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Min Blackburn

2 years ago

I couldn’t ask for better care of our GSD when he was in such a fragile state. They took us in on emergency and was very thorough and explained everything. They literally brought him back from what was thought a point of no return. They didn’t waste time, kept him and got him into surgery. A week later, he is a totally different dog. Thank you to the Vets and Staff!! Y’all Rock!!

Kim Glenn

2 years ago

There isn’t a better place out there that I would want to take my first babies to. I first met the staff when I had to help my guy over the rainbow bridge and they made a painful experience easier to bare. They heard my plea for help and in the midst of a busy weekend made time just for him and I. Never once felt rushed it was like him and I were the only ones that mattered. Others wanted for me to just drop him off which was an absolute no. Our first visit there and we were treated like life long customers. My newest fur baby will be meeting them soon.

Dan Starner

2 years ago

I've been waiting for 2 days now for a Dr to get back with me. And still haven't heard back from them.and I know that they can be busy. But still when someone has called in like 3 time to speak with a Dr.and can't get back to me.its very frustrating and waiting for then to get back.

J Gilligan

2 years ago

I have been with Fairfield Pet ( Dr Dunn) for many many years. Dr Dunn and staff were caring and gave excellent care of my dogs over the years. Dr Dunn left and let me say VCA is only in it for money. They do not care about animals. I called several weeks ago and wanted appointment for my dog who was throwing up and had lost 20 lb in 3 weeks. Would not work me in and tonight Charlie passed away. He literally starved to death. I hope they will change policies and work emergency in. I will never take another animal there. Caring is out the window replaced by making money. By the time I found someone to see Charlie it was too late!! Hope everyone listens and do not use practice that is a VCA Clinic. Charlie was their patient. Thanks for your loyalty. If I could sue them I would.

Amanda Reynolds

2 years ago

We took our jack russell, Rocky, to this hospital today after a tragic accident and I cant even imagine being anywhere else. The entire staff was so caring, loving and compassionate not only with Rocky but with us during a very difficult time. We cant thank them enough for all they did.

Thomas Spohn

2 years ago

Was in a hot car with my dying cat for over a half an hour. No cars in parking lot so I knew they weren't busy. Just treated like our animals welfare was of no concern to them. Will not be coming back.

Dan Duran

2 years ago

Prepare to empty your wallet. After receiving our quote, we were told of course it was a quote and that our "deposit" would be returned if our dog was not kept the total of three days. Of course, they call it a deposit and not a down payment. in total the bill was "quoted" for $1200 for a three day stay. we were charged $900 for one day (24 hours), no x-rays, CT scans, just blood work and an iv antibiotics. I was of course shocked and asked why they call it a deposit when they of course did not plan on returning it and they said they should probably word it better. when i asked about the prices they said there is nothing they could do because prices are set by corporate. Do yourself a favor and look for a privately own veterinarian who is not gouging you as much as they can. I will never be returning and ensuring as many people know about these pricing tactics as possible. Editing due to response. I spent 30 minutes speaking with the manager of the facility and she assured me there is nothing that could be done. I expressed my concern with their pricing and wording.They again said it was unfortunate but was in fact company policy. Find comparative care elsewhere at a better price. Better yet you'll also be supporting a local business when going to an independently owned veterinarian office.

Catherine Green

2 years ago

I've used them for years. I love all the doctors and staff. Since covid-19 I haven't seen Dr. Dunn but hopefully he'll get to look at Razberri again.

Danny and Liz Shirk

2 years ago

I absolutely LOVE this office. Everyone goes the extra mile to help you out and answer all your questions. Every staff member and every doctor are really knowledgeable and truly care about your pets! Totally recommend!

eric malone

3 years ago

I've had several different pets seen here and they have always been wonderful. Just recently my 6 month old German Shepherd was in to be spayed and they took wonderful care of her. Everyone was very friendly but more importantly, everyone I spoke with from the receptionist to the assistants and the Dr. knew my dog by name which just really gives me a extra level of comfort knowing she was in good hands while she had to spend the night away from me to recover. Great job, every animal I might ever have, this is where I will take them.


3 years ago

I have a 13 year old cat who has had some issues with his bladder this past week. Since this is covid era, I stayed in the car and they took my cat in to be looked at (They have had very good covid precautions in my opinion). The first major thing that I love about this place might seem kind of trivial, but when the nurse carried my cat in she held his carrier super carefully with two hands and did her best to make sure he wasn’t jostled more than necessary. This was something I majorly appreciated because my cat is old and a bit skittish, so keeping him steady does wonders to relax his nerves. Next is that even though I was in the car, I didn’t feel as though I was in the dark. The doctor kept us informed, calling me every step of the way, explaining everything he was thinking and what he was looking at. He was also very kind and polite, and definitely knew what he was talking about. I want to note that my cat has been here before with a different vet, and she was just as great, so based in this I think they have a great staff. In terms of pricing, yes it is a bit pricey, but all quality vet care is. They treat my cat well, and they know what they’re doing, so it is well worth it in my mind.

shilo the rabbit

3 years ago

They are so nice and take care of your furbabies and treat them like angels

Emily Blackstone

3 years ago

Dr. Vaughan really went above and beyond my expectations for my pets care. Her advice and recommendations saved my little dog’s life, and I am eternally grateful. Dr. Vaughan was so kind during the whole process and really educated you on all your medical treatment options, which I REALLY appreciated. She is a fantastic veterinarian and I am so happy I decided to make the 45 minute drive, I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Chaz A. Scott

3 years ago

Unprofessional, misdiagnosed my dog, horrible service.

Dwayne Rine

3 years ago

Very friendly staff! Tyson will be getting better soon, thanks to you! You guys are an awesome team! ????????

Theresa Thompson

3 years ago

Excellent care of my furbaby. I highly recommend VCA. The staff and Dr. Vaughn are just wonderful. They have excellent rates too.

Erin Kyae

3 years ago

The VCA Fairfield Vet hospital is phenomenal!!! We had a top grade experience with my dog who was exhibiting emergency symptoms. From the friendly front desk staff, attentive techs, and knowledgeable docs, this place has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them for all your pets vet needs!

Glenda Dyball

3 years ago

I have an older cat that became very I'll. I called to ask about euthanasia. I explained that he was very very sick. I was told he had to suffer through to the 28th to be euthanized. He's now suffering worse as he became paralyzed. We moved here from CA and had VCA there and if an animal was suffering they didn't hesitate to stop the suffering. What is wrong with these people at this VCA in Ohio?? They are CRUEL!!!


3 years ago

Great service! Super nice Dr Green was super thorough and good at explaining everything happening.

Jennifer Smith

3 years ago

I love this vet office. They went above and beyond for me and my family. The love they had shown to my family when we lost peanut was more then we have ever expected. Since the first day we switch from our vet to this place they have been so very kind and loving. Even in this time with COVID-19 going on they still have shown love and support. I have recommended this office a couple times but now I will recommend them more. I just want to say thank you to all the staff members for the love and the blessings they have shown and to keep up the great work they are doing for family’s with fur babies.

Jerry Manley

3 years ago

Without question the best care our pet could have received anywhere. Kind and caring staff with great communication skills.

Jesi Davis

3 years ago

I took my cat here for a check-up. They were very kind and thoughtful about everything. The check up was expensive but I feel like I got what I paid for and my cat was not as traumatized as she usually is after seeing a vet. The doctor offered behavioral advice as well as medical. The pandemic restrictions are also being followed well. Clients were asked to wait in car with animals and a nurse retrieves your pet for the check. I was nervous about letting my beloved kitty to go in without me. I was also nervous that I might have to enter a building with a nervous cat and a wiggling toddler during a pandemic. Luckily everything went smoothly and My kitty has a new vet. Thank you Dr UHLE! :)

Lena Osborne

3 years ago

Wouldn't recommend unless you want to wait 40min and not be seen by the vet! Friendly staff but not at all interested in keeping appt time or even providing an update.Will be taking my pups elsewhere.

lisa stanley

3 years ago

I could not get help for my poor pup. I called all over the state of Ohio but I could not find a vet that would help me. vca fairfield asked no questions and told me to come without an appointment and took care of my girl Lakota. They were so understanding and helpful and since I lived so far away they got her in and out so quickly and she had to have her nose stitched up. They were also cheaper than everyone else I called. Good people good vet. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness. They even followed up with text msgs to check on her the following day. My mothers vet of 16 years told her they could not help her with her dog when he was dying and sent her to vca as well. These people are amazing!

melinda locke

3 years ago

I absolutely love this place. They were so good with our dog. So caring and thoughtful. They even stayed 2 hours over after closing so we could say our goodbye to our beloved dog. ???? They were so compassionate. I can’t not thank them enough!

Molly Summerton

3 years ago

Dr. Vaughn is wonderful. I’m so thankful to have found a vet in central Ohio that I trust with my babes. She has spayed two of my dogs now and has done a wonderful job with the spays and overall care. She listens, makes you feel comfortable, and does what’s best for the animal. I couldn't recommend her enough! Thank you Dr. Vaughn! I’ll be sure to fill you in on the dog chronicles soon :)

Carolyn Stevens

4 years ago

I drive a 1/2 hour to get here but I wouldn't take my fur babies anywhere else!! Fairfield's care of with my elderly animals (14 y/o dog, 18 y/o cat) is tender and loving, and their patience for my "active and anxious" darling (4 y/o pit/boston terrier mix) goes above and beyond. They take the time to calm and connect with the animals before performing their "magic". THANKS!

Skeever Tail

4 years ago

This place was terrible. This was our first time here, and we were immediately put off when they took both of our pets back behind the exam room, out of our view. As a pet owner, I want to know what is going on with my pets at all times. I heard my cat crying and screaming behind the closed door, which I have NEVER heard from her, even at our past vet, and she came back terrified. When we got the pets home, we noticed that she had puked...and then we found more puke...and more puke. We then found her underneath of a workbench in the basement, in a place that she never goes. We immediately called the number that was given to us in case of an emergency. They werent any help at all. The cost to have her looked at was outrageous. We took her back to her previous vet, who told us that she had had an allergic reaction to the vaccine, gave her steroids, and said that she would be fine after 24 hours. After that 24 hours we noticed that there was still something wrong. She was verrrrry lethargic and still in pain. She wasn't acting herself, and her tail seemed very sore. We believe that somebody at VCA Fairfield Animal Hospital did harm to her behind the exam room. We are hoping that she recovers soon. This place broke my cat, who has never had problems like this before.

Sammit Dammy

4 years ago

Ok so first off This place is ungodly expensive. The service was ok. As a stay at home mother who has no family in the area I had to rush in last minute for their only open appointment today with my 2 kids. The room was hot, my kids sweat alot. Wasnt a good wait My dog needed flea meds and meds for his ears However we informed them we have a prior vet and the ear problem. Which they shouldve called our prior vet for any info right? Instead we had to get a new culture done so that I could be told what I already knew- it was yeast as was before. Didnt even try to contact our old vet So we had to pay for that. Though they couldve called my old vet since this was a recurring problem We were sent home for a LOT of things my dog has never needed before. Like pill form steroids when the shot wouldve been better for him Ear drops? Becuase they were going to charge 50$ MORE than average for my dogs "always worked" ear meds. I couldnt get it today :( We got a free month of capstar which is nice but my dogs always been on trifexis. That's what's we asked for. So all in all, called my last vet RIGHT after Asked him how much i wouldve been charged He says 55$ for all and was slightly concerned on why anyone would ask. I start to laugh and hes asking "What? Was it that bad???" Yall. These people just charged me 129$ and I didnt even GET to get my dogs damned ear meds becuase they were so overpriced there. My dog had to go without it :( I'm having to order it online and apply it myself. I could literally travel OUT of state to my old vet and save $ if my dog needed to be seen weekly that's how expensive this visit was. Visit? Dont bring your kids you wont be comfortable. Wait was over an hour They expected me to leave without them actually giving my dog anything too. Had to ASK them to give my dog the capstar and preventative before leaving Overpriced and not the best service. Not a kid friendly office If you have a LOT of money to blow and no kids then this MIGHT BE the place for you

Kaitlyn Purvis

4 years ago

Had a job shadowing for my future career. I had an amazing time, everyone was so nice and explained everything to me. Would definitely take my animals there since I had seen how they treat the animals like their own!

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