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Aimee Nguyen

2 years ago

Came to check out the stores to see if if they carried birds. I was amazed by the variety of birds they had! From green, turquoise, crimson conures, to budgies/ parakeets, umbrella cockatoos, Macaws, sun conures, and other bird species I was not familiar with. However, walking into the store the first alarming thing was the strong scent it had (birds have sensitive respiratory systems and that can possibly kill them. Some cages were over crowded with birds. Most cages needed to be cleaned out. I saw an umbrella cockatoo in a small cage (don't think it could stretch its wings). Some birds missing feathers (probably due to stress). I also saw this beautiful macaw but it was obviously really really sick. The macaw was missing feathers, its tail was dropping, and it was somewhat swaying on its perch (looked very drained...). I saw a crimson conure and the poor thing had a deformity to its wing (looked broken) however it was lively and still curious. Prices for some of the birds were blown out of proportion too! Personally, I don't and won't come back to this pet store to purchase a bird mainly because I believe in a business that cares for their animals. It is just too risky to do so in terms of the birds health and potential issues down the road such a death. That means a companion down the drain and money wasted.

Jackie Garrison

2 years ago

Just exotic pets.... No cat or dog stuff much at all

Alexia Koral

2 years ago

I bought a baby beard dragon and less then a month she died

Strange Kevin

2 years ago

Crazy awesome place . So many pretty an exotic reptiles an birds.. small rodents bugs insects spiders snakes.. all of it was awesome.. oh an the fish rabbits.. Parrott's.. I'm getting a bird in n Jan of 2022 for my bday to myself!!

Zan Echelberry

2 years ago

Disgusted by this place, all the animals are in such tiny cages, you can tell they have more animals than they can care for, some of them didn't even have water! The birds are clearly in distress as they're pulling their feathers out. I was really hoping for an amazing well knowledgeable local pet store but unfortunately no. Just another packed one with more than they can PROPERLY care for. The second I walked in I was heartbroken as an animal lover.

Travis Rives

2 years ago

I've always loved Dubeys! Best pet store around by far! Best place to buy feeders for reptiles, fish, or any other pet needs. Well worth stopping by. Always a cat to rub, and beautiful Parrots to see

gloria mosher

2 years ago

Love getting to pet all the friendly animals

Paul Stivers

2 years ago

If you need anything exotic pets this is the place. Jimmy & his crew are great & know their **it. Awesome joint.

Mary Squires

2 years ago

Stopped to get a bag of treats for my pup! They are always nice and helpful ☺️

Caleb Holland

2 years ago

Great staff great selection they seem to really care for the animals

Brandy J Palmer

2 years ago

The only pet and fish store I will go to!


2 years ago

When i walked inside this pet store me and my bf weren’t welcomed or anything. As soon as we both walked in it smelled pretty bad, we wanted to buy a few fishes but when me and my bf walked up to the fish tanks it was so foggy from how dirty it was. I honestly wondered how long it has been since they cleaned those filthy tanks out. It made me feel sick to my stomach after seeing the conditions the fishes were in. Then me and my bf went over to see the birds and the bird cages were super dirty, they were covered in feces and smelled horrible! Most of the birds in there are really over priced when you can get them for cheaper at other pet stores. This pet store has gone downhill so much and it’s really sad to see how the animals in there suffer.

Ethan Mathis

2 years ago

Amazing store!! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an amazing selection of birds, small animals, and reptiles!! Not to mention, the store is extremely clean and doesn’t smell in the slightest even despite all the animals they have there. Loved visiting today and will definitely be back soon!!

Mandy Smith

2 years ago

Was there today, couldn’t get anyone to assist me and the smell about makes you want to throw up the minute you open the door, I feel very sorry for any tiny helpless creatures that lives there.

Phoenix D'Amore

2 years ago

I was in this store today and they have came a LONG way since they first moved out there. I love to see all the animals being nicely cared for and super healthy!!! The two employees I mainly deal with are extremely nice and helpful!!! Every interaction I’ve had in this store recently has been extremely positive and I honestly have no complaints about the store where it stands now! Big thanks to the Dubey’s Pet World staff and y’all will forever have my support! Keep up the good work!

Sean Crx

2 years ago

I just went to this store for the first time since they moved to Graham and I felt compelled to revisit this review. The place was filthy and smelled horrible. The fish tanks were dirty and there were a lot of very sick fish. I saw what I assume to be Texas Cichlids laying on the bottom of the tank without fins, and a bunch more with a severe case of fin rot. The tanks weren't marked quarantine or not for sale. Another tank had a juvenile Oscar that looked emaciated and was missing an eye. That's just scratching the surface, and it didn't stop in the aquarium section. I'm very disappointed in the downward turn this establishment has taken. Original review: This is a great pet store. They have a large variety of animals including fresh and saltwater fish, reptiles/amphibians, small mammals, irds, and insects/arachnids. The staff seem knowledgeable for the most part.

Travas Herot

2 years ago

The guy with the tattoos Was very helpful !!!!!

Billy Potter

2 years ago

(update) This place has steadily gone downhill over the past few years. During my last visit the hard Rock was blaring so loud you could not talk to or hear the staff. If you're looking for anything saltwater related you should probably look elsewhere. They were a much better option back before they started moving the store on a regular basis.

Ray Wag

2 years ago

Love this place. Wider variety compared to the box store.

Tammie Fryer

2 years ago

No crickets in stock. Ask an employee and he was so high you couldn't understand him and appeared to be trying to fall asleep while talking.

Sasha E.

2 years ago

I recently bought a few pet rats from here and wanted to see how they were doing before I left a review. I can gladly say that I couldn’t be happier about my purchase or my little fur babies. They are healthy and beautiful! I believe the employees name was Heather but she was super sweet and helpful when it came to the purchase of the rats and everything that I needed! She also helped me out with additional questions I had regarding my other animals that I already had at home!! Overall I really enjoyed this pet shop and will definitely be back!

Aiden Bundy

2 years ago

Went here today looking for a snake and was immediately welcomed into the store. They let us hold the snakes we were interested in and were very knowledgeable when it came to snakes. It’s a very professional workplace and everyone there was extremely friendly. Perfect place to find an exotic pet. We left the store with our first ever exotic pet and couldn’t be more pleased. I will definitely be making more visits to this store.

Amanda Tilley

2 years ago

Bought five fish from the store two died within a day brought them back sales person told me that I had to have a fresh water sample to return them and that if the water sample wasn’t good then I couldn’t get money back or new fish from the two that were dead the other three are returned because they were beating up on the other ones in the tank and I didn’t get any money back for those waste of money too highly priced in my opinion

Angela Fletcher

2 years ago

We preordered 3 frontosas from this store. We are experienced aquarium enthusiasts and have owned many fish over the years. When we picked up the fish, there was one that was already dead in their tank. The ones we took home died within an hour of acclimating them to our tank. When we called them, they said their warranty doesn’t cover aggressive fish. First of all, that has nothing to do with this situation and secondly, this was a special order. Furthermore, the fish were supposedly ordered just for us. When we happened to go into the store yesterday, the guy helping us told us they were there and “were first come, first serve”. We were the ones they were ordered for so why would it then be first come first serve? In addition to this, the employee was vaping in the store, in our faces which is so inappropriate for customer service. We’ve heard and read bad reviews on this store about other poor customer service from them and how they will gladly take your money but will not do anything to resolve issues for their customers but we still gave them a chance. At first, they said they would only replace one of the three dead fish with one they still had in the store. Their argument was that they already gave us a discount on the preorder. It does not matter what discount was given if the fish are sickly and die. The most infuriating part was that the co-owner was only willing to offer a store credit if I agreed to take down this review which is an honest review of our experience there. When I told him I would not do that and that he needed to be better with customer service, he ripped up the credit. I then told him I now had a clear understanding of why they have so many poor reviews out there. I would not recommend this store to anyone and needless to say, they’ve lost our business.

Erica Chrismon

2 years ago

I got my sweet boy Lycan (use to be named Kenny) the werewolf Guinea pig from here just 2 days ago! We have been looking for the perfect piggie for a while and he was the perfect fit! We went to the vet for his first visit today and got a 100% clean bill of health. He is scheduled for his neuter surgery next week:) We loved him so much that I went back and got him 2 new friends today. I love this pet store all the animals are cared for, clean and handled often. All of the employees are always super friendly and always willing to help with any advice or suggestions. I have been coming here once a week for years sometimes daily lol for all my exotic pets needs. For the amount of animals they have it’s does not smell and all the pets always have fresh food and water. I will continue to come here for all my pet needs and my new exotic babies!!! (The shavings on him are from his travels lol!) I could not be happier he was so over looked for so long! He ended up right where he needed to be!

Jason Lynn

2 years ago

Great staff and a great selection of pets!!

Joel Umanzor

2 years ago

I was shocked to see this business had a lot to offer for your pet needs. We recently went in to purchase items for an aquarium we're putting together for our son. Jimmy was super knowledgeable and very helpful with us! Definitely will continue to shop here for my pets!


2 years ago

Amazing variety of animals. Better than going to a zoo. They carry all the products I need for all my pets at home at our own little zoo. The staff are wonderful.

Julie Ann

2 years ago

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Jackson. He has been an amazing source of help and knowledge. My husband and I just made the jump into aquariums. I have never had a fish before, and it was my life long dream to get into having them. He has helped me so much in the past few weeks. We are truly appreciative of his presence at the store. His communication skills, friendly demeanor, and wealth of knowledge prove him to be an excellent asset. Again, thank you Dubey's and Jackson!

dayteal flower

2 years ago

The animals were adorable I love this place so much????

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