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Dave Nuerge

2 years ago

The owners love dogs and really care for them. Our dog LOVES staying there so when we go on vacation, he also gets a vacation at Wigglebutz!

Megan Osterman

2 years ago

We have boarded here 4 times and this is our last. The pictures are what was originally explained by Kevin as an attack from a pitbull. When asked if the pit bulls would be allowed back after attacking our dog, we were told “well they’ve been coming here for a long time…” Upon further questioning, after they paid my vet bill, a different employee explained it was an issue with a faulty kennel divider that was dug up and our dogs tail got stuck under it. Nothing was explained about fixing the divider issue. I understand things can happen when you board your pets. But when you trust people to look after your pet in safe environment, then pick up your dog with a bloody tail and bloody paw, you lose all trust. Just wanted to share our story. They took responsibility and paid the vet bill, however, it does seem likely it could happen again to another pet. Please be careful.

Laci Days

2 years ago

This place is amazing! Our dogs looked fantastic! And the staff was so nice and loving to our pets.

Joshua Krueger

2 years ago

I took my Goldendoodle in to be groomed for her profile pictures. She had a big plume for a tail which is the norm for a golden doodle, they cut this almost all the way down, like 6" to 1" this should have never been done without specific instruction to do so, her coat however was left quite long and did not look at all even, they shaved around her bottom, but it was completely lopsided her face and head was acceptable but not particularly good. The facility had several dogs running around free which was disconcerting for me as a breeder. I don't need my dog picking up anything by coming into contact with random dogs for no reason. It was rather dirty looking as it was. The haircut was fixed up some after the first one, no apology was given, only I was blamed because she said she didn't know what I told the groomer to do. Well no Goldendoodle owner is going to expect the tail to be butchered without specific instruction to do so, especially with the body coat being longer then the tail coat. This would only be done with a shaving or specific instruction to do so. This all costed 72.00 without a bath, two trips by me and no apology for the catastrophe. I wish I never would have went unfortunately it was on a referral.

Derek Bowyer

2 years ago

We have driven by Wigglebutz many times living in the Leo area, so we decided to take our new puppy there for his first grooming. He was about 25 lbs and is a golden doodle. Note the toys shown are not ours (besides the tennis ball) and our dog has not destroyed any toys we have. I'll start with the positives: The pricing seemed reasonable and the place had good reviews. $75 (including a tip) for a full grooming (puppy shown post grooming). The trim they did was well done and he came home smelling much better than he went. So for that portion of the business we were pleased. Now for the negatives and why I'm giving Wigglebutz one star: We did not have a problem with our dog being put with other dogs and in fact thought it would be good for him. However, when he came home he wasn't acting right and wasn't eating his dinner. After several hours of laying around and looking sad he began to regurgitate a piece of a toy. Our first thought was oh wow that's a large toy he managed to swallow (second picture with three pieces). Later that night he threw up another smaller piece (shown in comparison to the tennis ball). Then finally the next morning the larger piece (by the tennis ball). At this point we called the vet to make sure he was going to be ok. The vet gave instructions and said to call Wigglebutz and suggested they may need to pay for any treatment he needs. We called Wigglebutz and they denied everything and took no responsibility saying it was our fault for allowing them to put him with other dogs. This is where frustration kicks in as we had not accused or made any remarks to the lady on the phone. The Wigglebutz lady would not provide her insurance information as requested and upon two follow up emails she still has not responded (both very cordial but becoming less so). Lucky our dog has not needed to go to the vet yet and does seem to be recovering but he is still getting sick and having issues. It is because of this lack of customer service that I am giving Wigglebutz one star. I would never recommend anyone take their dog there because if your dog gets sick or dies they will not do anything but blame the owner. Thank you for reading this and please, don't put your dog through what ours has gone through! Edit: changed photo to after groomer

Debra Argerbright

2 years ago

Wonderful people, they treat my dog so well, she loves going there. They are a 10 in my book!

Lisa Selby

2 years ago

They were super nice and the dog was returned looking great ☺️

Odie Culver

2 years ago

Our puppies looked great after spending 5 nights with them and being groomed!!! They were so awesome with our special needs guy Oliver and making sure he got his meds on time every day, do thankful for that!!! Definitely earned our business from here on out!!!

Shane King

2 years ago

They rock! We'll be back

Kent Holse

2 years ago

Used them to board my 3 dogs for 10 days. I usually use a different kennel but my usual was full. When I got my dogs home they were all sick with kennel cough, all were majorly stressed and one that had been in remission from lymphoma's glands were so swollen that she looked like she had the mumps. Not even a call about my girl's neck. I would never leave my pets there again. Yes, the cancer is back.

Cassy Finley

2 years ago

We had such a great experience here! We boarded our dog here while on vacation and he was well loved and taken care of!

Carol Szalga

2 years ago

Super nice my Jazzy loves to go see sally and kevin they treat her like one of their own, which is so appreciated!!!!

Daniel OBrien

2 years ago

A wonderful experience. I walked in for my first time to be greeted by a chorus of excited dogs happily playing with each other, a thing of beauty!

Denise Smith

2 years ago

This place is horrible!!!! They overboard dogs. They lie and tell clients they have room and will set up crates and shove the dogs in there for an entire week. The air conditioning does not work and the poor dogs are left in overheated and poor conditions. They are unethical and should be shut down. DO NOT BOARD ANY PET HERE!!

Jeri Lindemann

2 years ago

Gibbs loves to visit wigglebutz

Kelly Cannon

3 years ago

Love these people!! They take great care of my Dennis, and he enjoys being there! Plus, they're affordable and offer many services at reasonable prices!

Denise Bowsher

3 years ago

They take such good care of Tatum !

Joey E

3 years ago

We had a great experience with Wigglebutz.

Joy Olry

3 years ago

My dog Ganyon has been going to Wigglebutz for a year now and absolutely loves going there. Owners are friendly and provide great customer service. A++

Kimberly Albright

3 years ago

Always kind and helpful. My dog loves it here.

Lisa Byus

3 years ago

I've been taking my shih tzu here for years, and they treat her like I would treat her (if I had their grooming skills and saintly patience for my dog's shenanigans). My dog always looks clean and fresh when she's done, and I highly recommend their spa options; after her appointment today, she smells like a sugar cookie. Yes. I couldn't believe it either. (Plum is great too.) Through the winter, I like to keep her fur long, so I only opted for a bath and spa today, but Wigglebutz buzzed the hairy spot between her eyes so that she could see better since it was getting long; they are booked solid with grooming today, so it was really thoughtful of them to help us out that way. Just all around, they're great people, and while I wish I'd written a review years ago, I'm glad I could include this kindness, because it's very characteristic of the great service you get when you come here. I've tried other places, but once I started coming here, I haven't gone anywhere else. This is my favorite pet groomer without a doubt.

Michael Freel

3 years ago

Friendly staff, good location in Northeast Allen County, EXCELLENT service, boarded my dog for 13 days....very pleased with her care...will use them again!

Scott Bianski

3 years ago

Friendly staff. I came without the proper paperwork and they helped my to get what I needed to board my dogs. They were busy, but friendly even though I was a pain in the butt customer.

Jean Eisaman

3 years ago

They did a really nice job!

Shelley Miller sschamberg

3 years ago

First time taking our Rottielab. They were wonderful. Did great job and cheaper than PetSmart.

Stephanie Eastes

3 years ago

My dogs are so happy that they dont want to leave their friends to go home. Free nail trims! Affordable boarding prices!

Steven Franklin

3 years ago

Love this place love how well they treat my dog and the service definitely a place everyone should use for their pet's

Susan Rothenberger

3 years ago

My dogs love the people and they are great with them. Everyone one is nice and friendly there.

Scott Davis

3 years ago

Wonderful great job! Princess will be back

Todd Kinsey

3 years ago

They always take care of my dogs like they're family!!!

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