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Gary Boyer

2 years ago

I dont understand the bad reviews for this place ..they saved my little buddys life a 10 year old 4 pound yorkie..ya we didnt have a appointment but only had to wait an hour to get in dog got ahold of some chocolate and was very ill..they diagnosed and treated on the spot..3 days later my little buddy was back to his normal self ..the 350.00 dollars was very much worth it ..i think it was very reasonable for all they did for him ..also gave a bunch of medication to take hime so we could treat him at home ..i would highly recommend these vets for your sick pet as they really do show they care for your pets..very professional and caring ..i could go on and on but im going to take my little buddy for a walk now ..5???????????????????? up all the way

lena perry

2 years ago

I've been there 3 times so far. My first visit was ok. The 2nd visit with Doctor Mooney was great. The 3rd visit with Dr. Mooney was Excellent. I felt like she was very happy to see my dog. She showed love and care for my dog. My dog loved her too. I was very stressed, however I felt better to see the love and affection they had for each other. She is so good I love my dog

Jessy Hendrickx

2 years ago

I mostly love the care my dog gets here. They recently jacked up the prices. $32 for a nail trim! I’m going to go elsewhere for these services.

Megan Clark

2 years ago

I am very happy with the care the staff provided my two cat family members. One had complex health problems as a kitten and the other had a urinary blockage and almost died. I can't imagine what emotions and stress these veterinarians and vet techs experience on a daily basis in their chosen work. Both my cats are here today because of them.

Saryn Simko

2 years ago

I took my cat here for vomiting and was charged 800 dollars for x rays and a shot was told nothing was wrong with my cat and that if I had not said he was vomiting they would know nothing is wrong. 2 weeks later I had to put my cat down and my personal vet said the X-rays had shown a mass from the X-rays that had been done here and it had progressed. This place is awful abs i agree with all of the comments saying they only care about the money. Would never bring any of my animals here again.

Jenna Madison

2 years ago

This office is absolute trash and Does Not operate to VCA standards. You don’t present a treatment plan to your clients like EVERY OTHER VCA DOES! They should present you with a treatment plan with high/ middle/ low $ amounts and break down what tests or treatments are necessary and which are out of precautions. And, to make it even worse, they do not honor the VCA cares club insurance program. I have been to multiple other VCA hospitals in multiple states and this particular one thinks it’s special and doesn’t have to operate like all the others. It’s just a money grab with them. I’m sure they are going to try to take this comment down but whatever. Please take your pets to a vet that actually cares and wants to figure out what is wrong with your animals. Not just run 100’s of dollars in unnecessary tests, only for them to tell you they be don’t know what’s wrong and send you with antibiotics ( that might not even be necessary).

Ashley Zemba

2 years ago

It was a busy holiday and they got us in right away to help determine what was wrong with our Brutus. After much discussion and tears, my husband and I decided to help our Brutus cross the rainbow bridge peacefully. Dr. Russell was so great with explaining his test results and the tech (I wish I knew her name!) was so compassionate through the whole process. Even though they were very busy, the team made us feel like we were the only ones there and comforted us on a heart breaking day for our family. We got our Brutus back today after cremation and are so impressed with the paw print, the box his ashes are in and even a sympathy card. Thank you VCA Green Animal Hospital.

Curtis Mumaw

2 years ago

Took me with very sick baby even tho they were not my normal vet. Was kind and caring for her last moments. Will be my vet from. Now on

Jessica Davidson

2 years ago

I came to this hospital late last night 7/29 as I didn’t realize they were no longer a 24/7 emergency office. My dog had a pretty bad allergic reaction and her face was very swollen her eyes were pretty much swollen shut. I called when in parking lot and they said they were at full capacity, she then told me where to take her which I was willing to do! Once she realized I was in parking lot already she asked what had happened and a vet tech was out in under a minute to take her in and check her vitals. They ended up treating her with a steroid shot and we waited about a half hour to make sure swelling would go down some. EVERYONE was so nice and even made me feel better as I was very worried. They answered all my questions and explained everything throughly. This place is awesome as they didn’t have to help me but did and I so appreciate it. She is doing better today! So thank you to everyone that helped me last night (didn’t get names) you all are amazing! Frankie thinks so too:)

Mary Keblesh

2 years ago

I'm not sure if they are a good value because I'm not familiar with veterinary prices these days. A couple of years ago my dog went in for surgery on her eye and I was very pleased with the way she was treated and just everything about that experience was good. Yesterday she was attacked by three pit bulls and we had to go in for emergency and they just I just love these people. Actually if you ask my dog if she wants to go to the doctor she gets all excited and runs to the door. How often does that happen?

Nicoli Walter

2 years ago

I took my chihuahua in for a dog bite that needed immediate attention. They were quick friendly and professional. Not only did they do an amazing job but they also contacted me just to see how he was. I highly recommend this vet!

banana king

2 years ago

I took my cat here with obvious ear problems. She was truly suffering. I told them I thought she possibly had a bug in her ear. They told me they checked her ears and found nothing. That she seemed completely fine to them. They said they swabbed her ears and checked for infection and found nothing? Yet prescribed antibiotic ear drops for her. When I got home and put the drops in her ears it amplified her suffering by 100! I called them back and again they told me they found nothing wrong with her. I asked if I could send in videos of her to prove she was suffering and I did. Once they received them, they told me to bring her back. So I did...they flushed the ear drops out of her ears and told me to discontinue use of them. I was told once again there was nothing in her ears and given a sedative for her. I was informed that if it continued for 24 hours that it was neurological and they would refer me to a neurologist. I called back asking for help again 3xs that night as I watched my cat cry the most painful noises I’ve ever heard a cat make. I was told to take her to another hospital. The wait was 10-12 hours in a cage, in our car. So I brought her home and gave her the sedative and she had broken rest all night crying in pain. The next morning I texted them asking for the referral, and explaining that the wait was 10-12 hours at the hospital. They responded with “try the hospital now” in which I replied that I would like to avoid another emergency bill if I could just make an appointment with the neurologist? To which they replied “that’s where the neurologists are” I felt it was so cold and careless. Hannah was the only person that I felt seemed to care. She was truly kind on the phone. But long story short, my baby DID in fact have A bug in her ear. And she’s doing much better now, no thanks to the VCA.

Alexandra Freed

2 years ago

They showed a great deal of compassion in a very difficult time. Appreciate all the staff so greatly. They really went the extra mile. It takes special people to do what they do. Thank you!

Amanda Dorner

2 years ago

Yes, it's expensive, but they treat your pets like their own. Wonderful, caring staff.

Danny Artino

2 years ago

I just moved back from California to Akron and I have an 8 month old pitbull named Bo. I called at least 5 other vet offices trying to get my dog seen in a timely manner and each vet office told me they wouldn't be able to get him in for 2-3 weeks. I called VCA Animal hospital and within 10 minutes of the call I was in the parking lot on the phone getting ready to have my dog checked out. I spent 50 minutes in the car while they diagnosed my dog with a double ear infection. Total cost of my entire trip out the door was a hair above 300 bucks. 300 dollars to get my dogs health taken care of within an hour while nobody else would help?? Money well spent ????

Grace Burnham

2 years ago

My cat has been having some eye issues I was trying to resolve, but today she woke up and wouldn’t eat or drink, she just slept on the couch while I worked all day. I called her vet to see if we could get her in and the earliest they could see her is Saturday, 2 days from now and she’s not eating. I took her to the animal hospital. Overall it was a great experience. All of the workers were amazing to say the very least. They took the time to answer all my questions with no hesitation. They even showed me easier ways to give her oral medication which I appreciated so much. It was a bit pricier but I expected that as it’s an emergency hospital. I hope my pets never need emergency care again, but if they do I will definitely be going back here.

Layla Nickolas

2 years ago

Took my 5 year old cat in because he was foaming from the mouth, diarrhea, couldn’t walk, and was obviously in pain. They ran blood test and did scans. They claimed to see something in the stomach, but there was also something wrong with his heart. His heart wasn’t beating right, so they think he went into heart failure, but there was nothing in his blood to explain what was in his stomach, so we are unsure what exactly happened. He was unresponsive, then he was fine, and then unresponsive again, they couldn’t revive him. They wanted us to pay a crazy amount of money to forgive out what the cause of his death was. My family lost our best friend that day and 2 years later we still don’t know what happened. I was very angry getting his paw print back also. My cat’s name was Thumbs because he has thumbs on his paws. When we got his paw print back it was a regular cat paw there was no paw mark. I don’t know if this place used his back paws to do the print or didn’t even use his paws for it but this place seems very sketchy and is super overpriced for doing nothing!

Nick Brown

2 years ago

Worst animal care place I've ever heard of. The care for the animals life was next to zero. No such thing as professionals here. I wouldn't bring a pet rock here. Even if it was cracked. Absolutely terrible

AlphaProPets 1

2 years ago

Spend a fortune and can't even get these people to give a simple call back. They don't care about anything other than your money here. Find a new vet. All they are going to do is charge you an arm and a leg and then say they have no clue what to do and to just watch and make sure they don't get worse after making you sit in your car for 3 hours and wait. As for the owner, don't even bother replying to this comment. You had your chance on the 2 texts and voicemails left at your place of business.

Ashley Davis

2 years ago

They took great care of my fur baby and helped ease my mind. Thoughtful and kind. I didnt feel like they just went through the motions. Takes a special group of people to do what they do. I thank you!!

Bob Kresowaty

2 years ago

Completely miss read Exrays for are dog and was 3 days late worst place ever. 720$ for to get it wrong

David Reed

2 years ago

The people were really nice but paid over 1000 dollars for my cat with next to no real diagnosis only came to a best guess that he cut his lip and was stressed due to a fever he's still gagging and trying to throw up so all in all 1000 dollars well spent (sarcasm) this place just wants your money


3 years ago

Took my cat there they were very unprofessional did not help him at all almost killed him and kept takin are money

Heather Grant

3 years ago

I had to take my dog in sunday morning. They was very prompt at getting him treatment. They let me know what they was doing with him.and called me as soon as the tests came in. They let me know his treatment and the price.we had a good experience with them. And I would take my dog there again.

Janette Majeski

3 years ago

Expensive. Not professional. They only service the animals they choose. (Read the other reviews)The place is clean but service is poor, unfriendly. They need to think about their reputation... not so good!

Jessica Marshall

3 years ago

They are supposed to be open and yet they closed early leaving us with few options for emergency care since the other area er vet also closed early. Thank goodness we called ahead. I feel sorry for those that show up with a dying pet to find them closed.

Jay Butler

3 years ago

Love taking our pet there great job and people champ loves going..


3 years ago

I know my dog Luke is always in excellent hands when he needs to visit VCA. Extremely professional and helpful staff. We usually see Dr. Russell for scheduled appointments and she is amazing! Her bedside manner with pet parents is fantastic, she always listens to my concerns and answers any questions I have thoroughly. Tonight we had a minor emergency and my dog saw Dr Larson. Although I didn't get to meet them because of covid safety precautions. Dr Larson took excellent care of Luke! Jennifer too! As a pet parent, I really appreciate having a vet that is open 24 hours a day. It gives me piece of mind to know that my dog can get all the care he needs from the same place. Less stressful for him, and me. And again, the staff is so caring. You can really tell they all love animals so much, thanks VCA Green =)

Morgan Pettigrew

3 years ago

Had to bring my dog Luna here for an ER visit. They were very kind and informative on the phone, and because of social distancing I couldn’t go inside with her. They were very good about keeping in contact while we waited in the parking lot …

Matthew Jensen

3 years ago

Unfortunately my wife and I had to have our fourteen year old Shiba Inu put down two days ago. The team here was more than professional. They were so kind, caring, accommodating, and truly showed love for us and our dog. They made the whole heartbreaking process as easy on us as possible, and my wife and I were moved by how much they truly seemed to care. We have used Green Animal Hospital for treatment of our dogs in the past, and I feel that they have always been pretty good, although expensive (probably not much more than most places from what I've heard). This visit however, they truly went above and beyond. If you are forced to say goodbye to your beloved furry family member, I recommend these folks based off of our experience. Thank you gals so much for treating us and our old boy as if we were family, and giving him a peaceful end.

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