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Barbara D'Onofrio

2 years ago

We are in the process of adopting our 4th Dane fr H.H. and have had Danes for 45 years. The first ones were fr breeders, the remainder were rescues. As repeat adopter Dale and her staff have been great to work with and are great as a …

Wendi B

2 years ago

We adopted a Dane from Harlequin Haven about a year ago. The rescue was great to work with. They really love the dogs in their care. As any rescue they are very through before adopting. We have several questions about the care if our Dane since adopting and they are always willing to talk with us!

Norma Kirkpatrick

2 years ago

We adopted our girl, Lizzie, from Harlequin Haven in 2011. She had been abandoned on a country road and was emaciated by the time she was found. HHGDR did an amazing job bringing her back to health. Their adoption process was stringent, but they never were, in any way, unreasonable. They even sent someone out to our home to make sure it was acceptable. I welcomed all of their efforts. Most of the Danes available for adoption have already been traumatized. The rescue is being conscientious in making sure they are placed in the best possible home. Dale was supportive throughout our girl's life. Sadly, Lizzie died of bone cancer in August of 2019. She was 10 years old. I can't say enough good things about HHGDR.

Rebecca Boyle

2 years ago

We applied to adopt a Dane with Harlequin haven, as we have been involved in rescue and foster for years, and currently have a blind and deaf double Merle rescue Dane. We were denied, as they requested every record, for every dog, alive and deceased, from the last 5 years from our vet. Our vet responded that they keep paper records, and can’t send every visit record, as we have, and have had, many dogs that have come in for frequent visits for chronic Medical issues (cancer, heart failure, masses, dentals) but my vet wrote a letter about us as pet parents, and offered to send current records and speak on the phone to answer any and all questions. At this time, we were automatically denied, and they stated they asked “the bare minimum”. Despite the fact that our dogs aren’t ever home alone for more than a few hours, they sleep in our bed, or wherever else in the home they prefer, get regular vet care, have a large ranch-style home to run around in, and a third of an acre fenced yard. We make over 200,0000 combined income, and have spent 12,000+ on one of our dogs who required chemotherapy with MedVet, and is thriving after treatment. But clearly, we were not fit. If you have a Dane to surrender for medical needs, inability to care, situation change-whatever it is- find ANY other rescue, as it appears this one won’t place dogs, even with very fit homes. Even after the admin from the rescue group we work with sent an extensive email, describing why we are a good home, we were ignored. Not long after, we found a Dane in need at a humane society, where after hearing what our vet had to say, that allowed us to adopt on-site, and waived the fee, for us to get the dog neutered when in better condition, with our vet. He was so neglected, and had come so far in such little time with daily home cooked meals of chicken, beef, carrot, potato, egg, coconut oil, probiotics, and oats. My whole life is devoted to loving, rescuing, and caring for these dogs. We have even chosen to not have children, so we can rescue and help more dogs, because that is our passion. But- they wouldn’t give us the time of day.

Greg Schmiesing

3 years ago

Just got off the phone with this rescue. I am a veterinarian with a client wishing to adopt. Our client is an exceptional pet owner who has owned previous Great Danes and deaf Dalmations, and by all measures (except this rescue's), is a good man. The rescue declined him for "blatantly lying" 6 times on his application, but would not explain to either him or me. They had never checked with us as a reference before declining him and would not accept his or our documentation of his dogs' care. Their response included quotes and false accusations about lying, and they responded to his respectful e-mail replies and my respectful and professional phone call with rudeness. I suspected possible discrimination, but after reading other reviews, it appears this is just their modus operandi. Steer clear.

Thomas Enderton

3 years ago

So I have been wanting a Great Dane for a while but these people want way to much information, driver license numbers, past addresses pretty much everything you need to steal someone identity!! I didn’t give this much information buying a …

S. A. Cummins

3 years ago

We have adopted our 3 wonderful Danes from HHGDR. They have the best interest for the Danes getting into a home that will take the best care of them. Too many people jump into getting a dane without thinking of the work, care, love and …


3 years ago

Very well run organization, really check you out to make sure you will care for the adoptive animal. I would not want to adopt from any organization that would not make sure their animals were only going to the best homes. Very professional. All the volunteers we met were amazing. All the animals were well cared for, we were impressed with their group of caring people you could see their love for dogs. A+ GROUP

Ginger Hardy

3 years ago

I have adopted two dogs from here. These people are amazing! Always available for questions and willing to help in any way. If you read about each of these dogs they have and the extent they go to to bring them back to health you would know they are non profit. They spend thousands of dollars on their animals. They are very strict for a reason and if you don’t make the cut, you are the ones on here trashing them. The best rescue around as they truly care about the dogs.

Danielle McGee

3 years ago

How do I delete my review?

Brittany Lyerly

3 years ago

This is a wonderful place and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to adopt. These dogs are very well cared for and every action possible is taken to help rehabilitate these dogs. We had to return a puppy we purchased to her breeder due to her being sick and we ran out of funds while treating her. We just wanted what was best for our baby!! We ended up getting a phone call from the rescue who informed us that her breeder dropped her off there. The rescue has kept me updated throughout the process even when they didn’t have too and I know we will forever be grateful of that and the fact they are doing what they can for our sweet girl.

Brittany Davis

3 years ago

Was thinking about contacting this place and the owners responses are Not professional at all! Sounds like a horrible horrible place to adopt or try to adopt from. Poor dogs …

Andrew Frede

4 years ago

The woman who answered the phone is rude and cold. Not only did she have my wife in tears with the things she was saying, she ended the conversation by hanging up on her and not answering any questions we had. I will never use this establishment for any rescue and am appalled at how they treat people.


4 years ago

The lady on the phone is really rude for no reason at all. I personally feel bad for all the dogs here. Do not bring your dog look for somewhere better!

Nacho Libre

4 years ago

I wish I would have checked all the terrible reviews before I contacted this place. The majority of the animals I’ve had in my adult life have been rescues, and this was by far the worst organization to work with. I was treated like I was …

Matt Stewart

4 years ago

This place if a Dane is available you have to be within their area in order to qualify. They are in Ohio and I'm in Indiana and they would not allow me to pick up one of the dogs. I got my rescue in SOUTH CAROLINA AND DROVE 10 HOURS TO PICK …

Heather McManes

4 years ago

This rescue is the best I have worked with. Got two amazing danes from here. They even offered council when I was struggling with the most recent adoption. Although they have strict guidelines for adoption, I now realize that they have …

Gina Crain

4 years ago

We adopted our sweet beautiful Great Dane from here. They have strict policies, but they’re there for a reason. They want nothing but the best for the dogs they’re adopting out. Highly recommend.

Cissy Mac

4 years ago

Never been to this place. Was interested in looking to get a rescue great dane, but after all these terrible reviews never mind. Wow

Tom Theodore

5 years ago

Spoke with one of the people from this rescue this evening to ask about their fencing policy. We have a 5’ 60x12’ ft area that is fenced but because it’s not attached directly to the house we would not qualify for adoption. Our dogs live …

Paul Peck

5 years ago

Not honest with people. Was told more than once they were full when they were not. Was told to have my dog put down. Asked for other rescues that might be able to help and no help was given. If someone repeatedly contacts them for help over …

Joshua J. Whittington

5 years ago

Don’t be fooled by the Khan that this is nonprofit because it’s not they make a fine profit off of this remember that before you go to them.

Erica Grooms

5 years ago

We have a Great Dane, and we were going to breed our sweet girl, but my husband and I had decided we would rather rescue! We just had a couple questions regarding all the policies to make sure we would have everything in order prior to …

Amanda Kay

5 years ago

The people that work/volunteer here should consider being as kind to other human beings as they say they are to their dogs. Nasty, nasty people who will accuse you of lying and trying to scam them. I’ll take my adoption capabilities and future donations far elsewhere.

Amanda Grace

5 years ago

They are not an actual foster based group as they claim and they board the dogs in a building. Including Ill dogs that that should otherwise be in a foster home or at a vet

Bonny Haynes

6 years ago

I was very disappointed how these people handled my application. I tried to adopt a deaf puppy as I met all the prerequisites they asked for. They argued with my vet, they even hung up on my vet at one point. They pretty much accused me of …

Janet Carleton

6 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable long time 501(c)3 dog Rescue. They really work to match the right dog with the right household and are there to support you for the life of the dog.

Jonathan Stanwyck

6 years ago

Worked with the great ladies here to get a new four-legged addition to my family. They take great care of their dogs and have a very strong vetting process for potential adopters, which helps them minimize returns. Great dogs, great people, will definitely check them out when I'm ready for my next addition.

Mary Moynihan

6 years ago

I have adapted five Great Danes from Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue over the past years. Every single one of them has been absolutely wonderful. When they said it's dog was good with cats and other animals, they were. Anytime I had a question about the dogs or about certain behaviors, I was given sound advice. It has been worth every single minute of the 10 hour round-trip to get new family members who live up to everything I was told about them. To say I'm happy is an understatement.

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Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue, Ohio, Bethel

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