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Patricia Foster

2 years ago

He was amazing. Through homeopathic preparations, he treated Buddy's osteosarcoma and gave him an extra year of REAL quality time (instead of traditional amputation, chemo) His local vet was shocked it did not spread to his lungs. Ultimately when the localized pain diminished his quality of life, we chose to let him go. We are so grateful for Dr Loops and recommend him to anyone who's pet is diagnosed with cancer.

Josie Moldenhauer

2 years ago

Dr. Loops and his staff are some of the best professionals/people I ever known. They really care about your pet and always answer you promptly and kindly when you have questions. It seems My cat got a very complex disease and I know that God led me to Dr. Loops for his treatment.We don't know what the future holds but Dr. Loops with his expertise in homeopathy, his gentle demeanor, plus his true desire to help is making the difference in our lives and bringing the hope we can have more time with precious Diesel. We even hope for a complete health restoration because "for God all things are possible"! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Dr. Loops, Pamela, Sage and all your outstanding team!

Wild 4 Life

3 years ago

He is simply the best!

Sue Marshall

3 years ago

Dr Loops is truly incredible. Do not at all hesitate in contacting him with your pet's illness. If you're reading this review then you have been given bad news and still want to fight for your pet/family member. But conventional medicine has run you into a dead end. I knew there was a better way. You hear stories all the time of humans and pets beating the odds and I want to her to be the exception to the rule.. not a statistic. I'll fight for her as long as she wants to fight.. and she's spirited! When I think of the options that were given to me at the time of her benign tumor diagnosis- Amputation or euthanasia immediately or in a couple of weeks when symptoms worsen. Neither were an option for me. I was ANGRY. Just thinking about how many pet owners would have maybe taken one of either of those options thinking that was all that was available to them? She may have 3 legs now or worse... DEAD! My blood boils thinking about how many animals have suffered that fate. I researched far and wide and came across a YouTube video of Dr Becker and Dr Loops. I was impressed. I live in a different state and he mails it and I have it in a day or two. The genius part about Dr Loops' remedies is not only do they work and work quickly, there are no contraindications with any other medicines that your pet may be taking. I remember procrastinating a few days on calling him and a friend told me that the Royal family takes homeopathy for their health issues. So I took the plunge. I was told my kitty had 8 weeks to live by a surgeon. She is with us 1.5 years later and currently taking remedies formulated by Dr Loops'. She is notoriously fussy and she takes it with ease! She see's the syringe and raises her head to take it! I think the absolute best part of giving her Dr Loops' remedies is I know she is not being harmed by consuming them. No kidney issues, no liver issues..makes me feel better about her consuming it. She transformed right before our very eyes..took an almost immediate effect! Her blood work was done yesterday 5/20/2020 -vet said keep doing what you are doing. Her blood work is perfect. Keep her on Dr Loops remedy for pain (which is remarkable) she walks without a limp now (she has a tumor in her right knee) she's bright eyed and purrs loudly 10 minutes after she consumes it. Dr Loops is affectionately known as "Gandalf the great wizard!" in our home. Don't hesitate..when conventional medicine can't find a way, we found a way with Dr Loops! He is truly a blessing ! All the best! I'd give him 10 STARS if I could..

Lucy Walser

3 years ago

Excellent saving our Golden from cancer we are so grateful

Linda Godsey

3 years ago

Several years ago, Dr. Loops saved my baby Pug Jolie, diagnosed with genetic mange. Jolie turns 13 next month.

Keely Final

3 years ago

Dr Loops has been part of our family’s pet health for years. If you haven’t considered homeopathy before, he’s the guy you want to give a try.

Dominique D

3 years ago

My boy, Max, was diagnosed with nasal cancer. after having a stroke. He started showing some small signs that there was something growing: mostly clear nasal discharge. I refused to do radiations on him, and my holistic vet suggested Dr. Loops. After a phone consult, I received remedies for Max, and I do believe that they worked since the nasal discharge totally stopped. But he most likely also had a brain tumor mostly linked to the nasal one, and in a week went from good to real bad, and I had to let him go. I am not saying that it would have cured his nasal cancer, but it was obvious it was slowing it down. If I had any other issues with any of my dogs, cancer or something else, I would definitely consult again with Dr. Loops.

Renee Bird

4 years ago

Dr. Charles Loops was a life saver, LITERALLY. My 10 yr old golden retriever was gravely ill, diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Her prognosis, three to six weeks. With Dr Loops expertise I was able to spend TWO more GOOD years with her. Thank you so much. I am grateful to have found you.

Jessica Cohen

5 years ago

Dr. Loops has saved my cats and dogs from invasive, expensive, and futile procedures and doom many times over the last 15+ years--including asthma, tumor, tennis ball sized knee, and rattlesnake bite.

Evelyn Baldwin

5 years ago

Very caring Veterinarian. Staff are always polite and answer questions i have concerning my pup. She has been on supplements for 9 month's after having mast cell tumor surgery 5 time's per regular veterinarian. The last surgery was very hard on her. With a long recovery period due to many small tumors. The veterinarian left a cm. tumor on her hip. I truly believe the supplements have kept this tumor from enlargement. She is a 11 year old boxer mix. Body in good condition. Appears heathy. More color to her coat after giving supplements. Thank you, Dr. Loops and staff! God Bless you all!

Elizabeth Bauer

5 years ago

My 10 year old long haired dachshund (Scamp) was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma in early October. My vet (Dr. Tony Greenblat) found Dr. Loops for me. As soon as Scamp’s spleen was removed and we received the diagnosis, I researched cancer …

Jeff Tomerlin

6 years ago

Dr. Loops is the best. He did a phone consultation for our cat with lymphoma. Even after chemo with our regular vet, she had been give only a few months to a year to live. 28 months later she is spry and happy, and as of her last check up, still in remission. She is still on his protocol every day along with some herbs. We can't thank him and his wonderful staff enough.

natalie johnston

7 years ago

I have known Dr Loops and his staff for more than 10 years. Finding him 10 years ago when I found out one of my cats had Cardiomyopathy was a godsend . Because of his expertise in homeopathy and western meds he help extend my kitty's life, …

Tonja Reeves

7 years ago

I found Dr Loops in the early 90s after my Labrador Retriever, Jesse, had chronic skin allergies that were not alleviated with conventional medicine (or allegy shots). I trusted his experience and knowledge with both Jake & Jesse for their …

Billie Hinton

7 years ago

We started working with Dr. Loops 15 years ago with our two Welsh Corgis. Since then he has helped with our cats and our horses and we have in many instances avoided invasive procedures, medications with serious side effects, and situations where mainstream veterinary medicine simply had no effective treatment to offer at all. He helped us with a Corgi who had a malignant tumor, a cat with seizures, a cat with a poor immune system, a horse with hives, cats spraying inside the house, and other issues.. I recommend him all the time and am so grateful he is there to call.

Charli Hall

8 years ago

Dr. Loops helped me save my horse's eye when a very well known practicing DVM wanted to do a keratectomy and possibly remove the eye, even after months of drugs and eye medications every three hours. I got in touch with Dr. Loops, all he …

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