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Elizabeth Myers

2 years ago

Loved this place! Very very clean. Friendly staff.

Cheyenne Dash

2 years ago

The people are very friendly and helpful even when declining a position you've applied for! Would recommend their services again and again

Gretchen Wright

2 years ago

We board 2 large dogs here regularly and they are always well taken care of, are in temperature-comfortable environments, and the drop off/pick up is quick and efficient.

Mason Gates

3 years ago

Kara was excellent with our dogs. She had our two girls three days a week for a month as part of DogWatch’s in-house training program. They came home every night understanding more commands and they were exhausted. Also, Kara was great about recording her training with each dog so that we could train ourselves as well. We had our most quiet and efficient month since the pandemic started! DogWatch also carries unique treats that our dogs loved. We enjoyed the days the girls got to try something new or went home with a fun treat. We would have loved to keep using DogWatch for daycare, but it is a bit far away from our home and one of our dogs gets incredibly car sick. That said, the training program was fantastic so if you’re located near the facility, we highly recommend their services.

Donna Wagner

3 years ago

Great staff! Love the rescues they support

Marie Britt

3 years ago

We move Dogwatch! The staff is super helpful and personable. They make our dogs feel like home every time we drop them off. Highly recommend!

HSO Office

3 years ago

They are the best! They treat our rescues with so much love and compassion.

Colin K

3 years ago

Never written a review (never been compelled to), but the fact that I am writing one now should let you know that I have something to say and you should listen. I do think they care somewhat about the animals that they work with, however, I think they care more about money. I have a German Shepherd that is a little over a year old and I had taken her to day care multiple times. I was even compelled to buy a 10-day package for her. Last week I picked her up from day care and while I was in the car ride home I felt a bump on her side, like her hair was matted. As soon as I got home I investigated further and it turned it was matted from dried blood and she had a huge chunk taken out of her side! Now, I understand they are dogs and they rough house and might get some scratches, but they should not be cut down to the meat. I immediately drove back with my dog to show them and ask what happened. The person at the front desk had no idea! He said that she had not gotten into any fights throughout the day and acted good while she was there. So, what happened? Either they really had no idea, or they were just hoping I wouldn't notice. I was also in contact with my vet during all of this, setting up an appointment for my dog who ended up needing five staples in her side! The pictures attached do not do it justice, the entire cut is about 1.5 inches long. It also happened to cost me $60 dollars for the procedure, which they would not compensate me for. I was told I would get a call from someone, but never did. You would think that someone would call to ask if my dog was alright, but no. They acted very unprofessional during this entire process and their lack of concern shows they really only care about the money instead of their clients. I would not recommend this place because I think they have a lot of things they need to change. I'm sure people have had good experiences with them, but as you can tell from various posts, people have also had very bad experiences. I think this place needs to make some serious changes though in terms of how they run their business. They need more employees to keep an eye over the dogs and they need a bigger facility for the dogs to play in. Too many dogs and not enough employees to watch over them and this is the outcome you can get. Unfortunately, these updates will cost them some extra money so its likely not going to happen.

Brad B

4 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great products and my dog always loves going

Debbie Dabney

4 years ago

Gidget, our 13 year old mountain cur acts like the princess she is after being groomed. No drama!

Rachel Redding

4 years ago

All the animals are very happy

Michelle Meiklejohn

5 years ago

Great place to take your social dog to play!

Crystal Tipton

5 years ago

Efficient process for daycare drop off. My dog likes to go and is tired when he comes home. Reasonable prices.

Larry Atkinson

5 years ago

I do t know much about the internal workings here, but I'll tell you this, my dog damn near drags me in every time I bring him here. He gives it 5 stars, I don't ????

Pamela Parker

5 years ago

My granddoggie, a big white Huskey w/ big blue eyes, just turned one (1). She has been going there since she was old enough and absolutely loves it. She knows all the workers as well as the other animals who attend. They have a great learning system for all the 4 pawed troopers who attend. They also let the regulars spend a night or more when the need arises. Go ring ring!

Sudsahara Callaway

5 years ago

We love this place! Our two weimaraners attend daycare as well as boarding. We love the fact that they board in kennels not crates. We consider our dogs to be valuable members of our family and recommend this place to others when given the opportunity.

Kari Lund

5 years ago

Nothing has gone wrong and I've always been accommodated and my questions answered, but I don't feel great coming in nor have a happy dog going out. They aren't miracle workers and actually seem to have great handling skills, but as a boarding facility and service industry establishment, I suppose I expect more. Still coming back until I find a better fit.

Kathryn M. Spidel

6 years ago

Nice retail area. Great selection of food, fun daycare

C Kennard

6 years ago

Always take our dog here. He loves it.


7 years ago

Peace of mind that your dog is safe when you are gone is priceless. Dogwatch is a great place to leave your dog for daycare or boarding. Your dog will be safe and well cared for.

Annette Efird

7 years ago

Great staff! Our dogs are always happy to go and happy when we pick them up, and that's a plus.

Chad Steitz

7 years ago

Always Great! Boarding and Grooming!

Debby Winters

7 years ago

Dogwatch is the best! Einstein sits at the door before going waiting for me to take him for daycare!! He has such fun he tells me all about about it on the ride home. Its his day of care!!

Sheilah Roenfeldt

7 years ago

Great staff and my dog is alway happy to go for the day or boarding. She comes home exhausted! Tired dog is a happy dog!

Sara Kennedy

7 years ago

Our dogs have been going to DogWatch for 11 years and I've always been thrilled with the care and attention they get. There is no better place to take your pets!!!!!

Doug Talbott Jr

7 years ago

An outstanding choice for dog and/or cat boarding. The terrific staff is compassionate, smart and provides outstanding care in a clean and safe environment. I most highly recommend this wonderful facility!

Makayla Truluck

7 years ago

I was looking for a place to board my dog over part of my honeymoon, and had this place recommended to me by a friend. I looked at it online and it seemed alright, so I decided to call and get some information. When I called a talked to a young girl named Casey (sp?) and I was told that I needed to bring my dog in for a "mandatory" free trial day before she could be boarded. I stress that was told it was a MANDATORY FREE TRIAL day. I went ahead a booked a day for the trial. The morning of, I called and verified that there was a spot booked for my dog for her mandatory trial day (using those exact words) and I was told that everything was good to go. My husband-to-be goes in later that day to drop the dog off. When he arrived, he was told that the total for the day would be $14.26. He then explained to the worker that we were there for the MANDATORY FREE TRIAL day. The worker halfheartedly said "okay" and took my dog to the back. When my husband-to-be returned later that afternoon to pick up the dog, a different worker than the morning one refused to relinquish the dog until the $14.26 was paid. He went ahead and paid it because, well? what else could he do? I then called the office and spoke to a manager after my htb relayed all this information to me. I was told by the manager that there was a mix-up and that there really weren't free trial days, despite having verified it three times in the previous week. The manger went on to tell me that there aren't mandatory days. During that call, it dropped and I called back and another employee answered the phone. I explained the situation to her and she told me that the "mandatory days are highly suggested" and that she could definitely see how someone could present them as being free. I'm pissed at this business for their lack of communication and inability to follow through with what they say. I spoke to someone twice before my appointment and my husband spoke with someone as he was dropping the dog off, and all conversations ended with the trial day being both mandatory and free. Turns out they are neither mandatory or free. I don't understand how a business can operate that way with so little consistent communication between employees themselves and between employees and customers. Every time you call, you get a different employee with a different explanation/answer. It's entirely unacceptable, especially considering there are so many competitors nearby that offer better service.

Lora Lang

7 years ago

We only use Dogwatch Doggie Day Care for boarding and day care. I dog always comes home worn out!! You can tell they play a lot. Great place!!!

Linda McBride

7 years ago

DogWatch is the best. The staff is always happy and helpful and they truly care about the animals at Dogwatch. When I take Rocky to Dogwatch the minute we turn right from Mission to Crossover Rocky starts yelping with excitement as he knows we are on our way to DogWatch. He loves being at Dogwatch!

laura jackson

7 years ago

The staff is so great with Wiley! I know he's their favorite!

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