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Mindi Z

2 years ago

I had a great experience. Doctor and staff were kind, caring and answered all my questions.

S J Peterson

2 years ago

Fae always has excellent care a Meadowmont.

Paula Sloan

2 years ago

We really appreciate getting check-in calls during the following mornings as Mandi was healing from getting into an ALL pod.

Katrina Schwartz

2 years ago

everything was great, as always!

Greta Clifton

2 years ago

The staff and the doctor were great with my Yorkie

Julie Nielsen Lindsey

2 years ago

Dr Robertson is a compassionate and highly skilled vet. I highly recommend Meadowmont Animal Hospital. They have taken excellent care of our 3 dogs.

angela annas

2 years ago

patient, timely service! They are loving and kind and reasonable!

Ken Faulkner

2 years ago

We have brought all three of our dogs here for care for several years. The staff has been great and was particularly supportive as we faced end of life decisions for our elderly pet. Thanks for everything.

Jennifer Layton

2 years ago

The entire staff at Meadowmont Vet has been incredibly kind and supportive. We have a cat who developed a serious tooth abscess when our regular vet was unable to take her on short notice (due to emergencies at their clinic). They worked me in within a single day, even despite me making sure they were aware that our cat was feral and would likely need to be sedated to be examined. They were able to examine her without sedation, and got her started on pain medication and antibiotics as we work to get her scheduled for surgery. I had our vet call for a copy of the records (just in case we ever needed to take her to be seen there) and their practice manager called to make sure I was happy with our visit, thinking I was upset and transferring care. Every person I spoke with there was incredibly kind and went out of their way to help our angry, unpleasant, feral furball, and our family is incredibly thankful.

Jessica Dorsey

2 years ago

We're extremely thankful that Meadowmont made a short-notice appointment time for our senior dog, Heidi - despite not being a regular patient. Heidi has been a bonus housemate for our UNC daughter several times this year. When Heidi showed unexpected stroke-like behavior, we really feared the worst. Meadowmont tested & diagnosed a treatment that resulted in a simple medication change, but ALSO alleviated our stress throughout the process by always being kind, informative, and thorough. THANK YOU!

Hannah Willett

2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was kind and welcoming, telling me everything to expect from my new pet visit. The vet and nurse were great at handling my cat, understanding that she was nervous and needed a gentle, reassuring touch. Overall, such a positive experience!

Charles Ulrich

2 years ago

Great experience bringing my new pup to her first vet appointment. Very easy to get in to be seen and was asked multiple times to make sure that I had ill my questions answered!

Tanya Aliza

2 years ago

Everything was wonderful. Very kind and upfront with all the information. Super great service.

Kat McDougal

2 years ago

I had bounced around trying to find a vet a few years ago with my elderly dog once we moved to Chapel Hill. We met Dr. Robertson and fell in love. She got down on the floor with my old man and he always looked forward to coming to see her. She never pushed treatment on us and always gave us options and recommendations. I have never felt pressured there. My old man has passed away since but my new boy feels the same way about her and the staff there. He gets excited to go to the Vet and the staff there is so wonderful with him. Dr. Robertson even painted his nails Carolina Blue when he had to have a procedure. We would follow her anywhere!

Barney Kohout

2 years ago

It was a level 3 weather day. They stayed open To treat our Guinea pig. we called in the morning And they fit us in . They are one of the few Vet’s that have a Doctor to treat small animals. He was in surgery all morning into the afternoon and afterwards he treated our Guinea pig Penny. Thanks again

Jenny N

2 years ago

Dr. Gordon was thorough, professional, and kind. Very happy to have found Meadowmont Animal Hospital.

Byrd Nichols

3 years ago

Dr. Robertson is incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable in both her work with animals and with their humans. She is trustworthy, dependable, and respectful. I would highly recommend her and the practice.

Lindsay Cross

3 years ago

After determining that our dog, Sammy, was suffering after her advanced cancer diagnosis, we decided to pursue euthanasia when she was in visible signs of pain. Although we had an appointment on Tuesday for an at home euthanasia veterinary service, her symptoms were too severe and needed to be seen immediately. Our vet, Meadowmont Veterinary, was willing to see her that day, Monday, allowing us to be present and informed us we would be taken inside when we arrived (after Corona quarantine lifted). When we arrived at 4 pm, Sammy was greeted at the door but we were not granted entry. Instead, we were asked to pay for these services and then ushered to an open area patio at the back of the practice in the rain. When escorted, we asked a staff member what to expect and how things would proceed. Sadly, we were only informed of the 2 medications (unsure what) that would be administered in the process and nothing else. We were unprepared for what would happen next. Sammy was brought out to the family after the IV was placed. The family was allowed about 3-5 minutes of time with Sammy when 2 staff members appeared. One was the veterinarian, Dr. Robertson, who had 2 syringes and a staff member who handed us a white call button. The doctor was asked if the euthanasia could be moved inside but were unprepared for her response. “Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no one is allowed in the building except staff. If you are not happy with this, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere”. To avoid any unnecessary suffering for Sammy, there were no objections to remaining outside. Sammy was brought to a blanketed area and held in place by the staff. Without warning, the doctor injected the first syringe so quickly, that Sammy’s head began to bob and swing, visibly looking confused. I was alarmed, as was my family, so I looked at the doctor for an explanation. Instead of getting one, the second syringe was immediately injected, just as quickly, and she was gone in seconds. Dr. Robertson acknowledged that Sammy had passed and told us to take our time with her. We were then instructed to push the white button when we were done paying our respects. These providers disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. While it may not have been a human life, it was a life and she deserved to die with dignity.

evan kelley

3 years ago

We’ve been through a lot in the last few years with our beloved older cat passing away after a long wonderful life and then bringing in two fantastic new younger cats into the family some time after that. Meadowmont Animal Hospital was and continues to be with us every step of the way and I am incredibly thankful for that. You all are the best!

Jaclyn O'Loughlin-Rosa

3 years ago

Both Dr. Robertson and Dr. Gordan are so amazing and sweet. Ann at the front desk is equally as amazing and sweet. Its also a plus that they work with Trupanion Insurance. My dogs aren't afraid when we go to Meadowmont since they are just so kind to the animals.

Jasmine Gluba

3 years ago

Dr Gordon and staff are all very friendly and helpful in taking care of our cat and puppy! They explain everything and make sure we have all the information we need to keep our pets safe!

lisa lazarus

3 years ago

We absolutely love Dr. Robertson and all of the staff at Meadowmont Animal Hospital. When we moved here from out of state and had to find a vet for our 4 dogs, it was a pretty daunting task! But since our very first visit with Dr. Robertson, we have been loyal and appreciative clients. Everyone at this office is so friendly and kind, and you can tell they love animals and take their work to heart. I never have any doubt that everyone here has my pet's best interest in mind and this really puts me at ease. My family cannot recommend Meadowmont and Dr. Robertson highly enough!

Marguerite Schmidt

3 years ago

Dr. Robertson and her staff are friendly, professional and offer the highest vet care in our area. I would highly recommend them to any pet owner.

Morgan Morrison

3 years ago

Meadowmont Animal hospital has been such a blessing for our little babies! Our dogs and bearded dragons are never scared to go to the vet! They get loved on by all of the staff every appointment, which makes me so much more relaxed since I can’t go in due to COVID. After one of our pups got neutered, they called multiples times to check in on him and give suggestions about him trying to get the cone off! All of the staff I have come into contact with have been amazing! They even did a check on my little pups ear infection even though I wasn’t scheduled with a doctor after I asked last minute! They go above and beyond!!

Namat Katawazi

3 years ago

We took our dog here for two years. They were so amazing to him and us. I would highly recommend taking your pets to Meadowmont. They really care about animals and will always treat them with love and respect. The staff there is very knowledgeable and will help you in any way they can.

Rishi B.

3 years ago

After going to this place for nearly 9 months, I've decided to take my pup elsewhere. There have been a number of issues that I haven't been happy with. From lost medical files to wrong dosages of medicines given, this place hasn't been a great experience. I think that the review posted before me (just an hour before this one) pretty much sums up how unfriendly the vet can be. We've had similar experiences with her since the beginning. On top of all of that, I think that they are a bit overpriced. This place just wasn't a good fit for our dog.

Stephen Perkins

3 years ago

Dr. Robertson is wonderful, very knowledgeable, professional and loving towards my two German Shepherds. Michelle is one of the vet techs and she is very good with my 80 pound challenging German Shepherd female. Strongly recommend those two.

Suzanne Miller

3 years ago

(I gave a 1 as 0 isn’t available) While this vet has some nice workers, they cost us 100s of dollars (we don’t have lying around at all) of wasted $ and prolonged our dog’s pain and suffering by not properly diagnosing an ACL issue. We are hopeful he’s not going to be crippled and our new vet can make up for the time we wasted with Meadowmont. When our dog kept limping, they did one X-ray and they kept advising to give our dog adequan shots + pain killers and when it didn’t work after several weeks of repeating this, they suggested more of the same even though it was visibly not working. Needless to say, we’d had enough at this point and finally took him to another vet. On the first appointment at the new vet, they properly diagnosed his acl needing repaired and said it was good we caught it in time. Once they told us about the symptoms, our dog met all the criteria. It should have been a no brainer for any vet... This experience has made me feel like I have to be a vet myself and then I’d have known Meadowmont didn’t have a clue. Needless to say, we regret we kept going to Meadowmont and trusting them to care for our dog. We will keep also be out all the $ Meadowmont cost us that could’ve helped with the upcoming surgery and rehab...horrible! I’d say they’re okay for basic shots ( a jam) but nothing major. I’d go elsewhere if at all possible. To top it off , they also email you results and don’t call no matter the caliber of the issue. Very unprofessional.

Thomas R. Blackwell

3 years ago

Our most recent visit was excellent as always. Clear instructions about protocol changes were communicated when I made the appointment and when I arrived, care instructions from my dogs vet were clear and easy to understand, and I greatly appreciated the follow up call a few days later to check in on the well-being of my dog. A++ experience as always.

Lowell Ringel

3 years ago

Great vet. They have been so friendly to us and our pets. I highly recommend them.

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