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Haley Elkins

2 years ago

I paid $875 to get a mass removed from my dogs leg. Was supposed to happen in November, and it got pushed to January. The day before the appointment, i got a call pushing it out another week because the surgeon assigned to the case was sick. I got an estimate for $650-850. The day after his surgery I was required to bring him in for a bandage change. Upon pickup I was told it would be another $50. They said it was for “the visit and the supplies”. I just started working again and had to charge it to a credit card. I asked to call a manager because follow up appointments never come to any cost in the human world. A follow up is to ensure the surgeon did their job correctly, and that healing is on schedule. The manager said she would refund me the $50 for this visit since it wasn’t discussed before (she said it was put in the estimate, and that i had received $200 in discounts, which obviously isn’t true because i paid above the estimate they provided). She stated it would be $50 for every follow up visit and they recommended my dog be seen every other day. So on top of $875, i would end up paying another $300 for follow ups which is WAY above the estimate given and completely inappropriate because follow ups DONT COST ANYTHING TO MAKE YOUR SURGEON DID THEIR JOB. When i tried to articulate that i couldn’t afford $50 every other day and that it was bad business and not customary, i was told that if i do the bandage changes on my own, if anything happened, they wouldn’t be liable. When i told them i would seek legal representation for them screwing me, they told me i would no longer be able to make appointments with them. So because they refused to do what is expected to be a free service, and due to my inability to pay for said free service, my dog is being refused care. I should have been told about the charges for follow up appointments. And if i had known about $50 for a wrap bandage, I would’ve gone to a different vet who probably would’ve gotten me in sooner too.

Lauren Vargo

2 years ago

During the holidays this year, my dog had an emergency and needed stitches. After calling almost 10 vet offices and emergency vet hospitals, GVVH staff seemed to reorganize their schedules and chose to stay late to get my dog in and treated with the best care possible. I could not be more grateful to the staff for their generosity, kindness, and treatment of my dog!

Emily Phillips

2 years ago

We've gone to GV vet hospital for 5 years now and they have always been so wonderful to our dog!

Jeff Myer

2 years ago

We've taken our dogs and cat to GVVH since mid-2018. Even with the changes in some of the doctors, they continue to maintain their quality and care, which is also reflected in the vet-techs and staff.


2 years ago

Cancelled my appt as I was waiting in lot … said they tried contacting me a couple times - lied!! No record of any contact!!! It’s hard enough to get my dog to travel then cancel while I was in the parking lot!! Can’t imagine how they treat animals if their customer service is this horrible!!!!

Cody Miller

2 years ago

Since I made my decision based on the star review, I felt it best to leave an honest review for any new customers interested in bringing their pet. I took my cat in for a simple appointment, just to determine if a couple new lesions were ringworm or not and if I should be concerned. I asked upfront about pricing. They suggested many shots, some required and some not for a relative price, nothing too exorbitant (it is German Village after all). I insisted I really wasn't interested in the shots at the moment, just wanted to take care of the current more urgent issue. I agreed to their $51 appointment fee and the one recommended shot. Once my cat was with the Vet, she called and we spoke. They recommended an antibiotic/antifungal shot as well as a fungal culture. As much as I wanted a straight up diagnosis, I understand the need to test. I agreed to the tests and shot and asked for pricing. My bill was set to be $145.50. The test would take 2-3 weeks. I went to pick up my cat, the bill was $172.50, an added $27 charge was added to "administer injection" of the approved shot. I brought exact cash for payment and had to dig out more for the new surprise updated cost. Granted I didn't dispute it at the moment of pickup and wish I had. I'm disappointed the initial discussed cost did not match what I came to pay. Since then, 3 weeks after the fungal test was done, I have not heard back about results. Called after 3 weeks and still no known idea of tests and told to "call back tomorrow maybe". If you're looking for value, this isn't it. If you're looking for reliability, I'm not sure this is it. There feels to be a lack of transparency and honesty. They seemed nice but I'm disappointed in the overall lack of timeliness to their own appointments, the lack of transparency or confusion in their pricing, the fraught pushiness in upselling different shots/solutions and the lack of follow-up regarding the test they suggested for my cat. There's plenty of other veterinary clinics so make sure you do your research. This is just my experience. *EDITED* After calling again, now 4 weeks after the appointment, they still do not have results for the Fungal Culture that was suggested to be administered. They said the culture came in but has not been looked at by the Doctor. I've no idea if my cat actually has ringworm (they can't diagnose the problem without actually performing a test, I get it), but if it does, it would be better to start treatment sooner than later for a contagious fungus. Reduced the star rating to one and really recommending NOT GOING HERE. Just my experience.

Alexander Pacilio

2 years ago

They are the only vet I've used since I became a dog owner. Really the only knock on them is price (even with insurance). Now, I could go to a place that is cheaper, but the quality, customer service, and medical prowess is second to none.

Lissa Schafer

2 years ago

Been going here for years

Andrew Klosterman

2 years ago

We have been taking our two dogs, Oscar and Kali, to German Village Veterinary Hospital for around 6 years. The whole staff is incredible and you can tell they have a passion for what they do. They always treat our dogs with such great care. We highly recommend taking your pets to GVVH!

Alex Finch

2 years ago

Appointment times are more of a suggestion.... they don't really care about your time since they will leave you waiting in the parking lot for 15-45mins after your appointment time.

Diana Zitter

2 years ago

They come to your car to get your pet.Very efficient and professional… Layla never comes back stressed nor anxious.. They provide excellent care of my dog and always keeps me aware of what things will cost, so no surprise bills,..

Amber Roberts

2 years ago

If I could give a negative star I would!! This is by far the worst vet! The staff have no knowledge about the pets! They make up stories as they go don’t provide any real information about the situation that brought you in! Will tell you one thing and another person will fabricate something else! They hire young uneducated individuals who I’m not sure they know the difference between dogs and cats!! Constantly apologizing for their uneducated staff but continues to hire uneducated help. Once before prescribed a medicine not knowing or checking if the prior meds would clash so I had to ask and they ended up changing the meds! It’s an absolute disaster and a waste of money!!!very unsafe!!! I have to come back within a week or two because they simply don’t do what’s right !!! I will not be coming back any more!!!

Amy Yoder

2 years ago

Was a great experience. They really made me feel less anxious bringing my nervous cat to th vet. They did a wonderful job!

Janine Roberts

2 years ago

Really kind staff and they take great care of our pets!

Mark R. Hirschfeld

2 years ago

They always go out of the way to take the very best care of our dog.

David Allan

2 years ago

We have spent thousands at this business over the last 8 years. Our dogs are both sick and they are too busy to help us. I'd avoid. It is over priced and unreliable.

Erica Cooper

2 years ago

I started my puppy here and although the level of care seems on par with any other vet, I get the sketchiest feeling from them. Every visit they find something that needs treated or something they want us to try...every single routine appointment has been around $250-$300. It just seems like they are more a retail place that wants to sell me products because that's how they make their money. There just isn't any reason for the absurd pricing, they aren't any better than the numerous other vets I've visited over my lifetime. I will be switching to somewhere else. **Edit to add - just after posting this review I received a call from an unhappy employee asking me to explain and justify my review. We discussed the various ways I felt they added extra charges -giving my dog antiacids, probiotics, calming collars, filling my dog's medication in-house vs prescription (arguing that many medications cannot be filled at pharmacies so they "didn't think of it", etc. I also explained that beyond the upselling, their prices were very high for routine things. The employee told me the veterinarian I had spoken to earlier in the day regarding a different issue they were treating my dog for was very taken aback and led me to believe I highly offended her. I tried to explain that was not the case, just a building issue I had felt with the vet itself- every visit another upcharge, another $250. Needless to say, she was not happy - I felt she was shaming me and confronting me for posting my opinion. We ended the call with her saying she would send my dog's files to me as they wouldn't want to keep a patient who was unhappy with their service. I said "okay, that sounds good" and then click - she hung up - no goodbye, just click, clearly mad. I did tell this employee that if we were in the unfortunate situation of having a very sick dog, that they may be able to provide a level of care other vets cannot, but for a healthy dog - they are just not affordable. I understand not being happy about a negative review but I felt attacked from her follow up call and now am worried that I won't receive the information I need for the current testing of my dog (or will receive inaccurate information) just based on the unprofessional manner they handled this review.

Melanie Hise

2 years ago

Amazing staff! Very caring! Easy to make appointments and directions were clear on what to do when you arrive. My family has brought our cats and dogs here for almost 30 years. We had to put our fur baby to sleep and they were very compassionate and patient. They sent a card and her paw prints. Such a special thing for us.

Rhiannon Vandelay

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dogs and cats here for a decade now. They may be a bit pricey, but they deliver the best patient care I’ve ever experienced from a vet clinic. No matter what, they do everything they can to make sure my pets get excellent treatment. I recently had an emergency when my dog had his cornea scratched, and even though they were booked they took the time to move things around and squeeze my baby in, saving me hundreds of dollars and several hours at the emergency clinic. They also have excellent Covid practices, and deliver convenient car-side service, which is great because you can relax in your car listening to the radio instead of sitting in a waiting room. The staff is always so sweet and friendly as well. A very genuine and professional clinic.

Nikki Hoffman

2 years ago

They were absolutely amazing, from the first call to inquire about availability and the possibility of getting my dog kscheduled quickly, to the nice sweet girl who met us for intake the day of appt, to the vet? calling and being so informative, and thorough.. I literally couldn’t have asked for a better experience! And to top it all— you ladies provided quality care and exceptional customer service— In such a timely fashion.. I mean, the service was provided at record speeds and that is extremely amazing that you’re able to do that without compromising the level of care the pet receives or the gentle nature in which you deal with their owners! I can’t thank you enough! You all deserve to know what a great job you’re doing! Thank you so much!

Alexandria Kalika

2 years ago

Took my cat there because they had an opening next day vs. other places who had a week wait. Showed up to their parking lot. It's weird and small and hard for more than 2 cars to get around. They come out to the car and get your pet. The stars are basically for being close to my house and the vet nurse/tech that came out to get him was awesome. Turns out there were probably reasons why they had openings. The vet tried to sell me on dental surgery without telling me how much it would cost or what it would cover. Ordering medication for my cat was a totally weird confusing process. i didn't get a prescription - I got a coupon to use their online pharmacy. Vet says she'll just have to approve my order, but I'll get it in 2 days max, according to her coworker. Ok cool. Come home, fill out more online forms. Well turns out the only shipping you can choose is "Next Business Day PM" - ok kinda weird that's the ONLY option but great, I need this fast. Trying to add my phone number so it can text me updates on my order. But it's not being accepted due to a website error. Umm... ok.... Then it says create password for your account. I didn't know I had an account as I clicked check out as guest, but whatever. Clicked on Order status. It says 'waiting for approval'. Based on how the vet said it, orders will just be approved pretty fast. And Next Business Day shipping I was forced to pay for - means that I'll still get it next day. Right? Well... I decided to call and double check. This scam of a system implies that your order will be in transit for 1 day - but it can take a vet appearantly 1-2 days to approve your order. So.... that's at least 3 days. And what the vet said earlier was obviously not true. So not only do I not have prescription, because they convinced me to order from their scam pharmacy, I paid next day shipping, that I won't get, because it will take them 1-2 days to approve an order. AND it might take EXTRA time to process an order. So I paid $19.95 (there was no choice to not pay this) for a regular mail delivery. So yeah - STAY AWAY from here unless you like waiting or it's close to your house or you like giving a random pharmacy extra money. Can't wait to see when my cat's medication ACTUALLY arrives.

Julie Azelvandre

2 years ago

Thanks for taking care of our little zoo!!!

Dennis Heban

2 years ago

Had an old dog that needed surgery. They did a great job and thought he had a renewed spot in life. He had to be put down about a month later. The DR. Was really cool and gave me some closure with my buddy of 15 years. They sent me a card with some heartfelt messages. That personal touch really meant something. Just good people.

Timothy E Diamond

2 years ago

Hopefully they become the new vet for Emma and Brody..

Heidy Rucker-Mitzki

3 years ago

This veterinary clinic is not organized. My doctor who promised a $41 credit due to a mistake on there behalf did not follow through. That doctor is now not working there and the staff is not aware. Also, when my dog was very sick last month, they could not get him in that day or the day after. They said just to take him to Med Vet and never followed up with me and I’ve been a client for three years. On top of that, we always need to wait a while in a small and stuffy room. I need a vet that I can count on and I cannot count on this one.

Tyrone Ward

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly they take care of my 2 dogs no complaints!!!!

Kim Abraham

3 years ago

Wonderful place, caring vets and staff. I've had them caring for cats and dogs. Highly recommend and be aware they do their best for pricing but they are not inexpensive. I have found them to be worth it.

Christine Cockley

3 years ago

German Village Vet Hospital is the best. They care for my two dogs like they are their own. One of my dogs is incredibly anxious, and they work so well with him. During Covid, their practices have been safe and efficient.

Alexa Spartis

3 years ago

I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences here! I got my pup in November and I’ve never had a dog younger than a year old, so all the vaccinations and processes were new to me. They talked me through each step and at every visit, the staff couldn’t have been friendlier!

lance olivan

3 years ago

I’ve been going there for over a year with my cat I had spent over $2000 in medicine and vet bills on her and when the pandemic hit I wasn’t allowed to see the vet or even go inside the building I was told that my indoor cat had to have a rabies shot by state law which was total BS I checked with the Vet board just another way to make money for them the vet said after that visit that my cat needed her teeth cleaned and she had a heart murmur I left three separate messages for the vet to call me back and talk to me about it each time the receptionist said Vet was out of town again total BS if you’re not gonna talk to me at least have the decency to tell me that so after reading a review from another disgruntled customer that went to the same vet I took their advice and went to the E. Livingston Ave. veterinary clinic turns out she didn’t have a heart murmur I could also see the vet in person and guess what he actually returns my calls and cares about me and my pet in this town I have found that that’s like patients Veterinarians are a dime a dozen don’t waste your time there or money and actually go to a vet that cares about you and your pet

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