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Lilo Bayer

2 years ago

I have had dogs pretty much all of my Life. For the past 20 years I made sure, that I adopted a dog and am able to give the dog a proper home ,with lots of exercise, quality training, good food and TLC. My beloved Greyhound mix passed away one year ago. I made sure, that I took enough time to go through all separation process until I was ready for a new furry family member. I found a great dog at the Gnatty branch facility in Sevierville on "Adopt a pet". I would have loved to meet her and possibly give her a new home. What I did not understand is the fact, that the dog was already at the facility, but was not available for adoption until Sunday at noon the following week, almost "first come ,first serve " philosophy. I drove out there, 2 hours before the official adoption and found 9 cars ahead of me. It is very important to make sure, that an animal finds a forever home and a checkup on a prospective dog parent is in order, but this process is way over doing it. Luckily enough I found the Sevier County Animal Rescue shelter on Dolly Parton Parkway in Sevierville that allowed me to adopt my sweet ( 1 year old girl ) 7 weeks ago .The staff is wonderful, the animals are well take care of and of course I had to fill out paperwork and they asked the right questions about my home, work schedule,etc. But it was, what it was; adopting a dog,not applying for a job with the FBI !

Diane Beyersdorfer

2 years ago

Always friendly service. We have now adopted two of the coolest cats. They are doing an awesome service to the animals in their care.

Casey Phipps

2 years ago

I’m so upset about how the staff handles adoptions. My husband and I went Sunday to look at some cats and dogs. My husband fell in love with one of the cats and the lady told us that we could come back and get her Tuesday when they opened. We got here today at 11:45 to make sure we got the kitten we fell in love with. After seeing her for a few minutes, they proceeded to tell us we could not adopt the cat because we have a one year old. Why not tell us Sunday before we came back and wasted our time to find out we couldn’t adopt her because we have a baby? SUPER UPSET. Don’t waste your time.

Stephen Keesler

2 years ago

Large selection of dogs. A very caring staff. Nice versatility.

Morgan D.

2 years ago

Oddly hostile and cramped environment.

Grant Crosby

2 years ago

SCHS did a great job with the dog that I adopted. They cared that he was going to a home that would best fit his needs and wanted to make sure that I was fully informed. Staff was very friendly and caring of the animals.

Jessica Miller

2 years ago

We wasted a lot of time just to be denied hours later in an embarrassing display at petsmart. I was misunderstood at the main shelter after asking questions about indoor/ outdoor animals, declawing and how to care for them. Again they were JUST QUESTIONS. This is my first time adopting. Instead of telling me to my face at the humane society that we would not be allowed to adopt a kitten the lady sent us to petsmart because she said the cats were moving there. Nothing was said about us being denied so we went to petsmart thinking we were going to adopt an adorable kitty named corn. When we get to petsmart the lady there says to us that the shelter called ahead and she “warned” about us, like we were horrible people looking to harm animals and she kept asking why we didn’t adopt at the shelter and didn’t believe me when I said we own our home. She said she is denying us adoption because we were denied at the shelter. I should have never been sent to petsmart and then been talked down to by staff. If the humane society wasn’t going to adopt to us we should have been told right there, not told that the kitty we fell in love with would be at another store at 3:30 and to go there. And on top to be treated so rudely at petsmart is unacceptable. When I called again I spoke with Barbra and she was the only person who was straight up with me that they were concerned because we have a small child. So it took talking to three people to get the truth. Won’t ever go here again.

Robert Bilsky

2 years ago

We had an extremely disappointing experience with this organization. Their process for vetting potential pet owners is based on whomever has the first $400 adoption fee. We observed a dog cowering in a corner from its prospective owners and the staff person did nothing to intervene. In spite of this, these were the people who were approved to adopt the animal. The entire process is an exercise in frustration and exasperation. The place is in the middle of nowhere and is extremely hard to find. GPS will get you close, but won't take you there. We arrived at around 9 AM and had to wait at a gate for three hours which opened at noon. There are no restrooms at the gate. There is no cell phone reception. A staff person joked that experienced people who have been there before have been known to bring a bucket with them to relieve themselves while waiting for the gates to open. Once the gates were opened, we had to travel another half-mile to the facility. Parking is tight and inadequate. There was one small dog that several people were there to see. The policy of first come first served is unfair to the creature being adopted. A credible organization would carefully interview all applicants and select the best qualified, especially for the benefit of the animal being adopted. Not here. They are clearly interested only in getting their animals out of the facility and collecting their $400 fee. If you're interested in adopting from this place you need to arrive very early, be first in line and be prepared to wait several hours. Otherwise it's a complete waste of your time. We will not return to place.

Kimberlie Babb

2 years ago

Us and our friends both adopted puppies 2 and 3 weeks ago, they both have parasites and respiratory infections, my other 2 dogs have also gotten sick now... be aware and take yours to the vet asap. They told us he was just a lazy puppy that liked to sleep a lot... sneezing coughing and green mucus is not a sleepy puppy... :( dont know if I would trust them again...

Tier Correll

2 years ago

Got cat. Good cat. She runs the house now though. Thinks she owns the place

Jackie Olmstead

2 years ago

The staff is absolutely wonderful so nice and helpful if your looking for a new family member please adopt don't shop . Please go see these wonderful caring people

Cortney Greer

2 years ago

The staff goes above and beyond to make sure you as well as the animals are happy and well taken care of. I've never left a review for any company or product before but with such outstanding service from the staff I couldn't help but. Thank you!

Christy Curry

2 years ago

Wish I could get them all...or provide them with NEW facility..hopefully Dolly will one day soon!

Adam Childers

2 years ago

Recently adopted a puppy from the Sevier County Humane Society. All the workers there were very pleasant and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend people here, very professional.

Cassandra Hill

2 years ago

Wonderful people who love animals

Ronnie Newman

2 years ago

One of the cleanest and we'll managed shelters I've ever been to.

robert parcell

2 years ago

Staff here is very caring. They really show you how much they love their job.

Janice Menduni

2 years ago

We Adopted her sweet little Riley four weeks ago. He is the healthiest puppy we’ve ever had and the new love in our life.

john d

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful. Since I was coming from out of town and adopting while I couldn't have another dog where I was staying, they let Jake (adopted dog) stay there until I could take him home.

Beverly Dodgin

2 years ago

Got the baby I wanted! He's such a sweet ❤️

Dayton's Channel

2 years ago

I had a terrible experience there! My 80 yr old ex mother in law and I were there to purchase a dog we were first in line and the manager Barbara Black treated us terrible. She was the rudest woman I've come across in a long time! I will never go back there.

Ashley Walker

2 years ago

Place was nasty and unclean

Rebecca Foster

2 years ago

I adopted my precious baby back in December but still think so positively all this time later about my adoption experience. The woman facilitating the adoption was very clear about expectations and made herself readily available with seamless communication. She even made herself available for me to pick up my baby at a time that worked easier with my work schedule. The process was seamless, I got all the paperwork I needed, and most importantly, I have my best friend in the entire world. I really love this shelter and had a very positive and seamless adoption experience. They are a trustworthy and well run organization.

Paula Boone

2 years ago

Got a older dog sweet girl for my grandbaby looked at a couple made sure was gentle and sweet for her and they made sure she worked with us as well as us with her thank you for helping us add to are family

Justin Wooten

2 years ago

I drove with my mother from Chattanooga to Pigeon Forge because she wanted to adopt a kitten. It took over 2 hours to get there. As soon as we arrived we were stopped and asked if we lived together, we assumed it was a COVID19 safety issue and just answered yes. We were told we couldn't adopt because we, my wife and I, have children. Just flat out no. Turned my mom away and she was heart broken! All because my wife and myself tagged along with our youngest son. At least they let us use the restroom that's the only reason they have a star. Horrible experience!

Chasity Green

2 years ago

Personally feel they're to eager to rid their facility of animals. I understand there's a lot that find their way there, but when I've gone, I've seen them allow people to adopt an animal that was clearly uncomfortable. Dogs with their tails between their legs or even trying hard to stay on the other side of the fenced area to stay away from the potential adopter. Again, I get that most animals placed in that situation are uncomfortable to begin with, but when it comes to the dog being uncomfortable around a child, it could lead to the animal lashing out and then the dog getting put down. I wish they were better at choosing fitted homes for these animals.

B J Thomson

2 years ago

Great place! I didn't get the dog I went for. Get there early if you want a specific animal.

Holly Jones

2 years ago

Almost 200 to adopt a kitten? Outrageous


2 years ago

I worked here 2019-2020 and I also have adopted from here. I am mortified by some of the one star reviews. Let me be very clear. The staff pays very close attention to people who want to adopt. After all, they have been taking care of your potential fur baby, since the day that animal came to the shelter. Each and every staff member has a great deal of empathy for the animals. So with that said… If you are there to adopt and your application is denied it is not because they don’t “like” you... it is because you don’t meet the requirements to adopt AT THAT TIME (meaning you didn’t come prepared) and/or they don’t see a long term match. And that could be for a variety of reasons. My advice to you is to be fully prepared before driving up that driveway. Before making the trip and sitting at the gate waiting for the gates to open. Know that you will be thoroughly scrutinized, and that is for the sake of the animals they love. The shelters main objective is to find forever families for the animals who are homeless, but they’ve got to be certain you’re in it for the life of the pet.

Michael Collins

2 years ago

Great people that care about animals. They made sure everything was perfect before we left we my dad in laws new dog.

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