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Kerry Demers

2 years ago

Selling animals is a shame


2 years ago

Been coming to Masterpeace for almost 3 years. First for obedience and then for Nose work. My dog loves it there, she looks forward to coming every week. Fran was a wonderful obedience instructor and helped my very shy, scared rescue come out of her shell. Patty is a wonderful Nose work instructor who really knows her stuff! My dog has gained confidence from her training. Highly recommend Masterpeace!

Danielle Chasse

2 years ago

Instructor Patty is so knowledgeable ....really works well with her clients...

Ajay Athreya

3 years ago

Super nice area and amazing trainers

Laura McCarthy

3 years ago

I thought the woman who taught the puppy kindergarten class was abrasive and ineffective. I don’t think my dog learned much and I felt like the woman running it got joy out of embarrassing the dog owners. It was an uncomfortable experience and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sam Schifman

3 years ago

Really friendly people with a great attitude about working with dogs. As a first time dog owner I have found their advice indispensable and appreciated there positive approach.

Naomi Smith

3 years ago

Great location to trial or rent for practice.

J Smith

3 years ago

Great place that really has a talent for educating both owner and dog in proper training for just basic house pets aswell as competition training, looking foward to more classes with my pup

Alan Selling

4 years ago

They have a varied offering of dog classes , they have excellent instructors. Great resource for the dog owner.

Laura Baron

4 years ago

Our dogs love doggie play time. They offer a ton of classes

Diane Marshall

4 years ago

Very friendly and very good instruction

Katherine Weiner

4 years ago

MasterPeace is filled with incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, capable instructors who are eager to help. I'm so thankful to them for helping me and my dog make progress. We've taken several reactive dog classes and intend to do more. If/when my dog is ready I'd love to do noswork, agility, and fitness with them too! I'm especially appreciative of the time and effort Heather, Trish, Audrey, and Kelly have put into helping us. They've guided us to success that I wasn't sure was possible. Now I'm far more confident in both my abilities and in my dogs! If you need help with your dog, MasterPeace is the place for you!


4 years ago

I like this place it a good place don’t get me wrong the owner very nice very polite the groomer is very sweet she’s a new girl that replaced the old one that I didn’t like not because he wasn’t good at is job but because he was a little too friendly with my dog I mean to much kisses lol literally I want them to be nice a friendly to my dog but their is a limit my friends well the new girl is very nice and pretty good at her job. Now why did I took two stars? Five start it’s very hard to get from me and if you did well you’re probably pretty awesome at what ever you do. The fourth star was taken because they don’t answer the phone and it’s very hard to get them on the phone and another reason is because although they do a good job after every time I took him there when I got home I saw more than a few grooming mistakes that if me or you guys would get from our barber we’ll be upset. Saying that I still think they’re one of the best from my experiences and I would recommend to go there.

Seth Holladay

4 years ago

They focus on positive reinforcement and give homework sheets.

Samantha Nurmenniemi

4 years ago

We had our first in-home training session with Ronni and she is amazing!! She went above and beyond! We learned so much just from that one session. She took the time and even went on a walk with us. Ronni knows exactly what she's doing. We will be signing up our boy, Red, for nosework classes too. I highly recommend MasterPeace!

Paul H

4 years ago

This place is fantastic. We have a reactive 2 yo pup that has benefited 10 fold from their reactive dog courses. It's helped our dog become more confident with seeing other dogs and people he doesn't know. I'd highly recommend this place for any training need but specifically the reactive dog training has been a huge help in easing everyone's anxiety including the pups.

Mary Couture

4 years ago

Love to go to Masterpiece, not far to drive.I went for a Rally test, he passed 2nd. leg.Only problem is too many smells on the mat.

Gary Piette

5 years ago

It's a great place to train and it's all positive A+

Walter Horowitz

5 years ago

A warm and friendly place to learn with your dog. We rented a ring for a few hours of dog agility. Great floor and top notch equipment. We stayed for the Rally and Obedience run through and got good experience with pointers from a few top trainers.


6 years ago

Love this place.I have been going here for almost 3 years now and all of my dogs and including myself luv it. We have taken puppy kindergarden, puppy graduate, introduction to agility, agility & nose work. My 9yo beagle Sassy just loves Patty and the nosework class she teaches. My 4yo beagle Dora has been doing agility for almost 2 1/2 yrs and she was given the nickname "social butterfly" by her first instructor. He was the owner of the business, Mike Masters and Dora just loved him and so did everyone else. He ::) ss since psssed away and Dora's new instructor Trish is also great with agility and mskes fun and challenging courses. Dora loves these classes and her new puppy friend DD who is 9mo just started introduction to agility and she loves Trish along with all of the other instructors she has had in her short and fun loving life. This is a fun enviornment for you & your ????

Judy Butler

6 years ago

Very nice staff, gentle approach to training

Maurice Regan

7 years ago

I went to this facility twice for a "drop in" training class and for novice level "run throughs." I was berated twice by a woman who assumed my dog, holding a down-stay, might cause difficulties, even though the dog was on a lead in in close proximity to me. I later discovered this irate and impolite individual was the owner. She ran the drop in class which was characterized by her shaggy dog stories at the expense of actual training. The run throughs were well conducted by another women who gave me good advice however the owner refused to make any modifications to the ring for the UKC retrieve over the high jump. When I returned weeks later and qualified for two of three UKC novice legs held by an obedience club at Masterpeace, there seemed to be little effort on the past of the owner to accommodate the competitors aside from setting up the trial ring. If you are interested in irate and inflexible customer service, I recommend Masterpeace.

Nick Deubert

7 years ago

Friendly people! We saw an immediate impact from their training! My dog loves going here and we are already planning on doing more classes with them.

Karen Randall

8 years ago

I have been training at MasterPeace since my dog was a puppy. He will be 6 at the end of April. I have worked with most of the instructors there at one point or another, and have learned from all of them. I started as a first time dog owner, and now we compete successfully in several dog sports including Obedience and Agility. Maybe more importantly, I have a wonderful house pet who travels with us extensively and is welcome everywhere we go. I have been to a number of other training facilities when I compete, but I keep coming back to MasterPeace because of the quality of the instructors. If you want basic training for your pet dog, and are willing to LISTEN and LEARN, this is the place to do it. If you want an education in competitive dog sports… just go to any dog trial and see how many MasterPeace students are competing successfully. There is another review site that for some reason has rated MasterPeace ONLY on the review of two people who clearly don't understand or believe in positive dog training methods. NONE of the other reviews (and there are several) have been counted into the score. If you want compulsion based training, go elsewhere. MasterPeace is NOT the place for you. If you want to train your dog kindly, gently AND EFFECTIVELY, MasterPeace instructors can teach you how to do it. You just have to be willing to learn.

Kelsea Moore

11 years ago

We've been taking our lab here since she was 11 weeks. I love this place, and recommend it to every dog owner I meet.

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