want to waste my time if she wasn't available. Tammy said they were still taking applications for her. Next morning, I called and the girl said they received 2 applications for the dog and said they were still taking applications and for me to come in and fill one out only to find out after driving all the way from MA that a decision was already made for the dog's adoption. We weren't even able to see her. It seems to me that there could have been better communication between my contact and decision maker and the girl I spoke to. Had I known before I left the house that a decision was being made that morning, I would not have wasted my time and gas to drive down. A big failure on EGAPL's part. Follow up ... After a day of decompressing from this ordeal, I would never discourage anyone from adopting from EGAPL. In the end, all these dogs and cats need good homes. Happy that "Lucy" is going to a good home. But please consider online applications to expand their opportunity to get adopted and streamline the process.

Jessica Latimer

2 years ago

I have been volunteering at EGAPL Heart of RI for a couple years now. The love and compassion they show these deserving animals is unmatched. The staff is so incredible, always putting the animals first, and the volunteers are so selfless. I am so proud to be associated with this shelter. Additionally, many old friends and family members have adopted from them growing their families by four paws and they were so helpful and I’ve made new friends with families that have adopted animals I’ve fostered. Keep up the amazing work! The world is a better place because you’re in it.

Kathryn White

2 years ago

We adopted a puppy from this rescue and the process was clear and organized. We knew what to expect and were thankful to adopt a healthy, well cared for puppy who we adore.

Kelly mcdonald

2 years ago

Everyone was so kind and supportive. They really worked with me and the dog I was adopting to make sure we were a good match. I will definitely go back in the further should I want to adopt again. I recommend them to everyone. Please stop in! There are so many beautiful animals there that just want forever homes.

Lori Ricci

2 years ago

This shelter takes very good care of their dogs and cats. It's a lot of work but both staff and volunteers do their best to attend and care for their furkids.

Maria Haidinger

2 years ago

Would highly recommend Heart of RI. We had a wonderful experience going through the application and meet and greet process. Tammy and the Heart Team are dedicated to caring for their animals and making sure each goes home with the right fit. We adopted a 15 week old puppy last week. The Heart Team even put us in touch with some of his litter mate families to stay in touch.

Mary Semeraro

2 years ago

We couldn't be happier with our experience at EGAPL. It's so obvious how much they love and care for their animals. They work hard to match the right animal and family. As a dog lover, I was so happy that we had to go through a brief orientation (even as former pup parents) where they went through all the critical information that people need to know. They really set you and your animal up for success. Our newest family member settled right in and she's amazing with our kids. Thank you to Tammy and all the amazing staff at EGAPL for all you do!

Richard White

2 years ago

Passed me on to another who send me to another,no help

Ricki D

2 years ago

I fell in love with Siena online and adopted her within 3 days of visiting. What a gentle loving pup. As friendly as can be never aggressive. Perfect addiction to our family. EAGPL were easy to work with and truly have the dog’s future in mind when choosing adoptive families. We have her now for about a year and I still am so thankful to this agency. Thsnk you!!

Stephanie Pacheco

2 years ago

So helpful for those that are seriously looking ti adopt. It is very clear that they care about the animals that they are looking to rehome

Toyo Lou

2 years ago

Apply to adopt a dog and they never got back to me I called and send and email and nothing I even went for the second time for the same dog that was there 3 week and nothing !!! I am disappointed of this place .. I will recommend recommend Instead

Katie Teixeira

2 years ago

We adopted our babies, Rip & Rey, from EGAPL and the entire experience was wonderful. Tammy, Karen & Donna were all amazing to deal with. It is very clear that they all love the animals in their care and want the best homes for them!

Kendra Chase

2 years ago

Will update after we complete our attempts of adoption from here. So far we've filled out application and drove about an hour because their website Said it's a must, to turn in application in person. Tried calling to double check it's ok to come, but no answer. I left a message. Their website and Google had said they were open for active adoption hours. (We updated it). When we arrived they are temporarily closed. So we were told return in 2 weeks. We have high hopes + plan to try again then. A nice lady accepted our papers and I pray we don't fall through the cracks. ????

Vic Cip

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the best experience with adopting !!! We love our fur baby so much !! He’s such a good boy !

Suzanne Rehbein

2 years ago

I had a great experience adopting 2 pups. I was so impressed how this rescue was run that my husband and I decided to volunteer our time there and the director, kennel workers and volunteers are so devoted to finding the best families for these animals.

Laurence M

2 years ago

We searched for months everywhere in Massachusetts for a new puppy or young dog, all to no avail. Every place was fresh out or the process to see a pup was so difficult because of Covid, we wouldn't hear back at all, or by time we did, the inquired about dog would already be adopted. At that point we decided to expand our search beyond MA. Heart of RI set themselves apart, they were so much easier to work with and visits are no hassle at all on the allotted days / hours -- all you need to do is bring a completed adoption form for the pet you want to see. They are very responsive and once chosen as the adopters, are very informative and encourage you to contact them, (post adoption), with any questions/concerns. Heart of RI was there to help us wrap up our adoption of Snoopy quickly and smoothly. After the headaches with every other experience elsewhere, we were beyond elated! We would highly recommend using this rescue league when searching for your new best friend! I can say they have made a loyal customer out of us.

Patrick Clark

2 years ago

This is a lovely place n they really care for the animals there. Making sure the dogs or cats go to the proper place for life

Chris Campo

2 years ago

EGAPL was a great experience and I would recommend. I always felt they were 100% dedicated to the animals and doing things responsibly. They seem to be constantly investing in the facilities to make it the best experience for each animal. Leslie helped me understand what my dog will probably go through in the first stages and did a great job prepping me to take him home.

Andrea Frasier

3 years ago

I highly recommend the EGAPL. It was our first time adopting and it was the best experience! They saved our little Otto's life and made sure he was healthy enough to be adopted and then placed in just the right home. We are so grateful. We love him so much. he has brought us so much joy!

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