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Preese 9'Line

2 years ago

Everything you need for my pets

Linda Mitchell

2 years ago

Great experience my Molly is 15. Jo Ann was great with her. Thank you

Ashly Robinson

2 years ago

One star isn't even deserved. But since you have to rate to write a review here it is. We bought some minnows for our 10 year old jack dempsey to eat, a pleco and 2 oscars (for looks because they are pretty fish) for our fish tank at home. Since then we moved the minnows to our daughters tank with her goldfish since he wasn't eating them. Later that week we notice her goldfish dies from ich. We check our 75 gallon tank and all the fish have ich. I returned to petsmart with my problem. I notice they are CURRENTLY treating the same fish we have in our tank at home for ich. No warranty on buying infected fish. Had to buy my own treatment. Now I understand there is warranty if they die for no reason. BUT they should have something in warranty if you buy infected fish from them! Not only did it kill my daughters goldfish its killing our 10 year old jack dempsey and all we got was an "IM SORRY". Waste of money and ALOT of effort trying to keep our fish alive.

phyllis hollar

2 years ago

The a set manager, was very good about my return. Also its my first return to them. They are always helpful I enjoy Pet Smart for all of my little friend needs.

Christopher McCauley

2 years ago

It's PetSmart.... They either have what your are looking for or they don't, though they might have it online at (yeah they own that too)

Brad Pugh

2 years ago

I only go there for dog treats and live crickets for my bearded dragon. How ever if your looking to get crickets i recommend you not buy the boxes that have the crickets. On one occasion i bought one it was suppose to have 25-30 large crickets and there was only about 12. On a separate occasion i bought the same thing and there was only 5 crickets still alive inside the box. There fairly cheap about 5$ for 4 dozen. I would just suggest you get an employee to get you some out the main box to ensure there alive and properly counted.

Ben Westfall

2 years ago

Typical pet store layout, but the single slide door entrance gets a little hectic and could create problems with people bringing in pets to Banfield. A separate door for nervous pets would decrease stress for anxious animals.

Amber Taylor

2 years ago

MORE LIKE ZERO STARS. Came to this PetSmart last weekend and was able to price match, use my treat points, and my Banfield employee discount with no problem. I have also been doing this for the FIVE YEARS I have been working at Banfield with zero problems. I don’t know what the managers name was that was working tonight, a female with blonde hair, she was completely unhelpful and just kept telling me “no you can’t do that”. I had $5 on my treats rewards and instead of her helping to figure out why it wasn’t working, she told me I would need to call the number for the treats department and that I would not be able to use my $5 rewards tonight that I earned and should be able to use. I have never had such a negative experience at a PetSmart in my life, this location has permanently lost my business due to whoever the manager was that was working 12/2 around 8:15pm. Learn some customer service.

Lora H.

2 years ago

Refused to sell me Fish for my aquarium. They insist my angel fish needs to be alone in a 30 gallon tank. Preposterous. I've always had companion fish in with the angel fish.

Patricia Guess

2 years ago

This store has the right kind of cat food that's good for my kitty's digestion.

Tina Maher (Lautenslager)

2 years ago

Always a good store to shop at Pleople always there to help

Valerie Gunn

2 years ago

Always have a good selection of pet supplies at a reasonable price point.

Jessika Claborn

2 years ago

The store entrance is dirty & crowded, on both occasions we went here.

Marie Robinson

2 years ago

PetSmart has everything. I found a small turtle in the yard. My grandson loves playing with frogs, turtles, bugs, worm etc. You know the type ???? Anyway, I was looking for a home and food for the turtle or other small critters. I found exactly what I was looking for. A critter box with a snap on lid and food.

Megan Mounce

2 years ago

I went here with a doordash order for 10 items. Mary was amazing! She greeted me immediately and went down both aisles, picked out everything i needed and placed them in the cart for me. She went above and beyond. I was out of there in less then 10 mins. Store was very clean and organized as well.

Amanda Fischer

2 years ago

Cute place to get your pet items. Has a dog groomers in the back that I take my little best friend to.

Anna Lisa Lynn

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and kind employees here!

Becca Squires

2 years ago

Need more supplies for ferrets


2 years ago

Found everything I needed. Friendly people.

Marian Raborg

2 years ago

Very pleased with service and very friendly staff members. Kind to my dogs at all times. Thank you ????

Sabriel Devon

2 years ago

Not always the best prices BUT best selection and decent service from the cashiers.

Rev. Joseph Alston

2 years ago

I purchase two cases of can dog food today and I was charge two different prices for the same product. Both where located on the same shelve and the price was posted by the case amount. The cashier charge me for one case and twelve cans which made the price different. She could not explain why she did it like that and call for the store manager name Heidi. This manager new even less than the cashier. She blame the issue on PetSmart inventory system. Which is the last thing to do. Heidi should have corrected the price issue but did nothing and I plan to go back and see the store manager on Monday becuase I did not like the way Heidi handle this situation and if I do not receive a better answer I will be moving my business.

Misty Mize

2 years ago

Friendly service clean place

Lonnie Dean

2 years ago

Very nice store. Well stocked and very courteous store personnel. Enjoyed browsing store. Very professional cashier.

Bradley boi

2 years ago

Avoid this location. None of the employees have brain cells. The store is messed. Trash can is over flowing at front door. Only had one incredibly old man at the check out on weekend. Line was wrapped around. He moved at a pace of a snail.

Linda Brewer

2 years ago

Always well stocked and clean.

Angela Carswell

2 years ago

Great place for pet shopping !! Friendly Staff too... Anything you need for your pets is here.

Guy Janney

2 years ago

My jacks Russell's love going here, Banfield is awesome.

Athena Mason

2 years ago

A nice pet smart with good customer service. There was a lot of dog and cat stuff I was able to browse.

Deb Adair

2 years ago

Always clean and friendly. Very professional

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