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Tracy Manchester

2 years ago

Really good shelter/rescue. Very friendly people. Where we got our fur baby! Military friendly as well

Alex Perez

2 years ago

Amazing place, run by amazing people. Dawn a sweet soul that truly loves all creatures of any size, and her team as well. If you are looking to adopt a fur baby look no further than here!

Michael Smith

2 years ago

We adopted Lamb Chop, our poodle mix from Black dog Club. Ms Dawn was very responsive and allowed us to spend time with him so that we were sure he was a good fit for our family. All the employees there were very friendly and you could tell they all cared about the many dogs there.

Kim Russell

2 years ago

An amazing Rescue. We got our Farrah here and she is just perfect. She is a great new addition to our family.

Jason B

2 years ago

Ted's transmission is the best..

Florindo Alpina

2 years ago

Very compassionate about animals. Such a kind hearted organization, we need more like this! Went to get an all white puppy about a year ago,and left with TWO very loving doggies. Got an all white rat terrier and a black lab mix with white paws. If you need or want a fur baby, please stop by here first!

Kenneth Brown

2 years ago

I am very happy with my experience with Dawn and The Black Dog Club. The entire staff treated me like family and the facility is very clean. I highly recommend this shelter to apopt your new fur baby.

Shannon C. Lucas

2 years ago

Amazing organization doing amazing things for all the seemingly unloved strays in the surrounding area!! They helped us match with a dog who needed a forever home, and we are blessed!

Jonathan Day

2 years ago

Great rescue, owner doesn't interact too well with volunteers and she is the one who coordinates adoption and they aren't always aware

Lyon McCandless

2 years ago

Blackdog Club is a dog oasis. Dawn and her team have created a fun place for all sorts of animals to await their forever home. The team was super nice to humans and especially nice to their animals so all the dogs are well loved while they are there. Because it's not a typical shelter, the dogs get to enjoy lots of yard time and socialization so my favorite thing about this place is how well-adjusted a lot of the dogs seemed. We adopted a dog named Charlie and he fit in to our home soooo perfectly and so quickly, it was amazing. We think a HUGE part of that is the Blackdog Club's loving, fun environment. Thank you so much!

Dee Farmer

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful working with Black Dog Club! Dawn Herrin is great to work with. She and her staff take such good care of the animals they have. And the have all types of animals. A good array of dogs but not just dogs, they have cats, chickens, horses and other types of animals. We adopted a small dog that we have just fallen in love with. He is so well mannered even though it's believed he was a totally outside dog. He has, do far, city very well with being inside. I would recommend Black Dog Club to anyone looking to adopt an animal!!!

Richard Keith Forsythe

3 years ago

Great animal rescue. Great people making a difference. We aopted Jackson on 12/14/2018 and love her.

Shimer Gradus

3 years ago

Amazing organization. Love my fur baby!!!!!

Tara Knapp

3 years ago

I've never been to this place I've never even heard of them however they were charging my credit card a reoccurring charge of $29.99 every month I called them multiple times to try to get them to stop I eventually had to report fraud to my bank and now I have to wait 10 days to get my new cards which is fantastic cuz it's Christmas shopping time

Tony Cottle

3 years ago

We are very happy with our new puppy. Dawn from the Black Dog Club was nice but provided us with confusing, and somewhat misleading information. I would not choose Black Dog Club for finding another pet.

Nikole White

3 years ago

I had been looking to adopt a puppy for quite sometime, but found it difficult to get in touch with some of the local rescues in Raleigh. I came across Blackdog Club on petfinder and sent an email regarding a puppy I was interested in. Dawn emailed me the same day and just a little over a week later I now have a new fur baby! She was very kind, professional and all of the animals at her rescue were friendly and very well taken care of. I cannot thank Dawn and her team enough!!

Neil K

3 years ago

Always a great experience , if you are looking to rescue a loving pup in need of a good home please take the time to visit them , They have many sweet dogs that need a good Mommy and Daddy ????

Mocking Bird

3 years ago

The Google directions take you to the wrong location. Turn left on polenta drive not at the housing complex. Drive until you see freedom drive and turn left there. The rescue is a mile or so down freedom on the left side. Save yourself some time.

Laura Trommer

3 years ago

Dawn and her team are fantastic; I love what they are doing and how they are doing it. It is evident that the animals here are well taken care of. We saw veterinarians on site. The adoption process was thorough and purposeful. We drove three hours to adopt our little Zoey (formerly Hershey) and would do it again! Thanks guys!

Kenneth Corcoran

3 years ago

Perfect pup that we were looking for. Responded to email and comments on Petfinder. Relaxed facility. Helpful. Very detailed in puppy care prior to adoption, and what's expected, after.

Kelly Karius

3 years ago

We just got our sweet pup from the BDC. The facility was clean and everyone very professional. They really love each and every animal and are so sweet and caring. We drove an hour to go here because it is just worth the drive! Couldn't be more pleased.

Katy Filger

3 years ago

Although I have never actually been to this place, I had emailed I believe Dawn back and forth a few times. She told me twice she would call me about the puppy I was interested in and I was very hopeful about it because she was being so responsive with me. She told me she would not be available to be adopted for a few days because she had gotten a cold and wanted to make sure it was completely gone before she was adopted. I was totally okay with that. I called and left a voice mail with my name and number because she never called. Then she emailed and said she would call in about 20 minutes and never did. So I emailed her the next day and still didn’t have an answer. I called about 2 hours later finally getting an answer only to hear she had been adopted though I was told she wasn’t able to be adopted for a few days. I was very disappointed and annoyed. I would’ve at least appreciated a call to say she was adopted and given the right information about this puppy:/ (edit to response) I had no problem with the drive nor hours of your rescue shelter. You told me she would NOT be available to adopt for a few more days so I asked when she would be ready to adopt. What I was most upset about was that you said you would call me about her and that she was able to be adopted that day. Then I call because you never did and say she was adopted the day you told me she wasn’t ready.

Elisabeth Ramsey

3 years ago

I love my sweet boy Tigger. I'm so glad I made the decision to adopt and from an amazing place as well.

Connor Paez

3 years ago

the CUTEST place in the WORLD i did not want to leave they were so CUTE i love dogs so much but sad story my dog Gracie she passed 2-3 months ago

Carly McConville

3 years ago

Wonderful adoption agency and community! We love our pup! Reasonable adoption fee and they took care of neutering. Cannot say enough good things about Blackdog Club!

Alyssa Marvin

3 years ago

My fiancé and I adopted a dog (our first ever) from here in late June. Dawn was friendly, as were the others at the shelter and they were happy to adopt Britney to me. The dog was very anxious as expected when we first got her home and we allowed her to just relax in/out of her crate. Almost three weeks we realized that she truly does not like being crated- for any period of time or for any reason. She wouldn’t sleep in her crate, we would wake up and she be standing on all fours ready to get out. We decide to allow her some freedom and put her into our guest bathroom so she would have space and not feel confined. She was in there MAYBE 4 hours. She ate into pieces of the wall, the molding and the door in her attempt to get out. She destroyed a metal laundry basket in the process and tore apart the shower curtain. I sent an email to Dawn that night asking for advice or direction of best proceeding with the dog- no response at all. We looked into training and assistance which was going to cost over $1000 for one program for the dog to be trained. The last day we had Britney with us, I put her in her crate at 1:30pm since I had to head back to work and she would be home alone otherwise- we didn’t want her getting into anything. I came home by 6:20pm to let her out and she had not only moved the crate from the corner of the room to the middle of the room- but had torn up the entire piece of carpet in the back room. While still locked in her crate mind you!! I went back through my paperwork to find Dawn’s number and let her know under no circumstances could we keep the dog and she had to be returned. Her only response was “well I’m sorry it didn’t work out” Part of my frustration with leaving this review was going into this adoption I had told Dawn this would be our first dog; she should have advised that Britney was not the ideal dog for my adopting situation. It took another volunteer of BDC to honestly give me the abuse details of her past and how badly she had been beaten and treated. Oh, and to tell me she hated her crate when they first got her. This is all very important information that a dog with Britney’s past should be shared. Another part of my frustration is that I see they’re charging another $350 to adopt her (my fee was NEVER refunded) We didn’t return her because we didn’t want to give her a forever home- we were not equipped with the entire history of Britney to have the time and resources she really needs to thrive on a home. We wouldn’t have adopted her if we had been given her entire history and her needs.

Hannah Holler

4 years ago

We adopted from the Blackdog Club about 2 months ago and I can’t thank them enough for giving us such an amazing addition to our family. Dawn is so friendly and the volunteers are awesome! You can tell they truly care about the babies they rescue and I recommend anyone looking for another dog addition to come to them!


4 years ago


Andrea Williams

4 years ago

This is what I gave this club because the website is not working and when I called the person was not friendly.

Wilkins Perez

6 years ago

This is an amazing sanctuary for pets that need a chance, to love and happiness.

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