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2 years ago

Staff is very patient and very knowledgeable. All birds look well taken care of. Overall amazing

Victoria Savarino

2 years ago

Like to go in a talk to the birds. Such cute ???? babies

Alexis Z32

2 years ago

Will be coming here for all my bird needs.

Wendy Greathouse

2 years ago

Busy. Helpful. Birds!

Mark D. Nolan

2 years ago

Every kind of bird you can imagine. All the accessories for bird cages. They sell every type of bird cage you can imagine as well. Food supplies purchase place stands natural wood purchase all different sizes fantastic selection of everything you'll ever need for your pet bird. Great staff with lots of knowledge very friendly. They hand raise all of their own birds.

Amanda Stringer

2 years ago

In a Pickle Parrot Shop is one of the nicest parrot shops I've ever been to and they have many very sweet birds for sale and adoption. I like their code of ethics and that they only abundance wean their babies. This makes their babies less cranky about food long term in my opinion and are they super sweet natured. I think this shows the level of love and care they receive. The shop also has large rooms filled with supplies, food, tree stands and toys to keep feather babies happy and entertained during the day. I highly recommend them for your bird needs whether that's for a new family member or your beloved feather child.

Arthur J Hotes Jr

2 years ago

Took my Amazon Blue Front Parrot to them for wings, nails and beak trimming. In ten minutes, my parrot was finished and they did beautiful job. Highly recommend.


2 years ago

I got a great bird from this place ita a white face cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel Edit she just died today I dont know why it's september 22 2021

PG Bluett

2 years ago

Knowledgeable staff; a wide variety of living birds to observe, nurture, and learn from; reasonably priced food & accessories; ethically sourced... Who knew that sunflower seeds in my cockatiel's food weren't good for his liver? In a Pickle Parrot Shop! (-;


2 years ago

Eleven out of ten. They're all so sweet and the birds are always fun to be around. Taking my own birds home soon :) they're all amazing and I do recommend this place <3

Sandra Ball

2 years ago

I bought a conure from you yesterday my conure was found dead this morning not in the same cage at all and now he's calling to the bottom of the cage and labored breathing he's in a room by himself in quarantine away from fragrances kitchen chemicals no noise and he's about to die

Michael Mcferren

2 years ago

Toy prices are within reason, bird prices seem VERY high compared to other bird specialty stores in the area.


2 years ago

Amazing place with many beautiful hand tamed birds. Great selection of toys, cages, and perches. Employees were super nice and helpful. Will definitely be shopping here again.

carrie waller

2 years ago

We purchased our little Kiwi (green cheek conure) from In a Pickle. First of all, the customer service was excellent. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. They truly care about their birds. Now about our Kiwi... He is amazing! They socialize the birds and it is so clear that it is done with love. He is sweet, affectionate, smart, and well behaved. My husband had no interest in a bird for a pet. He said birds were not what came to mind when you say "pet". Kiwi is now his little buddy. He snuggles with my husband when we are watching t.v. If my husband is on the tablet Kiwi is watching it with him. Thank you In a Pickle for giving us the most wonderful little guy for our family.

Ann Marie

2 years ago

We called 2 weeks ago for the Bourke Parakeets (was told they had 2). I was told to call back in a week. On that day of the call-back, they said they were not ready as the DNA test was not complete yet and they told me to call back . I asked if I should give my name to reserve one and was told no, that nobody claimed any of them yet. I called back when they told me too and the woman told me to call back the following week as the DNA test still was not complete yet. I called back on that day (which was TODAY) and was told someone came in this morning and purchased. So unprofessional! We were waiting on this bird!

Nicole Brown

2 years ago

Very expensive but staff is nice

E B Chada iv

2 years ago

I asked for a nail trim but they also trimmed there beaks and clipped there wings when i never asked for there wings to get clipped

Christa Smith

2 years ago

Wonderful people! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Willing to answer questions and help you make a good selection if you are shopping for a new friend. Their birds are friendly and lovely, likely due to good care and safe surroundings. I recommend!!

Berdeen Curtis

2 years ago

This is the best place to get a feather ask a question they know the answer all the girls as friendly as can be and the owner of the store he is awesome.

Latasha Wilford

2 years ago

My Sun Conure came from here

Jorge Rodriguez

2 years ago

Amazing ambient , very professional

deatra smith-mauldin

2 years ago

If you're looking to Adopt a Handfed babies bird, this is definitely the best place to go.. The staff is wonderful, the store is clean, cages and all.. You can even visit with your baby so he/she can get use to you.. I can't say enough!!!

Yarit Marie Mercer

2 years ago

I absolutely love this place. Recommend it to all bird lovers out there looking for that perfect parrot or finch they have them all. The mascots are the best. Pickle is there as well everyday. P.S--they wont take birds if they didn't sell them to you. Even though they're the first ones to come up as a rescue place.

Tyler Gerber

2 years ago

Loved this place, very friendly staff, friendly and chatty birds, and even a spot to play with little baby ones, definitely coming here for the bird food

Strategic Aim

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and they have everything about birds

Stacey Dowling

2 years ago

Love all the parrots!! Excellent staff

Greg White

2 years ago

Great experience ???? Thanks again for my Canary

Gacha._. Cookie

2 years ago

A truly amazing place. I got my green cheek conure from this store and even though every bird is different him and all the other birds seem to be very nice. The staff are welcoming,informational, and helpful. I highly suggest this bird shop if your searching.

Charlotte odell

2 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable and professional!were very helpful ????and their grooming prices can't be beat! They have a wide selection of absolutely everything you need for your feathered friends.

Jessica Killinger

2 years ago

This place truly is one of a kind. I just got my baby lovebird from In a Pickle and it has been a great experience. I was able to visit her until she was ready to come home so she could get used to me. Prior to her coming home, I bought all her necessary supplies including the food she was already used to and her beautiful sturdy cage (and at a discount too). I'm so happy with this experience and will bring the baby in regularly for grooming!

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