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Antonia Weeks

2 years ago

My husband and I were very pleased and surprised at the level of service and care. Dr. Meade is extremely knowledgeable and professional and caring. We brought her a difficult and complex case for which she took a great deal of time to study and consider, and then she made a personal call to go over the test results and their implications: a new level of care for your beloved pets! thank you Dr. Meade and her wonderful staff.

Connie Cowell

2 years ago

Dr Meade values the differences between younger and older cats, and helps me understand what is necessary for my cats’ comfort versus what might be necessary for younger cats. I feel she has my kitties’ best interests at heart.

lisandro sienra

2 years ago

These people were great. From the minute I walked in I knew I had made a good choice to go there. The place was clean, smelled good, and the waiting room wasn’t packed with animals that could have potentially made a bad situation worse. The examination fee was one of the most economical that I found. The service from reception to after care has been great. I highly recommend this place to anyone with veterinary needs in the Durham area.

Robyn Ross

2 years ago

gave me an estimate before I went, treatment plan and explained each procedure to me. am very please with their service

Azar Azimi

2 years ago

Yesterday was the first time there for me. And will definitely go back. Great loving caring people there.

Luke Cunningham

2 years ago

nice took great care of our doggo

Barry Howard

2 years ago

After many years of having animals and being involved with various veterinary practices, Broadway is by far our favorite. Everyone there makes that extra effort to give us that "special attention" that makes us feel welcome and know that we are getting top notch services. Thanks!

Amarys “Amy” Vazquez

2 years ago

I attempted to have some questions answered or to speak with a vet concerning a recent fine needle aspiration I had received from another clinic and was denied any attempt to do so by the receptionist. I don’t appreciate how she dismissed my questions even though I had concerns about this office’s ability to handle this type of lump removal with decent margins, should it have been cancerous and to avoid unnecessary follow-up procedures. They even sent me an invoice before the visit and were charging me for a 3 year rabies vaccine which is first off, not needed as my pet is already vaccinated, and secondly I am coming to you only at the referral of another clinic who is unable to handle this lump removal. Your receptionist is not qualified to speak on medical questions or concerns and she doesn’t even have the decency to offer to show the report and photos to the vet prior to wasting time and money on something you may not be able to treat. If your office is more concerned with making money off of patients instead of being able to answer concerns and to thoughtfully offer treatment, then this is not the facility for me. *Update* Thanks for not apologizing for your handling of my concerns and your incompetent receptionist. It only proves my point and I can name at least 3 local vets that were able to provide honest feedback via email without the need for an appointment: Noah’s Ark, Leesville Veterinary Hospital, and Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital.

Alaire Comyn

2 years ago

We have been taking our cat and dog here for a little over two years; I'm from a family of veterinarians, and can confidently say that Dr. Meade and Broadway are the best! The negative reviews seem to have a lot of complaints about procedures and diagnostics performed that are the standard of care. Dr. Meade is always VERY thorough and communicative, and she's fantastic about listening to owner input as well. She's great about knowing when something needs to be referred out. Whenever our dog has gone to the ER, Broadway staff are always quick to give a call back the next day to check on our dog. They also have squeezed us in for last minute appointments so that we didn't have to pay the additional expense of an ER visit. The pricing of their services are competitive for Research Triangle- when considering the cost, remember that you are paying not only for the time and experience that it takes for a doctor to give a thorough clinical interpretation, but also the CONVENIENCE of having those services within downtown Durham. Broadway is a great hospital, and I recommend them to all my friends!

Kyle Zobel

2 years ago

Helpful and kind people with lots of experince

Kirsten Weeks

2 years ago

I love this vet. Everyone is super kind. My pit rescue hates the car, but gets excited when she realizes we are headed to Broadway.

Nicholas Allen

2 years ago

Took my Golden Doodle here today for a behind vet visit. He is now 6 months old and hasn't been since 2 months; don't judge me. One huge positive was I could go into the vet with my pet. All others wanted to take him from me outside, which is hard for me. The receptionist were very pleasant and you could tell they love dogs. After checking in they took us to the room where we waited on the nurse. The nurse came in with a computer and a list of recommended procedures and cost. The nurse went through the list a little quickly and initially did not provide a written print out until after I asked for it. Luckily if you've had dogs before none of what she was saying was new, but when dealing with the high cost of caring for you pets it helps to see it. Otherwise my visit was great. The Dr. was very sweet and compassionate. She didn't make me feel rushed and asked me a lot of questions, which I think shows that she cares about her practice. I'll definitely recommend and be back. Oh and FYI park behind the building instead of trying to squeeze into the small spaces on the side.

leverne mcleanleverne

2 years ago

Havent been this year.great vet when I need the Services

Elaine Penrose

2 years ago

I highly recommend this vet practice! We've been taking our dog here since she was a puppy, and we've had nothing but great experiences with the entire staff. They're kind, patient, and extremely professional. I'd recommend it to any pet owner!

Jennifer Pietz

2 years ago

We took our 5year old female cat to broadway 3 months ago because she was having trouble with her ears. We noticed that she had multiple symptoms such as scratching her ears and shaking her head and not wanting to lay on her ears. She also had not been able to play with our other cat like she would normally do. It was obvious she was in discomfort . The appointment took 10 to 15 minutes and they diagnosed her with ear infection and said that they looked and it was not ear mites. They sent us home with a a tube of quadruple antibiotic ointment which they charged us $25 for. The entire bill was a little over $150 which I would gladly pay if this would have been an honest service. We were told that they took a sample and looked at it under the microscope and that our cat Iris had no ear mites. We continued to administer the antibiotic ointment in her ears for over a week with no change. We decided to give her another round a few weeks later with no improvement. We then decided to take her to the cat Hospital off of Mount Moriah Road Durham North Carolina and low and behold they found an abundance of ear mites after performing a 55 min thorough exam. They treated the mites, They also gave her a rabies vaccine and advantage multi for cats, trimmed her nails and the the doctor called me and gave me an extremely professional and thorough report . All of this for 160$. The day she got home she slept like she had never slept before. The poor baby had been miserable for far longer than she would have been if they would have done there job properly.

Anne Jones

2 years ago

Dr. Meade is very, very knowledgeable and also extremely kind. She takes the time to send you emails to clarify details about your pet's care that can be hard to remember. She is cautious an will seek out consultation if needed. She does push extra services or products on you. Her staff are also very kind and responsive. The follow-up is excellent as is the overall care. I'm so glad to have her in our neighborhood. Our dog constantly wants to go in there on her walks and that says a lot!

Cristi Harkins

2 years ago

Very caring and always a pleasure to visit. They take great care of my furry son.

Gehrig Bernstein

2 years ago

This vet failed to diagnose a FULL-TERM pregnancy in our 8lb maltipoo, which resulted in the DEATH of our puppy, an emergency episiotomy and a large emergency vet bill. Even after we notified her of the mistake, she refused to admit her fault or refund the money from our visit (much less the emergency vet bills). While I don't like to leave negative reviews, these actions were careless and incompetent and led to the loss of our puppy - putting our dog's life at risk. If you're concerned about the health of your pet, I would take them pretty much anywhere else. Additional details below. We noticed that our dog had enlarging nipples, an expanding abdomen and my wife, who's a doctor, heard a second heart beat and was able to palpate a puppy and feel kicking (which you can see on a video recording). Obviously concerned that she was pregnant and may need a scheduled c/s (as the father of the puppy is a french bulldog and this is common for this breed), we took our dog to Broadway Vet where she had been seen several times before. Due to COVID restrictions, we were not allowed inside. The tech returned with our dog about 15 minutes later at the most and said that it was too early to tell if she was pregnant. They said that xrays didn't show up until 45 days and she didn't think that IF she was pregnant that they would show anything yet. We asked about an ultrasound and were told that it's only available once a month and we needed to schedule in advance. We directly asked, "If she is pregnant will she need a c/s?" To which the vet replied, "There's no way to know." So we asked how we would know and she said if she goes into labor and can't have the puppy to take her to an emergency vet. She then charged us $70 and said to come back for xrays in 2 weeks. Five days later, we woke up to blood all over our home and our dog straining with half a puppy delivered. We couldn't hear the puppy's heart rate and took our dog straight to the emergency vet. She then had an emergency episiotomy. According to the emergency vet, our dog was full-term or even a little post-dates and the puppy had gotten too large to deliver. Had the stage of pregnancy been correctly diagnosed and xrays been done, it would have been clear that a c/s was needed and this could have been avoided.

Jacqueline Ogburn

2 years ago

Curbside service and masks during the pandemic. They review costs beforehand on services and make follow up calls.

Xinxin Wang

3 years ago

I have been to this vet for the last 3 years and this review is long overdue. I was hesitant to publicly say anything because my dog, Gerard, is enrolled in their (now defunct) vaccines for life program. I worried that speaking negative about the practice may lead the vets to be negligent with my pup. Now that we are moving out of Durham, I finally can speak my mind. The prices are high compared to other vets in the area but we thought it was worth it because of the vaccine for life program. You pay an upfront fee and as long as you pay for an annual exam, you receive free vaccines. When we got our second dog, we called to inquire about the program. The receptionist told us that the program was still in place and we scheduled an appointment for two weeks later. At the appointment, they informed us that the program was no longer effective... It appeared that in the two weeks between my call and the appointment, they removed the program but did not update their customers. Had I known, I would've chosen a different vet for her. This is just poor practice. In spite of this operational blunder, we still took Gerard here because he was grandfathered into the program. Each time, I would notice things that made me question the intent of the practice. They consistently attempt to up-sell us on diagnostics and tests... For example, Gerard spontaneously developed a head tilt two months ago. We wanted to go to a speciality vet hospital but needed a referral from our main vet so we came back to Broadway. Broadway charged us $65 for a 10 minute appointment with the suggestion for a $250 blood test. When we hesitated and refused the blood test, they came back with a "cheaper" version at $125 (why didn't they offer this initially?). The doctor told us that the two leading possibilities were 1) tick/parasite which would be detected through the blood test or 2) a middle/inner ear infection. After the blood test came back negative, the doctor immediately suggested that we run another test to see if there are thyroid issues. I was confused given thyroid issues were not one of the main contenders initially.... I asked why we weren't testing the second option (middle/inner ear infection) and she said that would require a MRI/CT which they didn't offer in house. So... we were going to test for an issue that is not as likely because it's what they COULD do in-house. Let me repeat that. They wanted to do a test because they COULD, not because they SHOULD. Needless to say, we refused the additional test. Fast forward to today, two months later. Gerard has mainly recovered from his previous issue, despite having no diagnosis. He was due for his annual vaccines, so again, we head to Broadway. Due to social distancing, I answer a set of questions via email beforehand and bring up the head tilt/ear infection. Before I even drop off my dog, Broadway calls and informs me that my total bill will be ~$140 because they included an ear cytology. I am confused because ear cytologies are to detect outer ear infections, which was explicitly ruled out by the SAME vet during our last visit because the outer ear infection could not possibly cause the symptoms Gerard was experiencing. I call back and inquire about this discrepancy, the person on the line finally admits that she has no idea and that the vet would have to call me back. When the vet calls me back, she tells me that my dogs ears are "dirty" and that the cytology will tell her if there's bacteria or yeast. I ask point blank whether the cytology will tell us anything about the middle/inner ear. She admits that no, it will not, but that he could also have an outer ear infection. At this point, I cannot trust that this vet has Gerard's best interests at heart. Oh, they also didn't give my dog his full set of vaccinations at this last appointment because "they were worried vaccines would interfere with each other". Instead, they wanted us to come back for another paid appointment in order to get the last vaccine. Take your dog elsewhere.


3 years ago

Our dog loves going to Broadway! She can be a bit rambunctious, but the staff always greets her and sends her home with tons of love. I am grateful for the safety precautions for COVID and the excellent communication. The doc always leaves wonderfully detailed voicemails or sends helpful emails. And someone always picks up when I call or answers my emails promptly. All the staff memebrs are kind and helpful. They always give us multiple options for care with price ranges and are patient when I have a ton of questions. I never feel like I'm being up-sold or judged for my pet care choices.

Katie Logan

3 years ago

We are very happy we went with Broadway vet. We enrolled in their vaccines for life program which is a great cost saver. They always follow up on how our pup is feeling after visits, and we had an excellent experience with them for our dog's spay. Highly recommend.

Pavlo Kononenko

3 years ago

Overcharged for medication 2x what it costs. Beware of inflated bills.

Nicole Pibil

3 years ago

I got my puppy Luna back in Dec of 2017 and had recently moved to Durham. We got her from Peak Lab Rescue at 7 weeks old, she had worms, fleas, and some stool issues. We were recommended to Broadway Vet Hospital by her littermates owners. They have treated and looked after my pup for 3 years before we moved away to another state. They were great honestly with everything, from her puppy shots, to her spaying, to her boosters, and annual exams. They sent me reminders, got me a years worth of her meds, got me rebates for buying so much of it up front. My dog can be a little skittish and scared of people, but Dr.Meade and her team helped my pup to feel safe and never pushed her past her comfort zone if she could help it. I was sad to say goodbye to Broadway, but know if you choose them they will look after you little loved one like they are their own.

Mina Ezikpe

3 years ago

Really poor customer service -- cancelled my contract for discounted vaccines after I failed to schedule an annual exam. why did I fail to schedule this exam? because of a global pandemic and stay at home order -- they acted like this was a completely bizarre and irrational reason to postpone my cat's annual exam. What scam artists.

michelle prager

3 years ago

Never a long wait. Fair pricing for all services. Dr. Meade is very pleasant and thorough.

Meagan Klebanoff

3 years ago

My cat and I love Broadway Vet! The practice provides excellent care and is always responsive. Would highly recommend!

Salma M

3 years ago

They are very friendly and thorough. Dr. Meade seems very competent and was able to help us get our rescued cats eating properly when we first adopted them. All of the staff are very friendly too. It’s a bit expensive but that’s just because good vet care is expensive—it’s comparable to the prices I’ve paid for my cats in other cities. The only thing that is less convenient for us is that they won’t send our prescriptions directly to Chewy because they say it’s difficult to work with that company. But they offered to give us paper prescriptions to get it filled ourselves (we can just upload and send to Chewy) so it’s not really a big deal.

Charles Williams

3 years ago

Excellent care received for my doggie

Danielle Ross

3 years ago

I have been taking my cat here for 6 months and have been surprised with the bills I get. I will pay anything for my cat to be healthy, but they supposedly take a fecal sample from him at every single visit, regardless of the visit purpose. I only know this because half of the total of my itemized receipt is for a fecal sample that I never authorized. This has happened three times total AND while they were actively treating him for worms, they called to give me the results of his fecal and said they found no worms. This was when he vomited worms in front of the vet. The two fecal samples prior to this visit were clean, and based on the maturity of the worms, he had had them for a while. Two things are clear from this 1. They don't check charts before visits or calls and 2. Their fecal tests are ineffective anyway. Not sure why I've paid $65 at each ear check-up for a useless fecal sample. When I found out that other people have experienced baseless charges, I decided I won't be returning.

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