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Kelsey Schuman

2 years ago

This is the worst company in the dog selling business. I have spoken to previous, as well as current employees and they all have spoken extremely negatively about not only the store practices, breeders, but also the owner. They have no morals and buy from some of the worst puppy mills in the country. If you have a problem with the puppy you take home, the owner will ignore your call. In many cases, the puppies also pass away, and still no response from owner or management. Many of their “puppies” stay here over 6 months, look at the birthdays on their website for proof. This is one of the most poorly run businesses I have come into contact with. Please do not support this horrid business or its practices. Don’t even shop for your pet supplies here! Support a better business, such as Petland or go to a local breeder. Shame on you and anyone who supports this business!

Brian Smith

2 years ago

We have gotten 3 pups from fetch. Never had a single issue. Very friendly staff and kept clean

chill hip hop lofi beats

2 years ago

Great store and great setup. No nonsense. Prices are very high but I understand that. The lady in there was fantastic.

Beth Statt

2 years ago

I am not too sure about this place. The French bulldog price was $5000 on sale which seems extremely high. I did not ask prices of other puppies. I would recommend adopting if possible from a shelter if you are looking for a pet. Does anyone else have info on this business? On the up side the cages looked clean and all of the puppies looked like they were happy and playing or taking a nap, which is typical puppy behavior. The your ladies who were working the store seemed very nice and willing to help, but I have to give only 3 stars because the price seems crazy high.

Jennifer Burton

2 years ago

Me and My daughter love Fetch Puppies! I bought my daughter her first puppy! We are both in love with Chloe!!

Randy Shelton

2 years ago

A bunch of happy little puppies running around playing with each other helpful staff courteous staff quick to clean after visits good place

Tammie Bentley

2 years ago

I can't say enough about how much happiness my puppy from Fetch has brought to my family! I had my eye on Snickerdoodle now (Stetson) for awhile and I finally made the decision to drive all the way from Georgia to Ohio to pick him up. Taylor the store manager was so nice and helpful in get all the stuff I needed to make the trip back home with my new addition! Thank you so much Fetch Puppies You're the Best!


2 years ago

We have 6 yr old Boston from fetch. No issues and he is a great dog!

Jillian D.

2 years ago

10/29/21...Visited the mall last Saturday & decided to stop inside here. Although the dogs are adorable, I was in here for less than 3 mins because it smelled so bad. I waited outside for my family while they looked around. During our 2 previous visits here (2019 & 2020), this place didn't have an odor at all. These dogs are overpriced & their living conditions aren't the best. This is really sad & I probably won't be back.


2 years ago

I can’t believe this place is still open, quit buying puppy mill dogs. Go adopt from a pound or shelter. This is a scam. To any of you special needs people that feel the need to finance a dog, please make better life choices.


2 years ago

Sadly couldn't get puppy but great customer service

Mattie Thompson

2 years ago

Awesome time! Cute dogs, awesome staff, and super clean!

Amber Sweitzer

2 years ago

Wouldn't even give it one star!!! Puppies we seen were insanely over priced! ???? They are 100 percent mill puppies sadly I seen one looking like it was not doing well at all and they claimed it to be tired. When it literally looked and acted as if it was death warmed over. Poor baby was sick and other puppy was pouncing on it to play but it wouldn't even budge ????. Places like this shouldn't exist! Shouldn't have to pay 4 times the amount you normally would for a puppy you breed ill to begin with! Breaks my heart! Poor babies! Should be ashamed to even be part of the store!

Angela Buckley

2 years ago

We just got a puppy from Fetch on august 30th and she came home with Parvovirus and is on her death bed!! She has been at the vets since Sept 4th. We have been spending time with her at the vets office. My son has been sick to his stomach with worry if our dog is going to die. This is horrific to watch. I would never buy a dog through this place ever again!!! This has been heart wrenching.

Chey Fox

2 years ago

Went here yesterday with family. The front of the store is spotless. But these poor dogs. Look miserable. Their cages are filthy. Barely anything to lay on, on top of the grates. Their droppings were everywhere and they were stepping in it or lying in it. You can see the back of the store through the cages and it's disgusting. Some of them looked ill. I don't understand how this is legal. Places like this should be shut down. The prices were so high too. These poor puppies are filthy. We all left the store depressed wishing we could do something about it. Stop puppy mill supplying to crooked paces like this.

Heather Clunen

2 years ago

This is the first time I have went in there and it smelled absolutely disgusting. It smelled way worse then the pound.

Erik Barcelo

2 years ago

This place made the bottom half of the mall stink. Dogs smell like urine, store smells like urine. Sanation is a need for this place

Judy Holt

2 years ago

Only had a few pups, lots of empty cages but it had a pug with a large dog, didn't make sense, plus the occupied ones had waste in them and one of the little one was eating his or her waste. Store was clean. Wasn't impressed.

Kimberly Wheeler

2 years ago

Too sad. Dogs in cages.

Lindsey Cooper6

2 years ago

I loved all the puppies and dogs, the staff is super friendly. These little things need homes and they get so excited to see people. Please adopt

Suzy York Sparlin

2 years ago

It's nice and clean mostly. You can play with puppies in a cubicle. Very high priced dogs here only. We purchased our puppy here on sale and still spent 1k

Liz Smith

2 years ago

My husband and I have purchased 3 dogs from Fetch. Fred in 2004, Beau in 2009 and Bear in 2019. All were healthy, Bear was chipped also. Fred lived to be 15 (basset), Beau 10 (basset) and Bear is almost 2 mini doodle. I would fully recommend Fetch. The only issue is cost. Expect to pay significantly more but they come with complete paper records so you will know their parentage and they are ready to go home. Also, avoid the expensive collars, leashes and stuff. Overpriced and unnecessary. Good overall experience 3x.

Sharon Meager

2 years ago

It was great but really smelled bad when I arrived.

Liz Truesdell

2 years ago

Lots of sick puppies when I went searching for a new fur baby. Very sad

Maria Gill

2 years ago

Adorable puppies and good products for your pets

barrett mckinney

2 years ago

Sold me a 3400 dog with kidney disease. Died and cost thousands in vet bill's. Acted like they cared at first. Told me they would, "call me back in a few days" ..... that was 15 weeks ago. This is a business. These arent dog people. Thanks for the dead bernese moutain dog.....that I spent over $7000 on after vet bills. Fetch sucks

Carolyn Keys

2 years ago

I was able to find the exact for a baby I needed manager very nice person

Lilliann Lewis

2 years ago

Not clean cages. Badly treated Animals ????

Erin Marie

3 years ago

Kelsey helped me Friday. Id spoken with her the night before to book an appt with her and an IG puppy the next morning . She was very sweet and very attentive to the puppy and myself. She helped with anything I asked w/out hesitation. It was also apparent she took very good care of the dogs. She really knew my puppies personality, and talked about her routine with her and the other dogs as well. She told me where the breeders were from and how to get in touch with them .We received her registered AKC Papers , her family tree and an adorable 1st baby picture! She made sure I knew how to use the program they use for microchipping and got her name changed in the system before I left. This is the second time I've purchased an IG from this location. My first one is still with is and very spoiled. We got a Minpin from the Beavercreek location and she was a wonderful sweet girl but passed away 2 years at the age of 9 from a sudden infection. I have been extremely happy with the fur babies that we've acquired from Fetch ????????????????????❤????????o

Charlie Koverman

3 years ago

okay there is legit poo all over the cages. these dogs are clearly not taken care of :(

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