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Kathy Pollock

2 years ago

Love these folks. They treat your fur baby like it's their own.

Stacy Amador

2 years ago

I highly recommend Valuevet. Not only are they affordable, they really care about my pets. I had to put my sweet kitty to sleep last week and they were so kind and supportive. I really appreciate the way they treated me and especially my girl.

Brittany Tillman

2 years ago

Loved this place! Good with Echo.. and prices are great! Definitely going back!

James Cooper

2 years ago

This place is amazing. I am a truck driver and have to board my diabetic Minpin a couple of times a week sometimes. He just recently went blind and they go above and beyond to care for him. They work with my crazy schedule and are always willing to help me ensure that he is taken care of.

Malaki H.

2 years ago

Love coming to this clinic. They are knowledgeable and patient and always go above and beyond to make sure my dogs and I are comfortable. They always present me with an estimate before they do anything and they do a good job at explaining what is needed and why. Chyna (the front desk) is always very pleasant and bubbly. They have been moving a little slower than usual lately but they frequently check in and make sure my dogs and I don’t need anything. Definitely will continue using their services. Great customer service. Great price. I just realized this is the wrong location. I will post under the correct one.

debbra dowdy

2 years ago

Great place. I have been taking our animals there for a while now. No complaints yet!!!!;)

M Brandt

2 years ago

Great staff & prices, very convenient!

Rudy Dowdy

2 years ago

Always a friendly caring place. You can fill the love for your pet and for the family. We never have trouble getting in for an appointment.


2 years ago

They were good to us in person. My pet turned out to be fine. They offered free post consult via email if my pet had further complications. That's top notch. *Review update* I tried contacting the vets several times out of concern for my pet and they NEVER called back. From 5 stars to 2. Uncool!

Della Glenn

2 years ago

People there are amazing , and they ALL love my baby Taytums Elijah....❤????

Keith Lindsay

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable people. To top it off the price is very fair.

Margaret Cathleen Lovelace

2 years ago

These people are fantastic here. Very kind and respectful. I will always go here for my pets needs. Their pricing is lower cost and amazing for my budget.

Michelle McClish

2 years ago

The staff treat our babies like they are precious, which they are ????

Nikki Duncan

2 years ago

The receptionists and vet techs were all very friendly! The vet was nice too, she was just very quick, she didn't even stop to give me her name. But she did well with my sick kitty, and that's what matters most. The price was not amazing, but it was reasonable. I'm sure to be back!

Caitlin Long

2 years ago

The price here is nice, but they don't really listen. It was under my boyfriends name, since it seems like they discredit people for not being under a particular name. We ended up switching to himler vet when they shut down due to covid issues. We told them our dog Harley was chewing 3 year long open sores into herself in multiple places and we had been fighting it non stop. We were asked if we had changed food, which we had multiple times and flavors. Also, we don't feed her low end brands. she's always been on nutro or blue buffalo, which we tried different flavors and grain free. We've tried every over the counter cream, spray, pill, and ointment that is available. Was told it was just something she would have to deal with here. One visit to himler vet and $8 a month doggy allergy pill has her all cleared up and she isn't eating herself till she bleeds anymore!


2 years ago

I get mixed messages from this place. One person gives detailed information and then the next hardly gives any and then responds like I should know what is going on. For example, I took my pet to get bloodwork done to find out if they could be put under and the vet who brought my pet back said his veins were too small. That was it. The next day I received an email saying that the blood work was good...nothing else attached explaining the next steps. So I had to inquire and explain why I got the blood work done in the first place and the response from them was as if I should know what “all good” means. Being that I’ve worked as the front desk receptionist at a medical office for 2.5 years, I am fully aware that there should be notes attached to each appointment and that one should lead the patients or owner of the patient along to the next step. In addition to this, they called and left a message the night before explaining one thing and then when I arrived the next day, I was told something else “due to reasons”.. I don’t like going to some place and having to feel defensive or that the people who are taking care of my loved ones don’t communicate properly with one another or with their customers.

Dan Stowell

2 years ago

Relatively inexpensive, the techs are very kind and they work with you on scheduling. What more could you ask for from a place called Valuvet? Works for me.

Rdm gamer

2 years ago

It went pretty fast and they informed me any concerns they had

Robert S

2 years ago

Very good staff and affordable glad I was recommended to them

Margaret Turner

3 years ago

It was the first time we was at Valuvet, they seem to do a great job with my cat.

Jamaica Agar

3 years ago

Its a good place to take your dogs! Price is good and the staff are nice

Renee Galvis

3 years ago

Great basic care and preventatives for puppies and kittens. Convenient for spay/neuter. Clean facility. Fast and on time. I appreciate that they ask which services we want and show us the price when asking. There are no surprises with the cost. UPDATE: Covid procedures were easy. I made the appointment. They came to the car when we arrived. Took my pets in, called me when they were finished. Returned my pets to the car and took care of payment there. Easy!

Malana Huffman

3 years ago

My husband and I have taken our dog here since we moved to Marysville and today was a much different experience than we’ve had in the past. She had been suffering with an ear infection for the past few days so we made the appointment as soon as we could. Everything went well as far as scheduling & arriving. When we got there, I was pressured with horror stories about the consequences of not spaying our girl and how much it was going to cost WHEN she has future problems. The tech made me feel like a horrible person and owner for even questioning not doing it as she has never had any issues in the past. But getting her spayed was not why we were there in the first place. We then decided to additionally have her vaccinated today since she was due. An hour later, the tech comes out and asks if I could hold our dog to get the medicine in her ears since they were unable to do it inside. I try my best to hold her as I didn’t want to be the one to put the medicine in her ear. She was able to get it in one, but not the other. So I’m handed a syringe full of unknown medicine and told to give it to her at home. I’m then asked for my card before being told a final total (in their defense, I never asked because I’ll pay what I need to to make our dog feel better). She comes back out with a small receipt for how much it costs and starts to walk back in. Never tells me which vaccines they gave her, what medicine they gave her for her ears & most importantly they never even confirmed that it was an ear infection. Thankfully I asked before she had went inside & she told me the bacteria they found in both ears & the medicine would treat it. THANKFULLY I got a detailed receipt of what all she was given and tested for, because otherwise I would have no idea. We will not be going back there again. I left feeling so frustrated and uninformed.

Mama CJ

3 years ago

Very helpful and caring when helping me take care of a sick stray cat.

Marissa Woodson

3 years ago

Honestly.. for starters our normal vet cost the same price. When I called and scheduled I told them exactly what my cat needed (he has the same issue of itchy skin every single year for the past 7 years. I know what he needs) we get to our scheduled appointment Wednesday. They get him in fast. Great! Well the vet decides to tell me she just didn't decide to not bring one of the shots he needed that day but we could come back Friday and it would be no charge. Great! 20 mins later I get a call from the tech that we would actually be charged for the shot but not the office visit. Frustrating because the vet told me she just decided she didn't want to bring the medicine I told them they needed. Now it's Friday... I come back.. I call and they don't have an injection water and "I have to run to Walgreens and get some!" An hour later! I call because I've been waiting forever and had to bring my 3 and 1 year old... Come on! So unprofessional and not even a good price. Never again!

Michele Camarota

3 years ago

Prices are not cheap. Left a stitch in a puppy after a neuter. I brought it to their attention when we came back for shots, they saw it and claimed they removed it. NOT! I removed it after it festered and tried to get infected. They gave my puppy Simperica that was only 4 months old are should not be given this or Bravecto under 6 months of age regardless of weight. Now they refuse to answer the phone or return any calls. Guess I will take my business to a real vet. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Robin Lott

3 years ago

They were very helpful when our senior Maltese scratched open a cancerous tumor. Our regular vet didn't take care source and given the emergent nature of trying to find an emergency vet that did, we were happy to find them. During the pandemic we never got out of our vehicle. They treated her and bandaged her and gave her antibiotics. It was about what we expected to have to pay for the nature of the call and treatment. I am happy to know that we have found an emergency vet. It is never fun trying to find one in the emergency!

Theresa Forster

3 years ago

I've always had good experiences here.


3 years ago

Good vet, would be 4-5 stars but the receptionist has something up her a** though the last 2 times we have been there. Asks if we wish to decline the optional pain meds for getting our cat spayed because none of the other ones we have owned has needed it. Snaps at you saying "I will refuse to decline pain medication." Other incident before this just generally being snappy and aggressive for no reason. (More older sounding lady that works more in the morning?)

Misty Lump

3 years ago

Love this place. Staff is so great, & the prices are AWESOME! I took my cat in for an eye check & a check up. His eye's are a lil goopy. & the WHOLE bill was 38$'s & that's with his eye medicine! Will definitely stay!

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