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Alycea Vandeusen

2 years ago

don’t take your cats here if you love them. find any other place to bring them. they begged me to not sue them in exchange for waiving my bill.

Nylissa Hawkins

2 years ago

It's small, cozy and the staff is always welcoming. Service was great as well

Michael Woods

2 years ago

The staff are very knowledgeable but everyone is trying to upsell you into extreme and unnecessary treatments. They seem to use your love of your pet to try to scare you into spending more and more money. The veterinarian has poor bedside manner and is quick to criticize and condescend.

Donna DeMay

2 years ago

We have gone through many vets who did not meet our high standards for our rescue cat. All Cats Care was recommended to us and we are beyond pleased. I have never met such a caring staff and Dr. Peg went beyond our expectations for the time spent and thoroughness in trying to figure out our cat's issues. If you love your cat and want the very best then this is your place.

Abigail Aldrich

2 years ago

Vet assistants are very kind and professional. The vet tries to guilt you into getting additional treatments for your cat that aren’t necessary. I switched to a different vet and they told me my cats didn’t need what All Cats Care was telling me to get. I don’t like when vets use your love for your animal to manipulate you into getting over the top stuff for your cat. My cats and I both feel extra stressed out here.

Kristina LaRock

2 years ago

Words truly cannot express how grateful we are for Dr. Peggy and her team. We had an emergency with our sweet kitten this past week, and Dr. Peggy was able to take him in as a new patient. She and her team provided him with outstanding care. They provided a very thorough and comprehensive exam to not only discover difficulties relating to our referring concern, but also an ear infection on top of that! In addition to Dr. Peggy's amazing quality of care, she spoke to us like people and followed up on his care after he went home. Her team was so patient with us, even when I called everyday that he was hospitalized and requested visits. When I went in to pick up some food for him, her team remembered me, asked how my cat was doing, and encouraged me to call if I felt anything was amiss. The quality of care that we have received at All Cats Care Center is truly remarkable. We so appreciate everything that they have done for us and our sweet boy.

Anu Chathampally

2 years ago

I scheduled the first vet visit for my cat for first thing in the morning. I took time off work and had to get emergency coverage for my job because I wanted to be there with my cat so she wouldn't be so stressed. When I got there, the front desk person told me that the vet had overslept and wouldn't be there until at least 1/2 hour after my appt was supposed to start. I was given the choice to leave my cat and come back and or reschedule. I left her there because it had been very difficult to get her into the carrier and I didn't want to stress her more. Now I have to drive twice the mileage that I would have for a normal appointment and that much more time out of my day when I have meetings scheduled for the rest of my day. I will not be going back.

Jessi Lyn Van Son

2 years ago

July 1st, 2019: I just took my boy into the vet yesterday. I'd gone to two other clinics that were of no use to me. The first one had the only doc already in surgery with another animal, & afterward they had a bunch of other appointments scheduled. So I went to see vet #2. The docs were out to lunch AND they were not taking any new clients. (They were quite rude in the way they told me this info; mind you, I'm are worried out of my mind for my boy, & to be turned away by two, TWO vets already, it was killing me. Then I headed to the All Cats Care Center. Boy did it feel like a blessing. They brought him in right away & after a very small amount of paperwork, got my poor boy settled into the exam room. Unfortunately I did have to wait for the doc to arrive but IMO it was very worth the wait, especially with all those kitties roaming around freely! They had several boarded cats with a couple residents & 3 little kittens looking for their forever home. They helped me personally to get through the wait for the doc, offering me coffee as I waited & willing to chat to keep my mind off of horrible scenarios going through my head, & I could check on my boy a couple times. It was rather heartbreaking at how subdued & lethargic he was, because of what was ailing him. It's a total 180 from his normal vivacious, bright personality. After what seemed like days of waiting, Dr. Peggy arrived & even though it was extremely unfortunate news (A Urinary Obstruction) she was very kind & understanding. All the ladies there were, b/c they knew how serious of an issue it was. We now know that our boy has gone through surgery great & he's recouping well! I couldn't feel more grateful to Dr Peggy & all the ladies at All Cats Care Center & I thank them for their love & dedication to all the kitties under their care. THREE DAYS LATER: I have my boy back home. He's still not as playful but he's on the mend, well he is more playful than when I brought him in, but not as much as before the blockage. Who have you ever heard had the exact same personality as they did prior to illness while recovering from something potentially life-threatening? I'm very sure he will be back to his full strength in a week or so; he's a young boy with a brother to play and goof around with.

Phillip Dampier

2 years ago

All cats in a residential setting. Less traumatic than animal hospitals that have dogs, cats, and noise.

Reg Johnson

2 years ago

Good people and good care. Sometimes not very efficient on check-in and check-out.

Destiny Hovis

2 years ago

I am so happy we found this vet! We made the switch from caring for cats and couldn't be happier. Everyone was so personable and caring! I am happy my cat is getting the care that he deserves!

Sarah Roberts

2 years ago

Wonderful experience with our senior cat. The Vet is thorough, compassionate, and uses a tailored approach to each furry friend. Was a safe environment for our cat who gets anxious around dogs.

Tisha Sarnowski

3 years ago

I rescued a stray who had been in a fight. Called 5 different places. All cats care center is truly focused on care of cats. They got my boy, who I have named Easter in and he was provided excellent care. I will continue to take Easter here and will highly recommend them to others. Thank you for helping Easter, he has already had a rough life. I feel like he has been given a second chance.

Brandon Bose

3 years ago

This establishment is an absolute joke. Terrible customer service and absurd amounts of sass and backtalk from every employee. Never again will I take any of my animals here. An absolute joke of a vet.

April Bell

3 years ago

I do not recommend this Vet. The receptionist I spoke to today to get a refill on heartworm medication was very argumentative, dismissive to my concerns, condescending and offered no apology for lack of information given for future care of my pet; she offered excuse after excuse and tried to make me feel like it was my fault for not knowing what vaccines or care my cat needs. They have not contacted me, nor sent out any form of communication via mail or email to let me know that my pet is due for vaccines or any updated care. I had to find out my cat needed vaccines by trying to go in and purchase heartworm medication and if I wouldn't have gone in, I wouldn't have known otherwise. To top it off, the receptionist said they were "out" of heartworm medication and she wouldn't sell me any without an appointment, if they had it in stock, even though the Vet told me that my cat would have to take it every year. The Vet herself has no bedside manner, treats you like you're imposing on her time and makes you feel incompetent if there is a change in your animals weight or any other concern, but doesn't offer a solution until you ask the questions. She does know her medications and how to heal your cat, but that is as far as her expertise goes in my three visits seeing her. Very uncomfortable atmosphere at this office and that is unacceptable if you want to keep your clients!

Rex Edwards

3 years ago

First time taking our sick baby to Dr Peggy. The staff are wonderful people and thier waiting area is great with other kitties roaming around. We are very happy we found them.

Christopher & Tracy Smith

3 years ago

I switched to this vet after being unhappy with my previous vet. I was able to get an emergency appointment and am very happy with the care for my 2 cats. The veterinarian was able to help me with a few concerns that were not able to be addressed at the previous vet's office. The staff is responsive and calls back when they say they will. Would highly recommend.

Jaclyn Ponticello

3 years ago

Cute place with rescued cats roaming around in the waiting area. Had to drop my baby girl Kiera off to get spaded. Pick her up tomorrow.

Skull Kitten

3 years ago

Awesome vet ! This place truly cares about cats !

John johantgen

3 years ago

They took great care of my animalmy cat is doing great she's chipper and right back to have the same health she was before she got sick

Victoria Green

3 years ago

So sweet. loved all the kitties. most of staff was super sweet. but everyone was caring and gentle.

Theresa Stolte

3 years ago

The service was good. The vet was exceptional and I highly recommend her. They have a yearly care plan that is a good value, but their other services are pricy. However, this vet has a thorough understanding of cat care, unlike vets in other veterinary practices.

Spencer Correia

3 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal care for both of my boys. They were treated so well and they both feel so much better after their visits!

Rod Nangreave

3 years ago

They really care for cats.

joyce wooding

3 years ago

I found this place to be clean and very well staffed. The Vet was really nice when we spoke, clear and thorough. I especially liked the dedication this office has to all cats!

Devonte Johnson

3 years ago

Handled my stray cat (jenny)well at a reasonable price. Staff was nice. Vet didnt try to sell me on overpriced food, or meds but instead recommended a variety of easily accessible clean food. Also i was flustered coming in as i have never had my own cat before. I find vets tend to handle animals better than people ,but, in this case i felt the team handled us both well. I will likely continue to come back

Amy Dopkin

3 years ago

Very unprofessional vet. Treats her staff and clients very harshly and rude. Conducts surgery with staff and clients in the room where the cats are boarded while they watch.

alisha leathers

3 years ago

I don't have kids, so my two cats are like my children. The first time we went to All Cats Care Center, was when I was younger and we took in a rescue, this was the only vets office that would let us bring him in just to be evaluated. Years later when I adopted a cat of my own he was having issues with a UTI and still having symptoms. The vet that we originally brought him to charged us over $400 and wanted to charge almost $2,000 to reevaluate him due to the same symptoms were getting worse. When we brought him to All Cats they brought him in and monitored him for a few hours, did the xray and explained everything to me in detail. Recently my other kitty had a hernia. This wonderful staff made sure all of our questions were always answered and treated with care. For those who don't know me, I am the person who asks a lot of questions until I fully understand something. For two weeks I called almost every day for little concerns and they were so kind. My baby is now doing so much better and back to her old crazy self. My family and I are so grateful for this entire staff!

Cheryl OReilly

3 years ago

It's just the kittys meow!


3 years ago

All the girls that work there a friendly and knowledgeable. The vet explains things well. Been taking my cat here for a few years now

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