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Carter Gaj

2 years ago

My pup Stevie and I were exceedingly pleased with the level of care and attention we received from Dr. Goetz and the rest of the staff during today's visit. Where numerous other vets have essentially shrugged and given us some version of "there's not much else we can do," Dr Goetz showed true expertise and poise. Her finesse in examining Stevie made a specific diagnosis possible, and most importantly, she offered us real treatment solutions. She and the rest of the staff were very practiced and considerate, and their integration of treats into the process of examination helped put Stevie at ease. They also did an exceptional job of educating me by offering both clear and concise verbal explanations AND supplemental reading materials organized into a personalized binder for me to take home. Overall, I cannot stress enough how favorably this vet compares to others we have tried. Thank you, AH@BC!!

Jonie Tuttle

2 years ago

The staff is amazing! Especially the new practice manager, J, he always goes above and beyond for each client and patient!

Laura Bostwick

2 years ago

I have been coming to Dr. Goetz for about 3-4 years now and I wouldn’t trust any other vet with my little Nug. When Nugget got diagnosed with anemia in fall of 2020 I was an absolute wreck. Dr. Goetz was incredibly patient and realistic with me about my options, the costs involved and realistic outcomes with treatments. I got lucky: Nugget has made a fantastic recovery and is so far doing well post treatment. But anytime I have a concern they are quick to see me, take all my concerns seriously and are just all around nice. This past visit my car wouldn’t start when I went to leave and they let me back in even tho it was after hours AND jay and Kara helped me jump my car so I didn’t have to call my insurance. They literally are the most helpful staff I’ve ever experienced. I cannot recommend this Practice enough.

Paula Cohen

2 years ago

It must have been divine intervention when I found Dr. Goetz at BC-AH. I was using a vet in Raleigh but not very satisfied. I was looking for a veterinarian that was extremely knowledgeable but that also truly cared about the outcome of my 3 cats. After a lot of research and reading 100's of reviews, I went to see Dr. Goetz. Dr. Goetz is always doing research, each time I take one of my cats, I learn how to take better care of them. One of my cats requires a lot of medical treatment, kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, she is 16. I know that she is in the very best care. Dr. Goetz knows what to do, she is an incredible vet; not only that, she has a great bed-side manner and her staff is caring and understanding.

Brianna Sheagley

2 years ago

*Dishonest *Unethical *High pressure sales *Interested in money, not pets

r ss

2 years ago

My family member took what had seemed to be a stray cat in the neighborhood for veterinary attention. It showed up, thin and with no apparent home….out in all kinds of weather, day and night, summer and winter. It would come meowing at our door, hungry and with no shelter during heavy downpours, scorching heat, and would be outside overnight in 20-something degree weather. It also had apparent parasites. The vet scanned the cat for a chip. After scanning for a chip, treatment was rendered. Nothing was said about the cat belonging to someone else. The staff persistently employed high pressure tactics to try to sell expensive products to the family member. After all this, they billed my family member $265 for the care. THEN, after paying the 265, the manager finally informed her the cat was chipped and belonged to someone else. The manager then left the treatment room, and she was told to wait. She kept waiting and waiting (over 2 hours at this point in this visit). not being told anything about what was going on. Suddenly, the police show up! Rather than say, “Oh, we can’t treat this cat, because it appears to belong to someone else,” they had proceeded to provide care and even tried to upsell all kinds of expensive products. To add insult to injury, they then call the police to escort her out like a criminal, even though she was in no way aggressive, confrontational, or disorderly. I guess we can look forward to this cat showing back up at our house this afternoon, as I know the so-called owners are just going to turn her outside again. Next time, we’ll just take her to the county shelter, and they can pick her up there. Lesson learned…don’t try to help stray animals, unless you want to be ripped off and treated like a felon. And certainly don’t trust this practice.

Michael Egland

3 years ago

My puppy unfortunately got sick with an ear infection. I recently moved to the area so I’m not familiar With the animal hospitals around here but I got recommended to the Brier Creek location. They were absolutely amazing ! They treated me with care and gave Bunny all the love and excitement! She was scared at first but she started to get used to everyone ! 100% recommend this Animal Hospital !

CJ Hunter

3 years ago

Very responsive and proactive scheduling appointments, and Gabrielle and Dr. Goetz always take great care of my fur baby! She doesn't get anxious over appointments because she knows there will be plenty of love [and treats] while she is there. The staff is caring and provides information in an approachable way. Love that I chose AHBC to take care of Sabrina!

Jackie Mosher

3 years ago

Dr. Goetz excels at diagnosis and treatment. Everyone from the vet nurses, office staff, and groomer always are kind and caring for you and your animals.

Jacob Evans

3 years ago

Vet and Staff very nice, but it's a hassle to get Meds from anywhere except their pharmacy portal! They had us sign a waver and even then our chewy order was canceled multiple times due to lack of response from the Vet office, even after singing their damn waver. Plus he was due for some vaccinations (Lymes disease) and they omitted them to have us pay for another visit, now he's past due.

Julie marvelli

3 years ago

My cat, Jon Snow got himself in a little accident and fractured his leg. Because of this unfortunate occasion, he was instructed to have weekly bandage changes - which isn’t an easy process. Dr. Goetz and her staff were so amazing to Jon Snow, they treated him like he was their own. She made sure he was comfortable and happy. Thank you, Dr. Goetz and team - my Jon Snow is healthy and happy!

Kelsey Favret

3 years ago

Animal Hospital at Brier Creek has blown me away from the moment I booked my first appointment. The front desk staff take the time to talk through everything and ensure a seamless visit - from scheduling to collecting payment. At my first visit everyone was enthusiastic to meet me and my puppy. They gave me a welcome binder of information that included everything from nutritional information to details about the neuter surgery my puppy will receive later on. Although this is the first puppy of my own, I’ve had dogs throughout my life and this is by far the best veterinary care I have witnessed. Everything they do during each visit is thoroughly explained - Dr. Goetz even took the time to teach me how to clean my puppies ears. When you leave the visit you are provided a detailed report of everything they did, results, what to do at home, and follow-up for the future. The report was explained in-person by Dr. Goetz - which is very different than what I have experienced at other vets. I am so unbelievably happy the rescue recommended Animal Hospital at Brier Creek and I can’t wait for them to provide care throughout my baby’s life.

Linda Delamar

3 years ago

They are the Best! A Vet you can trust!

Michael Adamio

3 years ago

I really like the service at AHBC. Currently, I’m unable to make an appointment for my cat due to the fact that my work hours were cut drastically (due to COVID.). The veterinarian will not refill my cats RX and it disappoints me that this office places money over my cats health.

Rebecca Dietz

4 years ago

We recently switched our year and a half old pit/ lab mix to the Animal Hospital at Brier Creek. I've been very impressed. Our girl is very shy and a bit skittish. The team has been welcoming and offered advice while being patient with us as we are getting used to a new place. I love the detailed take-home instructions provided after each visit. Definitely recommend for your pets!

Cody Davis

4 years ago

Great place for our pet

Robert Adams

4 years ago

Prices are high. People are nice enough but things are usually slow even with an appointment.

Rocio Gonzales

4 years ago

I lived very close to this location and there for I had taken my dogs there for convenience. One day my dog was not feeling well, and was bleeding out of his butt. I took him there again because it was the closes one to me. Before I went there I had consulted my mother in-law about what could be wrong with my dog (she’s an animal rehaber) she told me exactly what she thought and what to ask to give my dog if that was the correct diagnosis. I finally see the doctor and tell her everything. I see the bill they where giving me with stuff I needed to get for him to get better and sent it to her and half of the stuff was not needed at all! I’m freaking out at this point and they tell me my dog needs to be admitted at a 24/7 hospital. I get transferred tell the new hospital what was done and again what my mother in law said. They take my dog back give him iv and double check the blood work that was done already and it was exactly what my mother in-law had said he needed! This vet did not listen to me to what I needed not wanted not only that but it’s was cheaper to go to a 24/7 hospital rather than here with all the unnecessary and over priced work that was done on my poor dog. I will never come back I will take my dogs somewhere else any day.

Shelly Reyes

4 years ago

Misdiagnosed my dog's mass in his throat as a "soft tissue swelling" WTH?? Took him to another vet and they were concerned and referred my dog to the VSH to see an oncologist and was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma. Too much time lost and I ended up losing my dog :( all about the money at this place!

Stephen Spicer

4 years ago

Responsive, professional, compassionate. Our dog had an emergent problem. Care was rendered immediately, surgery was performed on site, outcome was successful. I highly recommend Dr. Goetz and her animal hospital for routine care as well.

Suky Warner

4 years ago

So many issues and improper treatment of not only my pet but me as a customer as well. They don't listen at all. They are unorganized. They misdiagnosed my fur-baby and after gouging me for a $1,200 teeth cleaning, misreported the …

Susan Vilbert

4 years ago

We just moved to Raleigh, and our cat Mikey was stressed from all of the moving chaos and was pulling hair out on his back. The vet decided that it was an allergy and provided a steroid, which stopped him from pulling hair out - but also stopped him from doing much of anything - he was totally lethargic. We took him back and the other vet saw him and said since the steroid worked that proved it was an allergy. They basically said there was nothing they could do. I took him to a different vet who determined that it was anxiety (psychogenic alopecia) and provided all kinds of behavior modifications, puzzle feeders, etc. and the behavior is almost gone. So glad I got another opinion.

Tami Hiske

4 years ago

I called and spoke with Dr. Goetz this morning about 2 stray, abandoned kitties that I found over the weekend. I found this hospital on-line and it stated that they do some local adoptions. I was elated when she said that she would take …

Tiffany Collins

4 years ago

If I could give Animal Hospital at Brier Creek zero stars, I would. I had been going to Dr.Goetz for several years, until recently and to be honest with you it has taken me a while to write a review. I was so upset with the care that both …

Tiffany Green

4 years ago

Horrible veterinary! Doctor goetz scared my dog when she came in with a very high pitch fake voice. He wanted to hide under the bench after that. He was totally fine in the lobby and in the room until she came in. The hours are always changing. One minute they are open, one minute they are closed, next minute they are open but only half day and then the are closed again. Always out of supplies, and I haven’t seen the same employees. Turnover seems high. Rude & inconsiderate.

Amit Apte

4 years ago

Absolutely excellent service. Even when I needed to get a health certificate for my pet dog very urgently, the staff went out of their way to help me get him checked even without an appointment. They were very caring with him, gave him all the required medication, and all of this quite quickly and efficiently. Very, very, highly recommended because of such professional and sympathetic individuals at AH-BC!

Bee Smith

4 years ago

I have cancelled my second pets appointment for later this week after my last visit a few weeks ago, and have requested my both of my pets records. I will never go back to this clinic. AHBC is not what it used to be, like the other reviews …

Amy Cooke

4 years ago

This Vet clinic is unlike any other clinic that I have ever been to. I have to be honest, some of the reviews were a little concerning, however, the practice took time to respond to each review. My initial appointment was great. I have …

Beverly Clapp

4 years ago

Dr. Goetz has been extremely helpful with suggestions for both my cats (Lucky and Whiskers). She even called to check on Whiskers after she had radiation treatment at NC State last week. And Debbie is awesome for sending pics and update texts when Whiskers had to be boarded (this year is the first time she's ever been boarded away for home so I was nervous).

Amanda Selover

4 years ago

We have been going to Animal Hospital at Brier Creek for quite some time now. Dr. Goetz is very accommodating, knowledgeable and kind to our elderly dog. I know when we go there, our girl will get the best care possible. Every time we visit, the staff is always very welcoming. I highly recommend Animal Hospital of Brier Creek.

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