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Jennifer Williams

2 years ago

We've taken our dogs here several times just for grooming and they always do a great job. Recently we had to do a few days of boarding and our pups were so happy. We added in a bath and normally dogs will smell like a kennel when you get them but they were absolutely fresh and happy!

Donna Donato

2 years ago

My dog enjoyed his time there

Cj Dunwiddie

2 years ago

I picked up my dog after 2 and a half days of boarding. His legs and stomach were dirty and his thighs were cut up, and threw up bile when he got home. $150 dollars to pick him up shaken. Will not be going there again.

Brittni Wright

2 years ago

Love everything about this place ❤️

Dell T

2 years ago

Have taken our dog here for years and always had a great experience. However, over the last year there has been so much (and constant) turnover that you don't recognize anybody working there and they don't recognize you. Further, it feels like many employees are just there for a job and paycheck and truly don't care like the past employees that treated our dogs as their own and always so friendly when we'd arrive to drop off or pick up our dog. We will NEVER use them again after our last experience. When they require you to wait outside at your car and they come bring your dog and they constantly help any car that is parked closest to the door, you will never be helped unless you go let them know. Last visit we let them know we are still waiting and nobody has helped us. Instead of a quick apology for missing us (as well as several other cars parked on the far end of the lot out by the street due to a full parking lot) the employee snapped and yelled. Not appropriate at all. As a long term customer with passes still on file, they can keep those passes and know we will never use them again and will not recommend this place again as we used to all the time. Such a shame as it once was such a great facility with some of the best employees you could ever interact with.

Janet Guettierez

2 years ago

My husband and I brought our 1 year old rescue here for a temperament test & we were less than impressed. The extremely young employee that I spoke to could barely answer any of my questions, and didn't seem to want to be there. I asked for a tour and was told that we couldn't go in the building at all, not even the lobby, even though we were masked and the employee wasn't. We chose to not leave our dog there based on those red flags, and now after seeing the other reviews I am so grateful we felt that way.

Sonia Santana

2 years ago

This place is great! My dog absolutely loves going there and is treated very well.

William Saunders

2 years ago

100% recommend. Dog diggity has been nothing but excellent. Our dog Blue goes crazy when we tell him he’s going to dog diggity in the morning. He cannot control his excitement on the car ride there and scratches at the door to get out of the car when we arrive. We’ve been taking our dog here for over a year and the staff couldn’t be better. Even posting pictures of our dog when requested on Instagram. Don’t let 1 star reviews deter you from giving this place a chance! Most negative stuff I read on here is about staffing issues, and I think everyone can relate and understand that issue!

Lindsay Kay

2 years ago

TL;DR: Dog got kennel cough, staff did not feed dog properly, and no one responded to complaints We've been taking our dog here for about 6 months. Everything seemed good through our experience with daycare. We never got to tour the facility and there are no cameras, so we based this assessment on our dog leaving tired and excited to go back. The problems became noticeable when we started boarding. Our first boarding was for 3 days and we provided exactly enough food for the duration. The instructions were marked clearly on the bag and on their online portal: 1 1/2 cup in the morning and 1 1/2 cup at night. We were shocked when we picked him up and they gave us a bag with more than half of the food still left! Based on the amount leftover this meant they were only feeding him 1/2 cup at each feeding, drastically less than what our still-growing puppy needs. In addition, we noticed a cough a few hours later and sure enough the vet diagnosed him with kennel cough. We understand kennel cough is very hard to prevent, and maybe the feeding mishap was a mistake (I know, fractions are hard). So we provided feedback in their survery and sent an email via their website about our concerns. No one ever bothered to respond to us. Still, we decided to give them one more try and boarded our dog for a 1-night stay. SAME PROBLEM WITH THE FOOD. This time we changed the instructions to 2cups per feeding to avoid any difficult fractions. But STILL they gave me a bag back half full, meaning he only got 1cup per feeding. I said something to the staff member and just got an "oops, sorry". We will not be returning to Dog Diggity. We just cannot trust that our dog is being properly taken care of. Their staff is very friendly, but they are also very young and it seems to me that are not very well trained or managed.

Caroline Lewis

2 years ago

Unfortunately the level of care has majorly gone downhill due to high turnover and lack of any training for new staff. The owners of this facility are uncaring, unprofessional, and do not have any training in dog behavior, dog training, not even CPR. They have told me we "don't have the staff/time" to take a dog to the vet even though they were clearly in distress. This also goes against the paperwork that they have owners sign, stating that we will call them and seek medical care for any issue that arises that could put their dog in harm's way. Most upsetting of all, in August 2021 I witnessed Todd (the owner) kick a dog to the ground 2-3 times because she didn't want to have her nails done. After confronting him, he said he knows he's not above the law. If so, why did I see him kick another dog for jumping on him excitedly the very next day? After working at DD since 2017, I have been so let down to know that I worked for such awful people.

Elizabeth Keanu

2 years ago

My dogs love this place every time I take they are so excited to go in and never want to leave my dogs love this place and I do to

Jessie VanGaasbeck

2 years ago


Julie Ungaro

2 years ago

Our two pups LOVE Dog Diggity and their staff. They flip us the paw when we drop them off. They don't even look back because they are running to see their friends.

JWells HBH

2 years ago

We have taken our dog to Dog Diggity since he was 6 months old (he's 10 years old now), and we LOVE the staff and his experiences there. We board him an average of one weekend per month, and feel so confident that he truly loves being there. If you've never boarded your dog here, your dog is missing out!

Riley Gould

2 years ago

Me and my dogs are obsessed with this place. and all the staff there are so nice and helpful

North State Appraisal

2 years ago

This establishment MUST be an amazing place, as they are lucky enough to have Christy working for them:) !! ..she rescued my daughter's doggy , 13 yrs old, vision -poor, who had slipped out of the house unseen and was searched for for hours, and somehow ended up walking down Glenwood Ave at Ebeneezer; Christy carried him to his momma (finding each other thru Facebook Lost n Found Pets), and we are so, so grateful.. Surely her kind, gentle, and selfless nature will be shown to your pet..:) Thank you so much, Christy!

Meg Malone

2 years ago

We won't be leaving our dogs here again. They both caught kennel cough during their 3-night stay, and when I called Dog Diggity to inform them, the response felt ambivalent and rather nonchalant. We understand dogs can catch kennel cough anywhere, but I would expect a boarding facility to be more concerned and keep their customers informed about possible exposures. Our bill ended up being more than it is at our usual "luxury" place, and that was even before the additional $200 vet bill for the kennel cough treatment.

Beckett Paiton

2 years ago

kicked me out for just being in there

Amanda Zonta

2 years ago

More of a no frills place, but my dog is thrilled to be there and comes home tired and happy ???? everyone there seems to genuinely love the dogs

Tiffany Roberts

2 years ago

This is the most fun boarding facility. My dogs LOVE to come here. They start getting excited as soon as they recognize the route! I’m so glad we found them!! I had them give my puppies a bath and they looked great and were all ready when we picked them up,

RaLinda Harter

2 years ago

We love this place! It’s like home away from home. My Stan is always excited to be there! The staff and owners are top notch!

Ginny Phillips

2 years ago

Best and most affordable place to board your dog. Super friendly staff and love that boarding includes play all day with day care. We and our dogs LOVE this place,100% recommend.

Cooper Roberts

2 years ago

We brought our dogs here for boarding while we were in Raleigh. I wish we had a dog Diggity in Dallas. This has been the best experience we’ve ever had with a dog boarding facility. It is so clean and the owners are so loving to all the dogs. We will use them every single time we come to Raleigh.

Adam Little

2 years ago

I love bringing my dogs here.

Matt Haymore

2 years ago

Just want to preface this review that Dog Diggity was not my first choice for when I wanted to board my dogs over Easter weekend, but my favorite place was already fully booked. I just picked up my two dogs from 5 nights of boarding with Dog Diggity. From drop off to pickup the staff was so unorganized and even screwed up my bill because they never properly checked my dogs into boarding. They did give me a small discount which was nice, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving my dogs here and I have safety concerns for my pets staying here. Not long after arriving home I found deep scratch marks across my 7 month old puppy’s face. The staff never called me once or even told me anything about how this happened, so I have no way of knowing when this occurred. It was very obvious to see there was an injury and scratch marks. I think the biggest problem is that they have too many dogs for their staff to handle and do not provide the appropriate attention to other customers pets that are not regular daycare attendees. My oldest dog has never liked this place and basically has to be dragged into the facility each time we have boarded her there which is only twice. I guess she remembered the place from her temperament testing and just had a very bad experience as she does not do that at the Vet, groomers, or our preferred boarding establishment. I don’t trust them with my pets and I will not ever return and or recommend Dog Diggity for any services they offer. Be careful and do your own research and find a place that meets your pets needs when you can’t take them with you on vacation or traveling. Neglect is also abuse and that isn’t what I paid for!

Selina Floyd

2 years ago

My cavalier has gone there a few times and absolutely loves it. She recently got her first big girl hair cut (grooming) and it was absolutely perfect! Thank you Dog Diggity! We will be back soon!

jared shaffer

2 years ago

We've been taking our dogs here for a year now. We have never had any issues and the staff is always very helpful and friendly. We appreciate that they post Facebook pictures so we can see our pups playing with other dogs.

Kayla Whitt

2 years ago

Dog Diggity is the best pup daycare around - and we have been to literally all of them. You get the most playtime/price here, not to mention my dogs freak out from excitement the second we turn on the road where the day care is! They come home pooped and we never have any bad reports!

David Curtis

3 years ago

Our dog Biscuit has been going to Dog Diggity for over ten years now. He goes every weekend for daycare, and we board him a few times each year. The longest we have boarded him was 11 days. We've never had any issues whatsoever. The staff always seem happy to see him, and he's certainly happy to go. In fact, he will sit and beg us to go on the weekends until we take him! That's a good sign. We've only had great experiences during our 10+ years with Dog Diggity and wouldn't trust Biscuit to any other place!

Marisca Lotz

3 years ago

Friendly service. Really caring staff.

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