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stephen hatcher

2 years ago

I always recommend Cooke. We have relied on this team for about 10 years for 5 cats. The staff is highly knowledgeable, inquisitive, and caring about your animals’ health. They perform thorough exams, share detailed health information, and take time for conversations that help you understand observations, test results, options, etc., so that you are informed to make better decisions. Their staff is very friendly and personable. They were extremely supportive when our oldest cat needed end of life care, and they are very communicative and proactive if you have an animal boarding with them for special care and observation. They are always responsive and accommodating, e.g., seeing you quickly to address needs that fall just short of an emergency. Truly the best vet team I have experienced.

Jackie Evard

2 years ago

I had vet hopped all around town until I met Dr Edson. She is so knowledgeable and knew to test and look into things no other vet had recommended. She presents every option to me and takes time to discuss them so all of my questions are answered and I understand all options. I also trust her to not perform and charge for extraneous or unnecessary things. Furthermore, they have an exam room that opens to the outside, avoiding the lobby, which means a lot to my very anxious dog who doesn’t do well close to other dogs!! After a very long search for a friendly and quality vet, I HIGHLY recommend Cooke Vet Clinic and Dr Edson!!!

Neil Kennedy

2 years ago

I recently got an unexpected puppy, so he and I went to Cooke Veterinary Medical Center yesterday. The experience was great. I was afraid because my puppy seemed to have some health problems and a little nervous as a first time puppy owner. The staff was unbelievable and took their time to address all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Edson spent a considerable amount of time coaching me through things like food choices and caloric needs, house and crate training, bathing and socialization. They were also very gentle and patient with Bagel. They came up with a solid plan to address his (thankfully minor) health issues and I left feeling relieved and very grateful. I can't recommend this veterinarian enough.

Wanda Mitcham

2 years ago

Excellent service! We had to put our sweet baby down today and the staff was more than supportive and caring!????????????❤????????????❤

Crissy Trinidad

2 years ago

My fiancé and I just got a new puppy and needed to find a vet to take him to. We lived close by and decided to take him here. The front desk staff and Dr Marr and her assistants are amazing! All very friendly and welcoming. Dr Marr is always willing to answer all our questions and our puppy just loves her. So glad we found this office.

Cam Moore

2 years ago

I like Cookes. I've been taking my dog for 6 months, easy appointments, great staff, and nice feature with "VirusVet" but I'm still debating on staying. I get constant spam emails to purchase from their "store", neutering was quoted at $7-900 which is ridiculously expensive compared to any other place, and I was forced to take my dog elsewhere for the surgery, everything seems much higher than it should be. While they claim to be a "holistic" vet and keep meds and immunization to a minimum, I've not seen this in my experience or in their advice. I hope this changes now that we're past a "puppy" stage, so the jury is still out. I'll keep taking my pup here, but will be watching the pricing and comparing as we go before I make a decision to change.

Ashley Hampton

2 years ago

Love love love them!! They took great care of my Koi Boy!! Who knew dogs could get pink eye?! Sweetest people I've met in awhile!


2 years ago

It's a very good hospital. Knowledgeable doctors. Really good use of Eastern and Western medicine. Very thorough care.

Myra Gobble

2 years ago

I had been going to Cooke Vet for 13 years. Over the past 2 years Dr Cooke service has declined greatly. They had been ignoring me that my dog was in pain for a year and didn’t believe me until he bit my neighbor. Over the course of 4 acupuncture sessions she might have spoken with me 5 minutes. After the 4th season as asked the assistant to have Dr Cooke call me and Dr Cooke never called. I emailed her about western treatment and was told no. Then about a month later Dr Edson saw my other dog. Dr Edson said if not better snd not pooping in the next few days to call back to get stool softener. That Friday I call back Dr Cooke refused to see my dog or talk to me. Dr Cooke said to take her to the emergancy vet.

Karen Reed

2 years ago

This was our first visit with Dr Cooke. We had been looking for an integrative veterinarian who wouldn't bombard our three year old female Golden with unnecessary vaccines before her spay. Dr Cooke.and her staff were knowledgeable, kind, and informative. They were also extremely patient with me and my husband in regard to our opinions on vaccines and certain medications too often prescribed for dogs these days. We are a family who believes that being holistic whenever possible is best, and Dr Cooke did not negate that in any way. We have happily found our new veterinarian.

Wanda Knox

2 years ago

Dr Cooke loves our fur babies and they love her and her staff. ????

Arthur Russell

2 years ago

Caring and gentle staff. The staff and doctors are cooperative, and attentive to the needs of you pet. As a pet owner, and advocate for the absolute best for my pets, I can tell you that your pet will receive excellent service and you will receive a written overview of your visit. It is pricey!!!

Erica Quinn

2 years ago

I love love love Cooke Vet Clinic. All of the vets I've seen there are so great! They all have the same kind personality and they don't rush. They take their time and their thorough! They're the only ones I'll trust with my animals when I really need to have a problem fixed. Unfortunately they're kind of far for me so I don't go there all the time but when I know there's something really wrong with my animals they're the only ones I'll trust to find and take care of the problem.

Tina Yates

2 years ago

Excellent care for my fur babies!

Charles Evans

2 years ago

Absolutely the best Veterinary clinic! Dr. Ives is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She spent quite a bit of time with my cat Lucy. She discussed everything with me as her examination proceeded. She followed up the next day with a phone to see how Lucy was doing along with an email detailing the entire examination and test results. The office is comfortable and a helpful staff. I highly recommend Cooke Veterinary and Dr. Ives!

Jovina Bryce

2 years ago

Excellence. The care and patience they took with both myself, her "grandmother" and Zaida during these adjusted COVID times, makes me feel that they are 100% on top of their commitment to healing. They have deservedly earned my trust.

Irene Buckbee

2 years ago

We had a great first visit for our kitty. Everyone was wearing masks, office was clean, and everyone was very friendly and professional. Very happy to have found a great vet for our kitty.

Joan Shiflet

2 years ago

Disappointed. Usually they give you a quote before proceeding and scheduling. Floored by the almost $600 bill for yearly check, shots and preventative meds for flea, tick, and heartworm. Have gone to them for many years. Will be looking for another vet.

Adriana Cuevas Velarde

2 years ago

We started going to Cooke Vet Medical Center last year. Our pug has seen Dr. Edson and Dr. Ives and they are each so caring and kind. They really listen to our concerns and answer all questions very patiently. The front office staff and vet technicians are friendly and helpful. This clinic is mindful of COVID guidelines, which is another great reason to trust them. Thank you so much for taking wonderful care of our furry friend.

carolyn ann brennan

2 years ago

Dr. Edson is wonderful. She took her time examining my pet. She answered my every question and took the time to listen to my concerns. She is a womderful vet!

Ebony Hawley

2 years ago

Well I went here because they had openings right away and I see why. During my very first visit with my puppy the girl said let me take her and cut her nails for you. Recieved my bill and they charged me 20$ for it without saying anything.I let it go and said o well whatever. Then I went for another visit I had to run across the street and they are doing no contact visit so they come to the car to get your pet. I told them I will be back gotta run across the street I let them know it will be quick and the length of the visit and they said okay that's fine. Recieved my bill they charged me 21$ for daycare. The point is I know they are a small business and need there money but they should really let you know before they charge you amounts so you can decide what you want to do. It's the principle how hard is it to say hey I can cut her nail but it is a 20$ fee then i can say yes or no. Its not the best place just convenient cause they always have openings. That will be my last time there I'll wait for a opening at petsmart!

Gail P

2 years ago

Excellent service. Doctors and technicians very caring and professional. Highly recommend.

Jennifer O'Daniel

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs here for about 5 years now, and the staff are very invested in making sure both the animals and their owners are comfortable. I always feel well informed and confident in understanding what my animals may need & can benefit from.

Karen Bauguess

2 years ago

Very happy and satisfied with Cooke Veterinary Medical Center as whole, their staff and Dr. Edson. I never feel like a number and that's VERY hard to find with our area vets as well as any other service establishment these days. When I call, I am greeted with wonderful hospitality and I always feel happy about that!

Regina Christiansen

3 years ago

Tink and Pep are always given the best care and the vet is very knowledgeable about any questions I have to provide my girl's the best care and health.

Sweet Williams

3 years ago

After reading the reviews I wanted to love this vet too. When I called and was told $700 for my Boston Terrier to be spayed it was obvious this vet is about the $.

Erin Moore

3 years ago

We brought our dog in for his first appointment with a tail injury that we had been told wasn't infected by BluePearl less than two days earlier. Cooke Vet had to deliver the news that the injury was seriously infected and might require amputation. We were shocked and unsure of what to do; our appointment was in the afternoon and they couldn't do the amputation that day and so we'd have to go somewhere else and an emergency amputation could easily be $3,000+. We made the decision with the vet to put him on IV antibiotics and take him home to see how he responded to the antibiotics and consider what to do. We brought him back the next day for more antibiotics and left him there for the day. He did respond to the antibiotics thankfully and we had a treatment plan of bringing him in for regular bandage changes and giving him oral antibiotics for several weeks. His tail is nearly healed as of the date of this review. My partner and I find the Cooke Vet to be professional and friendly. Even with COVID restrictions, either me or my partner are allowed inside for the appointment and the communication is great. They genuinely adore my dog; he is so excited to go to the vet to see everyone. They do what they can to work with you on price, although it is very expensive to deal with an emergency obviously. We were able to schedule appointments to bring him in after the first couple days of dropping him off and having to pay the day care fee (I think it was like $24, which isn't bad for keeping him for 8 hours if you have to work) for him being there all day to work on him when they were free given the last-minute nature of his first two appointments (I was working from home over the summer, so I was glad they were able to arrange the frequent appointments to avoid the day care fee). We definitely trust Cooke with our dog's care.

Betty A

3 years ago

Dr Cooke is the best! Friendly and caring staff that help you take good care of your furry family members! Top notch!

Candy Smith

3 years ago

The best staff from vets to front desk. Highly educated staff at alternative methods to assist with healing for your pet. Also very flexible with getting appointments.

Jennifer mccoy

3 years ago

Love Dr Edson! I haven’t seen a vet who cares about quality of life of fur babies in years. She is very patient, responsive and really seems to care. When she says she’ll call, email or leave instructions she does. Highly recommend.

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