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Steven Perry

2 years ago

Great doctors and staff. Facility is very dated and in need of some serious TLC and modernization.

Michael Rosenberg

2 years ago

Brought my dog here to tell them he was having a hard time walking and he was congested. The vet was the worst, didn’t listen to his chest, he bent his knees and said he had arthritis. Fast forward 4 months and Today we just just put my dog to sleep, found a brain tumor and the congestion was the tumor that grew into his brain. Could have been treated

J Johns

2 years ago

Got a same day appt from an opening they had at 1140. Signed in and waited for an hour right in front of receptionist (Tiny Waiting Room) Other people came, were greeted and promptly seen. And I waited while they were checking in and out visitors. Receptionists and Vets coming in and out of front desk. Never once acknowledged. After exactly 1 hour I asked if I was going to be seen. I was then asked, Who are you? Haven't you been seen? Well what idiot waits in a vet's office for an hour AFTER being seen. Good thing this was to be my pets first visit which now turned into our last.

Hayden Busch

2 years ago

Dr.Weisberg is AMAZING!!!! I cannot recommend him enough. I had such a great experience and he was so beyond helpful.


2 years ago

I take my Dog Athena here it's only vet place she likes they know what they are doing and they are very caring. Great vet highly recommend

Charlene Huggins

2 years ago

Dr B has taken amazing care of all my dogs. I hope he never retires. He’s very experienced in all aspects of veterinary care. He was even concerned about my Westie who dug under my fence and was missing for several hours. I found him an hour after I left him, and it was because of his advice. Im grateful for his help.

Luciana Conte

2 years ago

Dr. Weisberg was so nice! Very thorough and gentle exam


2 years ago

I had my first visit to Sunrise Veterinary Group with my 10 year old Pit/lab mix today. I've been meaning to find a new vet because of a move to a new home and my veterinarian retiring but my dog became ill over the last 24 hours and I wanted to her to be seen. My dog is typically anxious and a little fearful of new people especially men but Kim and Dr. Betts were awesome. They let her warm up to them before completing the exam and provided some suggestions to help her be comfortable for the next time we have to visit. Great service, even nicer people, and they were clear about options for tests/medicines and what they felt were necessary. I will be back.

Kristina Hawxhurst

3 years ago

Dr. Betts is the best. You can tell he is very experienced but he takes the time to explain and give advice. Charlie is my first pet ever and Dr. Betts has made my transition into having a pet so easy. The only down side to office is one of the receptionist ( the one with the red hair)will kind of ignore you when you are standing right in front of her at the desk and she is a little snippy sometimes.

Felisa Greenlees

3 years ago

Dr. Thode is amazing. I brought my leopard gecko in for what I just thought was mouth rot and something with his eyes but he ended up being much sicker. Dr. Thode was very realistic about his prognosis which I appreciated. He needed a surgical procedure which went very well and he is much better than when I first brought him in. The vet techs are all awesome too, they remembered him and how he had been when I first brought him in. He is pretty much back to normal now. If you have a reptile that needs a vet come here, it is totally worth it. They are compassionate and really care about what they’re doing. Thank you to everyone who works there!

Ray Sullivan

3 years ago

Awesome , professionals. Great compassionate people

V “Drummermomof2”

3 years ago

I love that you can drive up and have your pet seen on the spot

Nancy Prosa

3 years ago

They are the most compassionate people I ever met. Thank you so much for your findness.


3 years ago

Very reliable. And expect injured animals found they take them and find out from wild life if they can help them or put them down. With no charge to person how fund the animal in street or parking lot. Very nice that they do that. So animals don't suffer.

Tony Guggino

3 years ago

Amazing techs and had a great experience! Brought my puppy in for vaccines.

Stephanie Walter

3 years ago

I have a six month old kitten. I was having a tough time getting an appt at my regular guy - because he is really good and very busy because of it. I wanted my kitten seen immediately because he wasn't feeling well. My reg vet was not able to see us to late afternoon. so I called these guys. I told them I was anxious - and - despite their busy schedule, I was in an hour later. The vet Dr. Weisberg was so incredibly kind to me and my pet. I felt bad I had not gotten him in sooner, and he was so reassuring and told me my diagnoses (parasites) was correct. He also took his time to answer all my questions. Less than an hour later we were home, and kitten medicated and sleeping. I was am so grateful for the quick visit - but for them just seeing us and alleviating my anxiety and helping kitty to mend. I am going to take him and his sis here from now on - and keep dogs with my regular guy. Happy endings. Can't recommend these guys enough.

Lauren Luff

3 years ago

Kind staff, understanding of my dog's needs

J Lamb

3 years ago

TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. PERIOD. HIGHLY SKILLED. Kind. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Lovely. I had expected that this little cut would require a stitch or two, anaesthesia and an overnight stay at a cost of at least a couple of grand. I understand veterinary costs...I truly do. HOWEVER, I also know that this VETERINARY GROUP in West Islip..NOT the EMERGENCY HOSPITAL nearby...IS ABOUT LOVE AND COMPASSION OF PETS AND PEOPLE...NOT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. I had the distinct honor and pleasure of having my little pup treated by Dr. Bystry. I told him that it was I who inflicted the wound to my own little dog, whom I love dearly, that it was an unfortunate grooming accident. I felt miserably guilty about it which did not need to be verbalized. Dr. Bystry instictively told me how he "feels so bad for the groomers when it happens to them" and "what a difficult job they have" as he was looking over the tiny incision on my dog's forearm. I'm holding my breath as he inspects the wound. Take a moment to think about that first encounter and what that man did for me to help ease the guilt and dread I had been carrying. I RESCUE pups. I've never ever hurt one...and this was the WORST case of the guilts - to have injured this little guy. Dr. Bystry knew just what to say...and I breathed normally after that...and so did my pup, actually. Turns out, Dr. Bystry advised all Jody needs is some antibiotics and some antiseptic wash, which I shall administer daily with TLC. Afterwards, we had a lovely conversation about one of his colleagues, Dr. Thode, whom I had met several years earlier, when I brought my 90lb pit bull in. We chatted for about ten or 15 minutes and Dr. Bystry told me a couple of amazing anecdotes about Dr. Thode and she, too, is kind, compassionate and WONDERFUL! I had tears in my eyes remembering this same benevolent spirit, charity and compassion in my dearly departed Dad towards his patients. Doctors like these are SO VERY RARE. THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE....and it's nothing short of miraculous or destiny, if you prefer, that Dr. Bystry and Dr. Thode found eachother and joined together in this practice (but I'll stick with divine intervention.) I'd describe them as Veterinary soul-mates for the love of animals and families and I'm so very happy to have them in my neighborhood. I haven't met the others in the group yet but I'm fairly certain that they're all awesome! P.S. Dear Dr. Bystry: Thank you for your kindnesses to my little dog, who was just happy for a ride in the car, but especially to me. Your words and wisdom were as powerful as your knowledge and medicines. You healed BOTH of us today and it was TRULY a pleasure and an honor to meet you. Warmest regards, Judy & Jody WHY WOULD ANYBODY GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT SUNRISE VETERINARY GROUP?

alex Tinnirello

3 years ago

Very nice Great service nice people

Tony McLeod

3 years ago

Very kind and knowledgeable professionals. Will give your pets the BEST of care when the going gets rough.

Cathleen Melnikoff

3 years ago

Dr.Betts was amazing with us and our dog!

Christine Jaklitsch

3 years ago

The vets and staff at Sunrise Vet always go the extra mile to help my pets. I drive from several towns away just to continue to get the care that Sunrise Vet provides.

Jeannine Simpson

3 years ago

Dr. Weisberg is AMAZING!! He took the time to answer all of our questions, was so compassionate and gave his honest opinion for testing which saved us money!

Robert McElroy

3 years ago

took care of my trouble boy when he was down and out thank you guys so much ❤

Teresa L

3 years ago

I would recommend this place. Staff is very friendly, and the Dr. is knowledgeable. I saw Dr. Bystry to get a second opinion about my cat. Gave a great exam, Kitty was relaxed, will be making this my new vet.


3 years ago

Great Staff! Dr. B is fantastic!

Soccer JW

3 years ago

Was here this past weekend. My dog had a tick which we tried to remove unsuccessfully, we called the vet right away. First time to this office, we saw Dr. Betts. When I called initially they took us right away within 15 mins. Due to Covid, we pulled up waited in the spot and they came out and got our dog. Dr. Betts called 2x to go over the process while we had to wait in car, and walked us through what they did/doing. She was very sweet, thorough, and knew her stuff. We will be back in 3 weeks for bloodwork, and plan to use the vet for near future as our primary because of the great experience we had. Their prices were very reasonable too! Thank you!!

Sarah Jean

3 years ago

The amount of work Dr. V and his team did to save my kitten’s life is heartwarming. I’m so unbelievably grateful to them and the price was 1/5th of what another place quoted me. I found her on the side of the road and she needed gangrene treatment and a leg amputation. The animal is their number 1 priority there and it’s exactly what you need in a vet. I was in a state when I went there and they were so unbelievably kind to me and my kitten. Now I have a cat that loves going in the car because she wants to see them. I honestly can’t say enough about how great they are.

Samantha Leddy

3 years ago

I’m sorry to say but you guys lost two customers today because of the attitude of a vet tech right at our greeting. As our dog was taken she questioned why we even made an apt with a “really? That’s why you’re here ?” and stated that we were “probably wrong” Insinuating that our dog didn’t need a visit... It’s a shame we loved coming here and have been loyal customers for 8+ years.

Lissette M

3 years ago

Dr. Bistry (hope I’m spelling correct) and the staff went above and beyond for my cat despite my financial situation. My cat got an infection on her leg due to a bite, the doctor was so patient and caring, which made me and my cat comfortable during the whole process and literally saved her life. I will forever be thanksful!! Totally recommend!!

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