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2 years ago

I had an appointment with the dermatology department for my dog Bella. Scott (a 4th year Vet student) met with me outside to discuss the issue. He assured me they would evaluate and come up with a treatment plan. Within an hour, I received a call from Dr. Spriggs to discuss her findings and treatment plan going forward. When I went back to pick up Bella, they both came out to explain in detail what would be best for Bella and to answer any questions I may have had. I can not thank them enough for being so kind and caring while treating Bella. She's a very anxious dog and does not do well when her routine is disrupted.

Jody Greene

2 years ago

Worst front desk staff!! I called to get my dog in as soon as possible because of suffering from neurological problems and was an emergency. The girl at the the front desk who would not give me her name, was unhelpful and acted like I was taken up her time! She basically told me that they had to review my case and send it to other departments and then could not get in till March! Which i understand that places are busy but just the way she handled everything was unacceptable, unfriendly, and unkind! She should not work at a animal hospital if she has no sympathy for animals or people!! I’m going to take my dog elsewhere just for that reason!! I wouldn’t even give one star for customer service!!!!!!

Shanemarc Bennett

2 years ago

I would verify everything they do and make sure the thousands of dollars your going to spend will actually provide results.

Erin Golob

2 years ago

Wow, I can’t say enough good things about how amazing they are. We drove 3 hours to get our dachshund help here when she herniated a disc in her back and was losing feeling in her legs. Nobody in Richmond would even attempt to help us, but NC State went above and beyond to help. I don’t regret making the drive at all. We took her in at 8:00 on a Sunday night and the neurologist did a CT and spinal surgery on her the next morning. She is recovering well and we are so grateful!


2 years ago

The stars in this rating are for the vets, students, nurse managers and vet techs directly involved with pet care. The billing department would earn them negative stars. We took our pet the NC State CVM as he had a diagnosis requiring urgent surgery and they are one of the only ones in the region performing it that could get him in the same day. Through his surgery and stay the vets communicated very well with us which was critical as we could not be there in person due to COVID and living nearly 4 hours away. The students and vet techs communicated with us on a daily basis and even provided some pictures and video clips to show how he was doing. I commend the veterinary staff for their knowledge, professionalism and compassion. The billing department is the exact opposite. We paid our bill as we went (required for surgeries) and believed we were paid in full upon picking up our pet. A couple staff members told us we were overcharged and assured us it would be straightened our and we would likely be seeing a refund. Later we received a substantial bill and contacted them for information as to what it was for as we were paid in full. Never a response. Several months later we got a letter from the NC Dept of Justice for a delinquent bill! We immediately contacted NC State CVM and requested copies of every single record, exam, x-ray, drug, etc. along with an explanation of what the different codes meant. We got records and the billing statements via email (any phone call to the billing dept goes to voicemail) but no explanation of the codes. After disputing some of the items on the bill we were assured they would look into it and our account was "on hold" until a review was done. Nearly 3 more months passed with no communication until ANOTHER bill showed up. This time we went through the bill line by line and found the billing for hospital hours was nearly 3 days longer than he was at the facility! We emailed the billing department with our findings and also let them know we would be in contact with the NC DOJ about their practices and billing since they had opened that avenue. Within 24 hours we were called to say the billing was in error and there was a zero balance and they would be contacting the NC DOJ to clear the complaint against us. We just received a copy of the response NC State CVM sent to the NC DOJ and the reason for clearing the complaint is "write off". Never did they contact us to discuss the matter, why we were billed for nearly 3 days extra or explain anything but then declare it a "write off"! They've assured us this will not impact our credit score, if it does this will not be the end of the matter. Overall they provided us with outstanding care for our pet and I would recommend them for their veterinary skills and professionalism. At the same time I would be keeping track of everything and making sure I got a detailed bill with coding explanations before leaving.

Elena B

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about the level of care that was given to my precious dog Kloe. The entire team at the Vet School of Neurology at NC State was fantastic from the Techs who greeted us at our car to the communication I received throughout Kloe's procedures. Dr. Munoz was very thorough as she progressed through each stage of Kloe's assessment, procedures, results and after-care. Kloe is home and I'm managing her care and quality of life because of this great team. Many thanks to all of you!

Rhega Taylor

2 years ago

Excellent vet care providers. Thorough, kind, compassionate care provided to my fur baby. I highly recommend Dr. Spriggs and her team.

Michael Walkowe

2 years ago

The vets are top notch, but management on day to day operations is a joke. Pharmacy hours seem to change constantly, messages sometimes are not returned. They are not accepting cash which I suppose is understandable given the pandemic, but no one makes mention of this until it's time to pay a bill. Kind of concerning that the pharmacist would rather my pets condition worsen rather than make an exception to a policy that was not mentioned upon making the order.

Will Jones

2 years ago

The best, we have been there numerous times due to our girl having bladder cancer. This is how amazing we are she can't wait to go back. Actually drags the tech into the hospital

Becky Holleman

2 years ago

My sweet Cavalier puppy had a PDA. The staff and surgeons at NC vet school are the best you could ask for. I was given constant updates before, during and after the procedure. They called me several times to check on her as well. I’m happy to say my puppy is 100% well!

Jon Gates

2 years ago

They may be good with small animals like hamsters or guinea pigs but horses absolutely not avoid at all cost!

Marcus Hector

2 years ago

My dog was a long term client of the internal medicine department so I can only speak on that. That being said I couldn’t say enough good things about them. All of the doctors and the staff we met were amazing and showed genuine concern for my pet’s health. At every step they gave us options and were willing to work with our budget but still great care. Not sure if she is still there but Dr. Gin is amazing. It’s the vet school so the prices are going to be a bit higher than you’d want, but like I said they try really hard to work within your budget. The pharmacy team was great as well.

Ruthie Allen

2 years ago

I had a 5 month old puppy come to me that was found abandoned in a walmart parking lot, turns out she was abandoned because of a severe, life-threatening PDA heart defect. I brought her to the vet as soon as I met her and our vet recommended euthanasia, but I declined until I could find out more, knowing NC State had a cardiology team that might be able to help and made her an appointment for the next week. Then, she went into congestive heart failure 5 days after she first came to me, 4 days before the scheduled appointment they'd squeezed in for us. We brought her to NC State and the cardiology team took her in, cared for and performed surgery while she was in active heart failure. They helped me to finance everything and really did everything they could to help us, and help little Reba. There was even a counselor that came to visit and talk with me during the surgery. We mostly dealt with Dr. McManamey / Dr. Mac and Karli at the desk, both were so kind and caring. Reba will be two years old next month, totally healthy and happy. We were lucky to live within driving distance of such an incredible vet hospital with a phenomenal cardiology department. We're so grateful for the NC State cardiology team and everything they've done for us!

Sandra Newsome

2 years ago

They are wonderful, they gave us back our little Phoebe. She was admitted as very sick little Bichon, she stayed 3 days and they worked miracles on her. Nothing but rave reviews from us! Thank you to all of the students and Dr. Price.

Tyler J

2 years ago

Do not recommend this place enough. Our dog had two torn “acls “ and a Meniscus tear. We begged with the doctor for us to carry her in. The nursing aid who met us at our vehicle would not let us carry her in or carry her her self. She made my scared dog put on her leash and walk to the back of the hospital limping and crying. They have no protocol for hurt animals arriving. It is a disgusting lack of intelligence on their part. They also misdiagnosed every issue with our dog. And sent her home with an anti-inflammatory. Beware.! The girl who came to get our dog completely lacked the know how of what to do in the situation. Didn’t even act like she cared.

Va Ve

2 years ago

Great personal experience, should I say the highest level of professionalism. An integrated health care, state-of-the-art medical technology for companion, equine and farm animals.

Jody Harkey

2 years ago

Initially refused to even EXAMINE my sick bird with respiratory difficulty because an exotic vet wasn't available. Then refused to do anything other than put my pet bird in a cage with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs until morning. Referred me to one hospital that doesn't even see birds - which the hospital confirmed it had told NC State Veterinary hospital. AVIAN/ EXOTICS DEPT DOES NOT SEE EMERGENCIES AFTER 5 PM. As a fellow veterinarian, I am apalled at the lack of care for a sick avian that the hospital knew was having respiratory difficulty. Overnight "care" would easily cost hundreds of dollars, and a boarded avian/ exotic vet wouldn't be able to examine my bird until morning even if she became critical overnight.

Lorena Cortez

2 years ago

I highly recommend this animal hospital! My dachshund was extremely sick, we took her to her normal vet and they recommend us to NC State animal hospital, Dr. Mancini is an amazing doctor such as all the doctors there, and all the staff there are friendly. We knew our fur baby was in great hands. They would always keep us updated and were extremely honest with us, they made sure they ran every test necessary for Lia. She’s recovering great! I can honestly say they are one of the best!

Sarah Gates

2 years ago

Thank you so much NC State Veterinary Emergency and Surgery! I knew from the moment I arrived with my sweet kitty that he was in the BEST hands! You were very clear in your communication every step of the way and Curtis is home recovering in my lap! Special thanks to Dr. Carroll who removed the multiple hair bands that were stuck in Curtis's intestines! You all are top notch.


3 years ago

If it weren't for Dr. Gibbons and the medical records person, I would give this hospital a 0 or 1 rating. The emergency front desk staff are really, really rude. Last week, I had to take my dog here due to a cardiac emergency and I really hate I did. After spending almost $600, she is worse than when she arrived. Dr. Gibbons did a great job diagnosing and explaining her illness to me, but as far as my encounter with the front desk staff, it was not good at all. The day my pet was discharged, Dr. Gibbons informed me that one prescribed medication would not be ready and to call the next day before arriving to check to see if they completed it. The next day I called and a guy picked up. I let him know what Dr. Gibbons advised and he said, "do you know you called the emergency number? You need to call pharmacy." After letting him know I brought my dog through emergency services and this is what the doctor informed me to do, he then checked and brought the medicine out to me. As the week went on, my dogs symptoms continued to get worse so I called and asked if they could follow-up with the doctor on the medications she was prescribed because now she's having more episodes. The front desk person who answered this time was a female and she said, "What does your discharge paperwork say?" I told her that it states how much to give her and says to also call them back within a week to let them know how she is doing. She then kept saying that I needed to follow up with my dogs primary veterinarian. I told her my dogs primary vet did not prescribe the medication. After being rude, she then said she would leave a note for the doctor. After speaking to her, I called my dogs primary vet and they could not understand why I was told to ask them when their veterinarian practice was the one that prescribed the medication. My dog's primary vet informed me to call back because they couldn't answer the question. If it weren't for having to take her to this hospital because of the equipment, I would have taken her elsewhere. It's like after you pay them they don't want to be bothered. My dog still has not shown signs of improvement since being discharged and I'll wait to see if I get a follow up call but I WOULD NOT recommend this hospital to anyone if another hospital can provide the same service(s). They should keep the nurses and doctors and get rid of the front desk staff. I will consider what I paid a donation to NC State because I am most likely going to have to take her elsewhere to get answers, better customer service and follow-up. I just hate I spent sooooo much to be treated rudely and have my dog still suffer with no follow up. Please consider taking your pet elsewhere before taking it to this hospital.

Elin Newton

3 years ago

I have been to the emergency room here twice with each of my two dogs. They are very nice, thorough and knowledgeable.

driscoll augustine

3 years ago

When you pay north of $5000 for a surgery you don't expect to see your dog with a large lump on his back right along the surgical site from flinging himself around his cage. Agree with the vet probably just a bruise, but after 8 weeks of total paralysis it does get you wondering. I could even image the repercussion's if this was a post surgical spine patient that fell out of his bed onto his back. I found the staff and everyone that worked with my dog to be professional and enjoyable otherwise.


3 years ago

Referred here from my dogs primary doctor when we found out he had cancer. They were very informative about everything and kept us up to date everyday that he was there. I didnt like the idea of not being able to walk inside and be with him but they weren't at fault for that with the governors orders in play due to the virus going around. Dr. Shapiro (Oncology Department)called us first thing each morning and evening everyday to give us an update. She answered any questions we had and so much more. I couldn't have asked for better care. Between NC State Veterinarian Hospital, Dr. Myres Hospital and Lap of Love, they are the best team you could ask for! Thanks for everything.

Coupon Queen

3 years ago

This place is terrible - save your money & go elsewhere. All they care about is racking up your bill. After being completely misdiagnosed a year ago, this time the news is even worse & once again after spending $1200 they just sent our poor puppy home to die! They don’t care about your pet at all. I was told to come get him & I did & we waited an hour & a half to get him discharged!!

Cindy Comcreed

3 years ago

Can’t say enough . They saved my baby


3 years ago

Chula is here now for observation. I'll update post release.

TLG Gear

3 years ago

They get to the point but there's a lack of compassion. I got my girl out of there and back to her regular vet. They probably are good for poisonings or broken bones not for illnesses like cancer.

Thomas Williams

3 years ago

Overly sensitive staff that is not preparing students for the real world. Bring a magazine or book because your appointment time will never be met. Charge same as if it weren’t a student hospital. Meaning, they are double ripping people off. Charging the students a ridiculous tuition to work for free and charging you to wait and get semi professional service. No safe spaces in the real world, if appointment times are not met and services are sub par, you will fail as a business.

Holden Jarstfer

3 years ago

My bearded dragon, Cleo, seemed to have eye problems and they looked at her and told us that she may have scratched it. So they have us some medicine and she was 150% better in two days!!!

Zebby Rhoads

3 years ago

I'll give it a 2nd star for the emergency clinic, which has been a welcome addition to my two pet-loving decades in Raleigh. I will never ever again bring my animals here for anything but emergency services after an attending (internal medicine) decided her judgment for my animal was better than mine and that creating revenue for the NCSU Teaching Hospital was more important than allowing me to seek immediate care at another facility closer to my home for my pet (it was not a critical care moment). Over the last 5-6 years, I have unfortunately had repeated and growing reason to trust the clinics at NC State VTH less and less... and less. In addition to teaching their doctors science, they also need to beef up the interpersonal skills, professional ethics and general morality curriculum a bit.

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