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Diana Szarek

2 years ago

They do good work there. Great girls work there

Vasil Svolopoulos

2 years ago

Friendly staff, good products. I believe they have a Banfield pet hospital on site.

LickyGeng the 4th

2 years ago

Friendly staff and the reptiles actually seem happy.

Tim Woods

2 years ago

An employee was very helpful and stopped what she was doing to let my kids hold a guinea pig they were very grateful. There was also a ton of selection in the areas that we were looking and my kids were able to make their Christmas lists after doing much research at your store

Marcail Odegard

2 years ago

Wendy the manager told me to get my dog a sedative for grooming my dog because he is high entertained, so I spent the money and got it for him. I then bring him in and she claims she never said that and has no clue what I’m talking about and they they can not take my dog for his hair appointment now. My husband took off work for this appointment. I called to ask why she told me to sedate my dog and she claims I’m lying and that I’m not welcomed back at the store. Do not go here!

Geoffrey Tittyung

2 years ago

Came in and found exactly what I needed

Devil Dog

2 years ago

Have a bigger selection, then most pet store. Good staff.


2 years ago

Their grooming service is okay, but while they are usually friendly and helpful, they can sometimes lack tactfulness. Most groomers probably love dogs, but it's important to remember the people skills.

Claire Major

2 years ago

We were loyal customers at this petco for grooming. My dogs used to love their groomer. We made an appointment and were told our groomer got a new job. I said that was no problem and we would try someone new. Very unhappy with today’s experience. We had an 8am appointment. On our way there we hit some unexpected traffic. We called them and told them we would be about 10 minutes late, the lady on the phone said that was no problem. We get there and they tell us our groomer won’t groom our dog because we were too late even though we only were 12 minutes late and on the phone they said that was fine. Super rude to us, and didn’t care that we drove about 40 minutes. So I’m very upset and angry at this petco, terrible customer service. We will be going to a different groomer from now on.

Diana Dahart

2 years ago

I previously purchased all my cat food/toys/litter at Petco for years but my last (I thought) kitty passed on 4 years ago. I've now inherited 2 awesome cats as my friend and soul mate died suddenly in September. I am back at Petco now because I trust the food they sell and I appreciate the friendly and helpful service!

Jessica Anderson

2 years ago

ATTENTION FOR DOGS WITH HEALTH CONDITIONS: My dog has epilepsy that is controlled well with medication. Petco's online scheduling service does NOT ask about health conditions that would prevent your pet from getting groomed there. I scheduled my dog's appointment a month in advance, drove 45 minutes for his confirmed 8am appointment and was asked by the groomer if he had any health conditions after we arrived. When I told her that my dog has epilepsy, I was turned away to due the potential risks of him having a seizure while getting groomed. While I completely understand why a company does not want to take this risk, it was super frustrating to find out about this policy at the appointment. Please Petco, update your online scheduling questions to include questions about health conditions.

Karen Barbu

2 years ago

Tried to exchange some cat food And the cashier tried to charge me for the new ones

Nathan Roberts

2 years ago

Love love love this place!

Collin Fenwick

2 years ago

Wendy's customer service in grooming is by far the worst I’ve ever experienced

Josh Keezer

2 years ago

Nice experiences and a few good sales events that I've seen so far.


2 years ago

Best that my Furbaby has ever smelled n felt silky n nails lovely! Sweet staff.

Mikemike 420

2 years ago

They had what we needed and is a nice place

Erecia Hepburn

2 years ago

Didn't have what I needed.

Chris Binkley

2 years ago

Clean store, has what I am looking for.


2 years ago

Called there several times for help. Someone picked up then hung up. Every time. Terrible service

Tabatha Schmittou (Mrs. Munster)

2 years ago

They need more knowledgeable staff. I asked what fish I could put together and they literally ended up killing each other. I had my pea puffer switched out 3 times because the fish they said to put in with them.... Ate them. On top of that, they have 3 very stressed out tarantulas that I would like to take but I would not spend what they are asking for them to possibly just have them die. They all have bald abdomens and this has literally occured within a month and a half (at most). Calling MDARD tomorrow.

Tabatha Munster

2 years ago

Horrible conditions for many of their small animals and tarantulas. 3 tarantulas with bald abdomens.

Kendra Spears

2 years ago

Two employees were rude and obviously disliked their job. Shame on them.

Debra Klute

2 years ago

I lost my receipt for a kennel I bought. They said they couldnt locate it because of a change on your software. So now I have a 135.00 gift card. I do not have a pet. The dog I tried to adopt didt work out. That's why I wanted to return. I have not been in a business that couldnt locate a receipt. I am very upset by this.

Marshall Averill

2 years ago

We go here for our doggie grooming needs. Our pup is a little emotional at times and Brittany always makes sure that he feels right at home.

Mandy Brothers

2 years ago

I took my two Papillion's to this location today. The people working there were EXTREMELY rude. Both people that I dealt with. If I acted the way they did I would be FIRED from my job. They were NOT even friendly towards the puppies. People like that make me sick. I WILL NOT do business here again!

Mary Tendorf

2 years ago

I feel they are expensive.

T. Williams

2 years ago

3 stars this time! It's a smaller store then say Allen Park. They are often out of various colored gravel. Unsuccessful trip ☹ Had to settle for $Tree stones!

Rachel A

2 years ago

I was excited to use my 25 percent off coupon for my cat food. But I was kinda bummed they took the coupon off the original price not the sales price. Basically it wasn't much of a coupon at that point. Also the guinea pig supplies was very low. I won't shop if I didn't have a coupon. It is very pricy.

Dean Hellerud

2 years ago

The effects of the pandemic are very visible but they are making it good for all that walk through the doors I miss seeing the adoptable pets

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