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Sue Scothorne

2 years ago

Found a toy for my rabbit that I have been looking for for almost a year. Always have Crickets when I need them!! Very friendly family who runs it and a very beautiful Amazon Red Macaw

Terry Durand

3 years ago

Scott and his family are so nice Nutra source foods is great


3 years ago


michelle silvia

3 years ago

I bought a yorkie 2 years ago from this place the owner told me that the puppy was going to be small and weigh about 6-8 pounds well he lied the yorkie is 2 now and he is big like medium size schnauzer and weighs 20 pounds

Joseph Refino

3 years ago

Been going here since I was a kid hands down the best pet center In ri Scott and his mother and father been there for years helping families find the right pet for them

Debora Lino

3 years ago

Their puppies live in a cage with not even a mat to sleep on. They sleep on cold metal. Awful.

Annmarie Rich

4 years ago

I bought a pug puppy from them 15 years ago and he is still here I never had any health issues with my pup at all and I bought another pup from them a year ago and same never any issues

Raquel Riguereo

4 years ago

Best puppy , thanks Scott

Andrew Henthorne

4 years ago

Excellent place to shop for a puppy, fish, birds, etc. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly!! I come up from southern Warwick just to go there!

Diane Marshall

4 years ago

Was reluctant to purchase a puppy from a pet store but 6 years ago I bought my Jack Russell from family pet. When I took her to the vet he asked where I got her..I told him...he said I was very lucky and that breed can be aggressive he said my puppy was a very sweet and 6 years later she still is a healthy and happy companion thank you Family Pet!!


4 years ago

Horrible. The dogs most likely come from puppy mills. I cried so hard walking out of that place because all of the animals were in poor condition, covered in poop, and had no toys, cushions, nothing at all, just sitting in a metal cage. Can someone report this place to get it shut down?


4 years ago

I bought my dog here 5 years ago. The next day I took him to my family vet we’ve gone to for 15+ years and my veterinarian said to me “this is the healthiest dog I have ever seen come out of a pet store”. Zack is beautiful and the most perfectly well behaved animal. I visited recently to consider another dog and Scott gave me advice and deterred me from buying a puppy that did not fit my life style, instead of just taking my money. My friend bought her puppy here and has had the same luck. They are knowledgeable and informative. Obviously it’s a business and they want to make a sale DUH PEOPLE!

Liam May

4 years ago

*AVOID* My wife and I went here because they sell a specific brand of dog food we were looking for. We walked in and quickly found our item. We decided to look around the store before we made our purchase and noticed that in the back for the store there are a bunch of really cute puppies for sale. The real issue here is these dogs looked uncared for and unattended. I would be seriously surprised if these dogs are getting any playtime or socialization. We put down our items and promptly left as we did not feel as we could support this type of business. These puppies deserve better!!

Nichole F.

4 years ago

I purchased my puppy about 3 weeks ago from family pet center. I did try to adopt first I filled out so many applications and was received no call backs. He's a Dorkie. Make sure you do your homework before picking what kind of dog you're going to get if you have other animals or children in the house. We put down a deposit and then went home and throughout the night looked at the type of dog. Good thing, because we found out the dog we originally wanted was not going to be what we thought she was. We were just going on looks the next day we went back and we found a sweet little puppy. Originally we were going with a Shiba Inu female. She was beautiful but at the same time they're not good family dogs. I'm sure that all depends also on how they are raised so if you are able to take that risk go ahead if you have small children then you can introduce the puppy. But if you do not yet have children or other pets and plan on getting any or having children then this dog is not recommended.

Carmen Rodriguez

5 years ago

Good place.. nice people...good price! I recommend!


5 years ago

Dogs seem to be always sick everytime we visit lately

Taylor Jordan

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I rushed out the door as soon as we saw the living conditions for these animals. They have a macaw that has absolutely no toys in his cage, poop and dust caked on the cage and the macaw picking at itself from being so dirty. The puppies in the cages look ill and unkempt. Massive amounts of parakeets in a tiny cage. When speaking with the owner all he cared about was the 300 dollars he makes on each puppy. He gets puppies "for the season" and knows which ones will sell. You can tell he doesnt care about these animals other than the quick buck he will get.

Richard J Ferolito Jr

5 years ago

This is such a great family owned establishment. You rarely find that anymore. Scott, his Dad and Mom are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have bewen doining business with them for over 25 years when they had their store in Warwick. Dump the big box chains and shop gere!!!

Nagito Komaeda

5 years ago

The people there are nice and the animals were small costing and in very well condition.

Joanna Camino

5 years ago

We’ve had our yorkie 2 years now and couldn’t be happier

Peony kid

6 years ago

The guy we met gave us a great dog for a good price and you can tell he cared about his animals

Plasmic Oceans

6 years ago

Best pet store around, plus all the supplies you could ever need

Yin Yang

6 years ago

I got my puppy their and I was looking for a breed that is hard to get and I could not believe that it had the same birthday crazy and lazy as me i don’t care about the price he was a good lil boy I love him

Carmen Nunez

7 years ago

I went in this store today looking for supplies for my kitten but walked out as soon as I saw the puppies. I couldn't believe the condition those poor puppies live in. Stuck in little metal cages with no toys or anything to lay on, not to mention the dried up feces all over the bottom of the cages. I was completely appalled, the owner of this store should be ashamed of herself. There are other ways to make money.

Damany Collins

7 years ago

I've been do business with FAMILY PET for over 15 years and never had a problem with any of my pets (dogs,fish,birds,hamsters,guinea pigs) They have the best prices and customer service around.....

danielle capobianco

7 years ago

IM A SUCKER! Every time I go in there I walk out with a pet. 15 years ago I came home with my beautiful Pomeranian he was 5months old tortured in that metal cage with poop all over him I got him for $500 BC he was not a puppy anymore an had been in that cage for so long Scott the son of the owner which is his mom told me. Then I got a cat 10 yrs ago that had feline aida that he got for drinking its moms milk that had feline aids. The pet store could care less an said I can bring him back an they would put him down. Well I didnt! I paid for all my cats cost and he lived a happy and loving life for 8yrs an passed in his sleep when it was his time. I'm happy with the choice I made because I gave him a chance to live! Then after my grandfather passed I felt empty walked in family pet center again an spent 1200 on my beautiful baby boy Pomeranian. I've gave them business they don't deserve. They see pets as $$$ not living things that need good homes and to be loved and cared for but the reason I buy is because I feel I'm saving them from that awful insensitive pet store.


7 years ago

Prices are so low. If you want to buy a puppy just go there

Nils Freiberger

7 years ago

They sell puppy mill puppies (google if you don't know what that is) which propagates the cruel and disgusting industry. It seems like the animals are not taken care of there either. Greedy people who could care less about animals and only care about money. Who knows where their other animals come from, but it can't be good. Poor animals who don't get sold have to endure more misery living in awful cages.

Sarinna Sim

7 years ago

Scott is very understanding, nice guy actually & pups are all such cuties.

Carley Nickerson

9 years ago

just bought a puppy there a little over a week ago, it felt more like i was buying a car from a car salesman. he only cared that he was making a sale and was very pushy. our dog seems healthy so far. and hes a great little guy. the sad thing is i wish i could adopt all the dogs there. they are sleeping on hard metal grates and their little paws must hurt from standing on it all the time too. not to mention how filthy our dog was when we got him. i had to immediately heavily bath him. poor little guy. i left the store with no information about my dog at all. i was in and out in about 15 minutes. and that includes playing with the dog for about 10 minutes in a gross dirty pen. maybe they could take a little better care of their store and their pets

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