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2 years ago

Great service and can make quick appointments easily. Have been using them for years now for my puppers.

Katarina Simmons

2 years ago

Called and asked if they offer payment plans as I am a new client the front desk told me yes. I drove 2 hours for an apt that was way over priced and “couldn’t offer me payment plans” and the doctor proceeded to add medication to my bill for my dog that she “needed” a waste of time and money for a doctor to tell me something I already knew about my dog. Wouldn’t recommend

Joey Hess

2 years ago

If you need something simple like a vacination, this is the place. If your pet has serious problems get ready for grosely over priced meds, rechecks, more meds, more rechecks and after hundreds of dollars, no results.

Nestor Mena

2 years ago

Good place to take care of your pet. Took our puppy and they explained us everything and answered all our questions.

Eric Andersen

2 years ago

Overpriced services and rates, extremely expensive medications, when you try to get the Rx there is another charge because they get mad you dont want to get ripped off. Even after I paid for the Rx they did not give it to me so I asked them to just take the call from PETCO or call them. They still refused. Finally I talked to the vet who said they would snail mail it to me. Guess what......it never came. Needless to say I have found a much better Vet, who is reasonably priced and actually follows through with what they say.

Kelly Fougnie

2 years ago

If could leave them 0 stars we would— (Un ethnical business practice) Brought our dog in for a skin allergy and annual …

Irine Hitemitsu

2 years ago

We have an English bull terrier. Vets and Staff have been amazing! We have been using them since 2011. Very caring and informative. They ALWAYS show us estimates before doing anything. We have never had a negative visit or phone calls. They always greeted and welcomed us. Staff even came around the corner to greet and ask how our furbaby was doing! Love y’all!

Keila Castillo

2 years ago

Standard hospital and greedy. They charge for written prescriptions (not the me dice but the paper) plus consultation and will try to force you to buy every little unnecessary thing for your pet. Loooooong waits. If your going for an usual check up, you’ll have three 30 seconds interaction with the vet in the span of 60 minutes.

Kathy Wilder

2 years ago

Thank you for your help with our little princess today.

Blaine Yarbrough

2 years ago

This "hospital" nearly killed my dog with negligence. My dog was attacked by an animal, and suffered a deep laceration on her back which was life-threatening. I called this "hospital" to confirm they were available immediately for surgery. I drove 40 minutes there, and upon arriving was told they already had another dog in surgery, and only had one surgical suite. They "recommended" that I drive ALL THE WAY TO FORT SMITH for surgery, as my dog lay whimpering perhaps dying in my arms. ALL AFTER I CALLED AHEAD. The front desk did not care, and essentially shooed me out the door. A bad review does not express my feelings about this sham establishment. They should to be shut down.

Kyle Fields

3 years ago

I must say that Springdale animal clinic is AMAZING I have a cat that had some tumors and they were removed and everyone is kind and they love what they do. The very next week I had a friend who had to send her cat over the rainbow bridge, they took the time to let her say goodbye and because of that and how good they treated my cat (who was was lived outside for 3 years) they actually had no problem, I know That they are busy but they still manage to be kind and that’s important because their main goal is pets and that’s most important!

Zulma Hernandez

3 years ago

This is the poor place i been omg they charg me 280 dollars and they don't do anything to my poor dog this is not professional vet. I do nat recommend i have to take my dog to another vet they are amazing this place is poor quality

George Joseph

3 years ago

My dog Riley sure is a lot happier now she has taken Bravecto flea and tick chew. No more fleas or ticks! It’s a little expensive but worth it. Thx, George

Kellan Lux

3 years ago

The staff is really wonderful and treats our cats with care & compassion. Victoria is an absolute sweetheart & our cats love her

Living the Brown Life

3 years ago

I have used them for over a decade. Everyone has always been so wonderful. They have taken great care of our dogs and was there for us when they passed. :( ... we got a new kitten. She is 5 months old. I called in to ask a few queations and get pricing for some procedures. Tendonectomy, Spaying and Shots, etc... the girl who answered the phone put me on hold several times and was not helpful. Did not answer any of my questions other than to say "We only declaw I do not know the other thingy you are talking about."

Melina Dominguez

3 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff. I didn’t know what to expect when making my first puppy appointment. They walked me through the process of a puppies first visit in evaluating and recommending the appropriate vaccines needed. Added bonus is the chewable sample flea and tick prevention they give after each appointment.

Shira Martinez

3 years ago

If I could give them a zero I would!!! I arrived for a appointment for our car we have been coming here for a while. My car would not start this morning so I had to use a different vehicle. I was out on hold after calling and then told they could not see my cat or they would work me in because I was late then put on hold. Spoke with someone else and she told me it woulda like you are to busy to be seen today because is told her my son has a therapist appointment at 11:30 well you should of arrived earlier we’ll my car would not start!! We will never go back here we have 6 animals and they will never ever get our business back!!!!!!

Smiley Angulo

3 years ago

One of the worst animal hospitals I've ever been to. Expensive and very poor work and professionalism. I will never take my dog there again.

Tommy Ezell

3 years ago

I would like to give a shout out to the Springdale Animal Hospital. During the COVID-19 pandemic they took extra caution with my little Oprah cat. Thank you to Victoria and your team for making todays visit so smooth. We love all of you and highly recomend your services to everyone.


3 years ago

Love this place. Everyone is always so friendly especially Alondra and Dr. Overman. Thank you for being so good with my baby Archie.

Doug Mendonca

3 years ago

I was going to take my best friend up 5here to get him more nexgard (like I've done for 2 yrs). But now you've got to pay an exam fee just to get the prescription. There's nothing wrong with my best friend. Why do I have to pay $100 or more just to get a prescription. Not to mention that the receptionist call me a liar....

Ana Andrade

4 years ago

We live in Rogers but it’s worth it to us to drive to Springdale to bring our fur baby here! The staff is so friendly and you can tell they really care about your pet. They are easy to reach and always helpful when I have questions. We had some issues with our pup where we had to take him to the emergency clinic but for about a week or two after that Springdale Animal Hospital would give me a call to check up on our pup and be there if I had any questions or concerns! I don’t think we could go to any other animal hospital!

Ann Kabanuck

4 years ago

Our old girl is deaf, lame and takes several meds. The young folks who work with the kennel animals manage to meet all of her needs. They even washed the bed pad that we brought, after she had a mishap on it.

Coriana Luke

4 years ago

love this place. brought all my dogs here. always recommend them to all my friends. they treat our fur babies with lots of love!!

Cody Smith

4 years ago

Our dog Oakley has been seen by Springdale Animal Hospital from day one 2.5 years ago to unfortunately her last, Sunday 6/9/19. Due to low standard of care our girl had to suffer. We were out of town on our FIRST family vacation when we were notified that something wasn’t right and she has an open wound with pus coming out on her back and she could hardly walk. Immediately, I called our vet at Springdale Animal Hospital which was on a Saturday morning and had our care giver head to that way. The office said they could work her In at 9:30 but they close at noon so make sure we were not late. I was told when they got there a technician came out and carried her in right away. As soon as the vet walked in our caregiver called us so we could listen in. And 2 minutes later he was out of the room but not before he assured us that Oakley was fine and it wasn’t a big deal at all. He would start her on some oral antibiotics and oral pain meds and see her back in two weeks. Once he left the room they came to get Oakley so the wound could be shaved and “cleaned” I have a hard time believing it was properly cleaned as I was told after she passed it was cleaned with a Betadine flush however, after working in the medical field myself I know how that stuff stains and there was nothing stained on her and our care giver said it looked the same as it did when they brought her in other than her hair being shaved. Once they were finished our care giver called us back so we could pay over the phone which took three minutes, I only point this out because it took longer to pay than the vet took to do the exam. After we paid over the phone a tech put her on a leash and forced her to walk to the car. (She was very good on a leash and would walk right beside you with or without a leash however the vet tech had to partially drag her.) We were notified the following morning that she passed away in the night less than 24 hours after being told she was going to be perfectly fine and not to worry by a vet. We came home from our vacation 12 hours away to take care of her body and say our goodbyes. We took her in to an emergency clinic to have her cremated but first had the on duty vet give us his opinion. He told us that someone had obviously dropped the ball and as soon as she came in the door he would have ordered blood work and based off the blood work they would have at minimum started IV antibiotics and recommended she be admitted for a couple days. We weren’t given the option for ANY of this but instead assured she was fine. We’ve never had this type of experience here but this time it was a Saturday and they seemed more concerned about being pressed for time.

Linda Picken

4 years ago

Fabulous Felines NWA uses SAH for our charity's vet clinic. They are knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and do a great job caring for all kinds of cats we bring in needing extra care. We highly recommend them.

Molly Bradley

4 years ago

Wonderful vets and staff. They took excellent care of my fur baby.

Tammyjo Mounce

4 years ago

Our dog was vomiting and not eating so we took him to see Dr Betts, who diagnosed him with an ear infection ($180). We brought our dog home where he became even more sick over night. We rushed him in where they found a bowel blockage …

Tiffany Jordon

4 years ago

They take such amazing care of my fur babies! Couldn't ask for a better team to keep my fur babies in excellent health!

Nicole Collins

5 years ago

They have taken really good care of our two, now three pet cats. They are very kind and careful with the pets, the staff is all very friendly, and the facility is very well kept up. Our vet for life. :)

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