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Amanda Lee

2 years ago

If you have pets, always always choose Blue Pearl. When we found our kitten we didn’t know he had more health issues than his eyes. They’ve helped us with every step of our special needs kitten’s journey until the end. The staff are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met in my life. They genuinely love their jobs and the animals they see.

Shea Ipock

2 years ago

Worst ever, office claims to be opened until 10:00pm, but at 6:30 wouldn’t help my dog. Embarrassing for an emergency pet hospital!!

Sherry Mills

2 years ago

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our 14 year old family pet. I just wanted to say the staff was accommodating and overwhelmingly professional and respective of our feelings. This is never a good experience to go through for the owners and the Vet staff , but they showed up most professionalism and our veterinarian was completely explanatory in the total procedure and informative making the experience easier. THANKS TO ALL

Andrew Hensley

2 years ago

Blue Pearl literary gave my puppy nausea shot he throws ups again this time he chokes on his throw up by spent like 400 dollars

Cathryn L

2 years ago

Sat on hold for 20 minutes in the parking lot with my dog suffering in the car. While still on hold, I called from my daughter's phone and was told they couldn't see us. I understand staffing shortages, but don't just leave people on hold when there is an animal suffering. If they would have just been upfront I could have turned around and looked for another place a lot sooner. I had a good experience with Blue Pearl in the past, but the rude front desk and being placed on eternal hold at by an emergency veterinary office is unsat.

Lisa Moore

2 years ago

When I arrived around 5:00 pm yesterday and called the phone number to the front desk, I was told they could not see my dog due to the fact they were experiencing a staffing shortage and there was no veterinarian on the premises to see her. Wow. However, I have to give kudos to the front desk lady. That is not easy news to deliver to pet owners during an emergency. She was professional, friendly, and quickly brought out a list of other emergency vet clinics and an urgent care in Va Beach which we ended up going to.

Marty The Dog & Jen

2 years ago

Professional, caring, sense of urgency outshone my expectations. Front desk staff professional & kind.

Larry Foreman

2 years ago

We took our schitzu there at night because she was in a lot of pain. What they described as a blood clot in her leg cause by blood disorder was actually a sprain diagnosed by a vet the next day. The wanted to run all these tests so they could run up a big bill. Even we knew their diagnosis was wrong and told them just give her something for pain which they did. I will not take my pet there again.

Jacob Wood

2 years ago

They took extremely good care of me and my cat. Very positive experience provided even though i was in a painful situation. I would recommend this vet office to everybody.

Brittany Lynch

2 years ago

I just called to get records for a mutual patient . whoever answered the phone was so rude & told me that the patient was seen at the Virginia Beach location & that I had to call them to get the records . when she could have easily accessed them & sent them over to me (which I was also told by the other location) . then gave me the other locations number & then just hung up . your customer service sucks .

Jolene Bradley

2 years ago

I came in on Sunday as a “walk-in” for my kitty. I was quoted 4-6 hour wait and I was in and out in 2 hours. Which I know isn’t very common for emergency visits. The staff was very friendly, from the receptionist to the vet tech (Kasey) and the Doctor working that day. Thank you for your kindness and honesty and care. I am so thankful for people like you working thru this pandemic and keeping a smile on your face when I know it is so hard on the working folks right now. Thank you!!!!

Amanda Carmouche

2 years ago

This place is horrible! The staff member Brittney does not even know what is an antibiotic and what is available over the counter or not. She was insanely rude when to me. I told them all that I needed costs up front. All they said was 130 initial fee and then ignored cost until it was time to check out. Then gave me a nearly 500.00 bill. I disputed the bill with a manager and staff. The vet knew the staff member Britney was rude and didnt do anything while I was on site. They waited 2 weeks just to tell me they investigated and the bill was final because even though I didnt know the costs I shouldnt have agreed. Go to another place and skip this place because no one cares about customer service just about how much they can charge you. Britney told me in office that BluePearl is a major corporation and I should have known they would be expensive. She said what did you expect at 8pm on a Saturday? At least your bill wasnt a thousand dollars like some people! Dont go here!!!!!!!! Dont allow them to do anything without the price in writing!

Alyssa Papotto

2 years ago

I can count on one hand the amount of times I have ever taken the time to negatively review a place but this is definitely worthy. I took my dog here after being referred here because our primary vet was unable to determine the cause of our dog being sick. She was referred here for an ultrasound and to determine a plan of care for frequent UTIs and having some bloody discharge. After having to come to this location because the other one was booked out for over a month, we would have been better off waiting for the town center location. The doctor who saw my dog was extremely cold and barely even spoke to me like I was a person, more so to extract information in a quick manor to move on with his day. To make a long story short, the ultrasound showed polyps in her bladder. Initially when I talked to the doctor we both agreed that she had to be spayed anyways and they could be removed and potentially biopsied at the same time as the spay. The doctor spoke with the surgeon and then came back and said, the doctor wants to do a scope procedure instead to get more information. I agreed to that, Only if they could treat and not only be diagnostic. If not, I wanted to just go ahead with the spay and treat at the same time. After a 20 minute discussion, I basically pulled the truth out of the doctor that they would only agree to do the diagnostic scope procedure because they are a small clinic and did not have the equipment to treat at the same time. They quoted me at $2000 for that. And we’re still going to refer me to town center for a surgery quoted at 4000-6000. I ended up being referred to Nc State because “there are things a bigger practice can do that we just can’t.” (Knowing they were going to charge me 2 grand for a scope and not ever plan to treat it- a complete waste of my money and putting my dog under anesthesia for it. Fast forward to now, I’m finally getting to my scheduled appt at the referred vet hospital and I was told, call back to pick up your ultrasound disc because we just can’t send it electronically. I call back and I’m told, “sorry we just can’t do that it’s not an option. Our machine doesn’t allow it so I don’t know what to tell you”. I paid 500 for an ultrasound I cannot even bring to show the specialist but they had no problem ensuring me I’d be able to do so. So I will probably have to pay for another one due to this clinics lack of knowledge, professionalism and disregard for your cost for these visits. I would never recommend this place to anyone.


2 years ago

BluePearl saved my baby's life. Thank you.

Felicia Reifsnyder

2 years ago

Not very friendly, very high prices, and they do not give many options when it comes to care. I took my dog to another facility after being told I only had two options and I was given more options that was beneficial to the care of my animal.

Julia Thornberry

2 years ago

I was very unhappy with the “internal medicine” referral. First the vet didn’t want to see me because I didn’t had “all” the records regarding a disease that my pet was not even being seen for. Then making it seem like he was providing me a free service. After I got “all” the records and drove 1 hour to be seen; he saw my cat for about 2 min… came to the exam room to tell me the exact thing I knew already from previous vet and the same info was stated on my cats notes. He stated for him to find out what is going on we will need MRI which would cost me $3K. So, he did a physical exam of my cat. Like every other vet has done.. some I will venture to say did a better job and even more in depth. Why was this an internal medicine referral? Why did I pay $175 for him to say the same thing I read on the vet notes I PROVIDED. If you need an internal medicine don’t come here or even bother unless you want to be told the same thing your referral notes stated and would like to pay the vet $175 for 5 minutes. His mannerisms were also the worse. He was cold, distant and seemed to be in a hurry to end our 3 min conversation. DO NOT come here for internal medicine referrals!

Keenan Nowlin

2 years ago

They helped my dog when he had an allergic reaction, he was seen right away and back to normal within couple hours. Reasonable costs

Victoria Piazza

2 years ago

Not sure how some place can call themselves an Emergency Vet and not actually have an Emergency Veterinarian on staff every day. They gave me no indication of where I could take my dog instead, just said that they didn’t have an emergency vet on staff that day so she couldn’t be seen there.

Faith VanLandingham

2 years ago

My dog was seen here a while ago at around 3am after he had a strange head tilt and was unable to walk. He was ultimately diagnosed with vestibular disease- the vet on staff was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding my pets well-being. Everyone there was accommodating for my not so friendly elderly chihuahua. Thank you all for your help :) As a past employee in vet med, it is also important to note the issue within veterinary medicine at this time. Long wait times are not for no reason- there are pets that are high priority due to extreme injuries and ailments. Be thankful during your wait you are not waiting on a high priority pet. Also, as we all know, everywhere is extremely understaffed. There are huge problems with staffing emergency clinics where clients are not as understanding during this time as we should be. Those in the veterinary field CARE about your pet. They care about what happens to them. The money is not what we think about when your pet is in our clinics sick (we don’t even see much of it anyways!!!) This is just a reminder to be patient and understanding, even when your pet is sick and can’t tell anyone what is wrong.

Myra Gobble

2 years ago

Went there this evening and no vet in house. I’m confused how you can be an emergancy vet without a vet in house 24/7.


2 years ago

told me that there not taking in no more clients and they are on pause. My boss took his pet there the same day no problem. What's up with that ?

Gabrielle Blake

2 years ago

They don't tell you when you call it's a four hour wait in your car. Sat there while they took other pets in. Terrible service. Ended up leaving because I got tired of waiting. Will never go back.

Books & Carbs

2 years ago

They are always too busy to see animals they are the only animal hospital I’ve ever heard of that strongly recommend you go to a different place to be seen. Not to mention when I was there the last time a very large dog was being poorly handled getting out of a truck this poor dog should’ve been on a flatbed With wheels and the people there had the audacity to try and make this dog with a broken leg walk I have never seen such ridiculousness in my life at an animal hospital.

Betty Cherry

2 years ago

Thank you to the front end staff and the vet. I had to take me sweet boy (14 yrs old) to help him cross over the rainbow Bridge because of an aggressive cancer. The compassion they showed him, my husband and myself was extraordinary. They made this horrific event a little more bearable. The staff will forever be in my prayers and heart.

Bean Man

2 years ago

Do not take your dog or pet here. I just moved here an my local vet was closed. My boy was attacked by three dogs an in bad shape an they did nothing at all except charge me over a thousand. Would not put him on antibiotics would not clean wounds an they were extremely rude an laughing out loud when they were giving me the cost they charged. They said he was a extremely vicious dog. ( he is CGC registered). When I asked why they did not clean him up or bandage him at all was pretty much told they had more important things to do.

Dijon Wright

2 years ago

Brought my 5 week pup in for an emergency and sat 4 hours to be seen. My pup was Incorrectly diagnosed and gave the wrong medication. I paid $250 for nothing. Do not waste your time bringing your pet here. Also, they skipped over me like four times with perfectly healthy looking dogs. It’s Not my assigned vet so I guess that could have been the reason they didn’t really care about making sure my baby was taking care of properly.

andrew winslow

2 years ago

Overpriced, long wait times, and extremely rude staff. Don’t go to this place

Anthony Costa

2 years ago

My dog buddy got torn up pretty badly in a fight. His chest area required an operation to reconnect his chest muscles. The operation was successful he had to wear this silly fishnet body siut and it supports this special drain which had to be in for 2 weeks. They were kind to buddy and there emergency rates were surprisingly fair. Not use to that. Thank you blue pearl for a great job on buddy. Anthony and Lori costa

David Moore

2 years ago

Pros: -They were able to see my dog same-day. -Trust in the physician. The doctor spoke to me for 10 minutes about my dog’s condition, answering all of my questions and fully explaining her diagnosis. Cons: -Understaffed. It took 45 minutes until my dog was seen, 3 hours until the physician called me, and 5 hours total until my dog was discharged despite all tests being completed at the 3 hour mark. -The staff will not allow any owners in under any circumstances, with the exception of euthanasia cases. -Poor process of dog/owner tracking. I was approached twice at my car asking which pet was mine. One cat was handed to a random car post-discharge until the actual owner honked enough times to make the Tech aware. Costs: Exam - $130 Blood Work - $270

Amanda Wilson

2 years ago

I would have given 0 stars if I could! My dog was left in a crate and left alone for hours. I kept calling and calling and was given the run around on why he was not seen yet and once I finally called and told them to give me my dog back he was no longer going to be ignored here then all of a sudden the vet had time to see him it took her 10 minutes to look over him and call me so within that 2 hours that he was left alone in a crate they could have seen and taken care of my dog. I would under no circumstances recommend this emergency vet. And quite frankly if you love your pet you wouldn't go there either. They care more about money than your pet. Do not and I repeat do not bring your pet here if u have a emergency because you will NOT be be seen quickly!

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