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amanda shay

2 years ago

I have called them and gone there 3 times in 4 days with a stray cat that showed up at our house. They have been super friendly and helpful each time I have returned. I started by having the cat checked for a microchip, right before they closed at that and they didn’t mind, then went back for it’s shots, and then decided to keep it and have it neutered and treated for an infection. They got me right in each time with a phone call. Each time I have arrived they have been prompt, warm and welcoming, and I do not feel like they are forcing expensive care at you. The vet and vet techs have been wonderful and you can tell they love their job. I know pet care cost is outrageous in itself, the nature of the beast, but I would say they are average priced. We will definitely continue our new cat’s care there and bring our puppy we hope to get soon there as well!

Lisha E.

2 years ago

We have been using this veterinary since we moved close by a year ago and all 5 of my dogs have been there...I called one morning and told them them what a bad night my dog had and he needed to be seen immediately and they told me to bring him right in which was great...I knew it was his time and the vet let me know that there wasn't much they could do to help him and I made the decision ever pet owner hates to make...That being said all I got to say is I felt like they made me wait to long I finally open the door and called out to the people at the desk and said can they not hurry up...I was devastated and I felt that in the case of someone losing there pet they should make the process a little faster...I understand there are others there they need to take care of...but if I was one of those people I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer because I know the one losing there four legged family member is hard...Other than that I have had great service...Just please in the future...Don't make people that are losing the pet they love wait...They are already devastated and waiting makes the pain drag out...

makayla pirk

2 years ago

this vet is outstanding!! my dog, Jester, was a first time border and they were so kind to him. not once were they upset when I called them to make sure he was doing okay!! such kind people work here, and they only want the best for your pet! ????

Jennifer thomas

2 years ago

My Fur babies Love the vets at Country Vet. Great customer service and they really care. Not just a $$ thing.

Rachel Torres

2 years ago

Yes the doctor was very sweet and they got my dog in as a emergency but then the cost right here at Christmas charger 486.00 and gave 3 bottles of meds and I call them today that my dog pass away and ask if I could return the meds and gets some of my money back and they said no I didn't use the meds at all and I don't need them cause my dog pass away threw the night just dont understand why I can not return the meds for a little of my bill and Christmas money I use for our dog

Allan Summers

2 years ago

This morning my dog gets hit by a car she is 8 has been going there her whole life After having to make the decision to have her put to sleep because of something that happen out in the parking lot they called Davie county sheriff and then they refused to help my dog and l had to load my hurt and suffering dog back in my car and kept my 100$ and gave me a bill for another 213$ there is no compassion there cause my dog Zoe was the sweetest and most gentle dog I’ve ever seen and did nothing to deserve a end like this shame on all of you at the Country Veteninary Hospital

Sandra Vance

2 years ago

These doctors were most supportive at a time when we needed it. Kindness, empathy, and understanding are qualities these folks posess. They took time with us and gave us time to be with our PeeBee as he went over the rainbow bridge. We were surprised when a few days later we received a card and a memory of our furbaby. Grand folks!

Kennedy Lucas

2 years ago

They were all super nice! Will definitely be going back

Chris Little

2 years ago

Great staff, excellent doctors Wouldn’t consider taking my pet to another vet

Deb Luebchow

2 years ago

My 2 rescue huskies and I love to visit The Country Vet. I have received top-notch care and as well as very good advice on a variety of topics. The staff is absolutely delightful - I love that they love my dogs almost as much as I do! Also, I can get in and out quickly. My only issue is that they're not open at least one night during the week or at least one Saturday monthly which is the reason for only 4 stars. Changing to 5 stars because they now have office hours on Saturday.

Frank Smith

2 years ago

This place is an incredible hospital! They took the time to listen to my concerns and then developed the best plan for my dog. Max is so relaxed when he goes to the vet! So glad to have a hospital like this in Davie Co!! Thank you so much!! ps, the 1 star reviews below are probably from people that just generally miserable people... i work in customer service and all i can say is im sorry that you have to deal with them too.

Tom Bertagnolli

2 years ago

Dr. Little and her amazing team saved my cat when she suddenly became ill on a road trip through NC. She thoroughly communicated with me what we needed to do to help little Regan and gave me peace of mind throughout the whole process. If I lived in the area, I wouldn’t take my sweet kitty anywhere but the Country Vet! Thank you guys for your hard work!

Karen staten

2 years ago

I boarded my nearly year old cat for three days. I was assured her toys would NOT be shared with other cats. I also asked them to give her cookies once a day to help calm her at night. Well, when I came to get her. she literally ducked her head when I reached for her in the cage. She had never acted that way. I was also told that there was a &25 charge for prescription. The calming pills are not medicine. They can be found on Chewy or Amazon, or any pet store. And... Her toys were all over the floor and in other cats cages. I will never board there again.

Nate lightning

2 years ago

Never board your pets here! Very unprofessional, didn't follow their own policies, and were borderline abusive to our pets. Stay away!

Analise Anderson

2 years ago

Such a wonderful experience here - I called to ask for a same day appointment for my cat and we got one, once we arrived everyone was super nice and clearly cared about animals. The services they provided were very affordable and we will absolutely be back. The facility itself was also very clean and welcoming, unlike most veterinary offices I've been to.

Jeff M

2 years ago

Awful experience. First time visit for me and my rescued dog... Vet was fine then they said they'd be right back with an estimate. Left me sitting in there for 30 minutes and I had to go find somebody then it took another 5 or 10 minutes for them to come back. Completely forgot I was there. This place is too busy and prices are too high to get this poor of service. I dont mind paying for good service but their high traffic volume really is too much. As I was checking out, there was a problem there and had to get a manager for a simple initial visit. I had heard a lot of good things about this place and was curious. Don't go here. Go somewhere else. I've never almost lost my temper during a vet visit. Just not worth it. Go to a smaller practice.

rosanne branciforte

2 years ago

Thank you so much for the care to our baby girl Sophie. She had ear infections, trouble with her teeth, needed to be spayed and with all that had hypothyroidism which resolved with her amazing treatment!!! Dr. McCaskill, Dr. Little, Melissa, Amanda ( for the cute haircut around her face) :) and all the members of the Country Veterinary Hospital team. We are so appreciative and grateful. Love going to your hospital, can’t wait to come again. ❤️❤️

Joy Stanaland

2 years ago

In January, 2020, my rescue cat, Catty, a female orange tabby, had her teeth removed, a full mouth extraction, due to stomatitis. Catty was 10 years old. Though I had given her medications prescribed by other veterinary doctors over the years in an effort to control it, it did nothing to eliminate the disease and little to control her pain. And finally I was faced with whether or not to have a full mouth extraction done or to have her euthanized. As anyone who loves animals knows we will do whatever we can to help them within our budgets. Because I had taken her to a veterinary specialist in Charlotte a year before I knew what to expect the cost to be and was surprised that I could affort to have it done at The Country Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Little performed the surgery and it was a godsend. Dr. Little and The Country Veterinary Hospital were a godsend. Not only did Dr. Little do a wonderful job with the surgery, but additionally my Catty was boarded there for 3 extra days and given pain medication that I can only assume was included in the cost of the procedure as I was not charged an additional fee. What a blessing that was as I was apprehensive about trying to administer medication to her since she has never been receptive to receiving medications in the past. My Catty made a full recovery soon after returning home. I am more than grateful to Dr. Little and her staff for all they have done for her and me. She is living each day as she should have all along, pain free. The Country Veterinary Hospital went above and beyond and I, and Catty, are forever grateful. Thank you all so much!

Alea Livengood

2 years ago

The country vet is by far the best vet in davie! They explain everything very well and easy to understand. I had to be sent to a surgeon through them and they have helped me beyond expectations with the problems from the other animal hospital.

Jamie Durham

2 years ago

Just got back with my boys first visit here and wanted to say how great this place is! Very friendly, professional and they gave me lots of information. My kitty was looked at quickly, we are Both thankful for that ????

Emily Bender

3 years ago

They are so warm and compassionate towards animals. They make a nervous dog mom (like myself) feel confident and at ease. We got our rescue puppy neutered there and are planning to get our newest addition spayed there as well. They don’t treat your animal like a number like most places do. Even the receptionists are lovely! We love them so much that we are willing to drive the hour distance!

Taylor D

3 years ago

My baby got spayed the 28th an I was VERY nervous, but this vet an their staff totally put my mind at ease the day of an even after, they called the next morning to check in on her! They did a wonderful job, cleanly shaved her so there was no hair, stitched her up wonderfully, an then yesterday she got her stitches out an the whole process was just so easy! I have nothing but great things to say about this place an the people that work here!!! (I went through the SPCA to get her spayed an saved a KILLER, totally reccomend!!!!!!!)

Angela Gerdes

3 years ago

I will always go to this vet. They are so friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell how much they care about animals and their owners. Our cat was having problems with his skin and it took only one visit for them to figure out what was wrong with him. He was literally pulling out his fur and cleaning himself non-stop. He lost most of his fur and had these big bumps everywhere, especially around his neck. Now he has all of his fur back(and more)and doesn't pull it out anymore. The bumps are gone and he is absolutely beautiful again. They called a few times to see how he was doing. I have never had a vet call to see how my pets were after their visits. This place is big and so nice inside. My nephew put his dog there while on vacation and he only had great things to say about them. If you want the best care for your animals this is the place to go!

Aracely AntuneZ

3 years ago

I highly recommend them I love how they treat our dogs people so nice take care the pet really good nicely I love tht place definitely I recommend

Ashley Boortz

3 years ago

We recently moved to the area last July and The Country Vet has been amazing from the get go. They have taken care of all 3 of our fur babies, cat, a senior dog of 18 years, and now a 4 month old rescue puppy. So there’s a wide range of needs in our family, but they always deliver and explain options of care in a way you can actually understand. The receptionist staff here has been phenomenal, always so friendly and helpful. I’m particularly impressed with my visit today. I didn’t have an appointment, but they were able to work us in since our pup was in need. Even being in this quarantine situation, they still have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service. I appreciated the current precautions and curbside service to help keep us safe too. Our whole family is very thankful!

cindy smith

3 years ago

Took a new puppy for his first exam on Monday. Breeder had given a distemper-Parvo shot on Saturday when I got the puppy ( paperwork that I provided to the vet). After some communication with the vet it was my understanding that we would wait a couple of weeks and “redo” the shot because it was not administered by a vet. The breeder has bred these dogs for 20+ years and I feel was quite capable. My puppy only weighed 1 pound and when they returned the puppy he was biting and acting like he was hurting. When I returned home and looked over the bill they had given this 1 pound puppy another distemper/Parvo shot. Two distemper/ Parvo shots in less than three days. My bill was $85 this one shot was almost half that bill. When I called back very upset that my puppy had been given 2 shots in less than 3 days I was told by the vet that now I was sure my puppy had his Parvo/distemper shot, which I had NEVER questioned in the first place. Wish I could give less than one star. Please find another vet, it’s all about the money here

Nicole Horton

3 years ago

The Country Vet is the absolute BEST vet around! Their entire staff is always so kind and friendly, and they always treat my pup like a rockstar from the second we drive up. I got a puppy a few months ago, so we've been going very frequently for vaccinations and other things of the sort, and every time we receive exceptional service! My pup had his neuter surgery this week, and they were so great to work with. They were sure to ease my (very worried) mind and even told me that I could call the vet to request an update if I wanted to while he was in surgery. They were sure to provide me with all of the information necessary for his recovery, and they even called me this morning to ask how he did last night! I could go on and on, but The Country Vet is a wonderful place, and your pets will be in great hands there :)

Emilia W

3 years ago

Great place to take your dogs to. almost all the staffs are super nice and accommodating. our dog has been seen at this clinic for since day one. All the doctors there are wonderful. Especially one of the nurses, she was one of the few that my dog actually wasn't barking at. however, I called the clinic today because we now have our second puppy, was planning on bring our puppy to the Vet for some vaccine. If you haven't read other reviews yet, they do cost a bit more. I did speak to a staff name, Kathy, over the phone today, and she laughed at my questions for the cost of the vaccine while I am on the phone. It's sad that it only takes one bad egg to ruin the bunch. When I called Kathy out for laughing, she stopped laughing at me, and said that "i am just trying to understanding you." That was very disrespectful, unprofessional, and extremely condescending. For all pet owners, we all know how much it cost for us, and for us to be laughed for asking about price options, it was completely unacceptable. I think country Veterinary should address this seriously so that this doesn't happen to other pet owners.

Hanne Mann

3 years ago

Our German Shepard needs understanding and gentle, loving treatment and has always received it. Great people who love the animals. His nails were done just perfect. ❤️

Anthony Goodnight

4 years ago

We are so happy with our decision to move Novella & Sampson to Country Vet. Beautiful facility and awesome staff!

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