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Ashley Diamond

2 years ago

Loses people’s pets during check in

Larry Jones

2 years ago

They have went the extra mile at every vist. I trust them.

Linda Riley S

2 years ago

Abusive and mistreated my two dogs who are now terrified to enter the vet office we now take them to. Would strongly suggest running in the other direction and not using them.

Angela Locklear

2 years ago

Very helpful in locating the owner of one of a found dog.

Cassy Harman

2 years ago

I was very pleased with the care and customer service I received from this practice. My animals go elsewhere and it seems like no matter what is going on I can NEVER get my babies into their vet and have to go to ER. Well this is the second time we have used Alamance VH. The first time was for my lab and an eye infection that came on suddenly before going out of town.. they squeezed him in same day. Then I had an issue with my chihuahua limping right before the weekend. Of course my vet was booked again. I called AVH and they squeezed my baby in right before closing. I was so thankful and appreciative as both time I felt like they genuinely cared. I will be going back and transferring my care there :)

Lele A

2 years ago

My 11 year old dog after one visit now has to be given pills to calm him down to go into my new vet office. This vet mistreatment of my dog while they had him for shots has made him hate all vet offices now. Never had any issues with him walking himself into the vet clinic for 11 years prior or moving to Burlington and using this clinic. Bad clinic do not recommended

Taylor L

2 years ago

We have 7 pets, all of whom receive care through this practice and have for the last 2 years. We found Alamance by happy accident, our dog had torn a hole through her leg with a stick or something and our previous vet was unavailable to see her. We brought her here and fell in love with the doctors, the vet techs, receptionists. Everyone was so caring and kind. When our cat was suffering they helped us prepare her to cross over, and were so sweet and thoughtful to us during that time. We've continued to bring our existing and new pets to this practice and I never once thought about leaving a review. Then, out of nowhere, we see what was posted a month ago, and I'm in honest shock. To have a whole family try to devalue this practice that cares so much for all animals, that secured and moved everyone to safety when there was threat of a FIRE next door, who has always gone above and beyond when they know people are struggling to make the HARDEST decisions for their pets. You all deserve more than a 5 star review from me. We love you guys there and thank you for all of your hard work, especially during the unprecedented times of COVID. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Vonda Faucette

2 years ago

The people are so nice and they really care for your pets

Scott Morse

2 years ago

This was the first time coming here and with a new kitten. They were very accommodating and went out of their way to help us out. Timely professional and personable. They came highly recommended.

Bradley boi

2 years ago

They lost a family pet. Like the pet ran off into the woods. This clinic will lose your pet

Google User

2 years ago

If you want to keep your animal safe this is not the place: they lost a precious indoor pet. And then had the nerve to lie and say they called animal control to come help and set a trap. Well when the family called to check on the status of the traps they had never been called by the vet office.

Lauren Smythe

2 years ago

Please think twice about your animals safety before taking them here. They lost a family pet and then proceeded to lie and say the contacted animal control. To help set trap. Hours, and I mean hours later it was confirmed by animal control the vet office never placed the call.

Mrs Adams

2 years ago

Be extremely careful this vet office loses pets!!! And says they called animal control to set a trap. But HOURS later animal control confirms they never received a call from the vet office at all regarding them losing a clients pet and asking for help. However the owner of the practice was able to respond to google reviews and snap back at patients about the situation. She never placed any calls to help set traps in the area for the pet she lost at her vet office. Would not recommend this office if you are a minority as you will be treated as less than; talked down to, up charged for items and in general your animal will be lost or not cared for.

Unclocal Blog

2 years ago

They lost family pet and lied about the situation to make themselves look better.

Happyfeet Dance

2 years ago

Would not recommend this vet office to anyone!!! The lost a family pet while in their care

Cathy Bridges

2 years ago

Cats should never be transported without being secured in a carrier. If an owner is not smart enough to realize that, then maybe said owner should not have cats. Let's think about it - dogs must come to a vet's office on a lease for the safety of the dog and the other pets. Cats don't use leases (typically), so the best wat to secure them is in a carrier. Maybe, some of the keyboard warriors who are denigrating this clinic should consider that, although this situation is extremely sad for everyone, it was the pet OWNER'S responsibility to secure the cat... not the clinic.

Duke#1 Fan

2 years ago

This place lost a family pet (the pet ran away!) And then they tried to blame and play it off like they helped look in google reviews to save face. Do not use this vet office as they will treat your animal poorly. Also noticed a former employee wrote a bad review about how sherry smalls and staff handles animals Says a lot!!!

Sherry Garner

2 years ago

I was a walk in emergency they took my Callie in and made her all better and they were very nice


2 years ago

imagine losing someone’s cat on your watch and not bothering to find it. go somewhere else if you’d like to keep your cat

Sandra Payne

2 years ago

Alamance Veterinary Hospital has been part of my life and the lives of my family’s pets since I was a child during the 1960’s. Naturally, there has been a total turnover in Veterinary Staff over the years, but the quality of service remains excellent. Presently, Dr. Small helps care for my cat, Thor. Thor was originally my mother’s cat before she died in 2016. Dr. Small has helped me transition into caring for Thor through my mother’s illness and death. She has been respectful and caring throughout this process. Dr. Small has also assisted in helping Thor live a long and happy life in spite of these dramatic changes and some health issues he has experienced. Thank you so much Alamance Veterinary Hospital!!

Samantha Wooten

2 years ago

Never had to use a cat carrier at any vet office before. Ever. This place loses people’s pets and then nicely blames them in public reviews. The fact that the cat was able to see other vet offices with no cat carrier and the second your vet tech comes for the hand off they drop the cat and they run off. Stop Blaming the owner.

Kailin López

2 years ago

The fact that you guys have time to reply to peoples reviews and blame the owners for your own mistakes is really embarrassing for you guys of course people are mad he is now a poor lost cat with no family thanks to your unprofessionalism own up to mistakes don’t try to flip the blame on already grieving owners

joyce mabe

2 years ago

They have been great. Hope they can help my puppydog

Angle Meld

2 years ago

They lost my cat and then they go for they lunch break ????????‍♂️Didn’t even help find it .just wanna share it

Ding Domg

2 years ago

Let me tell you this is place is not it omg the stress we are under bc they lost our cat as soon as we handed it to them and when we started looking Instead of helping us they go to lunch they were very rude and annoying and honestly it doesn’t seem like they know what they’re doing and now we can’t find Timmy anywhere ????????????????

Janice Worth

2 years ago

They helped my Gizmo get well


2 years ago

My Nephew took his Cat there to get it checked handed his cat to the veterinarians there who Lost his Cat SMFH didnt even bother on helping to find his lost Cat that they had in there Care

Tavo Mendoza

2 years ago

As the owner of Timmy and also the one holding him in the towel if you guys required a carrier you should have let us know when we called in. I also kindly asked your vet tech if I could shut the door to place Timmy in the carrier safely and she proceeded to reply “I got this” grabbed him by the scruff while the reason for his visit was an injury on his back he panicked and she let him go, she then proceeded to run after a already scared cat which caused him to run into the woods. A number of hours later after waiting for the humane trap to arrive I had to call animal control myself and when asked about the situation I was informed that they never received a call from your vets. We are not trying to be hateful but we do not appreciate being blamed when all we wanted was to have our pets injury taken care of.

Patrice Carr

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about AVH. They took good care of "Joshua" for 16 years. Yesterday we had to let her go..such a sad day. But the staff showed much love and compassion for Joshua and and my family. I have much love for them and highly recommend all the staff. Much love♥️

Angelica Harvey

2 years ago

The best veterinarians in town, they really treat you like family..I love these guys and I really appreciate everything they do to help.

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