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Richard May

2 years ago

They shouldn't even get a star period these folks are only interested in your money they quoted 6000 dollars for something I had done for 2700 I'll never go back and if u aren't rich or the right complextion they will try to dog u out to

Saundra Spencer

2 years ago

The most wonderful people!!! I have a "special" 34 year old daughter who lives at home, it was time for her 15 yr old emotional support friend Lucky to travel over the rainbow bridge...We called Banfield (Crafton) they got us right in, the vet sat on the floor with my daughter to give the injections, while constantly comforting her ,we chose to have them handle the entire process, they helped him to go with so much love...they also handled the cremation.We picked him up today, I can't begin to tell you the beautiful box and the the embroidered velvet bag surrounding it....along with a beautiful note. And we also received a sympathy card in the mail...this was absolutely above and beyond. Thank you again Banfield angels for making a difficult time a little softer, we will never forget about you all...Sandy Spencer❤❤❤

April Mckinney

2 years ago

I had came in to take my 15 year old dog in to get him put to sleep because he was sick and i had the nicest vet she sat on the floor with me as she was giving him the shots and explained everything to me so I could understand and the. Gave me a few minutes with him alone that meant the world to me and to my dog thank you!

Rachel Carr

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and helpful. The lobby is clean and there is plenty to do nearby while you wait for your pet.

S Brower

2 years ago

Banfield Pet Hosp in Robinson Town Center, is the (Absolute Best)!!!!!!!! I highly, highly recommend!!! They Care!!! I can't say that for other Banfield locations. My (cat/baby-boy) could have died for all the other Banfield locations cared. NO LOCATION within 20 mile radius from my home would take walk-ins or new clients. It's sad. Just sad. Banfield Robinson treated my (cat/baby-boy), with extreme care!! We were First Visit walk-ins, but they treated us like we were longtime clients!!!! My (cat/baby-boy) is doing fine and is back to his old self due to the care we received from Banfield Robinson!! Thank you guys again for excepting Walk-Ins!!! From the bottom of my heart.....Thank you Banfield Robinson Town Center!!❤

Keith L

2 years ago

Wonderful staff, from front desk to clinicians. Doctor took time to discuss my pets health and concerns. Will definitely be back, and recommend to friends and family!

Tara Czekaj

2 years ago

The staff at the Banfield in Crafton are so incredible and kind. My 16 and a half year old dog was declining rapidly and having seizures on a Sunday. My regular vet was closed and the vet staff at Banfield didn't hesitate and got us in for an emergency end of life appointment. I was devastated and crushed and sobbing to lose my best friend, but the staff were so wonderful to my dog and me. I'm so grateful for their compassion for my dog so he didn't have to suffer and wait for our vet to open. From the front desk to the vet tech to the veterinarian, I can't recommend this place enough.

Stephanie Dzera

2 years ago

Have payment plans that fit your needs and i have yet to have any issues

Nicole Mercurio

2 years ago

My dog was hurt and I have pet insurance. We arrived at 5:50, they close at 6:00. When they saw us coming they shut the lights off and locked the door.... It was like something from the movies...

Margaret Mours

2 years ago

A bit pricey but wonderful employees.

William Snyder

2 years ago

Such a polite staff and knowledgeable veterinarians

The Veals

2 years ago

Great staff , very professional and friendly.

Mom Mom (Mom)

2 years ago

Very patient staff as I was freaking out over my fur kid. They are a blessing. Thank you to to the Dr. And staff that saved our baby girl. No words can express our graditude! Humble ????????

Mike Russell

2 years ago

Banfield is ok for vaccinations and minor checkups would not recommend for anything major. We lost our 5 year old Golden to stage 5 lymphoma. For 5 months Banfield believed he only had a minor infection antibiotics were prescribed and symptoms slightly improved upon follow up they said he appeared to be fine and healthy. Couple months later the lump came back this time we took him to PVSEC they diagnosed him within 2 hours and gave us the terrible news that it was unfortunately too late and the best option was to put him down.

Kelly Lynch

2 years ago

Word of mouth around town was not to take your pet there. Well I will say this, I had my shephard at 2 other vets. One in Carnegie who said he needs a muzzle then they would see him. Got the muzzle and they declined to see him. The other was at Thornwood where the vet has no people or animal skills. Would not even speak to my puppy and said get out. That guy needs to work in a morgue. I went here and they understood that he is a covid dog who is just scared. Not at all aggressive. They were great. He got his shots and an exam. Sure they couldnt do everything but I did not expect them to. Thank you for actually speaking to Zeus and treating him as if he was your own.

Esther Sukiennik

3 years ago

Kodak is always treated with respect and dignity at this office. We even bought the health care plan.

Adam M

3 years ago

I really like this staff. They know my dog well and treat her like she is one of theirs.

Marla James

3 years ago

My Rottweiler loves Ashley. She is very kind and sweet. The staff they great as well

Matt Barone

3 years ago

I brought my dog in at 5:30 pm. He got bit by another dog under his eye. I figured since I pay every month for their services on top of other visits. The would look him over. WELL, they said they are closing at 6 ( keep in mind I was there at 5:30 ) and couldn’t do anything for him. Pathetic! It was obvious they cared more about getting off early instead of looking after my dog and finish on the time they have posted. I am calling their corporate office and demanding my money back that I have paid every month for the last year

Savanna LaVera

3 years ago

Update: My dog is now fully recovered after his much needed IVDD surgery. I’m SO glad I DIDN’T listen to the female Vet at this Banfield because if I had listened to her and didn’t go in to the ER that day, then my dog would be on wheels now and completely paralyzed. He is back to walking and his recovery was smooth and quick and did not take 6 months to a year as I was told at Banfield. I will not be back to this Banfield (if any). Beware going here for your fur babies. Always get a second or third opinion and do your research! Original: I brought my dog here to be looked at because his back legs were giving out on him. When the doctor called me she told me he’s far from needing surgery and to watch and wait to see if his symptoms worsened after giving him the medication she prescribed... well I decided that I wasn’t going to “wait to see if his symptoms got worse” because at the rate he could become paralyzed! I’m glad I didn’t listen to her and took him to the ER the same day because the doctor there and the surgeon both agreed he NEEDED surgery ASAP. 2 stars because my poor baby could have ended up completely paralyzed but also because there was a nice young lady that came out to actually talk to me and answer questions I had rather than rushing me away.

mandie slavinsky

3 years ago

ZERO STARS. I made an appointment 2 weeks ago. The appointment was for today 3.3.2021 at 3:30pm. At 12:30 on Monday I received a text confirmation that I replied to confirming. At 1:30 that same day I received a phone call and was asked if I would like to bring my cat in that evening or Tuesday evening for Triage and for Free. I don't know the name of the person who originally called me but I found the conversation weird. The girl on the phone was unsure and unprofessional. I did not cancel my appointment for Wednesday. I actually googled the phone number to make sure that it was actually the vets office calling me. It was, so I called back. Savanah answered the phone, this did not sound like the original woman who called me so I asked her questions regarding the first phone call. It sounded legit. I could bring my cat in free of charge for a check-up. I asked if I needed to verify a time to make my appointment on Tuesday and was told they had me in for Tuesday evening now. Tuesday evening comes, my boyfriend leaves early from work to help me bring my cat P to the vet. I was already anxious, my cat is my entire world, she's my baby, I don't like taking her to the vet in the case that I would find out something was wrong. We get there after an anxious car ride. The receptionist is outside on her phone and on her vape. There is one other receptionist there helping a customer. The other girl walks in. Never washes her hands, never greets us, just sits on her phone with her head down. When I am finally greeted I am told that they can not see my cat. That my appointment for Wednesday has been canceled and basically that its not their problem. The receptionist then proceeds to tell me " YOU DON'T WANT OUR VET TO SEE HER (MY CAT) AFTER BEING SO BUSY TODAY ANYWAYS"--- So, because your vet had a busy day she would be inadequate in taking the correct care and protection of my innocent cat? She could see I was unhappy, I told her it takes a lot for me to get my cat into the vehicle to get her here, that its strain on me and her. I was told that her manager Tara would be calling me tomorrow. (3.3.2021) She did not offer to make me a new appointment, did not apologize, she didn't even ask me if my cat was ok or why I originally brought her in. She just kept blaming the people who worked the day before for the issue and sent us on our way. I was shocked. I went to my vehicle still stunned. My boyfriend could tell that I was visibly upset, I was shaking, I was almost in tears. He walked back in to find out the names of the people who were working the desk the day before. The girl (Anna) was again outside on her vape and on her phone. She stayed out there for a while when my boyfriend walked back in. He was completely ignored. The other receptionist actually asked the person who walked in after him if they needed help. After 5-10 minutes they finally asked my boyfriend what he needed. He said he wanted the names of the people who worked yesterday. Anna said she didn't know and she would have to go in the back to find out. She then walked in back and did not come back for a while. She came back and told him that the vet would see my cat now as long as we were patient. My boyfriend knowing the answer was already "no" came back out to the car asked me what I wanted to do and I said "no --- The receptionist JUST told me that I shouldn't let my pet be seen by their vet, why would I want to put my cat through that."--- He walked back declined the offer for P to be seen by the Vet and again asked for the names of the people working yesterday. She reluctantly told him. Tara the manager was working yesterday and that her name was Anna. (Anna sounds pretty similar to Savanah who I talked to on Monday, sounds like someone is covering her own butt) Anna does not care about your animals well being and it sounds like the rest of the staff can back her on having mutual feelings. DO NOT WORK FOR A PET HOSPITAL IF YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS. THESE ANIMALS ARE OUR LIFE AND OUR WORLD AND THAT SHOULD MEAN SOMETHING TO THESE PEOPLE!

Lulu Starr

3 years ago

They do seem to care about your beloved animal yet it's for sure a business and there to make money. Everything is a dollar amount. Even with the pet plans you pay a nice chuck of money when you go for whatever appointment you have. They say hospital but Idk if your animal has a broken bone if they fix it there and such... I wish I would have looked around a bit more for a vet but noone really post prices. So here i am.

Amy Dzurko

3 years ago

I was happy they were there to do what was needed. That being said, the cost was exorbitant for what was done, which was a triage and an xray=$565.00, along with it taking 4 hours.

Bartholomew McGill

3 years ago

Anna/savannah at the front desk was not caring for are cat that had an appointment for two weeks , but when we had got there there was no appointment in there computer. And she had said they are to busy to see us. Bottom line is if you care about your loved animals don't take them here bc they don't care about them.

Harley Nixon

3 years ago

Very friendly and courteous. Great plans for my pup. Treated him like a king.

Derek Fisk

3 years ago

They were able to see my dog very quickly. They fixed him up and got him back to me within an hour. The staff was helpful and friendly and handled my dog with care. I would happily recommend Banfield to anyone who has a beloved pet.

Jean Taylor

3 years ago

Personal care for pet and people.

Design Maker

3 years ago

Very Disappointed in this place. Appt for my dog was in the morning. Kept him 4 HOURS before they looked at him. Obviously they are clueless in scheduling. Called and you get voicemail. Very poorly run. Would NOT recommend.

Donny kinser

3 years ago

My German Shepherd Rocky went for his first check up and shots yesterday. Everyone there was professional and very kind. Great place!

Jane Gearhart

3 years ago

One year ago I lost my best friend. My beautiful cat Chumsly was 22 years old. I spent the days up to that Monday loving and pampering him even more than normal. I chose Banfield in Crafton out of convenience because I knew taking him and then getting myself home was going to be impossible. I called to tell them I was coming in and I got zero empathy. By the time I got him in there I was a mess- sobbing and feeling like someone punched me in the face, they left me standing there holding his carrier while everyone in there stared at me in horror! I could not and did not stay while it happened (something I will regret until I’m dead and gone) so I worry did they treat him well better then they treated me? How could I not stay? It’s a nightmare. I have never been dealt with so unprofessionally and then there was the wait to get his ashes- I called every other day and got a different answer every time I called. When I finally got them the box was heavy- he weighed maybe 6 pounds. Sorry to say I have no idea what’s in the white box they handed me. I have to deal with my decision everyday. Please read reviews and don’t settle for less than the BEST treatment for your pet, your family! I’m so upset writing this but I do it for my baby on the one year anniversary, a miserable day I can’t forget.

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