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Gustavo Sandri Heidner

2 years ago

Went to get vaccine boosters for my dog and to get his ears checked. Boosters were done, ears were checked, apparently no problem. Front desk lady was very attentive and helpful. That was the good. The bad is that they rush too much in this hospital. This dog has always been reluctant to go with other people, so it takes him a few minutes to get used to the idea. I arrived 45 minutes early exactly for that reason and they just immediately wanted to take him in. I managed to calm him down and walk him to the door to go in, after that, I have no clue what happened. For the first time, I received complaints that the dog was so stressed that he urinated. I was recommended a medication to sedate him for next visit. Never needed that before. Part of the recommended treatment was to wash his ears with a solution and put some drops. We've used Zymox and earwash in his ears before, no problem. Now, I get home, the poor dog won't let me even get near his ears! So I'm left wondering what the hell happened in there that after one year of almost daily ear checking and cleaning the dog won't let me near them. It's now just over a week since our visit and yesterday was the first time it didn't take 45+ minutes to be able to medicate his ears. Not sure what the problem is at this location. Can't see behind closed doors. He's been to other Banfield locations and other vets, and didn't have any issues. I can't bring the dog back here in good conscience.

Amanda Miller

2 years ago

All I wanted was a rabies vaccine for my cat. Instead I was charged with $200 of Not rabies vaccine. Still no vaccine. I'm taking the cat to a real veterinarian instead. A rabies vaccine shouldn't be this hard. Also, if you won't even do what I asked and give the cat his rabies shot, why make me wait 2.5 hours before you give me my cat back?

Jylyn Harris

2 years ago

vaccines and spaying are the only thing these people are good for and everyone once you sign up for service you have to pay the full amount even if you don’t want the service anymore so as soon as you sign those papers just know you have to make every single payment the majority of the appointments I paid for had no point it’s just an expense pay for the service not the plan

Destiny Huskey

2 years ago

This staff is incredibly rude and disrespectful. I am increasingly disappointed in their behavior and services. My dog always comes back from them with swelling from her injections and has had to be taken to the emergency room due to their short comings. I would not recommend this place or their staff to any pet owners.

Matthew Cadmus

2 years ago

Always kind and friendly both to the animals and their owners. Answer any questions we may have and provide helpful recommendations and advice to keep the fur-babies happy and healthy. Straight forward with pricing for procedures. For drop-off appointments, if something comes up they will call you to talk about what was found and discuss prices for the unanticipated treatment before proceeding further, so you don't arrive to pick up your pet and get an unexpected bill. You can also set an emergency budget where if something happens and they are unable to reach you they can go ahead with the necessary treatment up to a certain dollar amount you set at the time of drop-off. tl;dr-Great vet clinic, great pricing, straight forward, flexible!

James Meynardie

2 years ago

They have been very nice and respectful to me and my grilfrined and are dog lucky

Ashley K

2 years ago

Very happy with this vet! It was busy when I went so it took a while, but the staff did their best to get us in and out as quickly as possible. They offer good prices and their wellness plans can save you a bundle, especially if you have multiple pets. The vet tech went over pricing with and without the plans with me before they saw my pets so I could make a decision which was nice because I knew upfront what the cost was going to be and didn't have to get the usual shock I get when I went to pay. I couldn't go back with my pets because of COVID, but the vet worked with one of my dogs, then came out to talk to me before taking my other dog back, then she came out again, so I had plenty of time to ask questions and mention my concerns about both dogs separately and didn't feel rushed trying to ask everything at once. I've definitely found our new vet.

Chaz Wood

2 years ago

This location gave my puppy the wrong medicine and harmed her. I decided to stop the Banfield Plan at that point. They refused to stop the Olán despite almost killing my dog. Now it’s on my credit and I have argued back and forth with them trying to get it off my credit report.

Sufyan Abdul Haqq

2 years ago

They're awesome! And super helpful

Lynette Marks

2 years ago

Slow. But one girl was very enthusiastic about helping everyone. We all need patience.

Nichole Alley

2 years ago

Great staff, great doctors... easy to schedule appointments and fantastic options for care!

David Edwards

2 years ago

extremely poor customer service; argues with customers; refuses to see sick animal after appointment made and kept......why does PetSmart put up with them? Reflects badly on PetSmart.

Mary Beckloff

2 years ago

I love them. I love that they have a monthly wellness plan. But as of recently, my rescue dog has been anxious to go in (he's always had anxiety for the time we've had him - almost a year) and his last visit he ran away from the vet/store altogether and into the street - thankfully one of the receptionist helped me get him)! But I wish there was another way to address his anxiety on going in.. that was the first time he's EVER refused to go into PetSmart let alone the vet! It definitely raised some questions/concerns about his prior visit before.

Erica Council

3 years ago

Good at what they do....a bit pricey but worth it.

Wiley jp

3 years ago

They wouldnt see my cat because i had to have a friend drop them off. Their reason was we needed permission to administer care from pet owner. I set the appointment up. Sounds like a gave permission. My daughter's kittens going to die because the Vet doesnt want to be a vet. Allows a kitten to die over a technicality.

Steven Dunaway

3 years ago

Never one issue place,they take care of pet just as if it was there own.

Sheilena Little

3 years ago

Excellent service, nice and friendly staff

Aminah Abdul-Haqq

3 years ago

Love it here. They treat my babies with love

Anthony Corso

3 years ago

I moved to Greenville not too long ago and I never had a problem with other Banfields in other towns that I have lived. But this vet hospital has one of the worst customer service that I've ever experienced. They are not accommodating, and they try to charge micro transactions for ridiculous things. Also I have been paying monthly for the Banfield pet health plan for 2 dogs, and haven't been able to get an appointment for either of them since February because of COVID-19. Without any type of restitution, which I can live with, they try to charge me penalties because my dogs haven't had an appointment for awhile, also due to covid. These are shady business practices, and I have effectively canceled my dogs health plans. And I will be paying into local vets for all of my pets health needs instead of this corporate cash cow.

Dana Webster

3 years ago

Able to get my pet an appointment when there was a health issue.

Michael Conner

3 years ago

Nice staff, very prompt and flexible with schedules.

Erika Myhres

3 years ago

The staff is always so professional and genuinely seem to care about the pets that come in.

Fernando White

3 years ago

Didnt attend the hospital just petsmart but asked the vet if she knew if they carried gauze as my dog has a leg infection. She seemed to have a attitude when telling me to ask someone that works in the store.

James Oliver

3 years ago

If I could give 0 I would. The vet techs don't do their job, give out information that they shouldn't (vet told us she gave us info she shouldn't have/ bad information) and they don't seem to care. We took our pet there very frequently to have him checked up but after paying as much as we did and getting the service we got we left. Our last appointment was in August and when they were contacted about flea medicine, for a prescription, couldn't find that he had been there. They said it was over a year ago. They just want me to come back to their terrible clinic to spend more money. WORST VET OFFICE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!

Jessica Toler

3 years ago

Best vet I have ever used and I will continue to take mh pets where they are truly cared for.


3 years ago

There is so much that I can say about this Veterinarian office. I found them through a Google search. My kitten is sick and I knew he needed to be seen. The staff was very friendly and helped put my mind at ease. They told me that I could pick my kitten up in a few hours which I was not comfortable with (I'm super attached). They were completely understanding and did what they could to see him immediately. They explained his treatment recommendations clearly and honored a coupon that they weren't familiar with making my visit affordable. They called this morning to check up on my little guy which I thought was very sweet. My kitten is already showing signs of improvement since his visit yesterday and I am so happy with Banfield's service. Highly recommended

Kelly Miller

3 years ago

Very efficient and caring people. Good rates with the plan for a year if your animal needs lots of vacs and meds.

Lannie Harris

3 years ago

Banfield in Knightdale, NC has treated five of our dogs over the past. Two passed and they were nothing but sympathetic and caring. The newest puppy got a broken leg and they saw him every week for six weeks (and he is an ADHD handful!) Our daughter's service dog was attacked by two large dogs and Banfield in Greenville jumped to the rescue. Took wonderful care of both the dog and my daughter. Although follow up is a Banfield standard, they did extra follow ups to make sure she was healing well. We have insurance on each of the dogs. That means we don't hesitate if we have any concerns.

Lorena McConnell

3 years ago

I went to a Banfield in Ohio originally and loved them, so when I moved here, I continued my pet's care at the Greenville Banfield and, wow, what a difference. My dog is anxious and instead of working with him with multiple frequent visits with treats and getting petted by the staff like they did in Ohio, at every appointment they tried to force me to medicate him just for a routine appointment. This was never needed before, so I felt it wasn't appropriate for this to be their first and only recommendation. Also, scheduling was very limited and I could only make drop off appointments, which just worsened my dog's anxiety. At the local level they were not receptive to feedback (ie opening up more in person appointments, scheduling frequent visits for positive reinforcement, etc.), didn't have adequate "sick visits" available in a timely manner, they didn't seem equipped to handle dogs with anxiety, and they never gave me more than one option on pet care. Then on a corporate level when I cancelled my wellness plan they continued to charge me $29.95 for 10 months (that's $299.50!) and when I asked for a full refund, they said I never cancelled my plan (even though I called and spoke with them on the phone and I stopped going there, my online account said it was inactive and and got a different vet) and they told me that I could only get 1 month's payment returned to me. I'm still making phone calls trying to get this sorted out. Banfield has really dropped the ball at the Greenville, NC location.

Madee Pokemire

3 years ago

Horrible customer service and the woman that I interacted with was not kind at all.

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