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Debra Hodges

2 years ago

Thrive, may I say that most peoples first impression of a business would be the beginning or end to gaining new clients. I called to inquire about bringing our 3 pets to your clinic. Your representative that answered the phone was less than eager to help. My first impression will not bring my pets to your clinic.

Andy Young

2 years ago

Kelly, Shaina and Dr. Cobb are awesome as well as the rest of the staff. They always take great care of our pets. Our experiences with Thrive have been great!

Victoria Heath

2 years ago

I don't usually write google reviews unless I've had an extremely bad, or GREAT experience. I had been looking for a new vet and decided to give THRIVE a shot. I have two kitties and one of them has what I suspected to be asthma. I took them both to get checkups and their vaccinations and a possible diagnosis for the one. The staff there are SO friendly and the vet was so so helpful and had so much information to give and answered all of my questions. They truly want what is the safest and the absolute best for your pets. After my visit, I had everything I needed as far as medications, records, informational pamphlets, follow up appointments (if applicable), and peace of mind. Not only was my visit great, but I would also like to thank the staff for being so responsive and helpful afterwards with responding to my emails or phone calls with any additional questions I may have in a very timely manner. They will always be there for you and your pet! I am very happy and content here and we will definitely be long-time patients. :) -Victoria, Felix & Marzia <3

Michelle Parks

2 years ago

I love the whole experience. Friendly, informative & professional, caring, and pricing perfect!

Elaine Locklear

2 years ago

Had a great and professional as well as friendly experience with all team members. Would highly recommend Thrives Vet Care. Took great care of my 4 legged baby Coco. Thanks thrivt

DJ Schlachter

2 years ago

Well mannered yet easy going atmosphere which makes for a comfortable experience for yourself and your pet. Open weekends and you can set appointments online.

Carolyn Tucker

2 years ago

Didn't get any satisfaction from the receptionist, not very knowledgeable. Called elsewhere.

Bonnie Boose

2 years ago

They were very concerned and very considerate and treated gandalf my cat with love and respect and treated us with respect as well I would recommend them to anyone seeking pet care

Katelyn Neibert

2 years ago

They were really sweet when I brought my baby Odin in and helped to get him in as soon as possible. He was a strat cat so that was great especially since we have two others in our apartment.

Keith Lawrence

2 years ago

Our first visit this week, but definitely not our last. Appointment started on time, doctor and staff were very attentive and professional, and our dog recovered from her diarrhea within a day. A positive experience from start to finish.

Kylah Adams

2 years ago

My cat Crookshanks loves visiting the vet, something I never thought would happen. The team is caring and and communicative and clearly want the best for my boy. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a vet that makes the doctor a comfortable experience for their furry friends.

Sam Emerson

2 years ago

I've been going to Thrive for 3+ years now and each time I go with my 4 animals the service gets worse. Do not waste your time going to this corporate vet service. The veterinarians don't seem to stick around but the other staff do which is a plus. The issues are the when you call the store you call a call center in a different country. Then you get the run around trying to book a simple appointment. When you book online and state you are bringing two animals which is a option they wont except it. Plus they cannot seem to keep adequate amounts of medication like heartworm medicine. Last year I moved my cats and after the customer service I received by the call center yesterday knowing the lack of staff and medicine I pulled my 2 dogs from their care. Great staff! It can be slow times however once your four legged friend has their turn they are fast. The only down fall is they cannot bill you like some veterinarians can.

Jessie Whitman

2 years ago

I had my dog in for a follow up appointment from an dog emergency care hospital and I’ll never come here again !! The doctor was great and another assistant was great !! The lady at the front desk was somewhat okay !! She finally came around using her Custmer service skills !! What PSSST me off was another assistant that came out to get him !! Now this was my first time here so she’s not familiar with me or my dog. She says to my dog you need to listen like he knows her !! Dogs are dogs and ALL of them have different temperaments !! So I overlooked that !! When we were checking out since my dog was with her he went towards her barking joyfully and she walks right by him !! I thought she was very rude and disrespectful and I’m not going back because you mess with my dog you mess with me !! She’s not worth going to jail for !! If you work anywhere pertaining to dogs you should have the passion for it !! I had called to complain about it and they said someone would contact me back in about 2 days NO call !! I’m not going back because I would deal with her straight in her face !! Nothing violent but I would let her know I’m not the one or my dog that she would disrespect ever !! 100% !! Like I said she’s not worth a charge !! Take your pet somewhere they will be shown love and respect !!

vicky Harper

2 years ago

I love Thrive Kernersville for the quality and care provided for my fur baby Bleu. They are very prompt and professional while providing care and answering any questions that I may have regarding his care.

Sabine Myers

2 years ago

I just want to first say, I've only had the best experiences at THRIVE, both with my kitten and now my bloodhound puppy - until today. So it pains me to write a ONE star review, but it's the only way I can file a complaint against the worst experience with the front desk today. She was so incredibly rude to me and non-helpful - right from the get-go when I had to weigh my puppy. He's a 4-month old bloodhound, who just entered petsmart/vet - who thinks he'll just step on the scale and sit? She was so condescending and just sat there watching. It escalated after I asked her to tell me the information of the shots in a calmer voice (to which she replied, "I don't need to calm down") but a colleague had to step in - only after the woman got up and says - "yeah, you deal with THAT" and dramatically circulates her hands in the air, goes into the next office and slams the door. Her colleague just dealt with my questions in a calm and clear manner - which is all I wanted. My puppy at this point was super hyper - feeling my energy. This woman saw me after my puppy's visit, but just ignored everything before and did not even apologize. I have never had such a customer/vet/client relationship experience before and am still upset of the whole experience. Someone needs to teach her that you can't talk to customers that way. In the end, her colleague checked me out and was super nice - as I have been accustomed to at THRIVE Kernersville. That group has been fantastic, but I think the check-in woman I had today does not fit the team at all. When I come back with my kitten I will not want to have her help me or check me in again.

Maria Sofia

2 years ago

I found a kitten over the weekend and the Thrive staff was able to get me in ASAP! Very good quality service, no long waiting to be seen, and vet made sure all my questions were answered!

Leila Hinton

2 years ago

I want to emphasize how knowledgeable, friendly, and professional the entire staff were. I came to get my cat a general checkup as well as get his vaccines up-to-date. The care was phenomenal, and all my questions were answered in amazing detail. The cost of services was absolutely reasonable as well. Oh, and my kitty is doing very well!


2 years ago

They are so affordable. And the staff was really nice

Dustta Haines

2 years ago

They are amazing people they treat your pets like they are theirs I absolutely love them

Nicole Smith

2 years ago

We recently moved to the area and our dog was due for a rabies shot and a few other annual vaccines. This was the best experience ever! It was affordable and didn't feel like they were pushing expensive meds or other things on me like our last vet did. Dr. Cobb was amazing not just with our dog, Toby, but with my kids as well. She was so nice and informative and made sure any questions I had were answered. The girls at the front desk were super wonderful and friendly as well. We will definitely continue going to Thrive!!

Jordan Hernandez

2 years ago

Long story short.. I will NEVER be returning to this vet. I had a terrible experience and the woman at the front desk was so rude I literally felt like I was in a scene from the movie Mean Girls. Also, do your research because they are not as affordable as you would think. I got my first puppy, a sweet little goldendoodle, a few months ago. I did extensive research to find an affordable vet. Per my adoption contract, I had to get my pup examined head to toe within 3 days to uphold my end of the contract and unfortunately this vet was the only one who had openings for this exam. I brought my pup in on a 7.22.21 along with some friends who accompanied me. I had been told by two different breeders and two different trainers to ensure I carry my dog to these vet appointments and ask if they disinfect surfaces between dogs out of an abundance of caution against potentially deadly illnesses that my new pup would be susceptible to because she’s not fully vaccinated yet. I brought her in and immediately the woman at the front desk with long brown hair had quite the attitude. She was rude from the get-go. I answered the check in questions and then she told me to put my dog on the scale. I asked if they disinfect between dogs, and she responded “we disinfect when necessary” I then said to her “so does that mean you don’t regularly disinfect the scale between dogs? My breeder said…” and at that point she cut me off exclaiming in a raised voice “I know what your breeder would have told you. JUST put your dog on the scale!” In that moment, I felt so uncomfortable I contemplated walking right out of the vet, but regretfully stayed because I knew there were no other local vets in the area who could perform the examination to uphold my end of my adoption contract with my breeder. We weighed my pup, and a sweet vet tech took her to the back. The lady at the front desk said with quite an attitude “we will call you when it’s done.” I was SO upset. As I walked into the store, I could hear my pup screaming. I know we are not allowed back due to covid, but I was overall unsatisfied with the whole experience. The vet tech herself was kind, but according to the paperwork they provided, it doesn’t appear they even took a temperature of my pup. Additionally, they administered a de-wormer without my consent and just told me when they brought her back to me. -I would have allowed this, but it bugged me that they didn’t even ask prior to administration. - I checked with my two friends who were with me during the whole process because I was concerned, I was overreacting to the whole situation being so sensitive as a first-time puppy owner who had just invested hundreds of dollars into this new family member, but they affirmed all of my feelings asking me to write this review. To make matters worse, 4 days after visiting, my pup developed diarrhea and coffee-ground looking stool: two potential symptoms of parvo. We took her to a local vet and had a wonderful experience. She ended up not having parvo, but I urge anyone looking into this vet to consider the cost as well. I ended up spending over $100 for an exam, dewormer, and dewormer pill and local vets quote the same for $40-$80. In summary, I will never be returning and hope each reader considers this information before bringing their pet to this vet.

Lorie Ferguson

2 years ago

Best experience I’ve ever had with a vet. Very thorough and price was very reasonable. My Marley was not at all upset like she usually is at the vet.

Madison Cook

2 years ago

Dr. Cobb was absolutely amazing! We will be using THRIVE from now on!

Shanni Marie

2 years ago

Was sent a pre registration link on my phone which wasn't working and the questions were absolutely ridiculous. When I called it's outsourced to another country. If they want my business they need to keep the call center in the USA where I live and make the pre registration link work right. And cut the questions down. Too many questions to answer. Why can't they just do paperwork in the place when you arrive?

Stephanie Brown

2 years ago

Everyone is very friendly and very informative about helping you understand about your pet.

Phillip Coley

2 years ago

Thrive does a great job of thoroughly handling any/all issues with my pets in a very timely manner. The doctors and staff are professional and courteous. I bring all of my animals here.

Kelly Gutierrez

2 years ago

Friendly service, great experience every time. Affordable and convenient.

Larisa Adams

2 years ago

They staff was super friendly and helpful. Getting an appointment was easy

Michelle Parrott

2 years ago

From the first appointment to the most recent, Thrive has always made me and my fur baby ( Rottweiler puppy) feel welcomed. I love the professional care these ladies provide. They always greet Cocoa with so much love. I've adopted them as part of our family because they are family to us. I can call them anytime if there's a problem or concern. I WOULDN'T take my pet anywhere else. I come to Thrive because I know I'll get the best possible care for Cocoa. Thank you Thrive for all that you do for me and Cocoa.

Jessie Spainhour Branson

2 years ago

I signed up for the program that, for $10 a month, gives unlimited exams. I like being able to take my dog when i need to. Staff is friendly, care is wonderful.

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