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Kate Dobler

2 years ago

Did the 6 week school. They only teach 1960’s Koehler method of dog training. Very very old school training. They say they will teach a broad range of training methods but really they just tell you why all the other methods are no good and …

Courtney Barnett

2 years ago

My loving, sweet dog who is thriving now that he is no longer living in an apartment, is reactive to other dogs on a leash and shows occasional resource possession. I brought him in for an evaluation at National K-9 after hearing about a great experience one of my cowerers had with them a decade ago. After going through the evaluation, I was told by the trainer Grace that training was not an option and to essentially put him down. Her words exactly were "consider your options, training isn't one of them though." She refused to work with us because she said I had "waited too long" to train my 4 year old rescue dog. She not only shamed me for not getting him trained sooner, she laughed while telling me there was nothing she could do. Absolutely horrible experience. I talked to my vet afterwards and she was mortified that anyone would suggest that for my dog, and reassured me that there was absolutely no reason for someone to jump to that with my happy dog.

Thundercreek Longrifles

2 years ago

Stay away, very far away from National K9 over on the East side just South of Gahanna next to the freeway. The so called trainer there abused my dog, swinging her around by the metal slip collar and leash a foot off the floor. She had gall to do that in my presence. Who knows how many times she did that to Cinnamon. That dog was ruined to the extent we could not control her mental health. I had knee replacement, the dog again attacked my mom for no reason and I had to call Franklin Co. Dog warden out to put the pup (year old) down. So sad and was unnecessary.

Neil Mathews

2 years ago

Thanks to the education we received from National K9 school for dog trainers.... my wife and I have been running a successful dog training camp in Upstate NY for over 24 years. This business is our whole life and has been the most amazing career anyone could hope for. National K9 is an excellent school that will provide you with an amazing foundation to become a professional dog trainer. The facility is amazingly laid out and the instructors are extremely professional and knowledgeable. In this day and age, there is a dog trainer on every street corner....finding a trainer that truly understands dog behavior and has methods to help clients improve their relationships with their dogs is much harder to find. If you want to join that group of professional trainers that really knows what they are talking about and understands dog behavior then this is the school for you. We highly recommend National K9 School for Dog Trainers. Thank you so much NK9 for getting our careers on the right path all those years ago!! We hope to get back to Ohio someday to say hello!

Jason Ganz

2 years ago

Best place to get your dog trained to listen and obey your every command

Karlton Howlett

3 years ago

It was a good place, the only complaint is i had a hard time finding the front door, with 2 identical buildings right next to each other and not showing what's what.

Tyler Cochrac

3 years ago

Never in my life have I recommended a company so proudly, I'm at a loss of words when it comes to the customer service and dedication of this company. …

Mike Yahraus

3 years ago

Very professional trainers. Our dog bailey loves her training sessions. Would highly recommend them if your looking for a place to train your dog. Not sure where the fear based comments on other reviews are coming from but we don’t see it.

Earl Gordon

3 years ago

Went on a tour of the facility today. Was very informative!

Doglady Therapy LLC

3 years ago

Great experience with this company. They provided a strong foundation for my dog training business. Highly recommend. It is a year and half since I graduated from their 3 week program . I had to put a lot into my dogs post graduation, and lot of work into myself. But, t the foundation I received there has helped me launch. Training dogs and running Canine Good Citizen groups are my niche. Thank you for a great foundation. I hope to return someday for the second half. This is not an easy path, and it is very much worthwhile

Diane Court

4 years ago

Stuck in the dark ages of dog training. They use fear and punishment only. I do not recommend!


4 years ago

The staff is amazing. I also learned a lot about the dog training world and how to make my business grow.

Peter Urda

4 years ago

Had a dog trained there through the 10 day program in 2002. He was the best dog I have ever had. Confident, calm and obedient. Moved to Texas for a while, got another dog after he passed and trainers I found there did not come close. Back in Columbus now, have a new pup and going back to get this one trained ASAP. You get what you pay for and the 10 day program was well worth it in 2002, lead to 10 years of a wonderful companion for the whole family. Plan on doing it again with the new pup!

Erin Jadallah

4 years ago

I could write a book about our experience at NK9. I was reluctant to bring in our dog who had been struggling with leash aggression over several years and he was getting worse and worse. Walks brought me anxiety and I became unable to walk …

Gabby M

4 years ago

I will start by saying that signing up for an evaluation here was one of the best decisions I have made! I cannot say enough good things about this place. …

Goldie Burkhart

4 years ago

They only use fear based methods. This can be necessary for SOME dogs but should never be the first option. All modern scientific literature concludes positive reinforcement training works better for dogs.

Grace Myers

4 years ago

I took the 6-week dog training course, and it met and exceeded my expectations. It was a great experience and I learned a lot! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!

janelle myers

4 years ago

National K-9 has trained our 3 pets over the last 15 years. We researched many programs in many areas, and chose National K-9 from recommendations of friends, and staff and trainer professionalism. We are an active family and love having our pets alongside us for adventures, which National K-9 makes possible. The program is fantastic as the trainers train us as well! Our children were engaged in the training and can confidently handle our boisterous pup. Our most recent trainer was Hannah. We 100% recommend National K-9 and plan to continue with future training programs!

Juanita Pena

4 years ago

The National K-9 Team is very professional and they truly do care about how well my dog was trained. I have taken 2 of my dogs to the training and have had the pleasure of enjoying my well disciplined friend. As a owner, I also learned a lot of helping my dog learn. Thank you!

Mary J.

4 years ago

Great experience. Took my shy and nervous rescue there for free pre-traning consult. Trainer was super helpful in helping me to understand how to help my little girl. Did a training program where she stayed for two weeks. What a …

Mia Perdue

4 years ago

I attended National K9 School for Dog Trainers in February 2019. I attended the 6 week Master Trainer Course and highly recommend this school if you are serious about becoming a dog trainer. It is an investment but the experience and education I obtained in a structured 6 week course was more than enough to jump start training dogs on my own. They make it very clear this is to start you off and you need to follow up education on your own and look into other resources afterwards as there's a million other things to dog training and running your own business. But this course and the materials is worth the money to begin your new career.

NA Manager

4 years ago

The training with Lauren was so awesome! She was very precise, yet very gentle and playful. We drooled over the possibility that our puppy could learn these few commands and she has! We so appreciate the guidance and direction given to us. Highly recommend!

R Bacon

4 years ago

My 3 weeks were very intense, but it was also fun & enjoyable! The instructors & trainers are amazing & go out of their to help you succeed. I did the residency option & it was a definite plus to not have to worry about commuting. The classmates were great. Lots of laughs, some tears of frustration but everyone supported each other. I wish I could've done the 2nd 3 week option. In one month after leaving the program, I am very close to officially launching my own business & have no hesitations in letting people know where I trained. It was a lot of work & effort, but I would do it all over again!

Matt Forget

5 years ago

If you want top notch training with top notch professionals , come to this place. They are by far the best Iv worked with and consistantly delivered positive results. They are changing owners and dogs lives for the good.

Kacy Luby

5 years ago

I have a Belgian Mallinois that is now a little over 2 years old. National K9 did his training at 13weeks old. He is absolutely perfect. We looked at a bunch of training places in Columbus. National K9 is the best we found, including price! I will never go anywhere else for training. Our “Charlie “ out shines any dog we come across. National K9 gave my wife and I the tools we need to further Charlie’s abilities. What they have done for us is priceless. I love the fact National K9 does not fall into the social media of very arrogant and ignorant trainers or so-called trainers. I have seen plenty of dogs that have been trained by other trainers in Columbus with very poor results. Also twice as much money. I also love the one on one lessons and I really appreciate the level of perfection they strive for. I would recommend National K9 to anyone that really is a dog lover.

Anne Gottwald

5 years ago

This place is well worth the money. I am sure for some it feels like a sales pitch when they bring you in and do their demonstration and show you plans to pick from... but get past that. They give you what you pay for, hands down. We …

All Paws Inn

5 years ago

Went to school in 2017, you will get out of it what you put in. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn from and opportunity to observe. The one person said it's nothing you can't get from a book, they probably were busy socializing and …

Alex M

5 years ago

Made a huge difference. We were new puppy owners and we enrolled in the puppy preschool. Staff was very helpful and provided tons of useful tips and advice that made a world of difference with our new pup. Received a private consult and three group classes for only $59. After preschool we explored their obedience training options. They offer free consult prior to sign up. Trainer went over options and we were able to think it over before sign up. Trainer was very professional and answered all of our questions and concerns. We did one of their residency training plans. We were a little hesitant leaving our pup but were amazed at pick up after two weeks. It was a new dog. The lessons for us afterward were helpful. We now have a dog that listens and is well mannered. The training program was more expensive than some of the other options out there but well worth it. Great experience and highly recommended.

Mariana Lanata

6 years ago

We have did the puppy school, which were somewhat useful, but after we did board out pup for the full 10 days. We were really pleased with lauren, who is the trainer that has been working with us from day one ( as she did the initial puppy …

Shelli Rasmussen

6 years ago

I went to school there 19 years ago. Lol it was a great experience. Thank you.

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