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Kimberly Phelps

2 years ago

Went in here because my friend mentioned they had some NFL Carolina Panthers things on clearance. Scored a jersey for our new puppy (not purchased from this store), a Panthers leash and a Panthers bandana for our older dog. Giving 4 stars because this pet store is super over crowded, and many friends who've purchased pets here have had health issues (pneumonia, kennel cough, etc- just to name a few). Luckily they paid for partial vet bills for the animals suffering those illnesses. I wish there was better organization in this store & cleanliness. But all in all, I felt my purchase was a score.

Stein Ultra

2 years ago

Excellent customer service and quality fish

Rhea Rada

2 years ago

I got a kitten a few months back her name is Tulip and we love her and she’s doing amazing! Just a few of the lady’s we’re a little rude nothing I couldn’t handle! She had a little cold which is normal for animals, when my husband and I brought her home but our vet helped us.Though my friend and I went In there not that long ago to get some mice and I went to ask someone for help and nobody came for about 5-10 minutes which I don’t mind I’m patient. When we did get help tho the lady asked one of to hold the container but we couldn’t. The lady was upset and when she picked up one of the mice she dropped the mouse on the ground but she got it just wish I could just turn back time and just hold the container just so the little mouse did fall on the ground. :( But other than that my husband and I love coming in try to find our next little furry baby!(Puppy) I know everyone might be stressing or something just wish everyone that works there could be as lovely as the ladies that work with the puppies when we come in.

Pandimoo x3

2 years ago

This place definitely gets their animals from Mills. When you walk in all the animals are so cramped up together. The puppies are very expensive, one of them was sick. I wonder why ????????

Joshua Derrick

2 years ago

I do really love this place but the prices are a little high. My children live to walk around and see the other animals when we get the pet food. They have something for every pet owner. Highly recommend.

Jarrett Ivey

2 years ago

Rude staff. Unprofessional. Sold my wife a cracked fish tank. Filled it up that night and realized it was leaking and tried to return it the very next morning and the refused it and told us to contact the manufacturer. I understand being cautious but I would think you would at least try to work with customers to keep them happy and instead were out money and they basically tell us we’re sol. I won’t spend money there

Joseph Massaro

2 years ago

Over priced payed 40 dollars for Adams flee and tick spray bottle,else where it's only 9 dollars.never buy another item from this store again.!


2 years ago

We bought our kids a fish tank and spent over 70.00 on these fish. Our 2 and 4 year old watched their fish die. We took a sample of our water to pet smart. They said the levels in our water was good. We went back to pet wear house who only offered us a 10.00 refund!!! We went to pet smart and bought them new fish. They are very healthy and actually swimming around a lot faster. I would of gave this 0 stars but I couldn’t. Never again will I come to your store. Do better pet wear house!!!!!!

Theresa Chapman

2 years ago

I always have a good experience here. I’ve purchased two dogs from here and never had a problem. They are always kind and helpful.

Sushidog080 Eek

2 years ago

Clean and nice! Animals are treated nice and they are kept in nice size pens while waiting to be adopted. Definitely a place worth looking at whether you are looking to adopt or are looking for a place to walk around while your out!

Sheila Partin

2 years ago

We get their treats from there

Nature God

2 years ago

Do not buy from here. They only care about making money and not for the health nor safety of any living beings. Also, if you read through the reviews you would see a pattern that’s shows them not caring for the dogs they sell.

Lindsay Cannon

2 years ago

Good pet supplies. But I hate they sell what appears to be puppy mill type puppies.

joseph massaro

2 years ago

Was in their last month,for flea and tick spray because I was desperate,and they sold me Adams flea&tick spray for 38.49 checking else where it's only 9 dollars.ill never buy anything from them ever again.!


2 years ago

Tell me another pet store that has anything you need for just about all animals and reptiles..

James Keech

2 years ago

Very helpful staff and great selection of pets

Beep Boop

2 years ago

The employees are really helpful and quick

Ellen Foy

2 years ago

Anything you mite need as far as medical for your pet? You can find here over pet smart

Sandra Graham

2 years ago

It was really cluttery and hard to figure out where to go.

phillyd harpizzel

2 years ago

Staff is super friendly and helpful. They are very knowledgeable and provide a lot of help to new pet owners.


2 years ago

Well stocked, great variety! Fell in love with the baby budgies!!! Oh, and a canary that was singing his little heart out!!

Natisha Brewer

2 years ago

I love Pet warehouse for my fish tank needs! Their variety of fish and plants is always fun and not at a bad price. Though their plants do have pest snails they also sell assassin snails to help you combat them (I personally just have YoYo Loaches). The fish have always be fairly healthy and I've immediately lost only about 5 or 6 out of the 16-24 fish total I've bought over the months.

Mike Mike

2 years ago

If you are in search of clean non snail infested aquarium plants this is definitely not the store for you... The java moss had at least 10 snails living in it.

Jessy Mallard

2 years ago

In the past months we have gotten a few specialty freshwater fish that have died (probably due to already being sick before being bought) it’s not our tank water as other fish that were living in the tank with the ones we have purchased are perfectly healthy and still alive today. All fish we buy are properly acclimated to the tanks water parameters and temperature also. This has happened 3 times days after we have bought pricey specialty fish. The last straw was buying an Ogre gulper catfish not even two days ago on Friday along with 3 dozen rosy red minnows. All were housed in the same tank which was already cycled. The catfish was dead when we woke up this morning and all the minnows are still alive so again it isn’t an issue with our tank or water. Disheartening since we have been searching for this particular catfish for over a year and it passed away. Very disappointed as we have also had a red eye puffer (died from cotton mouth disease that developed right after we bought it, bought two a male and female, female did not get sick and is still alive in our tank) and a violet dragon goby die days after buying from this place under the same circumstances. Only reason it’s got two stars is because of how nice and kind the dark haired tattooed girl that works there was to us.

Fred Riehle

2 years ago

We bought a female Morkie back in Dec of 2020. We have a special needs granddaughter who needed the stimulation. The puppy and her are adorable together. We have owned dogs before but not a Morkie. The staff took the time to go over everything we would need to do to make sure she got the best care possible. We are wanting to get a male Yorkie so that we can have some puppies.

Austin Ebert

2 years ago

The puppies and birds are so cute.

Charity Collins

2 years ago

The staff is friendly and the pet food selection is great. The puppies should be healthier though for what they charge.

Anthony Williams

2 years ago

Great customer service. I love dealing with the people that handle the ????. Very professional and warm. P.S. The guy with long hair always patient with me as I decide which beautiful fish I want and they are hard to catch ????

Carmen Inca

2 years ago

Waited and waited for my dogs akc registration. Called with the appropriate number from my puppies a collar. Told it was back in the shed so they would call back. Never received a call. I called numerous times. On top of all this. We received a sick puppy that had to be hospitalized and they offered nothing to us financially. Even though we had just gotten her.

Nichole Fate

2 years ago

Didn't feel like a valued/appreciated customer. Was there for over 10 mins and was not greeted when I walked in or while I was there. Purposely chose to visit this establishment in an effort to support them opposed to Big Box Petsmart. And be clear...there were at least 4 employees standing around chatting among themselves at the entrance (no greeting); and, there was 2 employees having a lengthy conversation near the cat area (where I spent the most time) and not once was there a greeting! Quite disappointing because I saw they had Primal raw food....but I will NOT PATRONIZE them and will continue to purchase my pet food from Charlotte and transport it to Jacksonville upon visits! I left and went across the street and spent in excess of $150 at Petsmart!

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