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Malic Vann

2 years ago

This place was much better a few to a couple of years ago, but it has been on a steady decline for some time now. My dog used to love going there, now I only take her as a last minute resort as she doesnt fancy that place anymore. I have since vowed not to go there anymore as it takes so long to check in and check out (didn't used to), the staff seems less than it used to be (I felt I had friends there before, now it's rather cold), and most recently my dog had to be boarded for a couple of nights (family emergency) and impacted my dogs food in tupperware assumingbi would get them back, only to show up and they had thrown my 4 tupperware containers away and had one...with no explanation! I used to pack my dogs food in these lil paper bags that were ALWAYS returned even when they didn't need to be, yet my tupperware gets thrown out, lol. Hopefully they can reverse the trend for others still showing patronage.

Mary Gross

2 years ago

Bronson loves his furry Camp friends and the staff!


2 years ago

The North Durham location is much better than this place. The staff here doesn’t seem to care about customers at all. I called earlier in the week to make an appointment for an interview for my two dogs. I was told that since my dogs already go to another location I could simply bring them in any day/time for a test where I wouldn’t need to stay. I asked if I needed a reservation, they said no. I came in today on a Sunday morning and was told that they don’t do trials on Sundays and that they’re fully booked anyway. When I told them that the person on the phone never mentioned any of this, and that I drove 20 minutes to get there, the woman really did not seem to care at all. She was unapologetic and just kept telling me that they have no room. Her attitude made it seem like I was the one inconveniencing her. Terrible first experience and I won’t be going back. I’ve never had a bad experience with the North Durham location and would gladly keep driving out of my way to go there. I recommend you do the same.

Tricia Smith

2 years ago

The camp bow wow Cary team is very personable, they remembered my dog after not seeing her for a year and they are patient and understanding with her as she is quite shy and slow to warm up. I've brought my dog here several times, and the staff has definitely earned her and my trust and respect. Highly recommend!

Jill Sawyer

2 years ago

Bear absolutely loves going to Camp Bow Wow! Their staff is so friendly and playful with him. They always make us feel like family and Bear gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. I wish I could be with my boy every minute of every day but when I can't it's great to know he is just as loved here ❤

Christopher Graham

2 years ago

After taking my dog here for years for boarding and doggy daycare I called to schedule a boarding before a family trip we have upcoming. Now they are requiring a trial day even though we have been bring our dog here for 5 years. We don't have time between our trip and now to bring him for a trial day. Lost a long time customer... GOOD JOB!

Dave Dunmyer

2 years ago

I have brought my dog to Camp Bow Wow multiple times and he has loved it, however, when making a reservation for him while I was going out of town, I received an email back stating that since it was over a year since he had been there, that he would have to go through a "re-interview" process done at various times during the week. The email then stated that the first available re-interview appointment was 3 weeks which was well past the time I made the reservation for. When I first made a reservation for him he went through the interview and was finished in 10 minutes. Given his submissive nature and history at Camp Bow Wow it is very disheartening that because of this type of service I will not be giving them any future business once I find another boarder that he likes. I now have to make an appointment with a facility that neither he nor I have any history with. This is a bad business practice for returning customers whether it has been over a year since his last visit or not. It makes zero sense.

Maris Brockway

2 years ago

I moved from NY to NC by myself in desperate need of daycare for my dog as I worked full time! Camp Bow Wow took her in like she was their own and I really can't thank them enough. They celebrated her 1st birthday with her (with goody bags and pics) and gave her a going away gift on her last day (the thoughtfulness meant everything). She spent almost 2 months with them and everytime I would drop her off, the workers were bubbly and friendly, so attentive and accomodating to our needs and any questions I had, and worked so well together as a team to provide the best customer service and care. They each had a smile on their face and I felt so comfortable to leave her with a group who loved and cared for her so much. And a plus, she was overweight prior to starting day care here but with the opportunity for play with other dogs, she lost 6 lbs by the end of her time here!! If you are in need of daycare services, I would highly recommend Cary Camp Bow Wow!! I wish I could pick them up and move them back to NY with me because they were so special to us!! Thank you Camp Bow Wow Cary.

G Usr

2 years ago

I will start by saying- read the negative reviews here. You'll see a trend. The owner is unprofessional, and attempts to cover it up by lying and speaking negatively about disgruntled customers. I was a regular customer at camp bow wow for years. After a nine month hiatus (no travel due to COVID), our dogs were asked to do another assessment. This was not problematic except for the fact that the earliest day they would allow us to do this was two days before our trip. Since our dogs had been there many times, I did not foresee any issues. Unfortunately, they said that our dogs may be getting too old and were not enjoying themselves and that they could not accept them. One of our dogs is nervous and snaps (never bites, just snaps) when approached by large groups of dogs while alone. We accepted the assessment results, though frustrating as her behavior has not changed (she is 8 and has always been this way). They returned the dogs to us with little time to find alternate arrangements and did not return our bark collar. This is the second time this has happened. Later, I called in and was told they would be mailed out to us that day. Four days later, I still had not received them, so I called back. The owner called me and proceeded to accuse me of lying. She said that her manager couldn't have told me that, and that she wouldn't because she doesn't have permission to spend money for the business she doesn't own. She later made accusations that I had stated I was afraid to step foot in her business for fear of what I may do to her employees. I would NEVER say something like that. I am guessing her employees started gossiping and in hyperbolic fashion, grossly exaggerated my frustration. I told her I never said this, and she said again accused me of being a liar. She then proceeded to make a comment, "I'm sorry your dogs are failures". Completely unnecessary and very rude. I told her that I would share my experience with others because it was clear she did not have regard for her customers because of how she was speaking with me. I also mentioned that I had previously been a regular customer, to which she responded "you hadn't been here in 9 months". Apparently the thousands of dollars I had spent there previously meant nothing to her. The owner of this company is rude and unprofessional. I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone who values customer service. *Update to address the owner's blatant lies in her response. A simple read through of the negative reviews here will show you her tactics revert back to lying about customer's each time. This is not an isolated incident.* I understand why you did not accept our dogs. I called 5 days in advance, and WAS told that there was only one day they could come in, regardless of how you'd like to tell the story. I called about the bark collar when I got home and realized that it was not on our dog. When I asked about the first one that was left there (I had not previously called), I was told you didn't have it, so the line about saying I was contacted but never came to pick it up not true. I did not yell at anyone. I did voice my frustration that I was left such little notice to find alternative arrangements. I respect that the safety of staff and other dogs being boarded is important. I take no issue with this and have repeatedly stated this. My only issue is with how you have spoken to a once loyal customer and the way you have lied in order to try to reshape the facts of this situation. I did not say that I hoped her business burnt to the ground, nor did I tell her I hoped she rotted in h*** or that she could "kiss (my) a**", but did say that I hope her business ran into the ground for the way she treated customers". She has continued to misclassify and lie about my statements. Want to be degraded as a customer? Go to camp bow wow. Otherwise, there's plenty of more respectful owners who will appreciate your business. I should note, that I wouldn't board my dogs at your facility if I was paid with how you treated me. You were beyond unprofessional, and people should know.

Holly Lurcock

2 years ago

Crystal loves going to Camp Bow Wow and you always take good care of her every time she is there!

Jen Miller

2 years ago

Love the drop in doggie day care! Love that the employees all love and care for the dogs and know them all by name (and personality!)

Matthew Horne

2 years ago

Our puppy always comes home from daycare exhausted and happy! (Except when we paid for a bath and he was unhappy, but his owners were happy!)

Taylor Miller

2 years ago

My dogs love going there! I love that they get alot of playtime and socializing. Camp bow wow also offers grooming, enrichment sessions, boarding, and a personal trainer which is great! The staff is always so nice and welcoming and I know my dogs are in good hands.

Alexis Miller

2 years ago

Been a great experience and our pup loves his daycare play dates

RavenLass M

2 years ago

Always a great time at Camp Bow Wow! My pup loves to go...

Britney Cab

2 years ago

owner is disrespectful and doesn’t know how to handle a problem

Elizabeth Cabrera

2 years ago

The way the owner of this facility handles situations is by far the most unprofessional customer service I’ve ever seen. I was sitting next to my sister who was on the phone with the owner. My sister was trying to explain the incident that was endured in this facility by the staffs poor use of handling collars (which I’m not sure how someone who works in a dog day care not know about prong collars) to the owner over the phone. Instead of meeting customers satisfaction (basic customer service 101) or apologizing for the incident, the owner called my sister a so called “liar, defensive, and argumentative”. And was more worried about her business than a loyal customers concern about her dog. My sisters dog could’ve been hurt due to the staffs negligence. A owner of a business is supposed to compromise and meet customers needs, not bash their returning customers to the point they don’t return and cost the business money. It seems like this owner refuses to believe customers tend to have bad experiences with a business, it’s normal. What’s not normal is to be rude and unprofessional over the phone where other people can hear you, causing those other people to not even step foot in your business! Not only did she lose my sister as a customer, but she lost all of the potential customers this business could’ve had that heard this owners poor form of mannerism. If you ever have an incident with this specific location, I recommend taking it to corporate rather than this owner...she will just make the situation worse.

Kelsey Cabrera

2 years ago

*This review is based on my previous experience with this facility and today’s recent incident* The facility itself is nice, my pups loved it and we enjoyed being able to check on them thru the webcam. The pups would come back absolutely exhausted which is great because that means they had fun! Today, I had a very disheartening conversation with the owner of this location. There was an incident when picking up our two dogs that was due to a male employee failing to properly secure our pups prong collars. Upon being handed the leash, my boyfriend realized it was not put on correctly. As he took off the collar to readjust it, the other dog’s collar slipped off causing him to get loose. I reached out to Camp Bow Wow just to inform whoever is in charge of the incident. The owner informed me that she was there when it happened which is great because it means she truly cares about her facility if she’s working there too. Unfortunately, it went downhill as I, the customer was not being heard. I was met with a very defensive owner who kept talking over me and wouldn’t listen to my concern. I have years of experience in customer service and I know that nothing gets resolved by arguing. The number one thing I teach my employees is to take a second and listen to the customer to understand where they are coming from. From my perspective, I was reaching out to inform the manager/owner of what occurred so they could assure it wouldn’t happen again to anyone. Last thing I’d want is for my dogs or any other pups to get hurt. If the employee didn’t know how to put on a prong collar the proper way then we would have liked to know that. Instead my boyfriend was handed the dogs and the leashes and sent on his way. He noticed the collars were not on properly and fixed it on the spot as there is no way he could have walked out into the parking lot with two big dogs whose collars were not on properly. We truly loved Camp Bow Wow but the level of disrespect that was shown by the owner today was upsetting. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she was having a rough day or maybe she’s just very passionate about her business. I appreciated the owner reaching out but arguing with a customer, calling them a liar and saying things such as “I’ll go to bat for my employees” isn’t okay when the employee was the person in the wrong. All of this could have been avoided if the employee would have asked for assistance with the prong collars if they were unaware of how to properly use them. By no means is this review to bash this facility as the facility itself is lovely. It’s the customer service that we’re dissatisfied with.

Stephen Summerall

2 years ago

The folks at the Cary Camp Bow Wow were extremely accommodating for our crazy Golden, Charlie. Charlie is a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever and hasn’t quite grown out of the puppy stage. He is ..alot of energy! However, Summer (the owner) and her team were very patient with him and came up with solutions that would allow Charlie to keep coming back to Bow Wow. One of the things I appreciated the most about this location was their willingness to help during our baby’s arrival. The team shared their excitement for us and offered to help with Charlie in any way possible. In the end, Charlie needed a daycare that can better suit his personality (by no means any fault of Bow Wow.) Again, the management team completely understood and agreed that we will try again once this crazy Golden calms down with a little more age. This meant a lot to me because they listened their customer, and came up with an agreement that suited us both. In my opinion, this spoke louder than any of their other actions and I’m grateful for Summer and her team at the Cary Bow Wow. Give them a shot. Your pup will thank you!

Anne-Marie Kaden

2 years ago

Our dogs absolutely love Camp Bow Wow! So much they never want to leave. The staff is incredible. Always available for questions and they adore loving on our pups.

Ashley Davis

2 years ago

The staff was very nice! I like how welcoming they were. I also loved the first day report card - it made me feel like he was really looked after and reassured me. My dog had a great day thanks to the camp counselors. This is Diogee’s new hangout spot!

Claudine Diaz

2 years ago

My boy had an amazing time. Staff was so helpful and Awesome!! Love that I can watch him on camera during the day.

garrett wood

2 years ago

My “interview” lasted about 7 minutes. I was told my dog would transition into different rooms and groups. I expected the “transition” to take at least 30 minutes to an hour for each room. Before I finished the paperwork, my dog was back with me in the lobby. I understand and explained my dog would be nervous around other dogs as he is 5 months old and hasn’t had much socialization. It seemed like the extra attention my dog would’ve required on his first day might have been too much work for the staff. I went to another day care in the area later that day and they put in a much more sincere effort in comforting my dog. Turns out he love playing with other dogs, just needed more time to adjust.

Top Notch Pruning

2 years ago

Great place to take your dogs! Staff is always friendly and well prepared.

Scott W

2 years ago

Rocky and our family Love Cary NC Camp Bow Wow

Mark Boren

3 years ago

I had an issue 4 years ago, and I keep posting it. But maybe it’s just me and not all of the negative reviews combined... maybe we’re all wrong and not the owner who’s causing the issues

Tom Imler

3 years ago

We had never used Camp Bow Wow before. We went on a week vacation and we left our 2 dogs for camp. We were very happy with the entire experience. CBW takes the time to evaluate your dog with a free one day session. Our dogs got a lot of exercise and socializing. Having live webcams gives a lot of peace of mind knowing what your dogs are doing We highly recommend Camp Bow Wow for your boarding needs.

Nathalia Davis

3 years ago

My dog loves the camp, the counselors, the treats, the whole set up. Easy to set up day camp and boarding reservations. I never worry about my dog at this camp. Highly recommended.

Rachel Baxter

3 years ago

Camp Bow Wow was the third doggie daycare we tried in Cary, and the third was the charm. The staff is friendly and professional. The pup is happy and unwound when we pick him up. They seem to have pretty good safety protocols. I'm happy a friend recommended them to us.

Nikki Stephens

3 years ago

Staff was lazy, unprofessional, and unfriendly to both me and my dog. They failed our dog in his interview after five minutes with him because he seemed nervous.... I told them before they took him back that he gets anxiety about being left places and just takes a while to warm up. I watched on the screen as the handler took him back to a pen and made zero effort to make him excited about being there so he stood at the gate wanting to leave. After bringing two dogs in and waiting no more than a minute she brought him out and said she was failing him because she doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable. He showed no signs of aggression or issues with the other dogs he just wanted to go back to the lobby where his mom was. Dogs have short memories.... had she given it a few more minutes or tried to distract him by playing with him he would have forgotten about me in pretty quick. Our dog has been to many other boarding places and they all are so warm and make such a big effort to reassure our dog when we drop him off. They all tell us he takes a while to warm up but that once he did he was awesome and they loved him. The interview was supposed to be at least 3 hours in which time I know he would have relaxed and enjoyed playing. But the staff here was too lazy and uninterested in having to put an ounce of effort into a dog who was a little nervous in an unfamiliar place.

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