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Kim Welsh

2 years ago

I can't say enough about PawSpa resort and their groomer, Mya.. I started taking my boy there because other groomers asked me not to bring him back.... He was a handful and didn't seem to take to the other groomers. Mya has been a dream groomer! Zeus loves her and he comes home looking gorgeous after each and every groom! They tell me that he runs into the groom room and jumps onto the table all on his own now. Even when he isn't scheduled lol.. I highly recommend her to all! Kim Welsh

Thea Petrigac

2 years ago

I had tried PawSpa several years ago with my Pomeranian, and I wasn't very impressed at the time -- there were flies everywhere, and the employees just didn't seem like they could be bothered when I asked how my dog did. We've recently moved to the area, and it was the closest daycare, so I started reading recent reviews. I saw that they had changed owners, so I asked a few friends in the area about their experience, and they all had positive things to say. I decided to give it another shot with my German Shepherd, and I'm glad I did. The employees seem to get very excited about the dogs, and while I don't take my dog here every week (there's a different facility closer to my work) I have no hesitation bringing her to PawSpa -- In fact, I've made sure we go at least once a month because no one does her nails better than their groomer (I think her name is Mya). If you live in the area, and you're looking for a good daycare, boarding, or groomer, PawSpa is a great choice!

Amanda Cedeno

2 years ago

My furry son Zeus has boarded a few times at Pawspa and we love it. I'm sure sometimes he can be a handful but the employees never seem to have a problem with me calling and checking in on him. The facility doesn't have that funky animal smell when you walk in and smells very fresh and welcoming. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking doggy daycare or boarding.

Abbie Grassetti

2 years ago

Paw Spa has always been there when we needed them the most. Quality of care and dedication is unparalleled. Our dogs need stimulated, our fanciest toys are useless, and they always come home ready to sleep. We appreciate the customer service they are known for and the experience you won't get anywhere else. The boys feel truly welcome. Thank you everyone, especially Sean, Randy and Diane.

Becky Darke

2 years ago

I have been taking my puppy here since he was 6 months old. Ozzy loves going to the PawSpa to play with his dog friends. Ozzy just turned 1 and the PawSpa had a celebration for him. Truly amazing people to take care of my dog. Ozzy comes home from day care truly exhausted and happy from all the fun he has playing with his dog friends. I have recommended PawSpa to several friends and they have also loved it. Highly recommend if you need Doggie Day Care, the PawSpa is the place.

Bey Johnson

2 years ago

Would like to thank each and every person who has been a part of helping me get me past these last 27 day’s, with having a puppy that suffered from separation anxiety from his best friend his human daddy when he went in the hospital, I didn’t know what to do, after having to replace a couch. $200 Timberland boots my best friend recommended me to them! I can’t say enough how grateful I am to them, Halloween party, doggy birthday parties, they are Diego’s new friends! He is so tired at the end of the day, and his behavior is so much better! Thank you all so much !!!

josh fehr

2 years ago

came here to board both my cat and dog recently, heard of them trough a friend that spoke nothing but good words about this place. will be coming back in the future.

malcom smith

2 years ago

brought my dog cooper here for boarding about a week ago, he wasn't really socialized with other dogs growing up but they did a great job introducing him to all the other dogs! they brought me trough a tour of the facility showing me everything about what goes on and answering all my questions. love the place and the staff!

Mario Maslonek

2 years ago

Paw Spa Resort has been with us since me and my wife first got our dog. It just so happened to be because they were close to where we lived. I haven't had the privilege to really expirence the difference in quality. I had the unusually long need for daycare a few months ago. At times they were full and I had to utilize a competitor. And it was no different then if I left my dogs in creates at home and all the same problems that come with it. Which is why I don't. One of my dogs has behavioral needs, and was left outside to hunt and survive, he was our first rescue. We've been to alot of different daycare's and I was worried at first. Sean handles him well and both dogs like him. I don't even take him to my brother's because he doesn't get along with him or his dogs. But they ❤ going to Pawspa ???? Resort. They are smart dogs and need the stimulus they get at pawspa and come home tired after an eventful day. And honestly many times they went above and beyond the scope. Everyone is delightful, they take good care of my dogs. The ???? love going there and I love the quality of care. Simply my only choice.

Paul Johnson

2 years ago

5 stars not enough! These guys go above and beyond expectations. Bob couldn't be in better hands

pablo gonzalez

2 years ago

my dog thor had a great time here, the staff is very friendly and help full, 100% reccomend!

Lucas Grasha

2 years ago

I was disappointed. My wife and I left one of our cats at PawSpa for a vacation. We received only one photo during a weeklong trip but requested to be sent daily updates. The photo we were sent showed the tail of another cat in frame with ours, though the spa told us each cat had its own space. Our cat developed a cold after we brought him home, likely because he was not isolated from whichever sick cat. That cold cost us a visit to the vet. AND our other cat was infected and has had to go to the vet TWICE for respiratory issues. So, on top of the cost of the "spa", we have had to pay $500 for vet visits and medications. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE THIS PLACE.

Brian Morgan

2 years ago

They neglected our dog ended up in emergency room as soon as we got him and it’s been 2 weeks and haven’t returned our calls ??? Don’t take your animal here kennel cough is ramped and my dog was severely dehydrated and had to get Ivs

Johnathan Firda

2 years ago

I really can't give enough praise for this place. The owner, the workers, the facility. They go above and beyond and really save me so much headache regularly. Absolute gem of a daycare/kennel and my dog is always ecstatic to go.

David Duckworth

2 years ago

Absolutely fantastic, never mind 5 ????, this place is 10 ????

Komil Zakirov

2 years ago

Its great to have a place where your pet feels so at home Oliver had a great time while we were on trip. Great service and very friendly team. See you next time!

Nikki Acconzo

2 years ago

Best grooming my dog has ever had!!

Ema Minkevičiūtė

3 years ago

I took my Milo there for a day-care and grooming. They groomed exactly as I asked for and he seemed to be super happy when I picked him up!

Francesca Porta

3 years ago

I boarded Kimberly at PawSpa when we went away for a one week vacation. The staff were incredible. They took pictures each day and posted them on Facebook for me!

Patrizia Vola

3 years ago

Took Willy there for Daycare yesterday. He loved it. The staff are very reassuring and friendly. Definitely going back

Sandra Alderson

3 years ago

We have used Paw Spa for boarding for 2 years. Just love this place, Randy and his Sean are so kind and go that extra mile. The pup loves going there!

Anne Navarro

3 years ago

At first glance, the exterior of PawSpa may not seem inviting, but once inside, anyone can see how kind the staff is and how clean and well taken care of the business is! They are incredibly reliable, understanding, and take care of my dog whenever I am away or at work!

Lori Heinecke

3 years ago

They were loving and caring to my pup for his first groom and the prices were perfect thank you

martin smith

3 years ago

Great place to leave our dogs, very friendly people who really understand dogs and their owners. If you want your dog to have fun, groomed and safe, this is the place to be in the hands of Randy and Sean.

Michael Williamson

3 years ago

Randy and his staff treat care for your dog as if it were their own. Highest marks!

Richer rich

3 years ago

The best place for a dog!

Tamera Szijarto

3 years ago

The staff is superb. They treat the pups like family and know which pups they do well with. My 7 month old puppy cant wait to go there every morning and would leap out of the car if I didn't hold her back because she's so excited and happy to see she's going to Pawspa. She comes home smelling great. A minor thing, but after a long day at work, the family pets and kisses her more because she smells nice. I think the staff cleans or wipes her down somehow. The full day daycare rate is $23, not bad to begin with. Ask about their packages. It's good value for money compared to the competition + the loving staff. We just moved to Pittsburgh and they allowed me to pay for the second half of the package later. This helps especially if you haven't received your first paycheck yet and had to shell out for moving expenses. They're considerate and I could not recommend them more. They worked with us so I never have to leave my pup alone at home in a crate. An improvement might be putting a driveway on the other side of the building because it's hard to see the oncoming cars when trying to exit to route 51. The road is not really under their control but a driveway on the side where the outdoor play area might help with visibility. Another might be the website to contain the prices for services and package options. I noticed they have cameras at the register, so those camera feeds can probably be viewed on their website so owners can view their pups. But these are minor suggestions, they do the important things expertly already. ******* I'm editing this review because after a couple of weeks, my dog started showing wounds and one day, there was a puncture wound on her neck. Before that, her paws were bleeding very badly they had to rush her to the vet nearby but didn't stitch it up so I had to take her to one that did. When they're asked what happened they have no idea. My assumption was there were fights and no staff was watching. They seem to only have 1 staff watching at least 30 dogs in separate areas. Anyway, her neck puncture would is most certainly caused by another dog and they just would not admit what happened nor would they offer an explanation. The only upside was they at least paid for the vet bills but not before trying to deny the whole incident altogether.

Wisdom Onwumere

3 years ago

Began taking Laika to PawSpa Daycare 2 weeks ago. He loves it there

Tina Bzdziak

3 years ago

They took really good care of my dog while me and my family went on vacation. The works are really nice and caring and friendly. They answered all of our questioned that we had. I will definitely be letting my dog stay there again when we go on vacation again.

Rita Karwowski

3 years ago

We recently got a new puppy and took kasey here and they were wonderful and kind. Kasey will return.????

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