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Marie Liebelt

2 years ago

Excellent rescue.helpful staff.very clean environment.Animals were well taken care of

Christyne Stubenhofer

2 years ago

This place is easy to find once you have been there. It says take first right after turning off of Edward Mills Rd. We'll there is a right turn immediately as you turn. Wrong. It is actually 3 or 4 driveways down if you count the drive you see immediately to your right as you are turning.. There is no visible sign for it from the street but there is a big red sign out front for the main business in the little plaza. Turn in and it is the last place, on the right, on the corner. The staff there are awesome and help 100% I think of reasons to go there just to see the few dogs and a lot of cats. The place is pleasant to to just to just walk into. I know it's busy there but they always make you feel like they have nothing but time to talk to you. The place is beautifully kept even though there are piles of donations like food, blankets, leashes and so much more. A great place to adopt your next cat or dog. Stoop in and pick one out. You will feel the satisfaction in your heart.

Yu Miao

2 years ago

People there are extremely responsible for the lovable cats and dogs. They are very nice. Places are clean, quiet and beautiful. Will definitely come back later with my friends❤️

Dan Danielsson

2 years ago

Plan to be denied if you mention your cat "might" go outdoors. They have a strict policy of "indoor only" cat adoptions and will deny you for that alone. I've had indoor/outdoor cats all my life without any issues and it was very disappointing to pick out a cat on their website that was just about love at first sight for my family, only to be denied for mentioning he might go outdoors. Need to post something on their website saying indoor only!!! Very disappointed!

Francisca Segundo

2 years ago

I went to go leave my dog because i couldnt financially support her and the workers there were very nice and they looked trustworthy, and they kept me updated thru her journey to get adopted, very thankful for them! :)

Laura Zehr

2 years ago

Maddie was adopted by me a little over a year ago. The people at Second Chance thoughtfully paired Maddie and myself. She is happy here, and she gives me a lot of companionship and joy.

Gary Meyer

2 years ago

Had a wonderful experience here adopting an adorable cat!

Max Overman

2 years ago

Adopted two kittens and they are wonderful additions to our family. The adoption staff were very helpful, and the foster mom had done an excellent job in caring for and socializing the litter of kittens. Very thankful for Second Chance and all that they do for rescue dogs and cats.

Terilyn Demarsi

2 years ago

Though it was several years ago I still have fond memories of the dog I adopted through Second Chance. I called our new addition to our family Trooper, Small Yorkie. Second Chance was amazing working with. It was a very pleasant experience with the adoption. Highly recommend.

Joyce Sieben

2 years ago

I just came back home from Second Chance because our little 5yo who has special needs didn't get used to Binky and Nimbus! Unfortunately, we had to return them but we are heartbroken! They are really fantastic cats, Binky is super curious and Nimbus is sweet and loves a snuggle after he warms up to you. We are sponsoring them, we already paid for them so you just have to pay them a visit & caresses! They have to be adopted together <3

Kyle Adams

2 years ago

My partner and I tried to adopt a dog from here and they turned us down because they wanted us to adopt two dogs instead.

Stacy Lundblad

2 years ago

Great organization and spectacular covid precautions. We have fostered on and off with them for 2008 after adopting our first 2 cats I. 2007. Only place I recommend!! Due to covid, staff/volunteers are slim, so applications may take a little longer to process and cat availability moves quickly. I don't expect my last 2 fosters to last the week, 2 were adopted today.

Maria Barnwell

2 years ago

I don't have any history with this agency however I have a very open space home and land. Home all day and love dogs. I would love to adopt however the adoption fee is too high.

Benjamin Williams

3 years ago

Cindy did absolutely outstanding fostering the kittens we chose to adopt. The team as a whole made the adoption process great. The facility is well maintained, it really shows that they are engaged in the well being of the animals in their care.

Richard Narron

3 years ago

The people were very courteous and quick to serve me. They made a donation to our animal rescue which is called Street dogs and Stray cats.... We are nonprofit located in Selma North Carolina at the Selma Cotton Mill market. The folks at second chance pet adoption made a sizable donation of cat litter and cat food to help us with the hoarding case that we just took on.

Nicholas Costa

3 years ago

Great mission! Best place to adopt from in the Triangle.

Leora Greenhaus

3 years ago

Adopting a cat from here, very excited. The staff seem very knowledgeable, and the cats seem happy

Kriti Rakesh (NaachMasala)

3 years ago

Lovely clean place. All animals are kept in a safe environment. There was no bad smell anywhere. Very friendly and kind staff.

Kevin Pence

3 years ago

Great rescue. Excellent facility. Caring staff. Very active in the community to advocate for the group.

Justin Abood

3 years ago

Very organized adoption agency with a strong vetting process. I was impressed. Their foster system works well too. Highly recommend using them

Jacquelyn Manson

3 years ago

Great organization. Please don't shop. Adopt. And, donate when you can.

George crofoot

3 years ago

Some of the nicest and most knolagable animal ppl in the triangle

Christine Becker (Chris)

3 years ago

This place, these people, and these pets are all amazing! I had the opportunity to take a tour of the place, and I found it to be organized and all of the animals lovingly cared for! Second Chance has been an amazing partner with our charity (FWCAC), and I couldn't be more delighted to say good things about them!

Rob Forrester

3 years ago

We are in the process of adopting this beautiful puppy. She's amazing. I give the people at Second chance all the credit. They love and care for every animal at the shelter. If you want a pet, this is the place to go. We're over the moon. Great organization.

Carlos Kolackie

3 years ago

Do not adopt from the organization! The people here do not care about their volunteers and are more focused on their reputation rather than the safety of animals. Adopt from a different organization!


4 years ago

WARNING: this is going to be long. I want to start this by saying that I don’t want to deter people from adopting from here because these beautiful animals all still need homes regardless of what happened. Enough time has passed that I’m finally writing this in hopes that this doesn’t happen to anyone else... our experience here was HORRIBLE. We were so excited going into this because we had read reviews and thought we were making the best choice. We had found a cat we really liked and I filled out an application for her. I gave it a couple days and I still hadn’t heard from anyone, so I tried to call. There is absolutely no option to talk to someone here. You leave a voicemail, and hope they get back to you. Which they didn’t. So I went in to their clinic and spoke with someone who was nice enough and mentioned that the cat I was looking at had already been adopted, but she’d reach out to the foster mom and see if we could arrange a time to meet so I could just come in on Saturday and pick up another kitty. I was disappointed but okay. It happens. I sent an email out to them about another kitten and again.... no one got back to me. So we decided we would just get there early for the Saturday adoption day and hopefully get there first for the one we wanted. (I figured that this would be the best way since no one answers here.) We got there an hour ahead of time, far before anyone else. We were led into the room of the other kitten we were interested in. Initially, going into this... we were interested in only getting one... but certainly not against bringing home two either. We voiced this and the foster mom left the room for a moment and shortly after, a worker came in and took us away and said we should look at others. Kind of surprised, we agreed to look at others but ultimately decided that the first kitten was the one. We loved his brother too, so we’d take both. Now all of the sudden we hear news that someone had made an appointment to come in and see them and we would have to wait to see if it THOSE people wanted him first! I made it clear that I had no idea that I could even make an appointment, and that if I did know, I would have done that. But how could I have done that when no one was answering me?! Not only that, but I’m here right now! They went on to tell me that two cats are expensive and a lot to take care of. Which I didn’t appreciate whatsoever. Me and my partner are well-off, so to make that assumption is uncalled for. We by no means look incapable either. So we brushed that off and they said they would contact me on Monday to tell me how it went... which they didn’t. I had someone else I know reach out to them inquire about the ones we wanted because we overall felt like they just didn’t want us to have the kittens... and they surely enough said that they were still available. Nice. Yet another bad taste in our mouth. I reached out to them after that and they said the appointment the kittens had went well. But they were all sick. So they’d have to regroup in a few weeks and reach out to everyone then. Surprise surprise.. they didn’t. We went somewhere else for our cat and it worked out for us. We love him to pieces and he’s absolutely spoiled rotten. So if you’re wondering why the kittens here sit for weeks upon weeks... this is why. SPCA were beyond pleasant to deal with as well by the way. Two stars because it’s not a kill shelter and some of the other foster moms were really nice.

michael canup

4 years ago

Take great care of animals

Kimi Donis

4 years ago

Amazing place. I adopted a kitten. Super helpful and friendly staff.

Michael Forte

4 years ago

Great staff and they took in the stray is caught but was unable to adopt myself due to extenuating circumstances. Please consider donating!

Kenann Bolton

4 years ago

Got my girl Harley Quinn from here. A wonderful group of people!

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