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Mike Greeko

2 years ago

Very kind and friendly when I go on vacations I even have one of the staff members look out for my lizards

James Stewart

2 years ago

Incredible selection. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Vito Barretta

2 years ago

Excellent service and very knowledgeable.

Linda M

2 years ago

Knowledgeable and very helpful! Awesome tanks and very clean! They have everything you need!! SHOP LOCAL!!

Athena Shahipour

2 years ago

Came in today for some information and supplies for my chameleon. Super friendly and helpful people working here. Long drive for me but was 10000% worth it

Nicholas DeRosa

2 years ago

Great place run by good people who know their stuff. We got our bearded dragon from here and are very happy with him.

Zachary E Mckeon

2 years ago

Sold me a boa as a female 2 years ago. Tried to breed "her" with no success to find out it is a male.

Eva Scott

2 years ago

I purchased my first leopard gecko from BJ’s Jungle. My gecko is super friendly and calm and will just lay on you and relax. A week or two later I bought my second leopard gecko from Repzotica. I should’ve known what I was walking into when my leopard gecko was in plastic Tupperware shoved in a drawer with no sunlight or room and barely any air. All it had was a wet paper towel. I’ve had both geckos for a few months now and since the day I got the gecko from repzotica it has been absolutely crazy. You cannot handle this gecko. It is wildly fast, agitated, and has bitten both me and my other gecko. It is not friendly. My guess is because of the environment it was in while at the store. The advice I would give is do your research and go to more than one place before choosing your pet. If they are willing to sell to you without giving you any information or asking any questions it is probably not a good idea to purchase from them.

John Carnival

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, friendly and honest. Definitely would recommend them

Christine Porzelt

3 years ago

I have been looking for a Russian Tortoise and haven't been able to find one. I googled reptile stores and found Repxotica, Inc. My hisband and I drove from Brooklyn NY and i was not disappointed. The staff was very friendly The reptiles all looked very healthy. I went home with a young Russian Tortoise. It is active and loves to eat. I will definitely be going there in the future.

christopher link

3 years ago

Amazing store and amazing staff.


3 years ago

I’ve purchased my rough neck monitor, pied ball python and dart frog from them. I absolutely love my animals and you can tell they put in the work to socialize them and actually care. I would recommend them any day. I will continue to be purchasing my animals from them and suggest you do the same ????

Rickey Gregory

3 years ago

Feeder pricing is pretty good, but when I called to check I was answered with an unnecessarily rude attitude. I asked about the pricing for small mice small rats and rat pups. After asking the first two questions I was asked if I was just going to be asking pricing and that she's busy. If you're too busy to answer questions about pricing maybe the prices should be on your website? I can appreciate prioritizing people inside of the store, but give your customers the resources to find the info on their own then. Again the attitude was also unnecessary. I've bought enclosure supplies from them in the past but most likely wont come here again.

sparky mark

3 years ago

If you have reptiles this is definitely the place to go. In my area there is no other but even if I didn't live here I would definitely go to this place. Experts and great service

Av Momen

3 years ago

Great variety of both animals and supplies, with pleasant and helpful staff to top it off.

vincent Esquilin

3 years ago

Knowledgeable staff and has become my go to store for my lizards.

Michelle Kwak

3 years ago

All 1ST class here! Picked up two Croc Lizzards and just love them. They were bred here and everyone is so friendly!

Surfadurf W

3 years ago

Great place with even better people! Brought my son to get a gecko and setup. Both of us were treated with respect, and all questions answered. Very knowledgeable! Got quality items at a fair price. Thank you for all the help!

Sarah Williams

3 years ago

I love Repxotica! The staff here are SO helpful! I'm currently building my leopard gecko a bioactive vivarium. They had so many options for everything I needed. All the latest most high tech gadgets are there. And the prices are great. I bought all my arcadia bulbs here and a lamp dome. I also get my leopard geckos food here. They have lots of options! I used to buy from chain pet stores and I would find half dead or dead bugs in the mix ALL the time. At repxotica, the feeders are always fresh and healthy looking! Also, the other chain pet stores recommended all the wrong products to me. At repxotica, I was able to receive better more knowledgeable info. It's obvious how much the staff care about your pet. I'm very thankful this store is right down the block from me. Also, I love going to this store to see all the animals! They have lovely displays of beautiful lizards. I will continue to go to this store for all my reptile needs. It is the best reptile store I have ever been to.

Sandra Feeney

3 years ago

Was sold a tortoise that was way to young and died within hours. Brought it back and they said it’s just sleeping. Really.!!!! Never going back there and no water in most cages. Turning them in

Regular mike Giampino

3 years ago

Awesome store! I go no where else for feeders or anything else I may need. Staff is insanely awesome here and extremely helpful. It's always a pleasure visiting this store with my daughter once a week. Always something new for her to look at.

Phil Thalhammer

3 years ago

It's my #1 go to reptile place. Owner is amazing, staff are awesome. Always have cool cool cool animals for sale. If you want a very exotic creepy crawler, a snake (pythons, milkshakes, kingsnakes, boas, etc.) And some amazing lizards, this is your place. Definitely a need to go place and the prices are great!

Pedro Luis

3 years ago

After a bad experience with another store I can say that the staff here really care about their animals. They were nice enough to take back the baby sulcatas I got swindled into buying. Please review the animal you want for about a week before you buy. Don't make the same $500 mistake I did and make the sad trip of giving them away...I'll come back to this store one day when I am able to care for one of their guys.

Gary Weiner

3 years ago

I bought a whole, bearded dragon setup from them for my daughter. The staff were friendly and helpful and the dragon has been happy and healthy so far.

Kris Fleischmann

3 years ago

They have a very diverse and healthy selection of reptiles. Great place!

Justin Karl

3 years ago

Best reptile store around, SIMPLE. Been coming here for YEARS. Wouldnt even waste my time giving anyone else my business. Highly Recommend.

Juliette Castle

3 years ago

Great selection of reptile supplies! Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. All of the animals in the store look healthy and happy. Shoutout to the girl working there who showed me the baby snakes. One hissed at me and it was really cute. Highly recommend.

Jenn Jennington

3 years ago

I get mad reptiles here son

Beau Perez

3 years ago

Great looking animals, great price and great service

Alexandria Callen Raffi

3 years ago

ty i need to know if they are for sale

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