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Kim Ice

2 years ago

So sad all of those precious little puppies kept in small cages.

Ronni Badertscher

2 years ago

I bought a rabbit yesterday. And it died less than 18 hrs later


2 years ago

i purchased a dog from a different pet land that is now closed 14 years ago, he died 3 days before christmas, he was a very cheap dog only $150, please breed ur dogs to live longer i miss my homie

Roberta Perez

2 years ago

This place has tons of puppies..beautiful ones...they have great SALES people.....puppies average around $4500 and they will finance you. And there is no proof but, I personally think that a lot of not all are puppies mill babies. I wish I could finance them all. LOL But, I personally thought there was just something wrong about financing puppies. Maybe it's just me?

Natsu Sukehiro

2 years ago

Staff is not interested in helping unless you're buying a dog

Davina Lane

2 years ago

I have had nothing but good experiences both times I adopted my two puppies here. The staff working are very friendly and so helpful. I understand pet stores aren’t for everyone and encourage adopting at a shelter too but I recommend checking this place out if you are interested in adopting an adorable, healthy puppy to add to your family. I’ve adopted from both the shelter and from here. I think all animals deserve a good home. Both puppies I’ve adopted were very healthy and have been such a joy. Petland provides you with all the shot records and breeder information when you adopt, which is great. The puppies here can get pretty pricey which I can’t fully validate but can understand in some ways with all the benefits they offer; however, they do have sales which makes at least some of the puppies here affordable.

Cheyenne Montgomery

2 years ago

I purchased a puppy a year ago and bought her outright. Well she passed away 2 weeks ago. When we bought her the company said they come with a 3 year warranty which I thought was great. Well now the company won't stand behind what they say bc we didn't buy a warranty. Last I knew I was told all dogs come with that 3 yr warranty. Was never told I had to pay for it. Long story short they won't refund me the money and they won't make it right. Always do your back ground work on this company they will screw you over good.

Brittney Saum

2 years ago

We bought a siberian husky 2 1/2 years ago and was told if a freak accident happened, they would give us another dog the same price. Well we lost our little girl in a fire and they made it right! Thank you Heather ???? so so much!

Amanda Chavez

2 years ago

Extremely disappointed in the care of their small animals. I purchased 2 guinea pigs and didn’t notice until after I got home they had some hairless spots. Turned out to be ringworm. They were willing to refund or treat the animals but when I went back there were also other guineas still in the pen for sale with the same issues (7-8 pigs altogether in the pen). They did not clean or sanitize the cage area which was contaminated. After leaving the piggies to be treated I got them back after a week and the black and white was 10x WORSE. And I would have to continue treatment at home. On top of that, when I went to pick them up my daughters were looking at the hamsters and they found a DEAD ONE in the pen! ???? The small animal care here is sad.

Angelika H

2 years ago

Very very very bad.. I bought a mixed breed dog from here, which she was a German shepherd and Rottweiler mix and she was very over priced for being a mutt.. but that’s besides the point. We had her for 3/4 months until she had gotten very sick and we took her to the vet and they told us that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her and she kept getting more and more sick with a limp on her foot and then her not being able to walk at all on any of her feet and she stopped eating and had a open sore on her leg and we took her back to vet a few more times before they had told us she had a bone disease and blood infection that was hereditary meaning in her bloodline passed from generation.. so we bought a already sick dog that was over priced and ended up having to put her down!! Honestly my heart is broken because she was such a good dog!!

Dannie Maynard

2 years ago

Gave us a dog with ear mites

Holly Brown

2 years ago

You'd think for being a Hilliard Location, they would be more attentive and respectful. But no definitely wasn't my experience with them at all. Okay so I usually shop PetSmart and often. However this particular time they were out of stock of my dogs favorite food, And she absolutely refusing to eat anything else. So to PetLand I went. And trust I'll never go back. The experience and hassle just wasn't worth it.. They try to refuse selling specific items and have almost no knowledge on certain breed of animals. Other than my dog we have 3 birds. Conure, Cockatiel, and Parrot. All I was doing is looking at another the bird there. Not wanting to buy, just talking to it. When I asked some basic questions, the dude, clearly has no knowledge of the animal she is caring for and attending to every day. Honestly my heart hurts for those babies. They obviously can't receive proper care by people who have no experience who tend to them

John Schneider

2 years ago

Nice shop. Helpful, pleasant staff. Good selection of stock for small dogs.

Ryver Penix

2 years ago

Staff are always very kind. The cost of dogs is insane. I understand overhead but $3-5k for a puppy is not reasonable. Consider eliminating all the “extras” you get and just selling the pup at a reasonable price. These pups are missing out on great homes because people can’t afford to pay thousands for a puppy. That extra money should be saved towards future vet bills/maintenance/training etc.

Carol Davis

2 years ago

My grandson likes,to pet puppies,an hamsters friendly,staff

Dakota Howett

2 years ago

The bunnies there were bad.

Fances Seiler

2 years ago

It's so sad the prices of the dogs that are locked in cages.

Gina V

2 years ago

I asked to get a dog out to see with my kid, and one of the workers said everyone in the party needed to be 18 or older to get the dog out. This is ridiculous as there were other families playing with dogs next to us.

Is Honey

2 years ago

The only place you can add to the dog's tag all the info you want for a very good price.

Jenny Huston

2 years ago

Small selection of goods compared to bethel. But overall clean store, friendly staff, and importantly healthy looking pets.

Nellisa Frybarger

2 years ago

Love going here. Very nice staff and lots of cute pets

Lexi Adkins

2 years ago

Prices are a bit high, but they have a very large selection of adorable pets

devon hood

2 years ago

Love it kids love it I wanna bird soon bad but kinda costly

Alan Levenson

2 years ago

Love being able to select puppy breed and have the time to play with it. But, puppy pricing is close to buying a new car. Cannot afford it.

Ian Neruda

2 years ago

Decent selection. Its the only petland in Columbus I've seen with reptiles. They sell dogs at 5-10x what you'd pay a breeder.

Shelia Hunter

2 years ago

Its a very nice pet establishment. It's clean and the workers are very polite and helpful

Beth Cotterill

2 years ago

Such a nice place to find everything for furry friends. Employees are so nice.

Richard Winell

2 years ago

It was great! Everyone is really nice and helpful. It just took a little longer than expected bc only one person knew how to run the credit card I got through them. Otherwise they are great people.

Eddie Serrano

2 years ago

Is good got nice pet's

Ashley Stockton

2 years ago

Such sweet girls work here, but i do think it's sorta cruel that they still keep those puppies behind glass, inside those tiny display cells

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