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ming tai

2 years ago

Dr. Smith was patient and explained my dog's condition and his recommendation in great detail.

Eric Mjcbael

2 years ago

John is one of the best! 40+ years he has cared for my dogs! Through just about everything!!!

Bridget Keck

2 years ago

My dog is doing so much dog pasiley say bark bark..I'm feeling better.Dr Smith rocks!

Sissy Howard

3 years ago

We Love the “LOVE and SPECIAL CARE” Dr John and his staff ALWAYS give our Fur Babies, and especially the fact he not pushing drugs but rather encourages alternative health care...

Lauren Sherick

3 years ago

We love this place! Dr. Smith is honest, smart, thinks out of the box, and great with our dog. The staff is also amazing, because my pet is not easy to deal with, and they are wonderful with him - he trusts them. They are all kind, and caring. They spend a lot of time with us, we never feel rushed, and they explain everything. Very responsive. Highly recommend!

Barbara Melvin

3 years ago

My elderly golden retriever was losing the use of his back legs. Dr. Smith put him on a diet, prescribed supplements, and now he's enjoying life again at nearly 13. I totally recommend Petcare.

julia loar

4 years ago

I have an older dog that was in terrible condition. Her gut health was a mess among other things. I'm convinced she would not still be here if it weren't for the combination of traditional & holistic treatment that Dr. Smith and staff provided. Ive had her back a few times now for various conditions in part due to her age. She makes a remarkable return to her new old age normal. I highly recommend.

Marcia Mardis

4 years ago

Dr. John helped my dog live a long and active life—with a heart condition. He is brilliant and makes the best use of traditional and alternative medicine. Recommend.

Luanne C

4 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Smith with all of my animals for at least 13 years. He is a very caring and professional vet.

Kristin Montiel

4 years ago

Very professional and compassionate care by all. Best vet I've ever had. I've brought all my pets to Dr. Smith for 20 + years and would never go anywhere else.


4 years ago

Excellent vet. Our dog has hypothyroidism and she's been able to live a healthy and normal life thanks to the care she's received here from Dr. Smith. Definitely recommend taking your pets here for quality, holistic and traditional medical care.

Debbie Green

5 years ago

I’d rather give Petcare ZERO stars, if I could. I had a very unsuccessful and expensive series of visits to solve my two dogs’ skin issues there. It took Dr. Smith 3 weeks to identify a Yeast Infection that he should have diagnosed in the office and he completely failed to diagnose both Giardia and Mange in my dogs. The Mange was the final straw as both my husband and I were infested by the mites and ended up itching all over and having to use a topical pesticide on ourselves. The dogs have been miserable for 3 months. All this pain, suffering and energy draining treatment was added to $2,000 worth of vet bills. (I'm disputing these and will probably prevail.) This vet tried to blame the sores and loss of hair on my two dogs on food allergies. So, he did a blood allergy test for foods on one dog and the results said my dog could only eat 8 foods (25 on the no eat list). That was an almost $300 test. I started feeding both dogs a very restricted and labor intensive homemade diet and a ton of expensive supplements. (I later learned this kind of allergy test is terribly inaccurate with lots of false positives). Meanwhile, I waited for results of another almost $300 test. Results were supposed to come in 14 days later. Either they forgot or the lab made a mistake and I didn't get the results for 3 weeks. It was a yeast infection. This could have been determined in the office! Actually, when I first went in, Dr. Smith called in a tech and told her, "Smell that?" explaining it was an infection. What he should have known was that the smell was yeast! It's a very distinctive smell. So then he tells me to eliminate grains and sugar from their diet. I tried that and the sores got worse. I brought the dogs back in for more skin sores and worsening itching. I had to have them in cones, sweatshirts and booties to keep them from scratching themselves bloody. So then, Dr. Smith DIDN'T EVEN LOOK at my other dog's new sores and ordered a blood allergy test on her. Then I started googling and figured the problem was Mange. Two weeks later, I took the dogs into Ann Arbor Animal Hospital and Dr. Clark immediately diagnosed them with Mange when she entered the room! She started combing my one dog near the scabby sore and the hair fell out in clumps! Dr. Clark tested for Mange right then and found the dogs were crawling in mites! She also discovered they had Giardia. Later, she told me, she wasn't sure she could handle such a complicated case. She has been amazing, covering every possible aspect of their multiple problems and showing compassion for both dogs. A few people I told this story to, said if it had been them, with the effort and expense of that experience, they would have had to put their dogs down. This horrifies me to think that would be necessary for some people. Please do not choose that option. Choose a different vet instead. Dr. Smith may understand the use of supplements, but he is supposed to be a licensed vet and should not ignore diseases!

Joe Derdelakos

5 years ago

Dr. Smith takes the time to discover the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms, a rarity in the vet world.

Darin Stockdill

5 years ago

I have two dogs cared for by Dr. Smith for over the past 18 years. Both dogs ended up having to be euthanized there, and I was really appreciative and moved by their professionalism, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Smith and his staff are top notch.

Cleo Parker

5 years ago

Dr Smith cares about pets and can help get to the cause instead of treating just symptoms

Andrea Elise

6 years ago

So happy to have found this vet. The staff was friendly and helpful. The doctor answered all of my questions and was extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. My search for a great veterinarian is over!

Christopher Clough

6 years ago

This is the best vet I've ever been too. Great, friendly staff. The is never a wait. The doc is very kind and knowledgeable about alternative practices. My pups love going there and they are afraid of other vet offices.

Amy Joy Keskitalo

7 years ago

This was the first and last time I will ever go to this veterinarian. I work as an assistant and brought my employer's dog to this clinic as her previous assistant brought him there before. It was a horrible mistake on my part. The staff was helpful and courteous, I wish I could say the same for the actual veterinarian. I would tell you his name only he didn't introduce himself and came into the exam room with a brash and arrogant demeanor. During the process he didn't listen that Max dealt with anxiety and forcibly held him down. There was no coaxing or comfort which was explicitly needed in Max's case. The vet yelled at the technician unprofessionally and embarrassed her in front of me. I had brought Max in for a simple ear infection, and somehow ended up with him muzzled, held down by three people, and then vet swabbed the wrong ear. Poor Max was scared to death and had to suffer through that when it's hard for him to even walk into the exam room. Please do not take your animals here. I recommend Dr. Forbes at Compassionate Animal Clinic in Ann Arbor and also the veterinarians of Cahill Animal Hospital in Flat Rock.

Mary Gillis

7 years ago

This vet saved our dog's life by uncovering the source of his skin rashes and bloody ears--food allergies! So grateful to have found them. Both our dogs are happy and healthy now!

Jeff Slag

8 years ago

Doc and the ladies have taken care of my kids for 20 plus years with loving care and I trust them. I like their approach in vetrenarian care. I was somewhat lazy in deciding to make Bo's food but after watching him eat it and noticing a ceronic ear problem disappear shortly after starting to cook his food it has been well worth it. I always recommend these folks to pet owners I run into.

Eleonora Manuel

10 years ago

Great vet and staff, always recommends natural remedies before prescribing unnecessary medications. I never have to wait, they are always ready for us when we arrive. Highly recommended!

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