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Michael King

2 years ago

Customer service is horrible. The vet was very professional and acknowledge. Helped me out a ton with my pet and even got me the right meds and treatment. Receptionist Were extremely rude and did not want to work with me, nor were patient to explain anything to me. I will not be coming back here due to the experience I had. If this place had better receptionists this would be an amazing vet. I even called later to attempt to schedule a follow up and was again treated rudely. I will be taking my baby to get checked out else where in the future.

Terry Camobell

2 years ago

I really enjoyed the way everything was handled where everything was done right outside at the vehicle and my dog was well taken care of

Erin George

2 years ago

I brought in my hedgehog, whom I’d inherited from a young girl in my village. We didn’t know very much about Hazel, only that she’d given birth before and was feisty and funny. After owning her for a little over a year, she started to decline rapidly and stopped eating, walking and running on her wheel. I took my little hedgie to Dayton South and the veterinarian was compassionate and straightforward in diagnosing her with wobbly hedgehog syndrome. The kind doctor gently asked me questions and provided me with a great deal of information in terms of how I could better care for her. Sadly, little Hazel did not make it another week and of course it was difficult to lose her. What helped more than I can mention is the arrival of a sympathy card shortly after my girl passed. The entire staff signed the card, took time to write her name down and did not minimize the grieving process I continue to experience. I felt they understood what I’m going through almost better than my close friends. The comfort I took from this gesture is immeasurable and cements this practice as the only one I will ever trust with my pets. The card arrived at literally the perfect time and because of that, I know my relationship with them is meant to be. If only they could treat humans! I’d sign myself up and my son!

Michael Pasenow

2 years ago

A special veterinary clinic, compassionate care and attention to detail makes them standout. They also take care of your exotic pets as well.

Karen Collier

2 years ago

They treated our cockatoo like their own. Very caring.

Susan Nickell

2 years ago

I am very happy with the care my pets have received. Dr Brauer has taken care of my bird and has been very thorough and compassionate. I had no idea how sick my little guy was. He fully explained the process of care along with medication and the importance of keeping the following recheck exam. With birds you have to be very thorough and the follow up exam is the extra precaution for making sure the medication and treatment is working. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Brauer and feel soo much better knowing I have a vet that I can trust for my bird. I also take my dog to Dr Schumacher she is the only vet that found my dog’s heart murmur. She is so good with my little guy and I have more time with him. The staff in the back reflects the compassion of the Dr’s. I am so glad I ???? found Dayton South Vet Clinic

Alaura Parisse

2 years ago

Brought in my newly rescued leopard gecko to make sure everything was alright. I expected to see Dr Brauer because he is said to be the reptile expert there but unfortunately did not. I saw Dr. Schumacher instead and that was a mistake. No customer service, downgraded us for our care, and handed us a pamphlet full of incorrect/outdated information. Some of things she said to us even contradicted what was said in the "care" guide! There's been so much more knowledge learned since leopard geckos were being first domesticated. Handing your cilents information that hasn't been updated since 2012 is just lazy. At least the people at the desk were very kind and upbeat. If I ever go here again, Ill just have to ask for Dr. Brauer and see if he is any better.

Ansley Schneider

2 years ago

I have been bringing my animals to Dr. Brauer and Dr. Schumacher for a little bit now and not only are they extremely helpful but they show compassion and care for my animals. They will do anything possible to treat and care for my animals within my budget. they have given professional care and helped me treat all my furbabies. Im so thankful for all they have done, will definitely be returning for future animal care and will be recommending them to all my fellow pet owners.

Austin Carr

2 years ago

As a pet owner we all want to find a perfect place to care and help our pets in time of need, and this is the place! Not only do they give great service but they also have great professionalism, quality, prices, and advice for all pet needs. I will continue to come to this clinic for all of my pets needs and services. Thank you Dr. Brauer and Dr. Schumacher for helping my furbabies everytime they need it! I will definitely be recommending all my pet owner friends here!

Halee Middleton

2 years ago

Great staff-very friendly & helpful. They did a wonderful job comforting my pet bunny when he was nervous for his first appointment.

Marlyinn Hankla

2 years ago

Awesome, friendly and fairly priced to the area.

Walter Justice

2 years ago

Excellent Veterinarians at Dayton South Veterinary Clinic.

Tyler Tipton

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets to Dr. Brauer and Dr.Schumacher for a year now and every time I go in I have an amazing experience! The girls at the front desk are always so cheery and welcoming. The back staff is very knowledgeable and always do a great job handling my babies and going over medication directions with me in a way I understand. Both Drs are full compassion and great information. They always explain in easy to understand detail what the issue at hand is and how they would like to handle it. I love everyone there and would never think of going to another vet! I recommend them to anyone that is in need of a fantastic, reliable vet.

tink3rbel1 T

2 years ago

BEWARE! If You Love Your Pets. This vet is all about the money, not the care of your animal. He insisted our pet needed a follow-up shot but then, TWO WEEKS later were told it will not cost just the $15 but an additional $77 that we were not told was part of the deal. $15 second shot MUST have. Two weeks later they want to recharge for work they did Just two weeks prier because THEY did not do it correctly the first time and wanted to charge me again!!! ---- BEWARE! the so called shot I "HAD TO HAVE" for my pet was NEVER GIVEN!!! How much does he really care about the animals? ***They seem convenient and the staff is excellent, but the Dr. HIM SELF is a horrible person and a lousy vet!!!!***** I'm sure HE will read this and just laugh! Again, sorry if you have to find this out on your own because you ignore this warning. So sorry for you animal that you would subject them to this horrible Man!!

Clara Fox-Ruddell

2 years ago

we only have birds but have had very positive experience here. our 1 budgie ended up having cancer and has passed, but they got us in quickly to see her both times and were very gentle and thorough. they explained clearly how to administrator meds and what they were as well as what was going on with her. they were also very compassionate. I feel very comfortable with them, they know what they're doing and we will continue taking our budgies here.

Clare Intili

2 years ago

On two different occasions, my bird was injured/sick and I called these people and even though it was last minute, they saw me anyways. They were kind enough to slide me into their busy schedule and even though I had to wait, it meant the world to me that someone was willing to help me when the nearest avian vet was in Columbus. Dr. Brauer, if you ever see this, thank you. My little bird passed away in November 2020, but you saved him on multiple occasions. I’ll never forget that.


2 years ago

Just went there for the first time today. Very friendly people at the front desk and the nurses and doctor that helped us were very nice and informative on helping my bearded dragon take medicine to feel better.

Michelle Pate

2 years ago

I have six dogs that have been patients here for a few years now. I am now looking for a new vet since this clinic does NOT provide emergent care for established patients!! …

Scott Roberds

2 years ago

What a great place! The Dr. Is awesome. And the staff is also. Very personal experience. Time we'll spent. And great information. And really cared about the well being of our bird!! And the waiting room is awesome!!! Thanks again for helping us!!!!! ????


2 years ago

They know birds. An avian vet is rare.

Treva Whalen

2 years ago

Went for a declaw other vets in area are only wanting vet services in area just want exam fee from ya. This vet was awesome nice to my kitty and I have an appointment for declaw. Great vet!!!

Wendy Martin

2 years ago

We needed a vet for our koi. Turns out, there's only one in the Dayton area. The practice is great. Staff was SO helpful and friendly and the office isn't sterile like most vets. The extended office hours are literally a life saver. Despite all this, our charges were extremely reasonable. We highly recommend!

Nancy Stalcup

2 years ago

They worked us in when they had no appointments so it took a long time. They could use some cushions on their seating in the lobby. It was uncomfortable. When I saw their building I expected it to be expensive, and it was. But, I think they did a good job and I'm thankful they worked us in.


2 years ago

Great customer service and thorough, excellent service... will be back...

Elaina Garris

2 years ago

Rude! Unhelpful. Just wanted my money had no interest in helping my ferret. Im having to take my ferret to a different vet because we were treated so poorly. Dr. Shoemaker* needs some meds herself. Nasty.


2 years ago

My Green Cheek conure was very sick but I was able to get an emergency visit last minute. She's back to her old self with the care we received and I'm so grateful! There are far fewer avian vets (in comparison) so I truly appreciate this one is close and helpful.

Layla Ahlers

2 years ago

Super helpful, professional and personable. I left feeling reassured and much more confident as a new pet owner.

camesia black

2 years ago

Took excellent care of my turtle

Gina Arnold

2 years ago

They are wonderful, very nice and respectful. Great with bearded dragons

brandi burcham

2 years ago

Terrible customer service, rude office staff, inattentive doctor, and outrageous medication prices. Just don't bother if you want good care for your animals. Called on Thursday to get refills on medication for my dog that was dying of cancer, received no response Friday or Saturday, we had to put her down on Sunday. It's now Monday, do you think they called? Nope! Last time I needed refills for her meds it took 4 days and at that time I told the staff that she was having increased pain and needed a med adjustment, doctor didn't even bother calling or discussing it with me just had her staff tell me that panting and pacing were normal and she refused to give her anything more for comfort. They were happy to take the $$$ to diagnose her but the follow up care was horrible. Just don't do it, call someone else. ????????????

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