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Candy Daskoski

2 years ago

Asked if i could see my cat before they put her to sleep vet said didn't you just see her i will never take my animals to them ever again

A Ashburn

2 years ago

Staff and doctor were very kind and attentive.

Amy Thompson

2 years ago

Deep Creek Animal Clinic is a great place to take your pet. They love your pet as it was their own. While on Vacation we boarded our dog there. I didn't realize her medicine prescription ran out. Unfortunately it wasn't the kind they kept at their Vet clinic. They called us in Minnesota to let us know. They offered to go to the pharmacy to pick it up. All we had to do was call the pharmacy and talk with the pharmacist...We were able to get her her meds. Even all they way out in farm country... The staff and the Vets. are so kind and loving... Sincerely AmyThompson

Chris Jones

2 years ago

I took my elderly beagle to the Deep Creek Vet because my vet could not see us. The Staff and doctor were very professional and friendly. They explained all of the details and helped me get my happy beagle back. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Maria Osorio

2 years ago

I don't like the girls the way they treat their customers in the front desk I almost have a problem with them they think they own the company where they work at and they don't they need to get a little more practice on how to treat people the proper way because without us they don't have a paycheck it wasn't because we bring our pets up in there to get seen they won't have a paycheck okay they need to learn how to treat people a little better that's what I'm saying and I'm talkin about to go to something if you want

Kathy Phelps

2 years ago

Great care from Dr. Taylor, Nicole, Tabitha, and Hope!

Patricia Copeland

2 years ago

Our dog goes there for his well check ups and boarding. He loves the staff.

janice whitley

2 years ago

Polite fast and I didn't feel like I was being taken to the cleaners!

Amana Sund

2 years ago

Part 2: When I asked why was I allowed go make medical decisions for the dog and speak to multiple doctors about her care without apparently being documented in her records her tone immediately changed towards me and she became hostile. She said she spoke to my bf and I asked her when that was. Well, apparently she does not like being asked questions. I figured if she spoke to him it would be annotated in the medical records as her doing such so it would be too easy to say the date he was spoken to. again, i tried to talk, she wasn't trying to hear a word I had to say, which was wanting to know simply what their official policy was on who was allowed to make medical decisions for animals being brought in, because if it was the excuse that I wasn't annotated in the records as a Co owner, or anything, how was I able to are her medical decisions, speak to doctors, pick up her medication, etc...literally, all this because we want another vet to look at our dogs records because that's our right. The saltiness, the attitudes, come on ladies, you work in an extremely high stress field, if I make you mad because I'm trying to inquire about your business policies, which as a paying customer (yes, my card paid that bill), I think I'm allowed to ask questions. If you as staff members can not be bothered to answer questions about your place of business and what policies you have maybe you should think of a line of work that doesn't involve dealing with people. And I'm sure, plenty of people will vouch for your upstanding character, cool, but I also had you on speaker phone in a crowd so others could hear what I was up against. You work for a business that prides itself on caring for people's beloved animals, and have out their heart and soul into, yet you think coming off as you did to me is acceptable in a business that you do not own, it's not your name and reputation on the line. You represent that medical staff, act like it. And no hard feelings, our beloved girl unfortunately passed from her cancer (it was bronchitis according to her records from you guys), and my remaining dog already goes to a different vet. I won't bad mouth this business in public, but if asked, I'll definitely recommend others to another vet clinic, based off the 2 staff members named already. May not matter, but enough word of mouth can get around that there's extremely unpleasant office staff and people will listen. Good luck, man those 2 are gonna need it.

Tameika Hopkins

2 years ago

The staff is very sweet and good with the dogs. However, they seem like they are always trying to squeeze more money out of you every time you visit. The first visit they gave my puppy (less than ten pounds) a pill and a half to take. I asked if this all to be given to her at the same time and they said yes. So she throws it up and I call back explaining this to them. They say come by and we will replace it for you. I rush over before they close and they explain it's going to be $20+ but no one told me this before I got there I said I would get the medicine from some where else. So she goes to get a shot a few weeks later. They end up charging me for the same medicine I did not want for worms and did not even ask had she received medicine for it since our last visit! They did not even explain what they were giving to her and all I was there for was a shot. (By the way I had already given her worm medicine that she did not throw up) I call back to complain and they said the vomiting of the pill was not on them and they don't always have the doctor call you to explain the procedures during your visit. So they can just do whatever service to your dog they want and expect you to pay for it? I will not be back here!

Ty Johnson

2 years ago

Dr Jones and staff were very friendly. We are visiting VA from Chicago and my furbaby allergies started acting up really bad. Dr Jones was thorough and treated my pet/dog as if it was her very own. Although they were a bit pricer than my vet back home, I am glad that I found this vet!

Sharon Eckhart

2 years ago

Called Deep Creek vet this morning to help me put my 22 year old cat to sleep who has been seizuring and was crying and was turned down because i was a new client-did it matter that i was a new client when my cat needed help?? Unbelievable! What happened to compassion for animals, i thought vets were there to help you especially with something like that- but not deep creek!

Allan Smith

2 years ago

Very best. We have Been going there for 20 years. Have had two chow chows and they took care of both exceptionally. One was aggressive and one was everyones favorite dog. At least what they told Axel. Both were treated the same, even though one was agressive. All the doctors are great but Axel's favorite was Dr. Bryan. Everyone that works there even sent a signed condolence card when Axel passed. My new five month old chow has already been there for his puppy check up. Great place!

Barbara Elliott

2 years ago

The staff and vet were so amazingly sweet to my baby girl! I appreciate them!

Gloria McCormick

2 years ago

They are wonderful to my furry baby!

Anonymous Anonymous

2 years ago

It’s expensive, so please just honestly look elsewhere unless money is no object to you. They almost cancelled my appointment because multiple people called to confirm it for some reason unknown to me and I missed one of the calls after ALREADY confirming. I happened to call back just in case and the girl on the other end laughed and said, “Oh good thing you called I almost cancelled it!” Staff was kind otherwise when I had to talk to them. No one told me in the multiple phone calls before coming that it was curbside only and there aren’t any noticeable signs on the door about it just a small one they expect everyone to see. They got really offended with me because I came inside to check in given that no one told me otherwise. Poor communication. All around I guess. Dr. Taylor was very rude to us and his demeanor is terrible. I think they prefer to treat upper class patients with money who knows. I’ll never be back.

Jim Ballentine

2 years ago

My Lab had surgery estimated at $800-$1000. Final cost $500. Dr Taylor very attentive and spent time before/after surgery ensuring understanding & reassurance. Results = excellent.

Richie Babb

2 years ago

Dr. Taylor is so caring and the staff is awesome! Best vet we've ever visited.

Rob C.

2 years ago

Curbside service and they took great care of our Chihuahua, Coco, during Easter weekend.

Sarah Parent

2 years ago

Thank you Deep Creek staff and especially to Dr Stanley Bryan who was Sherman’s vet when we moved here 2 yrs ago. How appropriate that he was also the one that helped us cope with this difficult process during Sherman’s last day. We appreciate how thoughtful and loving everyone was.


2 years ago

Very unprofessional. Extremely bias towards particular dog breeds. Poor quality and value towards dog owners which builds lack of trust when attempting to handle well trained, friendly, and obedient dog/dogs. Unethical and lack proper customer service. Not reliable at safe keeping appointment time/times, nor is Deep Creek Veterinary Hospital responsive towards the dire needs of our beloved family pets.


2 years ago

They Are Very Unprofessional When It Comes To Service. I booked a appointment for my Pregnant American Bulldog to have her X-Rayed to determine how many pups she has. They Asked for us to show up early to complete paperwork which was not a problem, I just thought they SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED it was curbside service. It was pouring rain and like 29° outside. Too cold for myself and dog to be waiting 20 minutes PAST our appointment time. They Kept walking up to the door as if they was going to bring her in but simply walked away. They made me feel uncomfortable because they were not communicating with me what the hold up was. They kept staring at my dog as if they was afraid of her. They Lack Simple Communication Skills. ???? I Am Definitely Not Ever going there Again Nor Do I Recommend There Services To Anyone Who Truly Care About Their Furry Friend.

Josh Hagerman

2 years ago

Update March 6th. I went to another local vet in the area to have the spay for my cat. All in all it was about $200 less then the deep Creek veterinary hospital quoted at minimum. For the exact same treatment I even got the extra laser after the surgery and medications. I paid $323 versus $505-$625. Just a note I didn't go to the cheapest place which was 250. I went to a place that was in the ballpark of all the other places. I did have to pay about $50 for an initial check up since I was switching vets, but even with that I was way under the cost that Deep Creek was going to charge. Deep Creek veterinary hospital is completely overpriced. The knew that also gave me a better update on the hair loss issue. I also want to give this update since I hear people are having communication issues. The vet I went to was constantly calling me at the curbside to give me an update on what was going on. I would call when I get there and they would call before they come out to get my animal. once they finish the checkup they would give me another call. once I had given any vaccinations they would give me another call. once they were ready for payment they would call me I would pay and then they would bring the animal back out. They were completely transparent. Versus Chesapeake that doesn't give a flip. ------------------ I used this Vet twice now and almost a third time before deciding not to. Every time I have to pay I felt like I was over paying. So. this time I decided to investigate. I have a female cat that I need to get spade. Deep Creek quoted me $505-$625 dollars for the operation even though my animal just had a check up. I have called 6 other vets and asked for pricing without stating I already had a quote. The highest quote I received was $450 including a check with blood work ahead of time, medicine, cone, and the whole 9 yards. $380 for the surgery and $70 for the checkup. The lowest was $250 for the surgery. Mind you all these are actual vets and not spay/neuter clinics. I contacted Deep Creek to see if we could work the price down, since they are by far the highest priced. Without a thought the receptionist said "No". I asked if the vet would have any input and still a "No". I have all the money for the surgery, but would like to avoid paying $600 all at once. I asked about a payment play. Again a "No". All funds required up front. That's a little odd to me. I see the good reviews and I really wonder if people just go here due to proximity and without researching prices. They can save hundreds by driving an extra 10 minutes. My first 2 visits were for the same cat due to fleas and hair loss. The fleas are gone, but not thanks to the pills they sold me for an exorbitant cost. I had to research and found a better treatment for less that got rid of the fleas. I went back a second time for the hair and spend $90 for the appointment and a shot. I wasn't inside, so I don't even know if they gave her a shot. Hair loss is still an issue. Make your own choices. But, your wallet will thank you if you go elsewhere. The nurse are the best part of this place. They are sweet and nice, but the receptionist and vets are a dime a dozen. ******Update to my review. I have started using another vet and for the exact same spay on a cat I paid $325. That is for the spay, the extra medication, and the laser scar surgery. All the same things that were on my quote from deep Creek veterinary hospital. They also told me that the reason her hair isn't growing back on her back is because when she had the fleas she was over grooming and she's just continuing that pattern. They said the easy solution is just to leave the count on a little bit longer after the surgery and the hair will grow back.

Drea Lewis

2 years ago

I don't have a visit review, but I do want to commend the woman who answered the phone for helping me find a vet that provides the services I needed for my dog. She could have easily made me come in and pay for a visit even though she knew this location did not do the more indepth care needed for my dog's condition. Brava!

Shurel Griffin

2 years ago

Great parking lot to take a phone call! Well lit and warm! Close to everything

PatnLynn Mitchell

3 years ago

Dawn is an amazing vet and the grooming staff is awesome too. We are so pleased with the whole place

Thomas Rodriguez-Schucker

3 years ago

Great service. Just moved to the area, quick appointment, and up front estimate of visit. Friendly staff and vet.

Michelle Mcdonald

3 years ago

My aunt lives down the street from this vet and have heard stories about their customer service. To think When the road is flooded they wouldn’t let her park there because She couldn’t get hercar down the street is so rude I can’t even imagine how they treat animals if this is how they treat people. She is over 65 years old and the girl cut her off with not ONE BIT OF EMOTION. My dog would NEVER be treated by such people and neither will anyone I know or who asks me. You can at least be kind when saying no.

Michael Farley

3 years ago

Great staff, great with our 2 dogs

Markell A

3 years ago

Took good care of my cat. Vet was empathetic and intelligent.

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