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Keshia Lee

2 years ago

I’m so appreciative I stumbled upon VCA. From the first phone call to even the last one telling me I could pick up Carlos’s ashes. They were/are so kind friendly and adapted and helped me with the difficulty situation I am in. Carlos came back in an absolute beautiful urn with a beautiful paw print. Which I requested his left paw print and they were more than ok with doing my request. They definitely made this really easy and smooth as it could be (even my ugly crying over the phone with them) thank you all so much!!!! I honestly cannot say enough nice and amazing things about the amazing ladies at the VCA!!


2 years ago

My animal is in severe pain and has a become almost immobile due to a tumour. I called for to see about euthanize bc i can't stand to see her hurting. She is constantly bleeding from it and now can barely walk or get up. I explained exactly what is going on. Ontop of the 10minute hold time (asked to hold MULTIPLE times as there was some confusing about another customer who apparently emailed about the same thing?? ) then im told i need an appointment and tried to schedule me one for THREE DAYS LATER. What part of SHES DYING AND IN PAIN do y'all not comprehend??? Horrible HORRIBLE service. Thank you for causing more pain not only to my lil girl, but also the mental anguish you are making me go thru. I Will NEVER step foot near this disgusting place again and will make sure to spread word around town. I just want my baby girl to no longer suffer. She doesn't deserve this!!! SHAME ON YOU GUYS!!!

Mike Mcnitt

2 years ago

We have two dogs and two cats that go here, you couldn’t ask for a better team to care for your pets! They are quick to respond to ANY question, and we had two fixed there and the vet reached out a few days later to see how they were doing. These guys don’t just care for your pets, they love them like they are their own, that says a lot when they see hundreds of others throughout the year.

John Cage

2 years ago

Because they aren’t taking new clients they won’t even help you if it’s an emergency. So don’t bother calling them. Our cat has a possible broken back leg and they said “sorry keep calling around, merry Christmas!” Imagine hearing that after calling 10 other places that also don’t want to help you at all. An animal hospital should be able to take someone with an emergency.

Alister Whitcomb

2 years ago

Always bring my pets here and never had any issues until my cat was turning yellow and clearly had jaundice and I mentioned several times that he definately has worms. They took his blood for 400 dollars went totally over my budget and said "yup he has jaundice" and never treated his worms. Wow. Huge rip off. He still has worms, he doesn't have jaundice anymore because I changed his food.

tabitha zaffuto

2 years ago

We just moved to Watertown this year and I was extremely nervous about taking our Dogue de Bordeaux to a new vet. Nails has had several big issues and I was afraid he wouldn't get the care he needed. We had a bad experience in the past where we almost lost Nails, so taking him to someone new made me very uneasy. I am thrilled to say that we absolutely love Dr. Hill! He is amazing with Nails. He understands that Nails is my world and doesn't get annoyed with me if I come with a thousand concerns. He takes the time to listen, explain and tackle every problem the Nails has. He follows up and checks in on Nails, which truly means the world to this helicopter dog mom. I cannot say enough about Dr. Hill. He truly cares about Nails and for that, I am grateful.

Jason Lulejian

2 years ago

We used to be members of this practice prior to their acquisition by VCA and we trusted them with our furry and feathered children who we adore. However, since they have been acquired the culture and policies have been cold and uncaring (much unlike their providers who have been wonderful). I had an incident where I had one of my ducks was viciously mauled by an animal, and to her credit she survived but was in very bad shape and in much pain, to the point she likely needed to be euthanized to end her suffering. However, they coldy refused to see her and grant her this little mercy in her suffering. I'm a human doctor and I'm appaled at how callous they were in such a terrible incident, where it would be entirely unethical to do such a thing in human medicine. I drove an hour to a decent caring vet to give her a chance of surviving or at least an end to the pain. This practice should be ashamed of itself and they are a stark reminder of corporate greed and apathy that should be reigned in.

Michelle the Feral

2 years ago

I'm impressed at the care and respect that went into my cat's cremation and memorial pieces. They put green beads in his clay paw print because his eyes were green. They also gave me a vial of his fur, it has both black and white (he was a tuxedo cat). These sort of details make a big difference.

Michelle Slade

2 years ago

The appointment was great, staff listened and provided a plan. Unfortunately had to wait 6 months to get that initial appointment. Glad they were recommended by my son-in-law and daughter.

Crystal Slate

2 years ago

Try to order medicine from chewy .com but no one at this office likes to answer emails so now my dog gets no medicine. Chewy charges $236.20 for 3 months and this office wants to charge almost 200 dollars for a one month worth of pills. Then when you call to speak to an actually vet they don't have one capable to speak on the phone. The people who answer the phones have no compassion for animals when you tell them whats going on with your animal they don't even offer to have your pet seen by one of their so called veterinarian. Lastly this place only sees you and your pet as dollar signs and thats it. Theres one vet that works there that treats your pets like their beneath him and thats why he will never touch another animal of mine!!

Matthew Hale

2 years ago

Good vet, operation ruined by corporate. VCA ruins good hospitals with their double and triple booking and profits over care.

Brian Ernisse

2 years ago

We switched our Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) to VCA from another local vet because we felt that she was not comfortable around him anymore because of his large size, and what a difference! The technician at North Country came right up to greet him without hesitation and Dr. Hill had absolutely no problem giving him a thorough exam. Staff was caring, friendly and professional... but most importantly Dr. Hill couldn't be more attentive and caring! He listened carefully to our concerns and suggested tests accordingly. He immediately followed up via texts, as well as email, and has provided excellent feedback ever since the exam 2 weeks ago... Dr. Hill truly is the best vet we've had in the 30 years we've owned dogs... thank you from us and our pup Nash!!!

Les Tuttle

2 years ago

Had my first-ever experience with this animal hospital today when my dog suffered a painful paw injury. They gave me a Saturday appt when my local vet was closed. This place did *everything* right. My pup got excellent care. The facility is welcoming. I was given an estimate to approve in advance. The price was fair. They followed up. I am so grateful. I recommend VCA North Country highly and hope to be their customer from now on.

Kyle Barnes

2 years ago

If I could of put zero stars I would of but hey that's not an option. So on Saturday my yellow lab out of no where went paralyzed in his back half of the body. We were calling around trying to find a place that was open and they were the only ones open that wasn't an hour away. The lady on the phone just told us to go to Syracuse without even asking what happened. Then after another phone call back to them we got him in. Once we're there they did x-rays and gave him pain meds and said nothing abnormal was found on his x-rays. So for him to be seen after hours, x-rays and 2 kinds of meds $800 and with no explanation or anything. As a day or two go by my wife and I discuss what to do and we came to the conclusion to put him down, thankfully a very good friend recommended a 2nd opinion with her vet down in lowville at countryside which they made us a appointment for the next day well within 10-15 minutes they found out what was wrong and gave us options of what we could do. X-rays showed a ruptured disc which was putting fluid on his spine and they told us he can make a full recovery in approximately 8 weeks do a total of $926 and 2 vet visits I would say don't waste your time or money at VCA North Country.

Shikhar Vyas

2 years ago

Was very pleased with how good they are for following up with my request. The vet, the support staff and the manager for the boarding kennel have all been very professional and helpful in caring for me dog. I am boarding him for the first time there in the coming days and excited that my dog will have a family to look after him while we have to board him.

Erin Patterson

3 years ago

If I could give them zero stars, I would. Called to make an appointment for my elderly pet rabbit who needed to be put down. This is the only vet who will treat small animals unless you are willing to drive to Syracuse. I was told I needed to leave a message with the techs before they would even consider seeing me. I left a message and was told the would call me in a max of 24 hours to say if they could see me or I had to go somewhere else. This is absurd for an emergency situation of a dying animal. I ended up driving to Syracuse to a vet. Oh and 48 hours, they still haven’t called me. Completely unprofessional and showed no empathy for a suffering animal. If they would have told me from the jump, they couldn't see me... that is fine. I understand things get booked up, but to leave me hanging in limbo is quite rude.

Carolyn Hayes

3 years ago

We have loss four dogs in five years and vca staff was caring and understanding and very supportive. The doctors took the time to send us cards personal with beautiful words. We are leaving and moving to Colorado and we will miss this group. They are just wonderful people. Thank you guys for taking good care of are babies.

Gail Hubbard

3 years ago

I’ve taken my animals there long before my vet retired. When she did, I was at a loss as to whom to trust. Dr.Hill is the best! Very caring & explains all thoroughly. This pandemic, however, has changed the fact that I can be with my dogs if they need to come in. I get it but don’t care for that factor. And some of the prices have gone up on services, which is why I gave a 4 instead of 5 star review. It’s tough to come up with the extra money & I don’t need another credit card Bill to contend with. Overall, I’m satisfied with this vet service over others in the area.

Tanya Austin

3 years ago

My baby boy started having seizures. Between Dr Mark and Dr. Hill they have regulated his meds so well he hasn't had any seizures since November. Sadly we now have another medical issue we are dealing with but I'm confident that these very knowledgeable doctors will be able to help him as much as possible. The front desk staff are always very helpful and friendly too which is super important because there smile is the first and last smile you see coming in and going out.

Robert Hoffmann

3 years ago

Our terrier puppy and my girlfriend were attacked by a pitbull, honestly did not think the puppy was going to make it. VCA north country not only saved our dog, but was amazing every step of the way. They are the golden standard for customer service, giving us 3 calls a day for an update directly from the Vet, Dr Chris Gordon, and they understand the emotional side of situation, handling it with the utmost professionalism.

Nicholas Presley

3 years ago

This place has got to be the best veterinary clinic in all of America. A couple of weeks ago I had to do the hardest thing any pet owner has to do... I had to put my beagle down. Scheduling the appointment couldnt have been easier especially in the time of mourning the time to come. Once we had arrived they had a soft dog bed for her to lay on as we surrounded her. The vet lady was super nice, respectful and comforting during this time frame. When the vet guy came in he gave her the light sleep dose and my dog very peacefully went into a deep sleep. Then when the second dose came, she left this world very very peaceful with no pain. The vet guy was super comforting. Later in the week we got her cremated and they gave us a pretty cool box and paw print for her. To seal the deal that put this place above all, we later received in the mail a hand written and signed letter from the vet that put her down. I could not be more satisfied with this veterinary clinic. If your dog/cat/pet is having any issues take them here, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Mike Wyble

3 years ago

Last week I called to have what looked like an infection on my dog's pad looked at. They said to wash it with antibiotic soap it will be fine. Now most of the pad's rough surface is gone and is a bright pink, of course painful for my dog. I've been trying to call for an hour, constantly busy. Since the place changed to VCA it has become terrible. Wish I never went there but we let them talk us into a payment plan so we're STUCK here. Time to shop for a new Vet, inspire of the money, unlike VCA my dog comes before my checkbook.


3 years ago

They take great care of our family dogs. It was difficult to get routine appointments during the COVID-19 restrictions but when I did have an emergency situation, they were able to see my dog right away. Thankfully, they were very compassionate and understanding. One of my dogs even enjoys going there and I’ve never had a dog like the vet before.

Lindy Eatherington

3 years ago

I love this practice. They are kind and thorough. Dr Mark really has a way with pups. I felt that my concerns were well taken and that my fur bestie received loving care


3 years ago

I took my not so young pup in for an ear infection, he's always had bad anxiety at the vets, and Dr Hill has always been very patient with him. Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with both he and his tech Christy. I can not say enough about their professionalism and complete attentiveness to both me and my boy. I felt as if my Grizzley were the only patient they had. I can not say enough positive things about both of them and North Country Animal Hospital.

Daniela Servin

3 years ago

I called to make an appointment and was left on hold for 15 minutes only to be asked again what I needed and after telling them I needed a new pet appointment they place me a hold for another 10 mins to be asked for a 3rd time what I was on the line for. I gave them a chance and scheduled two Individual appointments for my 2 dogs. On the first appointment, I arrived as usual (10 mins prior to my appt time) and checked in. I sat waiting for 30 mins past my appointment time and finally decided to ask the receptionist what was going on. She seemed annoyed at my question (even though I was sitting right in front of her the entire time and she knew I was waiting). She Got up and whispered around to the staff in the back. Still waited an extra 15mins after I brought it to her attention to get seen. On the second appointment, I was passed about 10-15mins after my appt time. The vet came inside the room and decided it was a good idea to immediately approach my son so he would move him out of the way so he could examine my dog and my dog snapped. The vet did not take the time to allow my dog to smell him/meet/introduce himself properly. And in a final attempt to give them a 3rd chance I tried to schedule a time where I could have my dogs get 1 vaccine they needed to be left for boarding. Background-my dogs had an up to date physical exam and the rest of their shots up to date and have never had any medical issues that would require any concern with this vaccine that had already been administered in the past with no issues. The receptionist told me I needed to get them in for ANOTHER physical exam because “it’s been a while since we last seen them”. My response- it’s been less than a year, they are not due for their annual yet...”yeah but it’s been a hot minute” was her response. When I asked if she would schedule an appointment then she gives me a date six weeks out when I’m telling her I’m leaving next week for a trip. I respectfully asked for my dogs records and decided I would Take my business elsewhere. Terrible service overall and honestly overpriced.

Joe Nameless

4 years ago

Everytime I've called I get told it's same-day appts only. The front desk staff are rude. I called to make an appt because I thought that maybe my animal might have a broken paw. The lady at the front desk was rude and told me to go to Syracuse veterinary er. I told her I couldn't and she still refused to make an appt for me or help me any further. The vets are great but the staff at the front desk are horrible. It's becoming difficult for my animals to be seen at this office. I wouldn't recommend this office

Kayla Smiling

4 years ago

Hello! I need to speak to somebody today before I drive all the way there, I’ve called the number on two different phones a bunch of times now, I would really like to speak w someone!.... my animal is sick, and this is my vet. Not a lot of vets accept ferrets, and this is my vet anyways, I shouldn’t have to start all over again w a new vet today just to talk w someone!....... not good!.

Laura Kirk

4 years ago

Great Staff ~ Gorgeous and Clean

Janelle Ellsworth

4 years ago

Great place and great ppl,I went there for the first time on 7/2 and thought I was going to have to put my dog to sleep due to her pyometra and was told by the other vet I had been going to (different clinic )that my poor baby would have to be put to sleep if I couldn't get her spayed,I was devastated so I brought her hear for a second apinion and my baby girl is going to be ok,she does need to be spayed but the staff is wonderful and are working with me for the cost I'm so happy.Thank you so much Dr Hill and every one at this clinic,thank you for saving my Luna bella ♡

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