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Renee Jones

2 years ago

I took my dying cat in — mostly she needed pain medicine to ease her last day. They said they couldn’t give pain meds without $250 bloodwork. As if she had a long time to live! They gave her a steroid and antibiotic instead for $175. Again, what was the point of this for a dying pet except money. She died the next day and I called about what to do. Dennis was nice and appropriate, and told me to bring her in and for $175 they would do a more civilized cremation. When I got there with my beloved pet in a box, the receptionist was not happy. She wanted to know who gave me permission to bring in my cat. She never said she was sorry that I lost my lil buddy of almost 16 years. Overall, I would never trust them with another pet of mine.

Mary Thompson

2 years ago

My dog ate an entire chocolate pie. I called and they got me in immediately. My dog was ready to go in less than 2 hours.

Amelia Neumann

2 years ago

Dr. Webster and Destiny were very kind and helpful when I brought in my dog. They prescribed her medication and set clear expectations on treatment and care. My dog is already doing much better and it makes me really happy that they had her best interest in mind.

Micaela Ramirez

2 years ago

I absolutely loved everyone's vibe here! Super helpful with my dogs and just super sweet to us! I would recommend this vet to anyone! Thank you guys for a great experience!! ❤❤❤

Sydney Schwichtenberg

2 years ago

Took my new pug, Baby Olive, this morning for a general exam to make sure she's healthy and caught with everything she needs for her age. Honestly, most positive vet experience I've ever had. The vet sat down with us and told us a lot about raising a puppy, what we should avoid, and how to make her feel comfortable. I will be honest, I thought -- "Oh god, I'm going to spend hundreds on this check up, aren't I?" because they ran so many tests, but they didn't! It was one of the most affordable vet visits ever. Also, the entire office thought she was adorable, so that was a plus! And-- the office itself is beautiful. Didn't feel like a vet office, felt like a passage to the past with all the mid-century retro vibes! Loved it! I'm going to definitely set up appointments for my other two animals soon and have them by their regular vet!

Kara Hibbs

2 years ago

Charged me twice for one visit. It was $175 I paid once I won’t pay a second time for one visit. Do not recommend

Gayle T

2 years ago

My dog was so happy there. He always like to go for his vet appointments and to stay when I m out of town. This visit was the longest I’ve left him there but greatest. Thanks Gayle

Sherrie Laxson

2 years ago

I think very nice an the veterinarian is through o good place I recommend it

Jake Kirkland

2 years ago

We moved to OKC two months ago and were looking for a new vet for our 10yo dog. In the mean-time, July 2nd, I found a young dog running in traffic at 11pm in the Plaza District with no collar and no chip. We decided to foster her until we could find her owners or find a new home. All was going well until about 1.5 weeks into fostering when she threw up and then had some diarrhea that looked like it had some blood in it. Bad! So I started calling vets. I started with Midtown and was asked if I was a returning client right away. I explained that I was new in town, so I was looking for a permanent vet, but that this situation popped up quicker than I expected. The receptionist told me the first appointment they had was Friday (today is Tuesday). That is obviously not soon enough for a currently sick dog. Most vets hold some appointments for same day/emergency situations so I asked if they did that. The receptionist said that they do, but only for returning clients and the best she could do for me, a new client, is Friday. Probably told the truth a little too much, but I found this appalling from both an animal welfare perspective and a business perspective. So you could have squeezed in this sick dog if I had given you money before, but since I haven't (because I didn't live here until two months ago, but was looking to give a vet money for years to come) you can't? I get being loyal to your existing clients, but I would have been that returning client in the future if they had seen us today! I asked if she could recommend anyone else that might be able to help me since we are new to Oklahoma, she said no, sorry she can't help. We need a vet here in OKC for the next decade but it won't be Midtown vet now. It was very poor customer service, border-line unethical medical behavior, and didn't show any concern for the animal.

Jeff R

2 years ago

We had an emergency while traveling as one of our dog's paws got infected. Even though we do not live in OKC, they treated our baby and us like a regular customer. Dr Parra was communicative, responsive and along with the staff, got the paw in better condition quickly and gave us the proper medicine so that it could heal. I highly recommend Midtown to anyone in the OKC area and we will definitely use them if we are in OKC and the need arises. Thanks Midtown for the great service and for a job well done.

Sarah Cox

2 years ago

I called to retrieve vet records for a cat I adopted out of state that was a former patient of Dr. Baez/Midtown Vets. I was pleasantly surprised to speak directly to the veterinarian as he answered the main #. The office was extremely quick in emailing records I needed. Thank you!


2 years ago

I was visiting my daughter from Texas and my dog developed an infection in her foot. I got an appointment very quickly and Peg was lovingly cared for.

Erica Haverly

2 years ago

Midtown makes going to the vet with my pup an enjoyable experience. He’s excited when he gets to go! I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Baez or his staff, and each trip is quick and easy.

Elaine Demke

2 years ago

I love Dr. Parra! I was overwhelmed and had trouble understanding what was going on with my baby. She took the time to help me understand. All the staff was so kind and really made me feel like they actually cared for baby.

Quincy Robinson

2 years ago

Overall amazing experience + such incredible staff!

t l

2 years ago

Maggie loves the office staff and vets .I highly recommend midtown I trust them with my baby girl she is every thing to me. Thank you so much for showing Maggie so much care.

Madison Bolton

3 years ago

I love Midtown Vets. The staff is so helpful and kind! My cat got an allergic reaction from a shot they gave her. I had to give her Benadryl twice a day. Giving cats any kind of pill or medicine is not easy... However, the staff was SO supportive! They emailed me a looong list of different ways I can give my kitty her pill. They even took a how-to video demonstrating one of the ways! All the information was so considerate, and it made me feel like they really do care for my baby!

Hannah Rabe

3 years ago

Our family has used midtown vets for both our dog and our cat. They have been nothing but kind, helpful, and informative. Thank you!

Tony Puckett

3 years ago

Always pleasant and attentive. My dog loves midtown vets


3 years ago

Would NOT recommend office. Vet overcharges for everything and is convinced everything is a skin allergy. He wasted precious time giving me the wrong diagnosis for my dog when she had cancer the entire time. Do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE. Your dogs life depends on it!!!

Mike Jackson

3 years ago

AAA+ All Good, specially dealing with my big cat Jack. Thanks !

Andrew Kareklas

3 years ago

Highly recommended. Staff and vets/techs are very friendly and helpful. I feel like they love my pups almost as much as I do!

Heather V

3 years ago

I love this place. Sone of the people that work here truly are angels. They are unmatched in talent and compassion


3 years ago

I have had a million poor vet experiences. So many vets like to blindside you with the cost of care, make you feel LESS THAN for only being able to afford so much. This is truly why I love Midtown Vets so much. The first thing I noticed about them is they give you an estimate of cost UP FRONT. From there, they find out what are you comfortable with, if you don't want to spend a certain amount, they will not make you feel judged or ashamed for doing so! The other piece that I extremely love is the education that is provided by the vet. I recently took my cat Quiche in and Dr. Parra spent so much time explaining the anatomy of my cat, why she was feeling sick, and then took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had. I completely appreciated the attentive care that was provided to Quiche and Quiche's worried owner (ME!). For me, the only area of opportunity that I could see is: having the Dr. directly explain the medications instead of other members of the staff! I felt a little rushed listening to the medication directions and I felt I didn't have time to absorb what was happening or ask any questions. This can also be solved by just me bringing a notebook next time but I do feel that while I'm already speaking to the vet, go ahead and tell me about the medications. Overall, fantastic experience, so happy to have found this place!

beth mcgraw

3 years ago

Always happy with the professionalism from everyone at Midtown Vets. Especially now, making an appointment online is easy & convenient w/masked curbside drop off & phone chat with the docs... They not only treat my pets with care, but they are so good with the occasional stray we bring to them... As always Thanks For Everything!

Megan Freeman

3 years ago

This is the best vet I have ever been to. Dr. Parra is absolutely amazing and kind as well as the staff! My cat has had about $2000 in services there including a surgery and they treated her wonderfully and fixed her teeth. I am moving back to OKC soon and cannot wait to have my senior kitty back in there. They are expensive, but it is completely worth it for the quality you receive.

Megan Massoth

3 years ago

We’ve been going to Midtown for over 4 years. I am always impressed with the care we have received here and I feel like they genuinely love and care about my dog. They have always been able to get us in quickly if needed and ease my crazy dog-mom worries. Penny and I are very grateful to Dr. Baez and the rest of the Midtown Vets team.


3 years ago

Had just added a new addition to the family(missy) pocket bully. Well she didnt agree with the mandatory 48hr quarantine and broke out the fencing and dislocated her jaw. Called into midtown and I really felt like missy was they only pet in their view. They have a very cost efficient pet meds program which helped out alot do to the whole covid debacles. They also did email follow up and 2 phone follow ups. I wasnt able to reply back so I left this wonderful review to let others know these ladies are the best. MIDTOWN vet is the place to go. REA$ONABLE PRICE$$$. I WILL DEFINITELY MAKE MIDTOWN VET MY HOKE VET FROM KNOW ON. woodlake and wewoka has some stiff competition.

Traci Schaefer

3 years ago

Any place that help homeless with their best friends is a blessing straight from God. All people love their animals, but homeless people, women alone on three streets might have more dependency on their pets but all homeless have a special relationship with their pets as they are shunned by most of society for their status and dogs love as unconditionally as a mother.

Megan Carroll

3 years ago

My dog Charli just had her teeth cleaned by them and they did a great job. She has been going to them for 6 years now and they always provide excellent service. I trust them completely with her.

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