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mike sharpe

2 years ago

We had to make some hard decisions about our girl Koshca. They were very kind,caring and compassionate. Thanks everyone there for making this transition as painless as you did.

Lisa Miller

2 years ago

Dr. Joanna Humphrey has been really great, she removed my dogs tumor and helped me save my dogs teeth when I was unaware of how bad the dental disease was. It’s really easy to make appointments online/through the app, and they have always been very accommodating to my other dog that is very fearful/reactive. The membership is worth it imo. Techs are always really nice and quick. Sometimes the faces change, but I haven’t had any bad experiences here. Very affordable, good care. 10/10 recommend ????

Rita Townley

2 years ago

Everyone was very nice! Good experience and made us both geel safe and happy.

Roxana Guevara

2 years ago

Great clinic to take your furry companion! Scheduled a last minute appointment and was able to have my sick pup seen by the vet... great caring team -- will be using them again for annual wellness visits. Thank you!!!

Rocky Rocha

2 years ago

I called to get pricing information for a blood work, the person on the phone asked for specific description of the blood work, which was provided on the phone call. The person said that they could not give prices over the phone without a Veterinarian giving the order, I would like to know the prices before I decide were do I take my dog. That is normal business practice

Elegant Improvements

2 years ago

the lady up front had no empathy n was really nasty...

Amber Godfrey

2 years ago

My cat has been sick since day one from getting her from petco. First visit - paid and said she was fine but gave me a round of probiotics. Second visit and a fecal sample - she has giardia. I was given medicine. She did the round. Still sick. They tried to charge me again foe the same reason foe her to come in again and the fecal. I had another vet step in and call to get them to order the correct compound and bypass more fees. She’s still sick. This vet doesn’t cares more about charging for visits than the well being of the animal.

Imani Coles

3 years ago

I want to personally thank Dr Rice and her staff for their professionalism and their kindness towards me and my 12 year old poodle Pearl. My tink tink needed surgery ASAP. I was referred to this location from a doctor at the animal hospital because this was a more affordable approach for me. The appointment was made and upon arrival, they were right on schedule. Once I kissed my baby and left, within 30 minutes Dr Rice called and explained to me the surgery procedure from start to finish. Even though Dr Rice couldn’t guarantee the operation would be successful, she truly made me feel as though my tink tink was in good hands. She also called me after the surgery and discussed everything that happened and told me it was successful. A few days after the surgery I had some concerns about my poodles recovery and call Dr Rice. She returned my call the same day and after explaining to me the issue, she put my mind at ease. Her staff has the upmost courtesy and are very polite and pleasant. I will definitely be a lifetime customer thanks to Dr Rice and crew!!!!

Zee Z

3 years ago

This Thrive location in Huntersville NC is terrible. Every time we call or try to book an appointment nothing is available. We can never make a same day appointment or the next day or the day after that. The appointment's are always a week to 2 weeks out. The times we have visited this location the front staff is too busy on her phone, looking in the mirror or sitting up looking snooty. The front staff here are not friendly nor inviting. We have a 9 month old Golden doodle like most puppies, have excitement urination. The staff here gets so upset with her that she tinkles on the floor when she arrives there. To aggressive here for me. Why apply for the position or get into this field if caring for animals isn't for you! one thing for certain, not my pup!!!

Theresa DiCenzo

3 years ago

I had such a great visit bringing my puppy to Thrive Vet. We were in and out and it was such an easy process. Everyone was so friendly and really helped answer all of my questions. As a young professional, the care is so affordable that it makes it so easy to give a pet a home. I will definitely be back and definitely recommend them!

C Cro

3 years ago

This location never has appointments and always closed! What's the point in having their insurance when call and try to book online and appointments are always unavailable. They're always quick to tell you to go somewhere else. That's not good for the business. Today I called and Jamo was very unprofessional. He stated they didn't have any appointments available and when I asked to speak with a supervisor he said the Thrive clinic is closed. So not only are you close Sunday's now Saturday's? Doesn't make sense.

destiny loveday

3 years ago

Very professional and polite! They had my pup in and out. Gracie May(my pup) absolutely loved the staff there today! Dr. Rice explained everything in detail. I signed up for the membership and puppy package and got an amazing deal! They are cheap AND efficient! Would definitely recommend! It was a little bit of a drive for me, but well worth it! I brought my pup In on 1-4-2021 and the receptionist (I don't recall her name) was very nice and friendly!! Thank you ladies for taking good care of my fur-baby ????

Doug Crusan

3 years ago

This is by far one of the best vet clinics or urgent cares I have ever gone to in my 30 years of experience in owning a pet. The staff was just out of this world I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't imagining how good everything was going. They took care of my Blue he had a limp and they did everything they could to help him. On top of all this the final bill was WAY cheaper then what I was being charged by one of their competitors I live roughly 45 minutes from this place but I will most definitely be returning as a permanent customer. Again thank you to everyone and thank you for making it so comforting.

Dr. Tori Knox

3 years ago

I previously did a review when we first brought my goldendoodle Bella to Thrive. It wasn't the best initially. I always believe that experiences can change. Its important not to report only the bad, but the good also. After Bella was hit by a car she got surgery at Thrive. The home care instructions were great and Dr. Rice was very thorough with contacting us and navigating us through what to expect for Bella. Bella's stitches came out after a few days due to her activity of running down the stairs and trying to get out of her crate. Dr. Rice took care of Bella again. The staff was friendly and the doctor was very kind and offered a new solution that would work for Bella's healing. Thank you for giving us a new narrative Thrive and Dr. Rice. It feels great to have excellent care for Bella at an affordable cost.

scharron zygowicz

3 years ago

They clearly don't care for the pets that they see. Thought they were great 1st two times I took my cat to see them. During this whole virus out break they so rude & clearly don't want to see pets. If you don't want to do your job, stay home. Make you fill out a 50 question check in that never did before. Question that have nothing to do with why your pet is there & stuff they should have on file, do you want your pets nails done, when you clean their teeth last, do you want them Mico chipped? I called saying why I'm bring my pet in! Your not aloud to speak to the vet while they are looking at your pet! Why can't the vet be in the phone talking to you as if you were in the room? You don't get to ask any questions. You can only hope that they are looking at what you asked them too. You get what you paid for sure. I will look for a real vets vet's office from now on.


3 years ago

My dog has had a reacurring ear infection in the same ear and treated multiple times for it. With antibiotic it clears up immediately. Due to covid and loss of work i am on limited funds. U called to just get the prescription previously used that helped but was told he'd have to come in again to be seen. Office visit $35. Normally this would not be an issue..but these are not normal times! I can afford the medicine but not an office visit exam in addition..which i explained was for the exact same ear infection. So my dog has to suffer now when all he needs is the exact same ear meds to clear it up. You don't even get to talk to the vet office its a call person. So much for affordable care during a pandemic!

kristi benjamin

3 years ago

Cant even get an appt for urgent appointments but staff is nice

Lucy Cockerham

3 years ago

Affordable is the Humane Society! Went in to get a rabies shots for my dogs. Was told it would be $25 each. At check in made sure that was the understanding...walked out and had paid $97!!!! $18 for a membership I never used and $80 for the exam and rabies shot! Very misleading! VERY TO SAY THE LEAST!

Mary M.

3 years ago

When we moved from Atlanta and away from our affordable vet, we depended on a vaccine only vet in the area. After we adopted our puppy, Jolene, we wanted to get her checked out right away and found Thrive. They have been phenomenal since the beginning! The wait to get an appointment can be a little long, but they are always great at checking and getting back to you. The main vet number does route to an answering service, but the staff at Huntersville always gets back in touch with me ASAP. I lost my dog's medication in the store and they searched the whole store twice then sent it to me. I am grateful for their kindness, professional, and amazing customer service. We will be taking our other 2 there as well. I'm so glad they are the vet we have been looking for! With 3 rescues, it can get costly for vet care. We highly recommend Thrive!

mattie frederick

3 years ago

I called for a service for my dog and they were very compassionate

Neely Pritchett

3 years ago

so we took our cat here for a general check up and she had an ear infection, where they had to do a lab for our cat’s ears. they gave us medication. fine, right? no. their base cost is low, but if they have to do anything extra it’s going to cost you extra. a normal visit was over $100. the vet in charge of the place (I guess) is also super deadpan and kinda rude when they call u abt ur pet. they also ask u to come back for a follow up, which is just a really sneaky way of trying to grab more of your money. they also gave us the wrong medication for our cats ears that made her lose her appetite and made her infection worse after we took her back for her “follow up.” these people do the bare minimum for your pet and expect you to pay extra for something they should be doing in the first place. all they want is your money. they don’t care about you or your pet.

Samantha Powell

3 years ago

My husband and I visited today. We had an appointment at 2:45. We got there early enough to be able to give them the information on our pet and still had to wait nearly 20-25 minutes after the appointment time. These people are rude and horrible at explaining costs upfront. If I could give no stars I would. What was the point in asking is for his medical history just to do they’re own report? All we needed was to check his heart worms which they then refused to do his treatment after testing him positive. Some vet place. Caring about animals is obviously not they’re priority. We wouldn’t have had a problem paying what they wanted to charge us had they explained the costs upfront instead of waiting until the end of his visit. Then refused to let us have our dog back along with not allowing us to speak to someone who’s more in charge then just the front desk lady. The vet herself was the worst of all. She called my husband just to complain about how our dog was behaving. All because we have him marked as a service dog and did not want her to touch his belly. All I have to say is he is our dog and we have no problem touching him so maybe he just didn’t like her. Regardless we’ll never be back and don’t recommend going unless you wanted to be treated rudely.

Savion Maurice

3 years ago

We brought our dog Bella back for her appointment this morning, after coming in yesterday for the first time. We were given no information on her procedure and what would take place, we were only told that she had an infection from her wound and needed updated vaccines. Today, after arriving for her procedure at 8am, We were not told what would be expected following the procedure. In addition, Thrive staff did not give us a time or any information on when to pickup Bella. Very unpleasant experience for our family.

Lexie Walt

4 years ago

I’m only giving 1 star because I was able to get some of my puppies shots at this location.... let me start out that my puppy is almost 16 weeks and has had all his shots needed prior to this visit, and we live at an apartment complex and need him to be up to date on vaccines and rabies so that the complex will accept him. We decided to go to thrive because we knew we needed vaccines and a quick check up as he unfortunately had fleas before we got him and we wanted to handle the situation as quickly as possible. If you’ve never been to thrive they have 3 tiers for puppy vaccines the 3rd has rabies, Lepto and bordetella added for 12+ the dewormer, screening, and Heartworm prevention is on all 3 tiers. This is where the issues started they said they wanted to start at puppy 1and we explained that puppy 3 is what we wanted to do since he needed the extras like rabies and was over 12 weeks... they then proceeded to say they waited until 16 weeks (strange you should change your pamphlet) we had to convince them why he needed rabies because we needed to be in compliance with our apartment complex and they made an ‘exception’ funny thing is every website you look at says 14 weeks which he was I could understand if he just turned 12 weeks but the fact was he was almost 16 and they wanted us to pay for everything today just to make another appointment and pay a separate fee for every vaccine they wanted to wait until he was 16 weeks for. Seemed off to me... so we left and unfortunately didn’t realize they didn’t give him Heartworm prevention (didn’t explain why or even tell us they didn’t) we were in such a rush to leave we didn’t even realize until we were reading the bill... so your telling me it’s company policy not to give a Heartworm prevention does even though it’s on every tier for puppy vaccines and not tell the customer?! We had to call and find out ‘oh we like to wait until they’re a year’ that was the final straw... I booked an appointment with another vet and explained my experience with Thrive on the phone and they were appalled! Safe to say this place is more about money than the wellbeing of your dog... I’m only going back because I still paid for the parasite screening and after 95 dollars I’m not just going to not to it especially after all the other things they decided not to do.

Becky Armstrong

4 years ago

All of the staff at Thrive were friendly, helpful and professional. I especially liked Katherine Gilmartin, who was personable, was kind to my Maggie and took the time to explain all about the surgery and the care for my dog after surgery. I could not have hand picked a better place and staff!. Great great job!. Becky Armstrong 6/25/2019

Charles Longbottom

4 years ago

Elisha is a good-humored helpful receptionist. Alexis is clearly a cat-whisperer. Both vets are caring and efficient. Nice place for my cats to receive TLC. Thanks!

Constance Oliver

4 years ago

I had a great visit bringing my dog in for vaccinations. All of the staff members were helpful and friendly. The vet, Dr. Joe, took the time to ask me several questions about my dog's health and give several suggestions to help with her allergies.

Destiny Marie

4 years ago

My cat hates carriers and was given the opportunity to hang out in the room and wander, which he enjoys. Conveniently inside the store as well. Vet was great and listened to what I had to say about my cat (hes particular)

Jamie Harper

4 years ago

My boxer became sick and I was able to get him in right away. They were super nice and very knowledgeable. They really seemed to care about the animals.

Janet Brigham

4 years ago

Dr. Emory and her staff were very sweet and professional with my cats. I would highly recommend Thrive Vet.

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