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k ski

2 years ago

Great place to shop or just visit

Peter Daphnis

2 years ago

One of the greatest pet stores on the entire Long Island.

Luis Alaniz

2 years ago

Staff is very rude didn't bother buying anything Not recommend it.

gregory Kelly

2 years ago

Nice privately owned shop. Prices were a little high but I couldn't be happier with my purchases. I bought my son a bearded dragon and he was very healthy. Highly recommend this place.

Crabby Crabz

2 years ago

When you walk into the store they have a large variety of products along with animals. However, the environment these animals are kept in is questionable. I will be going through each. The fish section is pretty basic, it’s what you would normally see at any petstore, but you have more of a variety, however they have large amount of fish in each tank. The Reptile section is not very good. They mix different species of animals together, not only that, animals that should be solitary are kept in groups. Most of the reptiles are overpriced, which gives them a difficult chance of finding a better home. If you are looking for reptiles I would recommend going to Repxotica, which is a minute away. The Birds and Small Animals are kept in the same section, however, again they are crammed and the conditions they in do not look very pleasant. Some of the staff are pretty friendly, but should be more knowledgeable on their animals. I believe this will place does have potential, but they should take more action in improving the conditions of their animals.

Lynsey Smith

2 years ago

This place has a really large variety of animals and it’s really entertaining to see everything. Since the pandemic, I have noticed customer service go down meaning good luck finding someone to help you, especially in the fish department. The store could really use a deep cleaning too. I get that they are likely short-staffed, but it doesn’t take much to say hi, how are you, how can I help you or I’ll be with you on a few.

jason T

2 years ago

Great place staff really cares about the well being of the animals. Always have what I need for my bunny Boy.

Danny Hirt

2 years ago

My family and I visited BTJ on 11/15/21 to get a red tail catfish. After getting the catfish we walked around and happened to see they had a sale on baby bunnies. We asked the sales associate MaKiya about how much the baby bunnies were and what it takes to maintain them. MaKiya was amazing to say the least she was knowledgeable and spoke with confidence. MaKiya than proceeded to walk us around the store and show us everything we needed and why we needed it and when/how to use it for our new bunny. I will tell you that MaKiya was the reason we left with that bunny with how helpful and professional she was. We will be back for any bunny needs and will definitely be making sure MaKiya is there when we go. Thank you all at BTJ and shout out to MaKiya!!

Natalie Afonso

2 years ago

If I could give this place a negative star review I would. The reptiles are kept in very small enclosures and many birds are kept in single small cages. One of the monitors couldn't turn around because the enclosure was so small. Left this store feeling sad and disgusted.


2 years ago

rude, overpriced, and unknowledgeable as to what they are selling. Spent $600 with them to find out that NOTHING they sold me was good. Everything they sold me for my bearded dragon was unsafe and unusable. My fault for not doing any prior research but the employee who helped me basically told me I needed everything, when in reality none of it could even be used for my pet. Not to mention they themselves have no idea what is good for the animals, as they keep a bunch of them in the same extremely small tanks with improper lighting and care the animals need to survive. They do bad business and finesse anybody they could. Feel like I got robbed because now I have to go and buy everything again. 0/10 would not recommend this place to anybody. Bad business and just lost a well paying customer. We will never shop there again!


2 years ago

Bought a bearded dragon here and the girl helping me suggested i go with a 20 gallon tank. I thought I needed something bigger but she insisted I didn't, That a 20 gallon would be fine because they kept their adults (about 4 or 5) in a 40 gallon. I take responsibility for not learning enough beforehand but you shouldn't have your staff selling things that are no good for bearded dragons. The kit was $200 and came with sand which is bad for babies. It also came with lightbulbs I couldn't use. RED BULBS ARE HORRIBLE FOR BEARDED DRAGONS!!!!! They absolutely overcharged me, sold me things that were no good, and keep their animals in tanks not adequate for their size. They sold me fish tank decor for my beardie and when I went to return it the man at the counter acted very rude, like he didn't want to give me store credit. Which he didn't. He insisted I use my store credit right then and there because he didn't want to spend time writing me a store credit ticket. I love my bearded dragon and I'm so happy I got her but I will not be going back nor will I recommend anyone to go here. Repxotica is 3 min away and 100x better. Please do your research.

Timothy Kittle

2 years ago

This place the rabbits are in wood chips. They do not know how to care for the animals with constant picking up animals when not needed. The living conditions are at best sad. The animals in this place are for purpose of sale with minimal care given. It's truly sad and prices are on the high side.

Paul Dunn

2 years ago

Big selection. Lots of animals

Nicholas DeRosa

2 years ago

Fairly decent place to get exotic pets and supplies, but it's overpriced, loud and seems understaffed.

natasha Mcglynn

2 years ago

More than the average pet store. Lots of cool animals to see. My son loved it here. We just came to buy supplies for our turtle but enjoyed the store for 30 mins.

mark gonzalez

2 years ago

They have an extensive collection of pets to choose from.

Tristan Ho

2 years ago

Like a zoo in a pet shop, cool place

John Neary

2 years ago

Love all the animals just thought some of them were way over priced

John Allocca

2 years ago

Great place, knowledgeable staff, plenty of stock for all types of pets

Allie Malvone

2 years ago

this place is horrible… i bought a baby leopard tortoise from them and a few days later he became very sick and i spent so much money in vet bills and he died.. i’m left heart broken. this place needs to be reported bc they don’t give their animals the proper care they need! my baby tortoise became ill due to the fact that he was kept in the wrong enclosure and environment! :( this place should be shut down since they don’t know how to take care of animals, this is so cruel..

Abigail Torres

2 years ago

Rude people work there .

Emily konopka

2 years ago

I had bought a hamster 1 year ago and he is very nice and he didn't bite at all when I first held him. We bought a Serbian long hair hamster and I really recommend buying one! I named him fluffy because he was very fluffy! Have a great day! Also the food was very good but I would recommend buying a bigger cage and wheel. The staff was very helpful too!

serg Rod

2 years ago

price of everything is too high and the owner’s attitude is so bad, i recommend to go to queens price are half for same for everything

Zach Camm

2 years ago

i bought my pet rabbits from b.t.js a few years ago. staff is very helpful and the store is really fun to look around

Erin Daly

2 years ago

Staff could crack a smile. Be more pleasant and welcoming, if u are looking for a friendly person to guide you ..this isn't the place aside from that..the store has everything u need for your pets

Jamee la Karatee

2 years ago

This store is a rip off. They charge much higher than other stores and forces you to buy more than is necessary. There's a wide variety of items but was not happy with the service or prices.

Ken Seibert

2 years ago

This place has been the most rude place. The man behind the front desk (the bald middle aged gentleman) was extremely rude. When asking him any question he seemed extremely bothered to answer. Took me asking a question 3 times before he finally gave me a one word answer. We stood in the fish section while a young woman walked past us unaknowledged to the point where we walked out disgusted. What a shame this place has come to this. My son started getting upset wondering why no one would help us when he was so excited to get his new fish tank up and running. Not to mention the Caucasian customer who walked in 20 minutes after us was immediately greeted and offered help instantaneously. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS LOCAL BUSINESS which kills me to say as I believe it is so important to do so with most businesses. Outside of this one where they do not belong in business if this is the type of customer services they offer people.

Margaret Drago

2 years ago

Great place to look at all the different pets they have. I bought my Ozzy who is a Cockatiel and the first time he saw us ir was love. They always say when choosing a pet let them come to you because then you know they like you. Sure enough, it's been a month since we got him and I absolutely adore him. Great prices and atmosphere and friendliness from staff too. Especially Jen..

C Haverty

3 years ago

Bought a bunny here about 5 years ago and overall he's a pain in the a** but he loves the hay and pellet here,overall good prices and a nice variety of everything you need for pets

stephen maltese

3 years ago

Large variety of fish and reptile & other animals.. Very cluttered and unorganized. Tough walking around.

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